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    HOT COFFEE Gotta love those grand-kids .. I was eating breakfast with my 10-year-old Granddaughter and I asked her, What day is tomorrow?" Without skipping a beat she said, "It's Presidents Day!". She's smart, so I asked her "What does Presidents Day mean?". I was waiting for something about Obama, Bush or Clinton, etc. She replied, "Presidents Day is when the President steps out of the White House, And if he sees his shadow, we have another year of Bull Crap." You know, it hurts when hot coffee spurts out your nose.
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    Ah, you mean the white blocks, I assume. The text colour is also white which is why it does not show against the white background. To see it simply highlight the area within the box or alternatively change the font colour for the whole page. Easiest is to highlight the text, simply position your mouse pointer in the top left corner of the white area, click and hold down the button and drag the mouse to the bottom right corner whereupon the text will be highlighted and thus visible at which point you can release the button. I think this may have been sections of text Jaime (or his editor) marked for deletion, either way it doesn't really matter. Hope that helps I am sure you are finding the story fascinating and a excellent example of science fantasy. Sadly Jaime has had to contend with a lot of difficulty in his real life and, as I am sure you know, is currently in a long hiatus.
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    Bronze is a very pleasant break from the high drama of the mainline story. As a matter of fact each of the interludes have provided a nice respite from the drama of the story. They also provide that little bit of extra color and background that adds to the overall enjoyment of the story. That being so, I wouldn't expect them to advance the story, that is for the main story. They might add some answers or other information that would be awkward to have in the story. Then again, maybe not. No matter, I enjoy them for what they are. Anyway... It was interesting to see a little of how the Kalorians faired in Taldor Valen in the early years after Angels Falls through the eyes of Larrus. How he really took to heart what his friend, The Prince, told him, "Friends help friends." Yes, Charlie and Giovanni have already mated. That they had mated was the cause of all the anguish when Jamie told them that they had to separate to keep them safe. Even though it has never been said outright, I believe that just as Nic was created to be Jamie's mate from the DNA of Agramos, so was Giovanni created to be Charlie's mate from the same DNA. Remember, iron and bronze are baser medals when compared to silver and gold and if any answers are to be forthcoming in an interlude it would seem to me that silver or gold would be the proper vehicle. But, if not, they will still provide a nice pause before we return to the drama. Take care TomasG
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    Short, and sweet. It was nice to know what happened to Larrus. On the other hand it didn't actually advance the story or answer any of the unresolved questions. That Taldor Valen was an Imperial reserve was pretty much obvious, as I commented previously. It was also pretty obvious that Taldor Valen prospered, so, other than learning that Larrus lived to a ripe old age and never forgot Jamie, this interlude didn't tell us very much. Still it was a nice little addendum to the story, and it definitely had a high 'Aaaahh' quotient but did little to quiet those of us impatient for answers. Remember that the purpose of the interludes has always been to neatly tuck away loose threads or to give background on a newly introduced character or set of circumstances that was not completely defined. So in that respect Iron serves to solidify our suspicions about Taldor Valoren. The fact that it also tied up the character of Larris, I thought was brilliant. remember when he passed through he asked if he would see him again and it was emotional for Jamie. Laris was an important character. Without him the cape of the Lord Protector would never have found it's way onto Jamies back after that first performance. He also set the tone and tenor for Jamie's treatment by the staff and students at the Monde Arts. Without him he may have had more friends but compassion was not alive and well in the schools culture, in fact it was seen as a weakness. It was important in the story for stating Jamie's belief that for all their freedom, they too were still slaves. It was also functional in securing the Kalorians love, and respect and admiration for the lord high protector. A man is judged by how he treats those who serve him. Was it significant for the story plot? Perhaps not, but as Jamie does so well, it trims off another loose thread making this package clean and complete. It solidifies the passing of time in the settlement. That point where the gods of the past become true legend. I think it was important. Don't worry, I'm sure the great battle we have all been waiting for isn't far off. The answers to whether Jamie will live or die or die and then live will be answered soon. Whether he will have to absorb the orbs at all or whether the powers he has will manifest themselves again will soon be evident. The fate of Lorran and the reestablishment of the kingdom is at hand. Charlie's role will be explained and love will rule the Icarian world soon enough. My only hope is that Charlie and his mates joining is made a large event and not brushed aside as a minor subplot. Their love has been chased and yet intense. I think the emotion of their Joining would be a senseless waste were it not exploited. Perhaps a Joining in the midst of the war. An untrampled fragile tulip standing in the midst of a smoldering battlefield so to speak. Their needs tp be resolution to their suffering without each other.
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    Chapter 43 - Nemesis - has been posted.
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    Alpha and Omega By: BeaStKid Chapter 1: All That Was. "He has been hurt really bad", mumbled God All Mighty as St. Peter stood by his side. "I know, My Lord, but it would go against all of our principles. And besides, what would we tell others? What about the consequences of such an act?" replied St. Peter in a very grave tone. "I don't care!! It is HIM we're talking about!" God shouted back and continued in a calmer voice, "I apologize, but think about the consequences if we don't do anything." "Whatever you wish, Sire, whatever you wish", St. Peter sighed in resignation. ******* Meanwhile, oblivious to the hell he created in heaven, Ryan James Henderson lay on his bed, crying his heart out. 'Why? Why? WHY?!! Why me? What did I do to deserve this?' were his thoughts. He cursed the day he was born. He cursed the family he was born to. He cursed every f****** thing in this universe that had hurt him some way or the other. It all started back when he was twelve. Hitting puberty, he knew he was different. He couldn't put what it was, but he knew. While everyone was chasing girls, including him; he checked out boys too. At first, it freaked him out. Living in a small town with a dysfunctional family can do that to you. By the time he was fourteen, he accepted the fact that he was gay. Not that anybody could have guessed. He was just an average kind of guy. Standing at 5'8 and 150 lbs, he had what you call an athletic build. He was a good student and played soccer and badminton. It was at this time that the situation at home got so bad that he was sent to a boarding school in Newford. You see, Ryan's father was an alcoholic and his mother, a workaholic. Not a very good combination, huh! So, a small town boy moved to a big city- to new friends, to a new life- away from the hellhole they called home. His first day at Newford High, Ryan was a nervous wreck. He was going to such a big school for the first time. He knew, from his relatives, that the people at this school would be rich, snobbish and arrogant. He walked up to the reception and a middle-aged woman greeted him with a pleasant smile. "Uh…I'm Ryan Henderson and I just transferred here," he told the receptionist. He was momentarily distracted by a pair of bluish green ayes staring at him. When he looked in that direction, he gasped, for his eyes fell on the most handsome boy he had ever seen in his whole life. He felt something else fall too - himself – head over heels over the Adonis. "Huh?" "I said, your classes start in 5 minutes. You better hurry. Here's your schedule and your first class is right down the hall. "STEVE?" She called to a scrawny looking boy who was just passing by. "Yes Mrs. Jones?" he asked stopping at the desk. "Please escort Mr. Henderson here to his locker. What class do you have now?" "Um…History" "Good, he has the same, so you can also escort him to his class and introduce him to Mr. Bryce. Right?" "Sure, Mrs. J" He turned towards Ryan. Ryan gave him one look-over and appreciated what he saw. This kid was not squarely built, he was just ok. He had brown eyes and was shorter than Ryan by about an inch. All in all, quite cute. "Hi, I'm Steve Martin, you new here?" "Yeah, I'm Ryan. Ryan Henderson." "C'mon dude, we'll be late for class." With that he started walking down the hallway towards the lockers. Ryan took a last look in the direction where he saw that guy with blue-green eyes, hoping to get another glimpse of him. He wasn't there and the disappointment showed on Ryan's face. He followed Steve to the lockers and kept his backpack in his own once Steve showed him the correct one. The rest of his stuff was being sent directly to his dorm by his parents. He followed Steve to his class. While Ryan was not a straight A student, he still managed to get good grades. But the subject he hated the most was History. What was the point of learning facts and dates when you could always look them up in books, ain't it? Ryan went up to Mr. Bryce and introduced himself. Mr. Bryce looked up from his work and nodded to him and announced to the class, "Children, this is Ryan James Henderson. He is new here and I expect all of you to be good to him." "Ryan, you may take your seat." While Mr. Bryce was speaking, Ryan was busy scanning the class. His heart skipped a beat when he realized he was staring at a very familiar se of blue-green eyes. He didn't know how long he stood like that but Mr. Bryce's voice brought him back to reality. "Ryan, I asked you to take a seat and sit down," said Mr. Bryce a little bit too sternly. Embarrassed and blushing Ryan looked for a seat and realized that the only one free was the one next to HIM right at the back of the class. 'This is going to be a long day,' were his last thoughts before he joined the blue-green eyed guy and turned to pay attention to the class. *******
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    Wow, Jan, Thank you!!! BTW, Ch 20 is now posted, too.
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