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  1. Thanks...Ryan is special indeed, as you'll soon find out... The BeaStKid P.S The feedback to go either into the chapter thread or the link provided above please...Thanks
  2. Alpha and Omega By: BeaStKid Chapter 5: The Time Has Come God stood in His study going over the accounts of the day when the door behind Him burst open and for the second time in recent memory, the documents in His hands flew from His hands and fell to the floor. He turned to find a visibly flustered St. Peter and frowned. He braced Himself for the unpleasant news the latter was going to present. "We have a situation at hand, My Lord." St. Peter started. "Now what?" "Er... The Communication lines were down and we were trying our best to repair them but as You
  3. Ahem, I beg to differ...The rule is BODMAS B -- Brackets O -- Of (like 20% of 243) D -- Division M -- Multiplication A -- Addition S -- Sunstraction In computer languages it is BEDMAS where the of is counted as multiplication [(20/100)*243] and the E stands for exponential. The BeaStKid
  4. Alpha and Omega By: BeaStKid Chapter 4: Happy Times Ahead? God was sitting in His study while He peered over a huge pile of documents. He tossed a few files in the shelf labeled ‘Out’ and sighed. ‘Tell me why I have to do all this?’ he asked to no one in particular. It was difficult to find a chartered accountant, a lawyer or a software engineer in Heaven and as a result, He had to do His accounting the traditional way, without any help. Just as He was about to go through an important quotation for the new harps He had ordered, the door to His study flew open and a
  5. Alpha and Omega By: BeaStKid Chapter 3: Who is that Boy? While he lay on his bed listening to some music, Josh was pondering over the events of the day. That new kid had done something to him. The way Ryan had looked at him was a bit unnerving for Josh. He hadn't intended to stare at him in the hallway, it just happened. Like iron to a magnet, he was attracted to his boyish good looks. Deep in thought, Josh felt a presence around him and looked towards the door. He saw Ryan standing there with his mouth open and his backpack on the floor. Time stood still for both of them
  6. Alpha and Omega By: BeaStKid Chapter 2: Friend or Foe? The class was as boring as it could get. The only respite Ryan had was the hot guy sitting next to him. Ryan tried to strike a conversation with him but was unsuccessful. “Hey, I’m Ryan. So I guess we’ll be sitting together now, huh?” Ryan went read as he realized what a lame thing he had said as the other guy looked at him like he was from Mars or something. “I’m Josh, and yes, we’ll be sitting together now.” With that he turned back towards Mr. Bryce. Ryan couldn’t understand what Josh’s problem was and he sat there stari
  7. Alpha and Omega By: BeaStKid Chapter 1: All That Was. "He has been hurt really bad", mumbled God All Mighty as St. Peter stood by his side. "I know, My Lord, but it would go against all of our principles. And besides, what would we tell others? What about the consequences of such an act?" replied St. Peter in a very grave tone. "I don't care!! It is HIM we're talking about!" God shouted back and continued in a calmer voice, "I apologize, but think about the consequences if we don't do anything." "Whatever you wish, Sire, whatever you wish", St. Peter sighed in resigna
  8. What would you do if you had absolute power? The power to do anything in your life. To control and change everything around you at your will. What would you do if you became God? Would you do a Superman and set out to help the world, or would you do a Adolf Hitler and let yourself be consumed by power. Let's embark on a journey with a 17 year old boy who happens to be in the above position.
  9. Visit my blog to get to know more about me!! BeaStKid
  10. For feedback regarding the chapters, please post them here. Don't forget to mention the name of the story...LOL You can also mail me at bsk_stories BeaStKid
  11. BeaStKid

    Thanks Jan!!

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thanks TalonRider for giving me an opportunity to have a sub-forum of my own. This is like a dream come true for me as i had always wished to have a separate forum for my stories. Thanks a ton Jan! Hugs BeaStKid
  12. A cargo plane is in mid-flight over the ocean when suddenly the cockpit door bursts open to reveal an armed, masked hijacker to a startled pilot, copilot, navigator, and a passenger. The passenger happens to be George W Bush. The masked gunman held a gun to the pilot's head and said, "Take this plane to Iraq or I'm gonna spill your brains all over the place." The pilot calmly reached up, pushed the gun aside and said, "Look buddy, if you shoot me this plane will crash right into the sea and you'll die along with the rest of us." The hijacker thought about it, then held the gun to the copilot
  13. George Bushes, Bush Sr. and Bush, Jr., are on board a small two seater plane when suddenly George Senior, the pilot, parachutes out of the plane. Not knowing how to fly a plane George, Jr., grabs the radio. "Mayday, mayday! My Dad just jumped out of the plane!" Ground control receives the call for help and answers back: "Your dad?" "He left me here! Took the parachute!" "Sir, your dad?" "He's the pilot! Gosh!" "Okay, don't worry, sir. I'll talk you down, just do as I say. First I need you to give me your height and position." "I'm over six feet and sitting in the front!"
  14. It was supposed to be a happy time, but it wasn't. Santa was really ticked off. It was Christmas Eve and NOTHING was going right. Mrs. Claus had burned all the Christmas cookies. The ELVES were whining about not getting paid for the overtime they had put in making toys, and the reindeer had been drinking all afternoon and were dead drunk. They had taken the sleigh out for a spin earlier in the day and crashed it into a tree, breaking off one of the runners. Santa was beside himself with anger. "I CAN'T believe it!! I've got to deliver millions of presents all over the world in just a few
  15. A man went to the doctor's office to get a doubledose of Viagra. The doctor told him that he couldn't allow him a doubledose. "Why not?" asked the man. Because it's not safe," replied the doctor. "But I need it really bad," said the man. "Well, why do you need it so badly?" asked the doctor. The man said, "My girlfriend is coming into town on Friday; my ex-wife will be here on Saturday; and my wife is coming home on Sunday. Can't you u see? I must have a double dose." The doctor finally relented saying, "Okay, I'll give it to you, but you have to come in on Monday morning so that
  16. In the beginning, God created heaven and earth. Then God said, "Let there be light." Shortly thereafter God was in receipt of a notice to show cause why he shouldn't be cited for failure to file an environmental impact statement. He was granted a temporary planning permit for the project, but was stymied by a Cease and Desist Order for the earthly part. At the hearing, God was asked why he began his earthly project in the first place. He replied that he just liked to be creative. Officials immediately demanded to know how the light would be made. Would it require strip mining? What about
  17. A former businessman is watching his grandchild playing on the beach when a huge wave comes and takes him out to sea. He pleads, "please God, save my only grandson. I beg of you, bring him back." And a big wave comes and washes the boy back onto the beach, good as new. He looks up to heaven and says: "He had a hat!" BSK
  18. it depends on how one was saying it....if it sounds like-- two plus two, multiplied by two...then the answer is 8 but if it sounds like-- two plus two multiplied by two...the answer is 6 considering the rule of BODMAS... BSK
  19. if you guys have noticed...he IS working out....i mean have you seen him in the goblet of fire...he was skinny(that bathroom scene)...but in the play, he's got abs that any kid would desire...give the kid some slack...he's trying to make a name other than the label of Harry Potter. BSK
  20. Here's the link to a Sci-fic/fantasy written by me--- Alpha and Omega Nifty link---Alpha and Omega BSK
  21. Here's the link to one of the best author and his stories....check them out...you won't be disappointed. Dan Kirk BSK
  22. Hey guys...i've written a story with sci-fi/fantasy, high school and romance as the main genres. the link is in my signature...It is also there in the Bookshelf...Please tell me what you thought about it...this is my first attempt at writing...hence your feedback would be greatly appreciated... BSK
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