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    hello to all...I have something I think at least one person on this board will enjoy seeing....the hunger is 3 chapters now....hope you enjoy http://www.geocities.com/eddie_the_bum2000/stories.html there are lots of things to see there enjoy
  2. Amadeus


    greetings earthlings....how about a nice vegimite sandwhich...? I suppose this place is still running, wow who would have thought....heh heh heh...well if you think you know who this is you might be mistaken although I'm sure no one will get it...the joke that is...so I wonder how long I should type sensless dribble before being bored enough to just leave...LOL
  3. well I suppose I should start a topic but sadly, I can't come up with one...so I'll just ramble on for a bit. I think so far this board is interesting, some have said hi others have just ignored my wonderful personality. So be it....I can tell when I'm not appreciated and when a truly great mind is wasted....and man do I like being wasted.... so anyway here I sit bored to tears and wondering if this board is more active when I'm not here or if it's always this mundane...not to imply that the board is mundane only that the posting level is a little low....well hopefully I can rectify that in due course....I should be getting DSL and hope that when and if I do I can excite this place a bit more. Until then...carry on with your lives and I'll pop in from time to time and rattle the rafters....ciao You the Man these guys were just made for me
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