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    For those interested in The Kandric Saga

    Yes, Kandric 26 has been sent off for posting and I am waiting on the person doing my editing to get back chapter 12 and 13 of Defenders. I hope you all enjoy: Kandric 26 is the longest and most complicated chapter yet. Kyle
  2. I think the title of this thread says about all I need to know
  3. Kyle Aarons

    The Kandric Saga

    My e-mail of KyleAarons at hotmail is a way to get ahold of me even when I am very busy. I check it at least once a week
  4. Kyle Aarons

    Bad Names

    one of my company's clients: Merlin Nimrod Seriously...
  5. Kyle Aarons

    Childrens Books We'll Never See

    You won't see those but there is a real one that is actaully quite cool: You should check out: Dangerous Book for Boys It is really fun and it even has a different take for English boys and American boys (they wrote it for the UK first then modified it and released a version more tailored for US kids) Finally a book that allows boys to be boys!
  6. Kyle Aarons


    That is one of the nicer and more thought provoking chain letters I have seen. Thanks for sharing
  7. Kyle Aarons

    IQ test

    Ok, so you read about it that's a good start. The next question is has it really been taught or stressed to you? In 5th and 6th grade is where it should be taught so it can be appleid for the rest of your life, so how many teachers actaully taught it?
  8. Kyle Aarons

    IQ test

    I am currious how long ago each one who answered this went to school My bet is those who went to grade scholl and middle school (junior high) in the 70's and 80's were probably taught the correct way is to do multiple mathmatic computations when there are no brackets. I don't have many friends who went to school in the 60's so it would be difficult for me to find out what they were taught (but my guess is they would have a better chance then kids going to scholl now) Those who went in the last twenty years are much less likely to have been taught correctly. Neither of my teens had a clue the answer was 6 and both are considered "very good" in math. Even after I talked them through it they insisted this is the first they had ever heard of it. If that is indeed the case our education system is worse than I thought. All and all pretty sad...
  9. Kyle Aarons

    Math Trick

    it is actually a rather simple trick of standard math. The base idea is to multiply your first 3 numbers by 10000 which leaves four zeros at the end input your last for numbers into. This, however, mixes it up a bit. It uses a multiple of 20000 and then has you input your last four two times so when you do the final division by 2 you end up with your number I could come up with hundreds of tricks like this in very little time. All you have to do is work the math around what your goal is.
  10. Kyle Aarons

    Bad Names

    Harry Ruffass
  11. Kyle Aarons

    Any Soccer fans?

    Just currious if I am the only one who follows socer from across the globe, if I am it would be pretty normal... Anyway, if there are serious soccer fans out there I'd love to hear who follows what teams and what leagues.
  12. Kyle Aarons

    anyone interested in proffing?

    I have a few stories started that I would love to have someone proof and give me some thoughts as to if they are good enough to continue. Anyone interested? Kyle
  13. Kyle Aarons

    New Member

    Thanks, just currious how many know of me here...
  14. Kyle Aarons

    The Kandric Saga

    Actually it I'm not having any serious trouble. I am just thying to make ends meet by working my butt off. Kandric 23 is about 1/2 done, but more work on it will have to wait until winter when things calm down a bit. I do have other partual stories: nothing as graphic, but featuring kids as main characters. I have not posted them anywherfe yet, but would love to have a few test read what I have to see is where I am going makes for a good plot. Kyle