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  1. Wow. I think the closest i ever got was 232 rides on Hydra (Dorney PArk, Allentown PA) in the 2005 season.
  2. Jan the pics aren't working. At least the thumbnails aren't.
  3. Having attended Media Preview Day with Jan, Hydra is a great new ride. The Jo-Jo Roll is awesome. Certainly not something you'd expect. (Who the heck put's an inversion right off the loading platform?) A great thrill. And for those too squeamish to ride Hyhdra, there are plenty of great view points to watch the ride in action. Oh yeah. Ride Train 2. It's faster than Train 1.
  4. That's GREAT news, Jan! So I guess you're gonna get first crack at hydra before me, huh? *Grunts* Anyhoo... Are you going to be there for opening day? I know i will. Get some good piccy's for us!
  5. TechnoWraith


    I have this game, and i'll be damned that i've blown how many evenings feeding fish! P.S. Hi jan. It's been awhile, but i'm still alive.
  6. Are we going to pursue a chat room like we were at the old house? That would make an interesting addition. Jan: Don't know if this is the right place, this can be moved where ever it is deemed necessary.
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