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How to Get a Date in 24 Hrs

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How to Get a Date in 24 Hrs.

You can hook up with someone in the next 24 hours if you follow these 12 easy rules: Here's How.

1. Go get groceries.

2. Coffee shops are notorious for being cozy places to meet people.

3. No one can resist petting the cute puppy you're walking.

4. Smiling will attract people to you. Looking disinterested will do the opposite.

5. Don't be desperate. Look at dating as a game, not as a test of self-worth.

6. Don't turn down invitations. Be open to new experiences.

7. Group activities are better for meeting people.

8. Throw a party. Share expenses with co-hosts, and invite a bunch of single friends.

9. You'll meet more men if you're out rollerblading, biking or running. Sweaty = sexy.

10. Tell all of your friends that you want to be set up.

11. Meet someone online. It's the new millenium-- Go for it!.

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