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Y'all Come Casserole

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Y'all Come Casserole

Categories: Casseroles, Ground, Beef)

Yield: 15 Servings

2 lb Ground beef, browned

1 Onion, chopped and fried

-- lightly

1 pk (large) noodles, wide,

-- cooked

15 oz Peas, canned with juice (1

-- can)

15 oz Corn, canned with juice (1

-- can)

1 sm Can pimento

1 md Can tomatoes

1/2 Green pepper, diced or

-- chopped

1 cn (#2) tamales, cut in 1/2"

-- pieces (sometimes I put

-- in

-- more)

1/2 lb Nippy cheese (Colby is what

-- I usually use), grated

1 cn Whole pitted ripe olives

-- (optional), sliced

2 cn Cream of mushroom soup

1 pt Half and half

1 ts Paprika

2 ts Chili powder

2 ts Seasoning salt

Salt & Pepper to taste

Potato chips or corn flakes

-- (I like the potato chips)

Place everything in large baking dish (I use a roasting pan) and blend well. Cover with potato chips or corn flakes (I usually crush potato chips with hands when placing on top). Bake slowly at 325 degrees for approximately one hour or bubbly.

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