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New Conditions Imposed On a Duke Lacrosse Player In DC ' Gay Bashing' Case

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New Conditions Imposed On a Duke Lacrosse Player In DC ' Gay Bashing' Case

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

April 25, 2006 - 12:00 pm ET

(Washington) One of two Duke University students charged with raping a female dancer has had new restrictions placed on him concerning an attack on a Washington, D.C. man perceived as gay.

Collin Finnerty was one of three men charged in the Nov 5 attack in the Georgetown area of the district.

Jeffrey O. Bloxgom, in his report to police said that the trio punched him in the face and body after he told them to "stop calling him gay and other derogatory names." Bloxgom, through his lawyer, said he is not gay.

He suffered a cut lip and multiple bruises in the beating.

In a plea bargain he was ordered to perform 25 hours of community service in Washington and voluntarily entered a District of Columbia diversity program.

Under the agreement, if he remained out of trouble the charges against Finnerty would be dismissed.

After Finnerty and another Duke student - Reade Seligmann - were charged with first degree rape, first degree sexual offense and kidnapping the Washington prosecutor sought to have the plea bargain voided.

In his ruling today Judge John H. Bayly Jr. noted that Finnerty had not been convicted of the rape charge.

Rather than void the plea bargain he ordered a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. for Finnerty. In addition he is not allowed to be present anywhere where alcohol is sold or consumed and must report by telephone to Washington court officials each Friday.

In his ruling Judge Bayly said that if the is proof that the rape allegations are true Finnerty's release would be revoked and he would be placed in jail or a halfway house.

In voiding the original conditions and imposing the new ones Bayly set a trial date of July 10 in the assault case.

Outside the court Finnerty's lawyer said that despite the allegations his client and the other two defendants used homophobic slurs none was charged with a bias crime.

Meanwhile, the rape case against Finnerty and Duke teammate Seligmann is continuing.

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