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Mom Sues Louisville Over Gay Son's Murder

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Mom Sues Louisville Over Gay Son's Murder

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

June 13, 2006 - 12:01 am ET

(Louisville, Kentucky) When Rosalynd Blair's son, Timothy, was shot and killed on a Louisville street last year police said they would keep her updated on the progress of their investigation.

That was last May. Since then Blair says she has been met with a wall of silence.

There has been no arrest and Blair believes little or nothing was done in investigating Timothy's killing.

The reason: he was a gay man who did drag. The night he was killed Timothy was in women's clothing.

The 19 year old was gunned down as he walked near 28th and Magazine.

"I've called Chief White several times without one call returned," Blair told WAVE television.

Blair believes her son's killing was a hate crime but police disagree. They say they believe the Timothy knew his killer. But despite a number of tips no one has been brought to justice.

To make matters worse, said Blair, she was told by the coroner she could not see her son.

Blair says she has been doing her own investigation and believes she knows who the killer is, but she says police won't talk to her.

Now, she's going to court. "We are going to have our attorney file suit against the city and this police department," she told WAVE.

Police would not comment on the suit but said that the investigation is ongoing.

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