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Young Gay Man Accuses Parents Of Drugging And Committing Him

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Young Gay Man Accuses Parents Of Drugging And Committing Him

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

July 18, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET

(Taipei) A 22 year old Taiwanese university student has disowned his parents and is suing a psychiatric hospital after being put through what he calls a forced bid to turn him heterosexual.

At a Taipei news conference, the young man, identified only by his given name Su, said he was drugged, taken to Kong Wu Ho-su Memorial Hospital and held against his will in its psychiatric ward for 56 days.

The Taiwan News reports that Su told reporters that his problems began last year when his parents discovered he is gay.

In April, he said, he had breakfast with his parents at a Taipei coffee shop. He left the table to use the washroom and on his return he said he noticed some white powder on the rim of his coffee cup but, thinking nothing of it, drank his coffee.

Shortly after, he said, he passed out and was taken to Shin Kong Hospital.

The young man said that as he regained consciousness he heard a doctor telling him: "Your father put drugs in your coffee but it is all for your own good."

Su accuses the hospital of locked him up in a psychiatric ward claiming he was suffering from bipolar disorder and hallucinations.

He did not say what treatment he was given, but told reporters that he was eventually released.

To prove that he was not mentally unstable, after leaving Shin Kong, The Taiwan News reports that Su obtained certificates of diagnosis from Taipei City Hospital and National Taiwan University Hospital both of which said he was mentally sound was and was not behaving unusually.

While Su's lawsuit proceeds the government has begun its own investigation.

Und Taiwanese law family members can have someone placed against their will in a psychiatric facility but only after they have been assessed by at least two psychiatrists.

Neither the hospital nor the parents would speak to the media.

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