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Gay Foes Under Fire For Alabama Candidates Questionnaire

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Gay Foes Under Fire For Alabama Candidates Questionnaire

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff

August 21, 2006 - 9:00 pm ET

(Montgomery, Alabama) A conservative group that orchestrated this year's amendment to the Alabama state constitution to ban same-sex marriage is under fire for a questionnaire asking candidates to the legislature for their position on admitting gays the the Alabama National Guard.

The survey by the Christian Coalition of Alabama also wants to know where candidates stand on a host of other issues including prayer in school.

Democrats are accusing the coalition of attempting to gather the information and then skew it to favor their opponents.

One Democrat, Alvin Holmes (D-Montgomery) (pictured), has sent Coalition President John Giles a letter saying he would gladly answer the 75 question poll if Giles would answer questions showing the source of the Christian Coalition's money.

Giles in the past has refused to divulge the information and is currently not required to. Holmes is supporting legislation that would force the coalition and other nonprofit groups to disclose the source of money used to run ads to influence a legislative issue or a referendum such as the gay marriage ban.

"Until you answer those three questions, go straight to hell," Holmes said in the letter to Giles.

Holmes and the coalition butted heads earlier this year over the marriage amendment. Before voting against it in the legislature Holmes offered $5,000 to anyone who could show where the Bible bans gay marriage.

The amendment was approved by the legislature and in June was passed by voters. (story)

Another Democrat, Rep. Randy Hinshaw (D-Meridianville) said that in the past the coalition has used similar questionnaires to support Republicans.

"They will cherry pick the answers they use," Hinshaw told the Associated Press. "I am sure the Christian Coalition will try to convince people that I'm a Godless heathen designed to burn in hell."

The coalition says it intends to print and distribute 1.7 million of the voter guides across the state.

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