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Couple forgot to pick up wedding album - for 15 ye

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Couple forgot to pick up wedding album - for 15 years

A Malaysian couple forgot to pick up their wedding album until they had been married for 15 years.

It wasn't until one of their eight children asked to see their wedding pictures that they finally remembered.

Tu Fu Qiang and wife Lai Chai Zhen had ordered the £35 album from a studio in Rantau in 1989, reports The Star, quoting Sin Chew Daily.

They paid a £7 deposit and promised to pay the remainder when they came to collect the photos.

When they finally remembered about the album, the couple initially decided against asking for the photos thinking they would have been thrown out.

But they decided to take a chance when they found the receipt and found, to their surprise, the pictures were still waiting for them.

The paper said to their added delight the studio owner let them have the pictures for half price.


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