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  1. Five years now. Well they may be gone but they won't be forgotten
  2. A new chapter (#30) has been posted both on Nifty and at DaBeagle should anyone be interested. First update since 2012, let's hope it continues.
  3. pietro


    And the same to you Rather late I know, but I don't visit very often anymore. No more Scrolls, but perhaps there is something else of exceptional quality out there that someone knows of that might generate the same depth of interest that Jamie.wri's story did? Not that I have anything in mind. P
  4. As would we all, I am sure, and while 4 years is ominously long for a hiatus there have been longer within the world of on line fiction, so faint hope remains. There are almost an infinite number of possible reasons for Jamie's disappearance and unless he returns we shall likely never know. Hopefully it is a positive reason from Jamie's perspective and not something else. P
  5. Three years and six months since a main chapter was posted now. Very sad.
  6. For those interested Ch. 30 of Kandric is up at the Wolfnest.
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  12. Not everyone as we know at least one person, Damian, had it, however it is fairly certain that most did not have it. Don't forget that Jamie's deal with the Kalorian Empire that they would save as many Icarians as they could if Jamie saved the Kalorians was pretty much last minute in overall terms, leaving them little time to prepare not to mention acquire what was already a rare commodity.
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  14. It is clear as I have commented before that there were several resistance movements, some that collaborated, some that did not. So perhaps there simply was none available. We know that Charles and those placed in stasis at Eagle Rock had the tea and that that place had been very professionally prepared by Charles while most of the other places had been prepared by the Kalorian Second Empire, likely completely independently of Charles, and done in the greatest secrecy. We know Daroot was very difficult to get hold of and the whole evacuation/stasis thing kicked off completely unexpectedly and chaotically and well before all the preparations other than those under Charles' control, had been completed. I expect the next chapter would have answered several of the outstanding questions as Jamie and Nic had all their memories recovered by that point, although it is clear that Jamie did not know much about the Kalorian preparations anyway. Anyway, it looks increasingly as if we will never know now. Pity.
  15. For those interested, Ch.29 is up at Wolfnest. It is huge and complex and a re-read of a good few chapters is probably needed to get everything straight. Worse, it ends with a cliffhanger, or perhaps more accurately, it stops in the middle of the action. Ah well, fingers crossed we won't have to wait another couple of years .
  16. I note we are coming up to the two mark since the last post. Just saying
  17. I understand from another forum that several of Kyle's stories, including Kandric, have new chapters completed. They are reportedly in editing and the impression was given it may be weeks if not months before they actually surface. Whether this is editing by Kyle or by third parties I have no idea. I am also tempted to do a re-read (again) in fact I nearly did before Christmas last as an update was reportedly imminent, but common sense prevailed. The old saying, 'never count your chickens until they've hatched' is at it's most apposite with Kyle's stories. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed but don't hold your breath is my advice
  18. There is a new Kandric World based story up at Roland's, Sands of Time www.castleroland.net/library/chapter/roland/sot/sot_pro. It is a companion story to Kandric, the main characters have already appeared in the Saga and current events there have also been referenced. Highly recommended.
  19. Yeah, it's called real life I suppose. We just have to accept that writers who post on a chapter by chapter basis will show a high level of degradation. Most of these writers seem to start when they are young when life's responsibilities and demands are light, then along come relationships, work, family, mortgages, expanding interests, expanding responsibilities and so on. Of course, it isn't just the young, people start to write at older ages as well, often in response to life changing events. Jeffrey Archer started writing in mid-life after his businesses went criminally belly up and he was left with no reputation and no way for gainful employment as he could see it. Amis the senior I believe started writing as a paliative after a medical diagnosis gave him less than a year to live, erroneously as it happens. Some writers are very prolific, but never seem to be able to finish anything, others simply give up at the first hint of a hostile review, others just seem to lose their way. In short there are myriad reasons, most of which the reader never hears, for the death of a story which is truly disappointing when the story is of very high calibre, like Kandric, the Scrolls, Sentenced to Life, Songspell and far too many more.
  20. Ah, would that be January 2015? Or maybe not
  21. I did, I did, but it didn't.
  22. And the same to you and anyone else here!
  23. Well, fingers crossed and hope for the best as we say
  24. Well it is your decision as to how you feel about diseminating what you have T, or more properly how you think Jamie would feel, I suppose. Naturally I would love to know what is revealed in ch.45, as would any reader, but I would not ask or cajole you to do anything you are not comfortable with. I wouldn't worry about being a jinx, few amateur writers have the luxury of writing consistently over a period of years, real life almost invariably intrudes, muses fail and so on. Being as most of those writers tend to be teenage or 20 something when they start it is not surprising. I have lately been reading a lot of HP fanfic and the majority of stories there are seemingly abandoned. Some, of course should never have been started, or the authors should never have put pen to paper as it were, but most are perfectly readable quality, and a few are truly magnificent works of fantasy writing, far surpassing JKR in every way. Not that difficult I suppose when it is obvious JKR had little in the way of an integrated/developed vision of a wizarding world when the first book was written. Then again as she said herself, it was more a writing down of an imagined off the cuff, episodic bedtime/fairy tale for her kids. Ah, it now being November we can assume that as far as AD is concerned the Scrolls is now officially unfinished. Is this a sort of standard, 'we haven't heard from them for so long so mark it as dead' thing or was it intimated by Jamie? Sad any way. P
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