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  1. There were many different hues, tones and color combinations an avionne could have, but a series of standard patterns separated the race into specific classes such as Thrones, Royal Thrones, Seraphim, Principalities and Powers, along with a wide variety of others. After years of living in Küronas, Jamie had learned that some classes of Avionnes – such as Cherubim and Principalities – were more common, while others like Royal Thrones and his own class of Imperial, were much rarer. Looking at the young man’s wings, Jamie couldn’t easily place him in any one of the standard Avionne categories.

    While Hippolito’s wings were largely white, the edges of each feather had bluish-green highlights that bordered on teal with markings in the standard pattern of a Principality. But unlike typical Principality markings, closer examination revealed that where the white and teal color met, there appeared to be the thinnest line of iridescence at the point of the color blend; A feature that to some extent mimicked his own Imperial markings. The boy drew closer and Jamie became even more intrigued when he noticed that each one of the boy’s feathers was tipped in a tiny bit of gold; One of the principle traits of a Royal Throne.

    Doesn't tell us much it would seem, except that Hippolito is definitely a mongrel, but we knew that anyway. :lol:


  2. After doing some searching, I find that Jonas appears 67 times in Book 1 and 16 times in Book 2 to date.

    In Interlude the Fifth, Gold, we meet an Icarian with Teal tipped wings named Jonas. I believe when Croal met Jonas at the Square, we weren't given a description.

    This appears to be one of those unanswered questions that we have and there are some answers.

    Quite so. As a point of interest and I am sure you would know Tal, do we know what house teal tips represents? Do I recollect correctly that it was said somewhere that Icarians of specific houses are naturally attracted to certain other houses, like Royal Thrones and Imperial High Sepharims?


  3. Dear Pietro:

    Having recently (20130715) completed a careful reread, I do not know of any event involving an Icarian named Jonas. Do you?

    The wiki is intended to provide a place where real knowledge can be shared, as opposed to speculation and urban legends. If you know anything, with source, please contribute.



    Hey Sam,

    I haven't re-read The Scrolls for a long time so I cannot point you to any particular reference, however I am confident that there are indeed two Jonas characters, one human, one Icarian. I don't know about you, but most of us who comment here have followed the story as it was posted (originally bi-monthly) chapter by chapter and although the mentions of Jonas the Icarian are few and not especially relevant to the story at that time, possibly only once by name, it certainly stuck out as a serious discrepancy and was most confusing.

    I am not likely to re-read the story again until/unless/if ever Jamie.wri posts another chapter, then of course I will have to re-read the whole thing in order to appreciate the new stuff.


  4. Presumably the meeting to which you refer is that in 2.II.30, a chapter I have titled "Council of Resistance." http://scrolls-of-ic...titles_-_Book_2

    Unfortunately, the name "Jonas" does not appear in that chapter. Your speculation seems to be pure air.

    There has been much speculation in many threads regarding Jonas and Jonas. There are, as Dio correctly points out, two characters of that name, a human and an Icarian, he may not be named in the chapter you reference, but he does exist. We have almost no information about the Icarian other than he was highly placed in the Resistance, or at least one of them. Whether it was deliberate or an accident that Jamie.wri used the same name there is no doubt that that the two characters exist and that it is definitely a source of confusion.

    Sadly we may never know since Jamie.wri appears to have vanished, truly sad if that is the case and what a horrible point to stop at, just as we were about to get some answers. :(


  5. Any news on Gold and/ or new chapters? Just reread everything for the 3rd time and would love to get some more. Thanks

    Nothing new, I am afraid. I know that our host here, TR, is or was in occasional contact with Jamie, being an editor/beta or whatever as well as an intercontinental friend so it is likely here will be one of the first places any news surfaces.

    From what we were told real life difficulties stemming from the EU economic problems caused Jamie to stop writing. Well, despite what the MSM may or may not say, those EU difficulties are getting worse, not better, and outside of Germany there has been a near continuous deterioration since 2008/2009. So we will just have to keep our metphorical fingers crossed. It would be truly disappointing if The Scolls do die.

    It is strange how different authors react to difficulties. Jeffrey Archer, now multi-millionaire popular author (and ex politician and convict) wrote his first book after being conned and defrauded out of his business and into bankruptcy from a combination of unemployment boredom and seeking catharsis.

  6. Ah, you mean the white blocks, I assume. The text colour is also white which is why it does not show against the white background. To see it simply highlight the area within the box or alternatively change the font colour for the whole page. Easiest is to highlight the text, simply position your mouse pointer in the top left corner of the white area, click and hold down the button and drag the mouse to the bottom right corner whereupon the text will be highlighted and thus visible at which point you can release the button.

    I think this may have been sections of text Jaime (or his editor) marked for deletion, either way it doesn't really matter. Hope that helps

    I am sure you are finding the story fascinating and a excellent example of science fantasy. Sadly Jaime has had to contend with a lot of difficulty in his real life and, as I am sure you know, is currently in a long hiatus.

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  7. And January :(

    Kyle has always said he has to be 'in the mood' to write Kandric, not surprising given how violently fantastical it is. Presumably he has not found the mood and now that he has a new playground to boot, Revolutions, we may not see anything for quite a while. I have not read any of the Revolution stories as yet, if nothing else the Clan Short and Destiny universes has shown that collaborative, interlaced writing of this kind is generally excruciatingly slow and bits tend to fall off, so I will wait a while to see if it prospers or not.

    Of course, for authors, such collaborations can be be extremely satisfying and helpful, even giving new life to dying stories, but not so much for the reader. I should point out that I am prejudiced because my favourite CSU story, Sentenced to Life, did indeed die (and, yes, I know that it was only kept alive as long as it was because it was part of the collaboration :)) and my two second favourites, Frontier and A New Door Opens seem to have wilted.

    Interlacing stories can even cause problems for single authors. My two second favourite Kyle stories Brile and McConnell's Grenadiers have died as a result, temporal inconsistency apparently although I can't say I noticed anything amiss, but at least in this case there is hope for a resurrection, although possibly a very faint hope.

  8. I recently came across an HP AU Fanfic, Prince of the Dark Kingdom. It is a huge story, over a million words and is, I think, complete (haven't finished it yet).

    I mention it here because it is very good with particularly good renditions of some of J K Rowlings nastier characters, Snape and Voldemort in particular. In my opinion these two characters, who are central to the story, are much fuller and far more well rounded characters than Rowling herself penned


    PS It is not complete after all, but the dates seem to indicate it is still in progress.

    PPS A new chapter has been posted so it is still in progress.

  9. As for the other story, I think you might mean The Chronicles of Kadin hosted at Codey's World. The author, Rick Stevens, is also a member of The House.

    No, this was a short story set, I believe, in Junsac. The Chronicles of Kadin is a good story but it isn't true to the Kandric world, more an alternate or time transposed version as I see it. It started perhaps too close to Kandric but it was quickly evident that it wasn't set in that world. Another story unlikely to see completion I'm afraid.

  10. I'm currently working with an author who is doing a fanfic version of this story, with Kyles permission. I won't say who that author is since it has not appeared online yet.

    I take it since 2 years have now gone by we are not likely ever to see it, pity.

    I seem to remember there was a short story set in the Kandric world at one time - I can't recall the name - it wasn't by Kyle and was never continued although I think there was intention to do so - but it was quite good.

    I see this thread has had over 4,000 views, getting on for 7,000 if you take the sister thread thread into account as well (or should I have said brother thread?). Just shows how much interest there is in it, I suppose, far more than the comments would suggest. :)

  11. What a HUGE chapter, and it only covers one morning, with a little look back here and there.

    The most outstanding thing, I suppose, is the desperate need for an editor, not just for the punctuation and grammar. I notice Princess Golassara has now become Gebetthia, or if they are alternate names it isn't spelled out anywhere, some of the student captures got a bit mixed up I think, it was the Governor's School students taken by the Black dragonling and Saslara's students were taken by the Dark Mage, not the other way around, the text suggests there has been an ongoing battle between the Reds and Greens underneath Slome for some time but this couldn't be true since both had Black dragonling support which would have inevitably lead to Bandurlok's clandestine support for the Reds being exposed long before. Of course it would have been consistent if Bandurlok had ordered the Reds in after Blathamort's death, but this wasn't explained. There still seems to me to be some inconsistencies when Dragons get killed, but perhaps I just don't quite get the rules in play. Then there is a bit of confusion over which type of dragonling nearly did for Jamon and the name of the kingdom. All of which problems should have been resolved in the editing. Perhaps Kyle has no one to do it at the moment.

    It sounds like I am carping, but I don't mean it that way, such things are irritations that distract the reader but they don't spoil the story as such.

    If nothing else Glaster's sheer nastiness was exposed for all to see. And what an interesting and alien character Dragons have. I suppose all the aggravation is catching up with Kandric the way he lost his temper with his grandfather, and after all that effort at self control while leading the students :lol:.

    I would have liked to see a bit more about the assault on the Swamp Slums and how Vondum got to be there and what happened to Jamon and I would have liked to see more about what Connor and the Thunder Rapids were doing in Rolling Dale as well as following Gablon and Kandric's brothers a bit more, perhaps something will appear later. On the other hand it is the Kandric Saga, I suppose.

    All in all, a great deal of stuff to take in, both in terms of the current story and the general history of that cruel and violent world. I've read this chapter three times and I am not sure I have got it all yet!

  12. These stories are still available at StoryLover, no new content, of course. I wonder if we will ever see anymore, stories and authors that are 'dead' for years do sometimes come back.

  13. Kyle says that this is a large chapter and covers a lot of plot lines. If that is the case, I wonder if perhaps we are rushing (relatively speaking) to the end of the story.

    Kyle still has


    "The Defenders",

    "Adventure Quest",


    "O'Connell's Grenadiers",

    and "Destiny's Shadow" going.

    I'm sure that all of his stories occupy a great deal of his time and he still has to deal with the RL tasks of survival, as we all do.

    Kyle, Jamie and one or two of the other online authors are those that I follow religiously and wait patiently for new chapters of existing stories or new stories to be posted.

    I suspect we may well be approaching the end of the saga, although there is obviously the potential for much more to be written, even a mini series.

    As to Kyle's other writing, Re-emergence seems to be completely stalled again, as does Defenders. He said a while ago Brile and O'Connells Grenadiers stalled because of a timing issue, a pity because I put those second on my list of favourites. Adventure Quest seems to be progressing reasonably well and Destiny's Shadow was proceding well but now seems to have stopped, maybe because the other authors in that universe have made little to no progress if there is a degree of cross-linking between stories.

    I too an a religious follower of those authors, among others.

  14. This tends to make me think that Charles is part Kalorian and possibly related to Castor to be showing the same expression.

    Interesting speculation there. I have not re-read the series yet, other things have got in the way, however, I have always assumed the Kalorians were simply genetically modified humans, i.e. they are 'human', only the attempts to breed plague resistance encouraged Croal to try and splice cross-species genes into a basically human genome. That said, it is more than likely that Croal would have used a Kalorian template as it would obviously be one he knew in depth. In fact it is reasonable that ALL Icarians, except our heros, were Kalorian/Ghroum crosses.

    I will bear this in mind when I do get the time to do a re-read.

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