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  1. What a HUGE chapter, and it only covers one morning, with a little look back here and there. The most outstanding thing, I suppose, is the desperate need for an editor, not just for the punctuation and grammar. I notice Princess Golassara has now become Gebetthia, or if they are alternate names it isn't spelled out anywhere, some of the student captures got a bit mixed up I think, it was the Governor's School students taken by the Black dragonling and Saslara's students were taken by the Dark Mage, not the other way around, the text suggests there has been an ongoing battle between the Reds a
  2. pietro


    These stories are still available at StoryLover, no new content, of course. I wonder if we will ever see anymore, stories and authors that are 'dead' for years do sometimes come back.
  3. I suspect we may well be approaching the end of the saga, although there is obviously the potential for much more to be written, even a mini series. As to Kyle's other writing, Re-emergence seems to be completely stalled again, as does Defenders. He said a while ago Brile and O'Connells Grenadiers stalled because of a timing issue, a pity because I put those second on my list of favourites. Adventure Quest seems to be progressing reasonably well and Destiny's Shadow was proceding well but now seems to have stopped, maybe because the other authors in that universe have made little to no progre
  4. Just heard that Kandric 28 is imminent - should be within a day! Pity there isn't an applause emoticon, I would have used it, especially as I have just re-read the last 5 chapters to refresh the story in my mind!
  5. I noticed that the Scrolls has now fallen off the current list at AD. Let us hope that is not an ill omen. The university year is now ending in Europe so perhaps some hope still remains. Sigh.
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  8. Interesting speculation there. I have not re-read the series yet, other things have got in the way, however, I have always assumed the Kalorians were simply genetically modified humans, i.e. they are 'human', only the attempts to breed plague resistance encouraged Croal to try and splice cross-species genes into a basically human genome. That said, it is more than likely that Croal would have used a Kalorian template as it would obviously be one he knew in depth. In fact it is reasonable that ALL Icarians, except our heros, were Kalorian/Ghroum crosses. I will bear this in mind when I do get
  9. For those interested two new chapters of EoF have been posted on Nifty.
  10. Well, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best that it is not for a 'bad' reason. If I recall correctly there was a hiatus of over a year first time, presumably when Jamie.wri was doing his final year. Perhaps he is doing a Masters or taking another qualification now.
  11. We seem to have another long hiatus in prospect. We are now entering the second half of the educational year in most of Europe ramping up to the end of year/final exams, and I suspect that doesn't bode well for progress. Again I would say I hope all is well in Icaria.
  12. There is simply too much unknown to speculate on what was and what is. No doubt there are some answers (at least there had better be ) in the next chapter. That should return us to the point where Jamie is resolving his confrontation with Charles. I think you can claim more than a gut feeling, Ricky, regarding Charles. There are many clues that he was a pivotal character in the resistance and that he was following a plan when they were all brought out of stasis, allowing Jamie and Niklas to develop their own knowledge and conclusions. Don't forget that he was also 'testing' them to be sure th
  13. Exactly the point. the only other clue is, if I recall correctly, it was Castor who collected together the items that were placed in stasis with Charlie, so we can assume he acquired it through his contacts in the Kalorian League. That then raises the question, why. Was it Jamie's instructions? Just a hunch? Or was it maybe an old instruction from Croal as a last ditch effort to stop Loran from becoming a complete wizard? We shall probably never know
  14. The Orb of the Unicorn is under the Protection of the Imperial House of the Metaphysical Arts (also known as The House of the Oracle). His Imperial Highness Prince Jonathan of Tower Mount rules the Oracles House and his scribe is Lord Langford, Duke of Angel's Fall. The seat of the Prince wasn't filled until the meeting held after the rescue of Jonathan. That makes the acquisition and placing of the Orb of the Unicorn even more puzzling. It also suggests that Jamie knew far more than we were led to believe he did, although we have never been made privy to much of what Jamie knew anyway. Why
  15. I think you are mistaken re Jamie's tattoo, the story clearly says the pictograms were present when it developed while Jamie was at the Ecole but only the rings were present when Jamie came out of stasis, the related pictogram appearing as he absorbed an orb. Of course, this may have been a mistake in the writing, Talon Rider has already warned us there were several 'continuity errors' that had crept in as the story was (slowly) written that have been addressed in the Book 1 revision that has seemingly vanished. I am also pretty sure all the clues point to Ghroum DNA rather than avian DNA bei
  16. As I recall the Tower and the Monastery represent something coming that is actually worse than the Empire, exactly what, I have no clue. It may well be that rather than the Empire this potential event was the focus of all Croal's plans surrounding Jamie and Charlie. We mustn't forget that these structures pre-date Altinestrans. We obviously aren't going to agree on whether or not Niklas and Jamie or Giovanni and Charlie becoming King and Wizard was an integral part of Croal's plan, my view remains that it wasn't. I don't say he didn't hope Jamie and Niklas would take those roles, only that it
  17. Hhhmmm, a few misconceptions there I think, Ricky. I think there are enough clues in the text so far to suggest that Ghroum DNA is the source of the wings, intelligence, long life, psi potential and overall physical capacity of all Icarians. It is pretty clear Croal created ALL the Icarians, at least he created the entire stock of stem cells that could be grown into Icarians, other scientists were able to manipulate those cells to 'tweak' certain characteristics and thus produce different individuals, but no one was privy to the method used to create the stem cells. We know that Croal kept th
  18. Just discovered Kandric 27 is up at GA Well done and thank you Kyle! A lot of interesting stuff here, not really a lot of action. The next instalment should be a lot livelier as things are starting to come to a head and the various groups are coming together. I still feel there is a chapter missing, there were a lot of events occurring while Kandric was knocked out from his magical overdose which I would have liked to have seen covered,but there you are. One of my suspicions was proved true although the known facts don't quite add up, but whether that is by accident or design, aka red herr
  19. Yes, I agree. But those were the Empire's plans and they intended Hippolito as King, they weren't the resistance plans, they didn't even know about Niklas as far as we know, and they were shattered before Alexander died anyway, it wasn't the Kalorian League's plan either and it certainly wasn't Croal's plans. So in the present circumstances there are no plans, Jamie and Niklas have fallen into the role of Wizard and King by accident rather than design. Their damaged memories and the information available made them think they must be the Wizard and King because of who Jamie is, and the reactio
  20. In a sense, yes. Jamie did tell Charlie it would be down to him if he something should happen to Jamie. And Jamie also made Niklas promise to fight disunion and protect Charlie in that event. I suppose the difficulty here is that, as far as we know, Croal had no plans other than to put Jamie and Charlie, and presumably Niklas as I have posited before, in place so that they would be in position to 'throw a spanner' into the Empire's works at the right time, the 'seven sided dice'. I have no doubt he was also pulling other threads destabilising to the Empire. We know that the plan to save the K
  21. This is a difficult one to call. We know that Charlie is Croal's 'true' weapon and that Jamie is there firstly to distract any attention from Charlie and secondly to be Charlie's shield which I interpret as protector. One problem I have with the Charlie and Giovanni destined to be Wizard and King scenario is neither has been 'prepared' for that role. OK, we don't know what Charlie's powers are, except that they are different from Jamie's and that Charlie is much more powerful than Jamie in mental abilities. As I seem to recall there is a substantial difference between Jamie and Charlie in DNA
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  23. I had not picked up this story before because I did not like what I had seen of the author's earlier writing, but I have now started reading this story and I must say it is truly excellent, another potentially publishable book. By that I mean being picked up by a publishing house. There is a new (new to me, anyway) alternative way to potentially get one's work published to a potentially wide audience via Kindle Direct Publishing through places like Amazon, although Kindle prices are far too high. I do realise that pricing them according to production cost would quickly make 'real' books redu
  24. I wonder if we will get a Christmas update.
  25. A new story universe is about to appear at Castle Roland, it would appear. It is fantasy, paranormal based and the teasers suggest it might be good. It is a collaboration between a quartet of authors, each author writing a particular thread. If you are Ricky don't read any further, I'm being mean and critical again (TR, emoticons don't open and have you found that raspberry one yet?) There are downsides, of course. If the threads interconnect or are interdependent then we can expect long delays or even a complete withering before too long as different writers encounter writers block, real li
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