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  1. Hey TalonRider, can you add a large raspberry emoticon? You know, for those who can't recognise a wry comment not directed to the author but simply pointing to an unexplained 10 month hiatus. I would add that I probably would be dead before Jamie.wri finishes if this remains the case. And that would be a real disappointment.
  2. But Loka can be expected to have ghosters and battlehovs and all the other Empire goodies, although probably not too many trained military. Well, no doubt we will see, assuming we live long enough
  3. A good point, TalonRider, it might well have been a part of Jamie's reprogramming to re-site the barrier as a further insurance for when things returned to normal. Indeed, Ricky, the Empire is still there, as I mentioned above, presumably having come out of stasis on Argon at the same time as the others. The Commonwealth, however, I think that is what you were referring to Ricky, not the Empire which was Altinestran, is also still there and may itself have developed in less than ideal directions, who knows? Another possibility is the remnants of the Empire may have already returned to some r
  4. So I see. Well that explains the timing shift and the re-siting of the force field. A bit contrived, I thought, especially the relocation of the force field, but there we are. Logically the force field should have either turned off completely or simply reset, still covering Taldor Valen. Less logically it could have reset to the original calibration covering Angel's Mount, least logically it would have conveniently enveloped the important bits of Altinestra. Still, the solution remains within the realms of reasonable probability, just. Not that it matters that much, the fact it occurred is th
  5. I am only on book three at the moment. I had read another of his books some time ago but did not like the style of writing so I hadn't been tempted to read any more. Then I saw a trailer for 'A Game of Thrones' and thought I might try again. I am not too sure I like his style, even now. It is OK to break things into discrete bits around individual characters that have no particular connection at the time when dealing with such a complex story and so great a number of characters while trying to maintain a time line, but too many end on a cliffhanger or knife edge. I have the urge to flip throug
  6. Well, it is getting near the end of the year and I wonder if we will have a Christmas or New Year present from Kyle this time around. I hope so. Kyle is an excellent writer (slow, but definitely accomplished) and all his stories leave you wanting more. I think he once said 'Re-emergence' was his favourite story but it would be last on my list, which would be (with points out of ten): The Kandric Saga .............................. 9.75 O'Connell's Grenadiers ........................ 9.70 Brile ......................................... 9.65 Defenders .....................................
  7. Stop teasing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It isn't fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because you have all read it is no reason to gloat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I don't think there could have been anyone there. If they had killed someone I think it would have been recorded in the segment where Jamie and Renaud returned. Also if there were people there or even the likelihood someone would travel there I don't think Jamie would have selected the site. We know (I think) there were places on Altinestra that had been abandoned and closed off because of the plague, before they started simply imposing a blockade, one of those might have presented an easier opportunity. We do have to allow the author a little licence sometimes, after all. An Ajax deserted a
  9. I suppose there could be a convoluted explanation of why there was a human Sakki and a Ghroum Sak'ki but I don't think it would believable if there was. I think this is a mistake by Jamie.wri, time will tell, maybe. I would assume that Renaud's special training was specifically related to his being the Emperor's bodyguard and assassin, however that training would make him particularly effective as Jamie's bodyguard as well. I don't agree about Ajax, if guards were there and taken care of it would have been noticed, as would a large booby trapped seal suddenly appearing on the doors to whatev
  10. Well, his reaction on Ajax was definitely muted with the exception of seeing the Ghroum guardians which makes me suspect he did know of Charlie's existence but didn't know of Jamie and Charlie's involvement with the Ghroum, probably. And it may well be that he did not know where Charlie was before that, he certainly didn't seem surprised to find an 'unknown' Icarian. That whole section was a bit iffy really. If you remember, the antechamber where the Ghroum were in stasis was itself a stasis unit, possible to construct in my mind but maybe not so probable. Then we have the situation where Ajax
  11. So who do you think this person is and is it important to know? Good question, I have no idea. I suspect it is quite important if we are to understand Charles and it may well be important with regard to just who was/is the Grand Puppetmaster. If there is one, of course, but it seems very much so to me. As I have said before, Charles knows more about ALL the various resistance factions than anyone else, the story so far suggests he knows exactly what Jamie's potential is and the training he was given, he obviously had a very large resistance group under himself, he was in charge of the Eagl
  12. That's good to hear I think I saw somewhere Silver was a very short interlude and Jamie.wri intended to post Silver and Gold together.
  13. Uuummmm, I know. But if you look at the first post in this thread my last becomes clearer, or at least its antecedents do There are many possible reasons for delay, I know. Personal circumstances, health issues, simply too busy, writer's block, huge inconsistency suddenly found (I am sure I once saw a statistic that showed an unbelievable number of writers, even well known authors, that started one story and found they had finished a different story at the end of the book), lost interest, has got a publisher interested and is protecting future digital rights. It's just that I really would li
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Matthew and Lancelot may have been at the party, I don't remember that, but they were not 'official' Icarians, or so we can deduce from Charles' failure to recognise them. As such they probably would not have been on the Kalorian list as I see it. I don't agree that Charlie's stasis unit was not activated at the same time as the others and by the same presumed signal. I haven't re-read it but I am pretty sure the problem was simply inadequate power reserves when the resurrection sequence was initiated that stopped it from completing. For it to have been independent and just coincidentally goi
  16. A difficult question. Since Charlie's unit was also activated we must surmise that the key was programmed by the Kalorian shadow empire under instruction from Castor, outside of Jamie, Reneau(?) and Niklas only Kalorians knew of its existence. Why 2,400 years late is one of those irritating questions the answer to which would also answer many of the other outstanding questions, like how the barrier switched from Taldor Valen to cover half of Altinestra. There are three main possibilities; the Kalorians decided 100 years was too little and changed it without telling anyone, maybe after everyone
  17. OK, yes, that gives us a little more perspective, I think. It occurs to me that the 'glowing rod' must have been the key that triggered the resurrection sequences on the stasis units, or more correctly, some of the stasis units, those of key players like Loran, Niklas, Jamie, Charles, Cody, etc and Charlie. The Throne army, the Icarian council, the Gladiators and the Wizards own were not triggered of course. What triggered resurrection has been debated before, now we know, maybe. But this just adds yet another level of mystery, of course.
  18. Short, and sweet. It was nice to know what happened to Larrus. On the other hand it didn't actually advance the story or answer any of the unresolved questions. That Taldor Valen was an Imperial reserve was pretty much obvious, as I commented previously. It was also pretty obvious that Taldor Valen prospered, so, other than learning that Larrus lived to a ripe old age and never forgot Jamie, this interlude didn't tell us very much. Still it was a nice little addendum to the story, and it definitely had a high 'Aaaahh' quotient but did little to quiet those of us impatient for answers.
  19. Hhhmmmm, I don't think we know very much more about Charles from this, other than he appeared to be working for someone else rather than something else and that he had a lover, of course. I agree he seems to have been betrayed by his inner circle, whether they had already been subverted by Hipolito or whether that occurred after their awakening in Eagles Rock, I am not too sure. I think Hipolito would have taken any information he had on plots to Loka, not tried to bend it to his own will. I can't see Hipolito saving Loran, first I doubt he would have had time after Loka dumped him and secon
  20. Quite so. The academic year in the UK has ended for most colleges and unis around the end of May, the new year will typically start around the end of September. I don't know where Jamie.wri is based, I seem to recall Europe. There things vary country to country but nearly all of them will have ended by now so, unless he has an alternate job or teaches summer school his time should be a little freer. Generally there shouldn't be any exam periods, unless they allow resits, until next summer. Of course, he might go back-packing in the Amazon or something we don't know. Still fingers crossed a
  21. Now, now, For an editor/beta reader you seem to be slipping. I distinctly recall the tribes in the Ardentin are the VOSH. Besides, Jamie's weapon is the staff. While TomasG's timeline is the most logical history has told us Jamie.wri might mix things with even more complexity, after all the confrontation with Hippolito is entirely up to him and while blessed with astronomical levels of arrogance, cunning and spite he is not one to wait on opportunities, he works to create them. His arrogance and cunning together with always being protected by Loka's influence and power have convinced him he
  22. This story has been a work in progress since 2004 and has evolved since. Things happen and get missed. Those of us who have read this story from the beginning are going to notice something that doesn't quite fit. When Jamie is ready to release it to us, the updated Book 1, will help clear up some issues. Part 4 of this book, when we get to it after the next Interlude will be dealing with the fight with Loran. From there we'll be moving on to the next book as we still have Hippolito and Abbott Gude to deal with and the future of the Icarians. Well even if David's false memory was a mistake
  23. As I said, it is just too confused at this point; worm, shwerm, who knows? However there is another thought that just came to me. I said before there were a lot of loose ends that really should have been tied up in this book and not carried over into the next. Well, I was probably wrong. Jamie transferred his and Nic's memories to Charlie for safe keeping at the end of Ch.40 which means the present day Jamie probably still does not have clear memories of what is portrayed in the last four chapters. On this basis and being very pedantic 'cause it is in my nature to be so (in case no one notice
  24. This is what we know about the charm. This would seem to indicate that if and when a wizard uses his powers to harm or kill someone, he will suffer. In this case, Jamie physically took a life, so should the Unicorn react to it? Apparently it does but in a different way. Let's also not forget that the bond between Jamie and Nic played a part in what happened. So when it comes to the fight between Loran and Jamie, Jamie is going to have a difficult time of it based on what we know about the charm. So I'm thinking when it comes to the physical aspect of doing harm, the Unicorn may react differe
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