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  1. Hhhmmmm, I don't think we know very much more about Charles from this, other than he appeared to be working for someone else rather than something else and that he had a lover, of course.
    Tho I don't think there will be an answer, but I'm curious as to who Charles was talking to that he had a spot saved for. I got the impression it was a love interest for him that may have helped him in controlling his disunion.

    So who do you think this person is and is it important to know?

    Good question, I have no idea. I suspect it is quite important if we are to understand Charles and it may well be important with regard to just who was/is the Grand Puppetmaster. If there is one, of course, but it seems very much so to me. As I have said before, Charles knows more about ALL the various resistance factions than anyone else, the story so far suggests he knows exactly what Jamie's potential is and the training he was given, he obviously had a very large resistance group under himself, he was in charge of the Eagles Rock installation and was a major player in the Wizard's Own project, he obviously knew all about Croal's activities, possibly assisting, he knew about the Icarian/Kalorian/Human resistance, he fairly obviously knew all about the Kalorian League, the shadow empire, he also, I suspect, knew all about Charlie. Indeed everything points to him being one of the founders of the anti Empire movement, possibly even the founder although, as I say, there is a strong indication he was working to someone else's direction.

    Well, let's hope we get some answers before too much longer.

  2. When I originally made that last post, I was referring to the end of the cliffhanger we've been waiting on.

    The last I've heard from Jamie was back in late August/early September. All the rain from Irene and then Lee screwed up his time here so we didn't get together for our annual visit. I've even chatted with his editor, AJ, whose wondering as well. He's sent Gold, the second edit back and is still waiting for the third.

    Uuummmm, I know. But if you look at the first post in this thread my last becomes clearer, or at least its antecedents do :D

    There are many possible reasons for delay, I know. Personal circumstances, health issues, simply too busy, writer's block, huge inconsistency suddenly found (I am sure I once saw a statistic that showed an unbelievable number of writers, even well known authors, that started one story and found they had finished a different story at the end of the book), lost interest, has got a publisher interested and is protecting future digital rights. It's just that I really would like to know.

    If you were going to suggest I ask Jamie directly, I did, very nicely, twice when he had the lonnnngggggg hiatus a couple of years ago. He was one of those that never replied unsure1


    I'm beginning to think your comment was more prophetic than you intended.

    A new school year has started so assuming Jamie is still lecturing things are looking more and more ominous.

    Are we going to see a Kyle - Kandric pattern settle in I wonder; one chapter a year, two if we are really lucky and each one leaves us asking, will there ever be any more?

    I wonder why it is that only about 0.001% of internet authors ever have the courtesy to advise readers there is or may be a delay, especially ones who generally have a regular posting schedule. I know we as readers tend not to show our constant appreciation, but the simple fact we read the stories shows we do indeed appreciate their efforts without having to resort to sycophantic messages. I would also point out that however politely I emailed authors to express my appreciation I hardly ever got a response, in fact I can only recall two which is the reason I no longer do it.

    I hope I haven't just pushed the cat into the pigeon loft, such was not my intention :)

  4. Matthew and Lancelot may have been at the party, I don't remember that, but they were not 'official' Icarians, or so we can deduce from Charles' failure to recognise them. As such they probably would not have been on the Kalorian list as I see it.

    I don't agree that Charlie's stasis unit was not activated at the same time as the others and by the same presumed signal. I haven't re-read it but I am pretty sure the problem was simply inadequate power reserves when the resurrection sequence was initiated that stopped it from completing. For it to have been independent and just coincidentally going wrong at the same time Jamie was awakened after 2,500 years is just, well ... too much of a coincidence (or too contrived) for me :lol:

    I look forward to Book three, much history is still to be revealed, never mind the ongoing saga.

  5. That certainly is a possibility for the rod to do that. It would still point to it being some kind of triggering device. But is it the key to why units started activating after 2500 years instead of the original 100 years? Or do we stick to the theory that someone reset the units?

    A difficult question. Since Charlie's unit was also activated we must surmise that the key was programmed by the Kalorian shadow empire under instruction from Castor, outside of Jamie, Reneau(?) and Niklas only Kalorians knew of its existence. Why 2,400 years late is one of those irritating questions the answer to which would also answer many of the other outstanding questions, like how the barrier switched from Taldor Valen to cover half of Altinestra. There are three main possibilities; the Kalorians decided 100 years was too little and changed it without telling anyone, maybe after everyone was already in stasis; they did wake up after 100 years, didn't like what they saw and went back, most unlikely or Jamie somehow and some when used his time-turning abilities to change everything; it was the Farzetti.

    Other mysteries are how did Loran, Matthew and Lance get into stasis in the first place? Loran was not a supporter of the revolution and should have been denied a place, M & L were unknown Icarians, part of someone else's plot.

  6. OK, yes, that gives us a little more perspective, I think. It occurs to me that the 'glowing rod' must have been the key that triggered the resurrection sequences on the stasis units, or more correctly, some of the stasis units, those of key players like Loran, Niklas, Jamie, Charles, Cody, etc and Charlie. The Throne army, the Icarian council, the Gladiators and the Wizards own were not triggered of course.

    What triggered resurrection has been debated before, now we know, maybe. But this just adds yet another level of mystery, of course.

  7. Interlude - The Seventh Bronze has been posted.

    Short, and sweet. It was nice to know what happened to Larrus. On the other hand it didn't actually advance the story or answer any of the unresolved questions. That Taldor Valen was an Imperial reserve was pretty much obvious, as I commented previously. It was also pretty obvious that Taldor Valen prospered, so, other than learning that Larrus lived to a ripe old age and never forgot Jamie, this interlude didn't tell us very much.

    Still it was a nice little addendum to the story, and it definitely had a high 'Aaaahh' quotient but did little to quiet those of us impatient for answers.

  8. Wow! Lots to talk about.

    We get a picture of what Charles was really about, but having to be extra cautious to having to keep his true agenda a secret, he was blindsided by the 11 Red & Black Legionaries that he thought were loyal to him. Turns out they had evidently been subverted by the smooth talking Hippolito. I also believe that Hippolito was instrumental in the cryo-units that didn't make it to Eagles Rock being lost. Also in Loran being saved.

    I seem to remember that I made a comment on one of the earlier chapters that I believed that Loka's ultimate goal was to become Emperor. That has now been proven. Then before he leaves for Argon he throws Hippolito under the bus. Hippolito then has a cause for revenge.

    It has now occurred to me that it was Hippolito who had the cryo-units reset to 2500 years. The thought is that Loka would wake up in 100 years and none of the resources that he was expecting was there so he would be emperor of nothing but a dead world, more or less. Then in 2500 years Loka and the rest of his cohorts and any others who escaped to Argon would be long gone and it would be an easy matter for him to become king. His revenge would be complete. I'm sure that he believed that he had the Princes and Scribes in the palm of his hand before the events in Book 1, Chapter 50 took place.

    Of course, most of the above is supposition.


    Hhhmmmm, I don't think we know very much more about Charles from this, other than he appeared to be working for someone else rather than something else and that he had a lover, of course.

    I agree he seems to have been betrayed by his inner circle, whether they had already been subverted by Hipolito or whether that occurred after their awakening in Eagles Rock, I am not too sure. I think Hipolito would have taken any information he had on plots to Loka, not tried to bend it to his own will.

    I can't see Hipolito saving Loran, first I doubt he would have had time after Loka dumped him and second we already know he was intent on becoming King of Icaria long before these events, having arranged Alexander's death, he wouldn't have wanted Loran around in any future he was in.

    The setting of the cryo-units must have been decided by the Kalorians, they were all set to the same period and are all in diverse locations, there is a definite mystery here, but I doubt very much it has anything to do with Hipolito.

    This interlude didn't really advance the story very much or answer important questions like how did the barrier that was intended to be set around the City of the Angels and was taken over by Jamie to enclose Taldor Valen get moved to cover half the continent? And what happened to the Farzeti and how were they involved in the last days? We know they appropriated some of Jamie's possessions and they obviously knew what the grand plan was.

    Ah well, time will no doubt tell. And if it doesn't I will be very disappointed in Jamie.wri. :D

  9. My biggest hope in regards to The Scrolls is that Jamie will be able to return to his usual posting schedule. Also, It seems like we have lost some of the people that used to post questions and comments making for lively discussions on each of the chapters and the overall story.

    Quite so.

    The academic year in the UK has ended for most colleges and unis around the end of May, the new year will typically start around the end of September. I don't know where Jamie.wri is based, I seem to recall Europe. There things vary country to country but nearly all of them will have ended by now so, unless he has an alternate job or teaches summer school his time should be a little freer. Generally there shouldn't be any exam periods, unless they allow resits, until next summer.

    Of course, he might go back-packing in the Amazon or something :lol: we don't know. Still fingers crossed and hope for the best.

  10. I'd have to agree with your assessment on the timeline. We do have the confrontation with Charles to deal with, then it's back to the Ardentin Forest to pick up the Kosh and head to Fire Block Canyon to join up with Nic and everyone there.

    Now, now, For an editor/beta reader you seem to be slipping. I distinctly recall the tribes in the Ardentin are the VOSH. Besides, Jamie's weapon is the staff. :P

    While TomasG's timeline is the most logical history has told us Jamie.wri might mix things with even more complexity, after all the confrontation with Hippolito is entirely up to him and while blessed with astronomical levels of arrogance, cunning and spite he is not one to wait on opportunities, he works to create them. His arrogance and cunning together with always being protected by Loka's influence and power have convinced him he is brilliant tactician and strategist while we know that for an Icarian he is pretty thick. That doesn't mean he is stupid, but it does mean he could easily do stupid things, unpredictably.

  11. Think back to when David and Miro were brought out of stasis and David said more or less that all he remembered was Nic's ugly face when he sealed them in the stasis unit. We now know that was a false memory, as were many of the things all the gang 'remembered' on their journey. This particular red herring was very good and very misleading about what actually happened. What does this bode for events in the next book?

    This story has been a work in progress since 2004 and has evolved since. Things happen and get missed. Those of us who have read this story from the beginning are going to notice something that doesn't quite fit. When Jamie is ready to release it to us, the updated Book 1, will help clear up some issues.

    Part 4 of this book, when we get to it after the next Interlude will be dealing with the fight with Loran. From there we'll be moving on to the next book as we still have Hippolito and Abbott Gude to deal with and the future of the Icarians.

    Well even if David's false memory was a mistake in the writing it does 'add' to the story in my opinion.

    So we are about half way through are we? Kewl as they say.

    Like everyone else here I am eager to see the revised Book 1, let's hope we see it soon, preferably this year.

  12. As I said, it is just too confused at this point; worm, shwerm, who knows?

    However there is another thought that just came to me. I said before there were a lot of loose ends that really should have been tied up in this book and not carried over into the next. Well, I was probably wrong. Jamie transferred his and Nic's memories to Charlie for safe keeping at the end of Ch.40 which means the present day Jamie probably still does not have clear memories of what is portrayed in the last four chapters. On this basis and being very pedantic 'cause it is in my nature to be so (in case no one noticed) the last four chapters really should have been in the next book.

    I suppose retrieving his other memories might have triggered a total recall but I wouldn't have thought so given what we know of cold sleep syndrome. If that is the case there will be the potential for considerable confusion over what is actually what in the next book, which might of course be Jamie.wri's intention. We know Jamie did remember some of what happened in this time, even before he regained his memories from Charlie, 'though not exactly how much or how true those memories were.

    Think back to when David and Miro were brought out of stasis and David said more or less that all he remembered was Nic's ugly face when he sealed them in the stasis unit. We now know that was a false memory, as were many of the things all the gang 'remembered' on their journey. This particular red herring was very good and very misleading about what actually happened. What does this bode for events in the next book?

  13. CHARM – Pain

    Along with the vast powers invested upon the Wizard of Icaria there also comes a great and serious responsibility for him to use those powers wisely. It is for this reason that the Charm of Pain was created. The wizard's powers are so vast and all- encompassing that it is possible for a wizard to inflict great, pain and suffering upon those he chooses to punish or harm. It is also quite easy for a wizard to quickly kill large numbers of people. Because of this, for every life the wizard takes, the Charm of Pain comes into play. Because of the seriousness of taking the life of another, when the actions of a wizard cause death, he himself undergoes pain: physical, mental, and emotional. This pain is searing and deep and acts as a check against the wizard using his power to kill or harm another person capriciously.

    This is what we know about the charm. This would seem to indicate that if and when a wizard uses his powers to harm or kill someone, he will suffer.

    In this case, Jamie physically took a life, so should the Unicorn react to it? Apparently it does but in a different way. Let's also not forget that the bond between Jamie and Nic played a part in what happened.

    So when it comes to the fight between Loran and Jamie, Jamie is going to have a difficult time of it based on what we know about the charm. So I'm thinking when it comes to the physical aspect of doing harm, the Unicorn may react differently.

    If you noticed also, the Unicorn seemed to have caused certain other essences to work together.

    Hhhmmm, just read it again, still have problems accepting the action/reaction timings re Jamie and the battle.

    Also the Unicorn bit is still very confusing. It would appear that the Unicorn's response to Jamie's killing of Enrick was to deprive him of his powers. Then, when Nic was in danger, it apparently reversed itself, removing the inhibitory toxins it had been producing to block his powers and generating a new toxin that greatly increased his powers and allowed Jamie to mature into a full Wizard in a single big bang event.

    OK, maybe a bit contrived but we can live with that. However since Jamie has no powers post stasis we have to assume that the Unicorn reversed again and blocked him again, although that isn't said. It could have been Charles' worm I suppose but that should have been ..... ah, who knows?

    But if his neuroreceptors were again being blocked then they must still have been blocked post stasis, otherwise the original viruses he carried would have re-activated his powers. But if that was the case then absorbing the orbs he did shouldn't have worked either, they are the same viruses, unless the original viruses had somehow been removed. Maybe it was Charles' worm after all.

    Ah well, how will things pan out? Well, at the moment this whole area of powers and orbs is just too confused and seemingly contradictory to work out, at least for me. :rolleyes:

    I also found the Renaud sequence a little mystifying. Jamie's suddenly taking against him seemed a little strange, although possibly justified by his general funk.

    Well still a lot of questions to answer, questions that I would have thought should have been answered within this book, not carried on to the next, but that's only my opinion :)

  14. About the energy dome. I don't recall reading in any chapter that the dome covered all of Altinestra, it was implied but never really confirmed that it did. It did say in one of the previous chapters and in this chapter that the dome covered Taldor Valoren.

    Certainly we were told that in the Icarian present the barrier, which we are admittedly assuming is the same impenetrable dome generated by the big machine, surrounded the whole of Altinestra, which comprises all the southern half of the continent below the central mountainous spine wherein lies Taldor Valen. Remember, the barrier can be seen from the high passes on a clear day and we were informed the barrier could not be breached even by sea, cutting off the entire southern part of the continent and Kuronos, the City of Light. Also note the entirety of Altinestra was obliterated from the pre-fall map table where Jamie and the others brokered their present day alliance.

    The questions this raises are: if Jamie redirected the barrier to encapsulate Taldor Valen then who switched it off at some future date while Jamie was in stasis and redirected it to cover Altinestra? We know that must have happened because Jamie must have been inside the Altinestran area when the barrier was triggered to cover Taldor Valen, we know that at some point the barrier must have been dropped again because people were able to travel into and out of Taldor Valen but the barrier around Altinestra was permanent.

    I suppose there are possibilities that Jamie did it all remotely while in stasis, but that seems a little far fetched.

    I think I have detected the error in ch.44 regarding Jamie and his translation into full wizard just in time to save Nic and the Gahdar. I think somewhere before the unicorn asks Jamie to sing with him there should be a line to the effect, "... come Timeturner, join with me out of time ...." or similar. If Jamie has effectively 'stepped out of time' while he transforms everything becomes reasonable, certainly that scenario is possible and plausible from what we know of his abilities. I suspect this was the intention but it got missed or edited out by accident. Certainly to me the chapter does have that woolly, slightly disconnected feel to it that shows up when a writer is rushed, distracted or, God forbid, suffering writer's block. I still think it needs reworking even if that was put right, not to say that my opinion is of any value, of course. I am not the author of what has on the whole been a magnificent work of fantasy.

    As to my earlier gripe about why Jamie lost his Wizard powers and tattoo, we know the Unicorn was initially stripping Jamie of his powers after he murdered the Emperor, but stopped and reversed the process while Nic was in danger, I suppose it is just about acceptable the stripping process restarted after he went into stasis, not very happy with that though.

  15. Well, I wouldn't write of the Trio just yet, but maybe they have gone. As I said before, there are a lot of Icarians seemingly unaccounted for.

    Anyway, Ch.44. I was a little disappointed, especially with the blossoming of Jamie's full powers as a Wizard, if I was an editor I would be recommending a bit of re-writing for that bit. Indeed the whole Rood part seemed a little weak to me.

    I particularly dislike sections of writing where a character is faced with imminent catastrophe, like 'there was a sudden CRACK as the roof support gave way' then follows ten paragraphs where the character relives his life, composes a last message for his loved ones, ponders on how fickle fate is, realises he is sitting on a spare support, doubts he can lift it on his own, then decides he's got to try, rips it from the floor and sets it in place under the roof in the nick of time, or all within a hundredth of a second. Sheeesh! I found this fault well represented in this chapter. Perhaps it won't seem as bad on a second reading.

    There is much still not explained but perhaps some of that will come out in the interludes.

    What of the Farzetti, what of their role in events and how did they get Jaimie's ring and other stuff, how did they preserve it? I thought Jamie had the ring with him when taken before the Emperor in the last chapter, perhaps there is a clue I have missed some where along the way.

    What of Charles, where did his plots and schemes fit in with everything?

    We can assume the Kalorian 'second empire' decided to reset the stasis chambers to 2000+ years, but why?

    They wouldn't have reset the Argon ones so did the Empire return in 100 years, found they were cut off from their technology and regressed into barbarity?

    How did Loran, Hippolito and other disloyal Icarians end up in Stasis?

    How did Jamie 'lose' his Wizardly powers again, including his tattoo?

    Well, we'll just have to hope the interludes cast some light on these things.

    At least we now know what the big machine does and what Jamie did, reset it to make the Altinestran barrier, presumably to deprive the Empire of their technology if nothing else worked.

  16. The silence is getting louder, let us hope all is well in Icaria and hope this is not another year long hiatus, or worse!!!

    I've been reading the Jim Butcher books lately. The Dresden Files is quite good, a little disappointing to start but the writing tightened up well as the series progressed and the Dresden character seems to have developed quite well. I thought Codex Alera was better overall, one to re-read in a year or so.

  17. I saw that gap as well, and in his author notes he mentions that to, I think if he starts getting tons of attention for his writing he may see it as a much higher priority. Also when I point out that he's in the same league with Jamie.wri that changes things a lot. I am not just kidding around here. I really think that Devon Keene is one of those writers you do not want to loose. This is science fiction writing at its best. No vampires or werewolves, nothing supernatural just speculative science and its wonderful for a change.

    I would certainly rate his writing highly as well, as you say, tight, inventive, classical sci/fi at its best.

    On-line writers with long breaks/delays must be good writers, if they aren't, the necessary re-reading to get back into the story really shows up the flaws. I have found several stories that I though quite good until re-reading exposed the inadequacies and I lost interest in them.

    I am not sure if you realised Songspell is another story, you can find it in the same place as Enigma, although it may not be to your taste as it is pure fantasy. It is another truly excellent story. The author had a very long hiatus owing to real life difficulties (at least he kindly made the effort to advise his readers of the situation, not like some) and has started to post again. Unfortunately he seems to only manage one chapter a year, a bit like Kyle and Kandric. But they are both stories I would not abandon, although I fear I may not live long enough to see their ending :D

  18. I agree with you in that Enigma of Flatness is a good story. There was a two year hiatus in posting which does seem to raise a question as to the author's commitment/ability to complete the story.

    There is always the danger of writer's block, real life intervention, personal disaster, death, even simply waning interest killing off a very good story. The online writing genre is littered with good and even great stories that have, or currently appear to have, died in mid flow.

    Songspell (pseudo early English style makes reading it hard work but it is very rewarding), Broken Pegasus Wings, Grey Eyed Justice, Noah, Erebi Seeking, A Quetion of Tine and many, many more come to mind.

    Back to Enigma, as to a 'gay' AI, I don't think so. I see Dreamer as needing, perhaps desiring would be a better word, or even feeding off, human emotion, maybe a consequence of too much human emulation in his programming. Careful reading clearly shows that his 'emotions' are emulations, there is a real 'personality', but it is more akin to that of a high functioning autistic, paralleling normal human responses/urges but not quite synchronised, there is a definite disconnect there, an intellectual appreciation of emotion rather than an emotional one, if that makes sense.

  19. Tolkien's academic interests were in philology, particularly European philology and his works were an attempt to create an English mythology, something he thought was of great importance to a culture and was distressingly lacking in the English culture. He put this lack down to the indigenous culture's destruction first by the Romans then by the Anglo-Saxons followed by the Nordic incursions and finally completed by the Normans. I think he was quite successful in creating an English mythology, a little too late to be of any real cultural influence, but the colossal and the completely unexpected scale of the success of the LOTR films throughout the English speaking world showed just how much his mythology had entered the English consciousness. Success in spades.

    The construction of Elvish itself was an attempt to create a language based on a 'known' culture, i.e. an attempt to quantify how culture would influence the development of language.

    He also loved to write, both prose and poetry, of course. Just as well as else we would not have had the LOTR cycle.

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