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  1. Certainly we were told that in the Icarian present the barrier, which we are admittedly assuming is the same impenetrable dome generated by the big machine, surrounded the whole of Altinestra, which comprises all the southern half of the continent below the central mountainous spine wherein lies Taldor Valen. Remember, the barrier can be seen from the high passes on a clear day and we were informed the barrier could not be breached even by sea, cutting off the entire southern part of the continent and Kuronos, the City of Light. Also note the entirety of Altinestra was obliterated from the pre
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  3. Well, I wouldn't write of the Trio just yet, but maybe they have gone. As I said before, there are a lot of Icarians seemingly unaccounted for. Anyway, Ch.44. I was a little disappointed, especially with the blossoming of Jamie's full powers as a Wizard, if I was an editor I would be recommending a bit of re-writing for that bit. Indeed the whole Rood part seemed a little weak to me. I particularly dislike sections of writing where a character is faced with imminent catastrophe, like 'there was a sudden CRACK as the roof support gave way' then follows ten paragraphs where the character reliv
  4. For those interested a new chapter (25) has been posted on both Nifty and DaBeagle although there is no direct link on the DaBeagle site, modify the ch. 24 URL if you want to go there.
  5. Fingers crossed and hope for the best then.
  6. The silence is getting louder, let us hope all is well in Icaria and hope this is not another year long hiatus, or worse!!! I've been reading the Jim Butcher books lately. The Dresden Files is quite good, a little disappointing to start but the writing tightened up well as the series progressed and the Dresden character seems to have developed quite well. I thought Codex Alera was better overall, one to re-read in a year or so.
  7. Ah well, fingers crossed, then.
  8. We seem to have entered another hiatus. Perhaps someone knows something they might like to share. I hope all is well in Icaria.
  9. For those that are interested and may have missed it, ch.24 has been posted at http://www.dabeagle.net/stories/devon/enigma/teof24.htm
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I would certainly rate his writing highly as well, as you say, tight, inventive, classical sci/fi at its best. On-line writers with long breaks/delays must be good writers, if they aren't, the necessary re-reading to get back into the story really shows up the flaws. I have found several stories that I though quite good until re-reading exposed the inadequacies and I lost interest in them. I am not sure if you realised Songspell is another story, you can find it in the same place as Enigma, although it may not be to your taste as it is pure fantasy. It is another truly excellent story. The a
  12. I agree with you in that Enigma of Flatness is a good story. There was a two year hiatus in posting which does seem to raise a question as to the author's commitment/ability to complete the story. There is always the danger of writer's block, real life intervention, personal disaster, death, even simply waning interest killing off a very good story. The online writing genre is littered with good and even great stories that have, or currently appear to have, died in mid flow. Songspell (pseudo early English style makes reading it hard work but it is very rewarding), Broken Pegasus Wings, Grey
  13. Tolkien's academic interests were in philology, particularly European philology and his works were an attempt to create an English mythology, something he thought was of great importance to a culture and was distressingly lacking in the English culture. He put this lack down to the indigenous culture's destruction first by the Romans then by the Anglo-Saxons followed by the Nordic incursions and finally completed by the Normans. I think he was quite successful in creating an English mythology, a little too late to be of any real cultural influence, but the colossal and the completely unexpecte
  14. I was thinking more on the lines that they lost their history during the turmoil of the post fall centuries and their nomadic life which included a great deal of persecution, at least that is what I have gleaned from the story so far.
  15. I agree that there is a Prison of Pain/Vosh connection, most likely the original Vosh adopted the dress in honour of the sacrifice made by the rescued prisoners. In truth I doubt we will ever hear the story of what actually happens as it is probably of no importance to the story, not to mention that as far as we know the Vosh had lost most of their early history. On the other hand, perhaps Jamie.wri will be moved to writing a Silmarillion-like addition after TSOI completes. I am sure there would be great interest, here and publicly if Jamie.wri does ever publish the story.
  16. I doubt that very much, I don't see much room for democracy in either Niklas' nor Jamie's nor even Charlie's outlook. Don't forget there is no history of democracy in either the old or the new timelines. Even in the real world we are moving toward a post democratic system. Europe is trying to produce a Federated States of Europe run by an unelected and, for the most part, unappointed commission. The voices of the 'democratic' states will be heard, but their views only taken under consideration. The USA has been establishing ever greater numbers of commissions and agencies and similar, both at
  17. Ever since the discovery of Charlie, I've thought the same thing. Jamie is the shield that protects the weapon Charlie. I've been suspicious of Giovanni since his introduction at the Ecole Danse. I don 't think Giovanni has been told his bloodline yet, but then again, neither has the reader. I don't expect to see Charlie at the Circle of Ondra until after the battle is over between Jamie and Loran. Given Lorans current mentality, he'd go after him too. I can almost hear the gasp's of surprise when Charlie does make his first official appearance before the Prince's and Scribes. Too bad Charl
  18. It is all about perception, isn't it? I grant you nearly all stories have an element of mystery in them, but wouldn't fit into the mystery genre. I think the way TSOI is constructed does tip the first book at least into the mystery genre. The same with the question: is the empire in disarray? Well, not to me. It IS collapsing and for probably the majority of the population, their lives are in disarray. But the Icarians and the central government, the focus of the story, are not, or were not, in disarray. The Icarians are effectively in a protective bubble and, from their point of view, the c
  19. Sorry Dioscuri, it IS a mystery story, and sci/fi, and fantasy. Now, if Jamie.wri had placed book 2 first then it wouldn't be a mystery story. By introducing a case of amnesia for the main characters and presenting book 1 first he has made it a mystery story, even if he did not intend to. TSOI so far follows all the precepts for a mystery story, there is an important event the cause of which is unknown, the main characters follow clues in order to solve/understand this mystery, they encounter red herrings and contradictions and may even find the answer without realising it, eventually the my
  20. True we don't know if those in Taldor Valoren activated the barrier or not, I rather think they would have as it was part of the measures to protect their children. We know it isn't the same one protecting Altinestra, I suspect Jamie sets that one up at another time before they enter stasis, no doubt there will be an answer in the next instalment as that is rather a crucial feature in the story. Although I suppose it is possible, not likely, but possible, Jamie and the others were in stasis for 100 years, woke up, found everything still in turmoil, blocked off Altinestra and went back for ano
  21. Good catch on the scar Dioscuri. Perhaps T can edit the thread title, Origins of the Cow is not very flattering to Jamie.wri On to the points you raise. # We've seen older Kalorians dressed in grey coats running the Kalorian part of the operation. Maybe grey coats are the 'uniform' of the Kalorian League. Interesting that grey is nondescript and easily overlooked, especially when the Kalorians favoured bright colours. However, for an escape grey would be a good choice for everyone. # We know the Emperor is dead and so is a good part of his idea to move to Argon. Ah no, Savaron Loka is th
  22. Well, I did say something obviously went wrong. Which was not quite correct. In retrospect of course, Jamie's plan to 'save' the Kalorians was unworkable, he hadn't thought it through at all, not that he had much time to in fairness, however, through the courage and intelligence of the Kalorians it worked flawlessly from their point of view. Some are concerned that if the barrier made Taldor Valoren impregnable in either direction how did the modern day people move in and out. Well, it was set for 100 years after which it cancelled automatically. Modern times is 2,300 years later and far more
  23. Well, I've read it three times now, very wide ranging and complex and leaves a handful of cliffhangers AAAAHHHHHH! I have a few quibbles, some dragon deaths don't seem (note the word 'seem') to have the correct effects, the one killed by Falk and Lannet in Everone and the one killed by the pantherling forces guarding the Slome swamps apparently had no discernable effects. If the mysterious elf taken in hand by the King is a Kandric sibling he must have been Kaylaria's first son, not Aster. Aster is 45 years old but the mystery elf is 51. I suppose it could be explained but there are no hints
  24. Chapter 26 is up at GA. It is certainly a cracker with a lot of the disparate threads being pulled together. I've given it a quick read and will give it a more thorough examination tomorrow. There is an awful lot of content there. The worrying thing is it could all be sewn up in 2 or 3 more chapters the speed it is going, lets hope I'm wrong, or if I'm right, there's another book to come!
  25. There are some notable, and improving, updates from chapter 18 on, so far. I wonder if there were updates in earlier chapters but those chapters were not actually re-uploaded, or the unedited chapters were uploaded again by mistake? Maybe we'll see something in the future or someone at Wolfsnest will say something. I may have found out the problem, there are TWO sets of files in the Kandric section at Wolfsnest. For example: http://www.wolfsnest.n40c.net/kyle arrons/Kandric saga/14.htm and, http://www.wolfsnest.n40c.net/kyle arrons/Kandric_saga/14.htm It is the last form, with the unders
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