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  1. I think the real question here is whether the plot to make Hippolito king was Savaron Loka's from the beginning or did he see the possibilities after Hippolito had eliminated Alexander. Clearly a noble soul like Alexander would have rung alarm bells all the way as a potential king with someone like Loka. Although he may well have been arrogant enough to believe he could control any situation. Was it Loka all the time or was it a case of Hippolito manoeuvring Loka or Loka manipulating Hippolito? Perhaps we shall find out, or since it is hardly crucial to the story, not.
  2. I've always assumed, without any actual evidence, that Taldor Valoren was most likely an Imperial holding - sort of an Imperial (Hunting) Forest or Imperial Retreat, that kind of thing. It would certainly be a typical contender for that kind of thing, isolated, pristine, salubrious, i.e. a highly desirable get away place. Thus there would have been a resident, probably majority, Kalorian staff already in a good and safe position to try to preserve as much civilisation as possible while the Icarians were in stasis. We know that the residents of Domain Carolus were Kalorian in origin, and we ca
  3. Hhhmmm. The release of the virus was already scheduled in the Empire's 'Retreat to Argon' plan, so if the evacuation actually took place, even partially, then it would have been released, however I still think Renaud kills the Emperor and the evacuation and all that goes with it is thwarted. I don't think Jamie's comment of ten thousand deaths necessarily would refer to the virus, the Empire was blood-thirsty enough to have killed millions over the years and the Sh’ônfenn were the Empire's enforcers, but you could well be right. Perhaps it was released and that was why the stasis units were
  4. Thanks for the tip re the machine, that it is big, important, probably crucial to the story and obviously very powerful but no other knowledge has irritated me since I first read it. The other kingdoms are aware of the barrier and told Jamie et al that it extended all the way around and even encompassed part of the sea. Many attempts were made to breach it but none were successful and eventually any interest among the ruling classes waned and it passed out of general knowledge. Remember that the planet was reduced to an iron age level after the Fall and the Church kept them there, not to men
  5. Yes, I did wonder if there was any life left on the Altinestran side, if so, why the barrier? And with all the advanced tech and more importantly, technicians there how come they didn't drop the barrier and take over the rest of the continent? See, now you've introduced another uncertainty Given that it has been 2000+ years I can't see there being anyone there at this time. So what happened to them? OMG! Is Jamie a mass murderer as well as a failure? Or is the barrier a country sized stasis unit and they are all asleep? Joking aside, even with two more chapters there still seems a lot to
  6. Yes, I would agree, this chapter did not advance the story very much. Obviously something goes wrong with the plan, of course, else Jamie and the Gahdar wouldn't have ended up at Rood. The question is, just how far wrong does it go? After all, thousands of Kalorians are presumably making their way to the Stone Gate. How long were they left hanging and how many died as a result? Or did word get out to delay everything at the eleventh hour? And what happens to Trio Chrysalis and the rest of the Mondele? Does anyone else find their absence from Book 1 ominous? And what about the rest of the Ic
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  8. This was quite a good fantasy story, but nothing has appeared since vol.2 ch.8. The author did say he had several chapters available following that but perhaps real life has upset his applecart again. I know many people won't read a story until it is complete to save the disappointment if, or in many cases, when it suddenly stops. It is certainly understandable to react that way, especially when only a minority of authors bother to post that they are falling behind or won't be able to post anything for a while, or post a sit-rep when they are in hiatus. Personally I occupy a sort of halfway h
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  11. I take it since a year has gone by this never came to fruition. Pity really, the world of Kandric is a very interesting construct. P
  12. You could try the Wolfsnest as a host http://www.wolfsnest.n40c.net/ Castle Roland also seems to welcome new authors as well http://www.castleroland.net/. I think The Chronicles of Kadin would fit quite well with the kind of stories hosted at both these sites. P
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