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  1. it is actually a rather simple trick of standard math.

    The base idea is to multiply your first 3 numbers by 10000 which leaves four zeros at the end input your last for numbers into.

    This, however, mixes it up a bit. It uses a multiple of 20000 and then has you input your last four two times so when you do the final division by 2 you end up with your number

    I could come up with hundreds of tricks like this in very little time.

    All you have to do is work the math around what your goal is.

  2. Actually it I'm not having any serious trouble. I am just thying to make ends meet by working my butt off.

    Kandric 23 is about 1/2 done, but more work on it will have to wait until winter when things calm down a bit.

    I do have other partual stories: nothing as graphic, but featuring kids as main characters. I have not posted them anywherfe yet, but would love to have a few test read what I have to see is where I am going makes for a good plot.


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