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  1. Welcome SeededDreams. Can I just call you Seeded? It just sounds sexier. Losing ones we are close to is always tough. It makes us better people though because we learn from it. We learn what is truly important and we treat others better I think. Life is about learning. I too would love to see Jamie return and give us the rest of the story. I'm sure life has interrupted the flow. It happens. But this story is so marketable that I think it could solve many of his financil problems if that is what is keeping him away. Time will tell. Be welcome. No need to lurk, you are among friends here. Ch
  2. I went to church with a kid when I was little whose name was Peter Bender!
  3. Be welcome. And your birthday is a week after mine and the same day as my son's! Means you have to be awesome. It just does!

  4. It's also possible that Charles commited his bond to Jamie and it was rebuffed by Croal or some other entity because there were plans for Jamie and he wasn't part of it. The bonding details are not clear. SO we don't know if it is a bond caused by intellect or something more physical. Especially back then when the race and the DNA manipulation was in it's infancy. Let's not forget that there are other worlds out there to that will surely affect the story when they come into play. That's relavent because Charles could have damaged the satalites in an attempt to wait for the authority to pass o
  5. An interesting discusion. Now I'll have to go back and reread. Maybe with a strong cup to jostle the memory. Hmmm, do they make a Darroot Decafe?
  6. If you think it's any less frustrating for us then think again. But honestly it's not ours to give out. We were only privy to it for technical efforts. But I assure you that we too are frustrated by the lack of contact.
  7. Wow, it's been that long? *sigh* It was ten years in the making, he created three complete languages, Three societies, hmmm 4 if you include the other world communities. I can't see him giving up on it like that. Life must have stepped in. At least I HOPE that is all that has happened. Perhaps it's time to send out search parties. Try and get hold of AJ or something. wow, over two years.
  8. Doing a Kyle? I'm missing something here.
  9. I was thinking about Jamie's move to the Sr troupe after the dance of defiance. Two Things that I thought were missing. (It's like trying to sense a spice flavor in something good that you've eaten. But just can't put your finger on it kind of thing.) But listening to it again made it jump out and say, "That's what it is." The first thing is when they told him he was in the Sr troupe and the realization began to settle in, should have been, "No more Sprague and his wicked boot? He can't torture me anymore?" I mean he was the Bane of his existence. His goal was not to become a Sr Troupe membe
  10. Well it is good to know he is alright. Things just aren't going great for him right now. We all have those times. This too shall pass I am sure. I just hope it is sooner than later. As do many I am sure. But most of all, I hope things get better for Jamie quickly. Thanks for passing it along Jan. Ciao
  11. OR Was it possibly within the worm set in the net for Jamie by Charles. Remember that the reassimilation ceramony was "written" by Charles! It very well could have been in the worm. I suspect that we will find that Charles is a much greater friend to Jamie than suspected or lead to believe. Again, his mate is a mystery but I think a greater player than let on. And I think that this is a pivatol event in the story. It's the WHY for everthing Charles did. Something tells me that Charles is the key to all of it. And "no" Pietro, I have nothing to back up the feeling. Just a gut instinct. It is in
  12. How do we know this? I don't recall a reference to it. Renaud was obviously there because he and Jamie set up the ghoster booby-trap. But I don't recall any other specifics towards the orb, who had it, or how it was placed in the CSU.
  13. Jamie didn't complete his puberty cycle until the end of things. It was after the exhibition to the Gjadar. That was a short time before the uprising. If Charlie was two years younger then he still has a ways to go given that he was in stasis. I believe that Ranaud had to place the orb of the unicorn in the stasis chamber. Remember that it was he and Jamie that placed them in it and it would make sense that Enrich kept the orb of the Unicorn in defense as it delivered the charm of pain. He would have seen that as his ability to control the Wizard. And protecting Jamie from his ability to defe
  14. Well in the vision at the end of Jamies Puberty cycle, Croal tells him to go to the Monastery and read the runes. Jamies says, "He knew!" And that may be a possible scenario, but again, there would be no need for the tattoo OR the orbs. Jamie has the power anyways. The ONLY reason would be if he was to replace Lorran. And I would think that it [the orbs] wouldn't call to Jamie if he was just backup. And I would venture to say that if Jamie has all the viruses, then the Germanis won't affect him. It was well known that Lorran was not doing too well at gold glass. He had not be exposed to the
  15. If that were true, then there would be no cause for the tattoo or the affinity for the orbs. That had to be intentional and as I see it, could serve no other purpose. So Croal had to have intended for Jamie and Nic to be King and Wizard. There is no other explanation for it. In fact, it was an on going process because Jamie and Charlie were both injected with the viruses and Charlie's body produces the virus. Again, further proof that his intent was plainly to insert them into the rolls of King and Wizard. Again, no other cause is possible that I can see. I am curious though to see if Charlie
  16. I don't entirely agree with the comment that the resistance did not have any idea about Nickolas for a few reasons. Castor made the comment, "I learned a lot living with your Dad." Referring to his ability to covertly dispose of the Jewelry and to get the money to the resistance. And the fact that Charles was part of the resistance. I think that this was because Croal made him a mate. And Croal was Charles' father as well. Since he was the first Icarian and Croal created the first Icarian, that made Jamie and Charlie and Lorran his brothers. Yes he had to sign the orders for Croal's death, a
  17. Once again, in B2 P2 Croal, in the end of puberty cycle vision, says he must be strong to help Charlie when, "it is time". It also mentions the Tower of Agramon and what's in it. Both in the vision and later when Jamie is telling the history to Stephen Prekinziy and Damian. I am sure there was something there that I missed so I will have to go back to it before I convert Book 3 and start giving IT a listen. There is certainly a lot more to pick up after the second or third complete read through. You spot more from the complexities discovered later. Nothing major but a lot of little things tha
  18. Just going through the story from the beginning again. In book 2 Part 2 When Giovani wants to go along to get Charlie. Jamie implies that he, Giovani, is the King to be. And it is further supported by him calling Jamie "my regent". That would make Charlie the true wizard. That would make Giovani, the king, Charlie the Wizard and Johnathan the oracle. A child shall lead them. Or in this case, children shall lead them through the infancy of a society. So what then of Nic and Jamie? Jamie must die as must Lorran for the orbs to be released. Well, only one must die if by the hand of the other. B
  19. Oh well that makes all the difference in the world. Never mind then.
  20. I know when it's good, it's hard to wait. But remember that this has been a ten year project. You can not rush greatness. Quality creates it's own demand. I'm glad he takes the time to maintain the level of quality he has. Consistently throughout the entire story. This is not an easy write and it is extremely complex especially at this juncture of the story. Lines have to be drawn very carefully and deliberately. Rushing is not an option. Busting his chops for not meeting your demands for speed would be offensive to most. Particularly in a story of this complexity. If it is too slow for you
  21. Something not really talked about that I think will have bearing on the rest of the story is that the empire has not died away. They have merely isolated themselves. And the gates were shut down. Now, if Jamie can reactivate them, he can enfold the empire into the scheme of things. Reopen communications and share technologies. After all, the plague is long gone. And their technologies have grown 2,500 years and even back then, in the beginning, they had satellite communications and were able to monitor limited things even from their home worlds.. What if they start picking up emanations from t
  22. Short, and sweet. It was nice to know what happened to Larrus. On the other hand it didn't actually advance the story or answer any of the unresolved questions. That Taldor Valen was an Imperial reserve was pretty much obvious, as I commented previously. It was also pretty obvious that Taldor Valen prospered, so, other than learning that Larrus lived to a ripe old age and never forgot Jamie, this interlude didn't tell us very much. Still it was a nice little addendum to the story, and it definitely had a high 'Aaaahh' quotient but did little to quiet those of us impatient for answers. Re
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  24. And a fantastic chapter it is too.
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