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  1. Gamers to kill for real?

    A Texan hunter wants to give computer gamers the chance to kill things for real with the click of a mouse.

    John Lockwood has already hooked up guns to the internet to let people shoot targets on his Texas ranch.

    Now he wants to let fans shoot live game through his website, live-shot.com, reports the New York Post.

    Mr Lockwood intends to have the remote hunts running early next year with virtual hunters paying up to £40 an hour.

    They will be be able to use their computer mouse to operate a camera and rifle pointed at a game feeder set up to attract animals.

    Hunters would have to pay more if they kill an animal - up to £1,000 for a buck deer, although there is no guarantee they will see any game.

    "I've gotten hate mail calling me a sick, despicable redneck," said Mr Lockwood, 39, a lifelong hunter.

    "But the technology for hunters keeps evolving, from bowhunting to high-powered rifles. This is just another step forward, another tactical advantage."

    Kevin Armstrong, president of the New York Bowhunters Association, was not impressed.

    "Sitting remotely and pushing a button to kill another animal is nothing but perverse 21st-century slaughter," he said.


    I think it is a great idea. But I think they should use prisoners as game. Participation would be tripled in no time flat.

    Kinda like escape 2000 or rollerball.

    I'm in. And he says "redneck" like it was a bad or distasteful thing?

    Sheesh! Some people's kids.

  2. post-175-125825866424.jpgpost-175-125825864459.jpgpost-175-125825863245.jpgpost-175-125825863245.jpg Among the things that old people like is the collecting of stamps. I only collect the first 100 issues of the us. Each one is a Rembrandt. Made from ink rolled onto a metal plate then pressed or rolled onto special papers. Each containing the scratches made by hand by skilled artists.post-175-125825861735.jpg
  3. I had them build this just so that Talon Rider would have to come to town to try it out. Supposed to be wicked. It may be found at exit 98 on Interstate 95 about 15 miles north of Richmond Virginia at Kings Dominion.

    I'd tell you about it but they aren't really what trips my trigger.

    But I'm at exit 92 so coffee and lunch would be nice.


  4. I went to church as a boy with a kid named "Peter Bender" in Barberton Ohio

    Had a dentist in California called Dr. Payne (He was a payne in my neck I might add.)

    Had a officer in our company at Ft Bliss Tx, "Major Fiasco"

    My Brother In-law had a Major Minor in his wing In SF.

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