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  1. I was about to ask if there was any word on an ETA for 44, but I won't now. I will say that I'm starting to have major withdrawal symptoms. Now let's see... where was I...oh yeah, Book One, Part 1, Chapter 1, "It was the cold that woke me."... Take care TomasG
  2. FANTASTIC!! Congratulations, Jamie. Tomas G
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  4. Clarke's "Childhood's End" was what got him added to the list of authors that I read back in the "dark ages". The title to Bradbury's work is "Fahrenheit 451". Supposedly, 451°F being the temperature that book paper combusted. Never did get into his "Martian Chronicles". Asimov's "Foundation Series" kept me occupied for quite awhile. Bester's "Demolished Man" and "The Stars My Destination" were other books on the reading list. A bit of trivia. Did you know that J. Michael Straczynski named the character Bester the Psi-cop on "Babylon Five" after Alfred Bester the writer? Of the modern write
  5. Enigma is a nice story. Sufficient to hold ones interest, at least for a time. Keene is a good writer, but I'm not sure that I would put him on the same level as Jamie, but that is just my opinion. Having grown up with the likes of Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, Bester, Bradbury, Ellison, et al, it took me a very long time before I stopped comparing other SF writers to them and finding the other writers lacking. But that is just me.
  6. Along with pietro and not to stir up any debate on the subject and only meant as friendly totally off-topic comment*. Contrary to popular belief, the US is not and has never been a Democracy. It is a Republic... a Representative Republic. Also, as with pietro I'll not respond to or make any further post on this subject. NOW... back to the topic of The Origins of the Vosh. It is obvious that the Vosh have some connection with the prisoners from Stone Gate, I can't think of any other reason for the coats of the four Vosh Doshen to be the same as the standard prison garb of the prisoners.
  7. I've always thought that Jamie would defeat Loran at Ondra, but then step down as Wizard in favor of Charlie. Jamie has said on several occasions that he doesn't want to be the Wizard and Nic has said that he doesn't want to be a King. Jamie is all about keeping his promises. When he accomplishes that, his tast will be completed. I'm probably wrong, but I have believed that Charlie would somehow end up being the Wizard. When he mated with Giovanni it furthered that belief, and that they would be the ones to restore Altinestra to it's former glory. We have in them another paring of the de Valé
  8. Have you read "The Rest is Noise: Listening to the Twentieth Century" by Alex Ross?
  9. Sorry, Mary Shelly did "Frankenstein" not vampires. The popularity of vampires began with John Polidori's "The Vampyre" in 1819. It is Bram Stroker's 1897 novel "Dracula" that further popularized and provided the stereotypical vampire that is the basis of the modern vampire genre of horror novels, films and TV shows. Remember, all such stories are fiction. As is TSOI. Fiction being "the class of literature comprising works of imaginative narration, esp. in prose form". Being fiction, the characters, events, plot lines and any other elements of such stories are all the products of the writers
  10. The origins of the Voshconnan or Vosh was brought up in one of the un-recovered threads that accidentally got deleted. My thought at the time was that they were the descendants of prisoners that either escaped or were rescued from Stone Gate Prison. The reason that I came to that, now known to be erroneous, conclusion was the robes that the leaders of the Vosh wore matched, with the exception of the length, the jackets that were the standard garb of the prisoners. Chapter 43 changed that perspective because we now know that the tortured and maimed prisoners sacrificed their lives to protect th
  11. It does appear that the device is one and the same (I'm still not convinced), but if it is then there is an inconsistency in the description: From Book 1, Interlude 1, Silver From Book 2, Chapter 38 In rereading the chapter, it occurred to me that we have only circumstantial evidence that any of the Trio was killed in the battle at the falls. The ballet slipper was not on the foot of what appeared to be "a charred and mangled leg". It might well have come off during the battle because it was torn so badly that it couldn't stay on and has no relation to the leg. It may be that the Trio
  12. Interesting chapter. Much to consider. The death of the Trio didn't come as a surprise. It was the where and the how that was unknown. Will likely have more to say after the second slower reading. Take care TomasG
  13. Would that be "Elliott"? Take Care TomasG
  14. Just saw a post over on the "The Fort" by Kyle Take care TomasG
  15. Went there, did that, both categories. Who else has maintained a cliffy for, let's see, I guess will be about 43 chapters. : Take care TomasG
  16. I am up to chapter 17 and I agree with your observations. There are still a number of wrong word usage and grammatical errors. Also a large number of typographic errors. I understand that nothing is perfect and some errors will slip through any process, but here, there appears to be more than there should be. If Kyle did the editing himself, I believe that it comes down to a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. He really needed an editor other than himself and at least one beta reader. That is if he truly was going to do an update. Kyle is a very creative writer and Kandric is a good
  17. Going to be interesting to read it all again, it has been a long while since I first began to read Kandric, all those years ago, when Kyle first posted chapter 1. If memory serves, (and often it doesn't LOL) that was back on the old Ghoul Drool, which was named after the tavern in the story. At the time Myr, Kyle, Ragtopman who did the art work for it, and any number of others who have disappeared over the years were members. Of course it could have been at Doc Raven's Ravens Nest or Boytales. I do recall that it was before Gay Authors came into being, but that's another story. As I said
  18. I hope that he plans on continuing to post chapters to "Kandric" and "Re-emergence" at Wolfsnest. I'm not likely to be reading them at GA.
  19. I believe that Jonas was Charles' mate. Also that disunion took place and Charles used physical pain to help him fight the madness that comes with disunion. From Book 2, Part 2, Chapter 18 when Darion Trapp, the tat ühn•ki, enters Charles' office he finds: I don't think that Jamie ever met Charles in the earlier time line. His antipathy towards Charles is likely because he knows that it was Charles that authorized the raid on Villa Mare Vista and believes that he ordered the killing of Croal. I doubt that he knows that Loka took over the raid without Charles's knowledge and told Darion Tra
  20. You left Charlie and Giovanni off of the not available list. Unfortunately, everyone that I might have chosen is taken, so I'll just continue on my lonely way. Take Care TomasG
  21. Just for the day? It's been raining here everyday for the past week and is expected to continue until at least Tuesday. There is a reason for the saying "Oregonians don't tan, they rust". LOL Oh well, gives a great excuse for staying indoors, sitting in the overstuffed chair in front of the fireplace with a warm cheerful fire going and a good book and a gigantic mug of mulled cider. Take care TomasG
  23. Nope. Not what I said. My bad. Too lazy to click on reply. I was responding to TalonRider's comment, not yours. Sorry!
  24. Nope. Not what I said. Being able to shut it down when it is activated, at least to me, would be to sabotage the plans of the Emperor and Loka, and to prevent them from using it for whatever purpose they had it built. At this point, my inclination is that the machine has nothing to do with the barrier and all to do with the Emperor and his favorites escaping to Argon and his ambition to conquer the Commonwealth.
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