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  1. The com device and the object that Lan Aldoran has appear to be two different objects. From Book2, Chapter 38: And from Book 1, Interlude 1, Silver: Perhaps Jamie embedded the small cylindrical electronic device in the bar of metal that Lan Aldoran has as a way to keep it from getting lost, or if they are one in the same, there is another explanation for the inconsistency in the descriptions. I think that the metal bar that Lan Aldoran has is the key to the barrier or at least a part of some mechanism to shut the barrier down, but the small electronic device is for a different purpose.
  2. Nah! No reason to hate you. Hippolito himself stated that he was there when Alexander was "killed". Book 1, Chapter 50 during the confrontation between Jamie and Hippolito: Miro didn't say that he overheard voices or a conversation in the dressing area, just that when he heard of Alexanders death he snuck into the private quarters where Alexander changed, found the dagger and took it. From Book 2, Chapter 8 after the Gahdar ceremony in the forum before leaving for Wrenstatten. Ii is my opinion that it was Loka's hidden agenda and ambition to sit on the emperor's throne not Hippolito'
  3. I think Hipposnakes plotting to become king was made obvious in Book 2, Chapter 29 after Jamie's performance for the Gahdar. We found Hipposnake in the Emperor's box... How else but eliminate Loran and Alexander as wizard and king. The easiest way to do that is to kill Alexander diving Loran insane because of disunion, thereby eliminating him as the wizard candidate. Then become king by mating with Jamie who would be elevated to wizard. A part of the plot happened... but the best laid plans... I think that Hippolito being elevated to Prince was part and parcel of the plot since it would be
  4. I quite sure that it was Loka that ordered the release, if indeed it was released. I was just commenting that he probably had it done through his agents in the Sh’ônfenn. I would hazard a guess that Charles had nothing to do with it. He probably knew about the virus, but likely didn't even know that it had been ordered released, but since he is the head honcho he gets the blame, whether or not he deserves it. TomasG
  5. Now that is the other side of the same coin. It may be that the virus was released and the barrier was raised to protect the Kalorians that were elsewhere, other than Altinestra, from the virus. In that case, there may well be no one and nothing but ruins behind the barrier unless, as pietro suggested, the giant machine was in fact turned into a giant stasis generating unit capable of covering Altinestra and the Icarians survived. Jamie's statement at the end of Book 2, Chapter 14 would seem to lend some credence that the virus was released. I would speculate that the Sh’ônfenn would hav
  6. About the barrier... I had previously pointed out (in one of the lost posts) that fences, walls, and barriers serve two purposes. To keep something or someone out and also to keep something or someone in. The thought has occurred to me that the barrier may have originally been raised to keep the surviving remnants of the human population from the rest of the continent out of Altinestra so as to protect the Icanian and Kalorians that remained. Perhaps that was the plan to save all or as many as possible. Remember, the the period of sleep was supposed to be only for 100 years. Well within th
  7. What is there to say about Chapter 42. My normal routine is to do a rapid read of a new Chapter, kind of hitting the highlights, then going back and doing a slower reread for the nitty gritty details. Not so with this chapter. If the purpose of the Gadhar demonstration in the arena in Imperalas was to show the fighting prowess of the Gadhar and to show just how deadly they really are, that goal was succeeded in spades. Multiple paragraphs: Gadhar enter the arena. Thrones enter the arena. Gadhar slaughter the Thrones. Interspersed with comments about the wildly cheering and ecst
  8. Mistakes happen. The Cryo-suspension units must have malfunctioned. CSMLS is rampant. Guess we'll just have to start over. Take care TomasG
  9. Way back when I was youngster, I came across a name in the phone book that I have never forgotten. I remember that at the time I just giggled and thought what weird names some people have. The name: Singular Onions Gallihawks I seem to remember hearing about a court case where the father wanted to change his surname to Onetoomany after his wife gave birth to their 10th, I think that was the number could have been higher, child.
  10. Excellent Story. As Ricky said, "Well Done". Love the Sig Picture.
  11. Welcome to Talon House ThomasNealy.
  12. Wasn't it Yogi that said, "Dejavu all over again."?
  13. Kyle has also posted chapter 8 of Re-Emergence. Here is a link to both stories: Kandric & Re-Emergence
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