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  1. Very nicely put! While the sample of Giovanni's blood does confirm who he is, all we are actually told (by Perkengius) is that he is a Royal Throne. We can guess from Jamie's reaction when he checks it against information he's stored from the 'net that he is much more than what Perkengius stated. Jamie never actually says anything at all about what he knows. All we have is his startled and happy reaction to whatever was actually revealed to him. Another of the author's (Jamie.wri) cagey slight of hand as a writer, implying something, but not actually saying it. We have no idea other than gues
  2. It is one of the Black brothers that delivers the tooth from the Agramos tomb directly to Croal. I doubt that he would have allowed anyone but himself to create the Icarian embryo that became Nicklas. We know that Giovanni is a Royal Throne. We also know that Jamie as you have said, would be the only one to know who Giovanni is. The only clue we have is that when Jamie saw the results of the DNA scan of Giovanni confirming he was a Royal Throne he gasped in surprise at something he saw. We also know that Jamie had seen and kept a copy of the DNA map of Nicklas (or perhaps it was of Agromos)
  3. I do not believe that it is possible for an Icarian to mate and not be a mating pair. This is designed into them genetically and not the result of a legal agreement, so the existance of an Intention to Mate document may not force the mating, it could prevent one like the one between Hippolito and Jamie! If he is biologically Charles brother it is by design. Johnathan is most certainly NOT an experiment gone wrong, he was planned for by Jonas when he planned the Icarian project, since we know from his diaries the characteristics of the Oracle and that he would have a tattoo around his arm
  4. I'm not sure we can surmise that the Icarian was not Charles. I'm not saying it was but just that since the hov is destroyed out of sight of anyone we know of who was watching, almost anything could have happened within even 3 minutes. Look how fast Renaud lands and restarts his hov while dropping off Jamie at the power generator! We also do not know if the Icarian in Croal's office was the pilot of the hov or if he had another person in the hov acting as pilot. All we know is that Jamie saw a Red & Black Icarian entering a hov, then the hov taking off immediately. The flight back to Kuro
  5. I do not think an Icarian can have a mate without the bond. Its part of Icarian biology and created like that. So if Charles had a mate he suffered disunion. It is possible for the surviving partner to fight the madness and loneliness of disunion though it apparently doesn't happen very often. The surviving partner must have some overriding purpose with which to replace the mate. That's hard to do. True enough, but what about the Empire's (and Gold Glass') demand that Icarians be as perfect as possible. There are, as far as we know, no other Icarians decanted with a disability the likes
  6. If Hippolitoi is the character we all love to hate ... why give him such an extensive thread? I know! I started it! However, there are so many other characters to talk about and none are more important and also enigmatic than Charles Roegier, ühn•ki'sh'onfenn of the Sh'ônfenn. I have to say that I am more than just a bit puzzled and confused at Jamie's reaction to Charles after he gets his memories back. I know that their relationship has been a rocky one from the beginning of Book One, but I would expect that given their personalities and personal interests. It seems to me that he is doing
  7. The reason I think Hippolito's knowledge of the Orbs is limited is because of Loka's personality. Loka never ever gives out any information the results he has not calculated the outcome a million ways or more. Loka's world is one of control. If he should lust after the Emperor's crown and title, Hippolito will tag along just as he is supposed to --- that is believing that he actually has some importance. Loka does NOT want the crown now held by Niklas simply because in his scheme of things, the Icarians are mere puppets, deceived into thinking they have power. For Loka, the Icarians are the p
  8. The fact that Jamie and the Ghadar end up at Rood as Entertainment Execution is a mere glitch in the master plan. The glitch is cleared up when the Empire is stupid enough to threaten Nicklas' life in front of his bonded mate thus incurring the wrath of an almost fully developed Imperial. This turns out (I gather ) to be an illustration of the craft of Croal and his deciples in creating Jamie, Niklas and the Ghadar! With a small earth quake, and some fire balls and perhaps some lightening, the plan gets back on track more or less. We don't know that there are any Ghadar nestlings. We don't
  9. The dear Abbot is merely in shock -- temporarily. When have you ever seen him not plotting or planning some evil thing? His lust for power drives him, his self righteous religious indignation is actually for sale for the right price! Even as Hippolito snips the map and defines territory, the mere mention of slaves has the evil wheel turning in his mind! After all, what would a mere 60,000 more deaths mean to someone who has likely supervised the killing of many thousands of other humans during his pitiful life as a Holy Blood Sucker? Jamie did not loose the tattoo he got when he reached pub
  10. Its in one of the Interludes in the Second Book where Hippolito is getting ready for one of the Emperor's fancy dress balls where he flounces in from riding dropping his clothes on the floor as he strips, showers, the admires himself in the mirror. As he's dressing Loka asks what he's learned about "your dancer friend". Hippolito answers ... nothing new. Its at this point that Loka reveals what he's learned about Jamie's plans and changes to the stage for the Emperor's birthday party that he becomes aware that he's really missed the ball on Jamie. Loka also lets slip that Jamie, as an Imper
  11. I'm sure Hippolito believes he's conned Loran out of those 60,000 thrones. However, remember that Loran has absorbed half o f the orbs and has gained considerable power. Once he realizes that the Pass of Tears if blocked by the Iron Regiment, and that most of his thousand thrones have been knocked off by the Kalorean Archers acting as snipers along the approaches to the pass, what is his reaction going to be? Miro and co. have already hit hard at the 20,000 thrones resident in the city they've destroyed, the little innocent looking kids have handily slain almost 400 of those thrones as they sl
  12. Given the size of Altinestra, it would take quite a lot of power to generate a barrier of that size. TalonRider, you are absolutely right! And congratulations on being able to show how stepping back from a first reading, then looking at a single sentence again, can give so much added meaning! I had seen that Jamie standing there in the Council chambers and in essence giving a lecture on Altinestran history, but had not seen the full importance of the statement about only the true Wizard of Icaria being able to unlock and pass the wall of protection. It seems that there is some mechanism i
  13. All we know is that Jamie and friends could not get their hands on any more Darroot tea. I would imagine there is actually more somewhere in the palace(s) or that those in official control may have access to, so I wouldn't count that possibility out. At any rate, Jamie has almost the same access to Trio Chrysalis minds as he did to Niklas or to Charlie, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Jamie can restore their memories! So much for not speculating! cheers, dioscuri
  14. I couldn't agree more. The book I found with the most excellent characterisation was Frank Herbert's 'Dune'. That was the first book I read multiple times, and will read again, in fact, it is the only book where I literally turned from the last page and started again at the first page. And I enjoyed it even more the second time. If it hadn't been for one of my teachers giving it to me one day with an 'I think you would this' I might never have read it. He also leant me the 'Sot Weed Factor', another excellent book. Well, having helped take the forum completely off topic I had better go. But
  15. Nah! No reason to hate you. Hippolito himself stated that he was there when Alexander was "killed". Book 1, Chapter 50 during the confrontation between Jamie and Hippolito: Miro didn't say that he overheard voices or a conversation in the dressing area, just that when he heard of Alexanders death he snuck into the private quarters where Alexander changed, found the dagger and took it. From Book 2, Chapter 8 after the Gahdar ceremony in the forum before leaving for Wrenstatten. Ii is my opinion that it was Loka's hidden agenda and ambition to sit on the emperor's throne not Hippolito'
  16. I was just re-rereading Translator II and came across the end notes where your name is mentioned as assisting with Translator III (which sadly doesn't exist at this point), I really did want to know more about Phillip and his relationship with that Dragon. It seems the writing I seem to like, is writing in which the author really develops his all his characters not just the main protagonists. Despite the story being an action thriller or a ultra-long sci-fi/Fantasy novel, these authors seem to be able to allow even the smallest and most inconsequential character to become real to the reader.
  17. Thanks for the tip re the machine, that it is big, important, probably crucial to the story and obviously very powerful but no other knowledge has irritated me since I first read it. The other kingdoms are aware of the barrier and told Jamie et al that it extended all the way around and even encompassed part of the sea. Many attempts were made to breach it but none were successful and eventually any interest among the ruling classes waned and it passed out of general knowledge. Remember that the planet was reduced to an iron age level after the Fall and the Church kept them there, not to men
  18. What surprised me, and I think it pre-dates (even if by only a few days or weeks) Jamie's first 'date' with Hippolito and his ride on a horse which Hippolito deliberately tried to spook, is the encounter at Jamie's first party at the Emperor's Palace. Miro was not only cold, but bluntly rude to Hippolito to the point of deliberately not introducing him to the people he knew Hippolito did not know. He directly accused Hippolito of snooping and filtering information directly to Savaron Loka. I was shocked that Miro was say such things in light of Hippolito's favoured position at Loka's side. A
  19. Remember that Jamie did something with the huge generator under construction. Exactly what his plan was I don't know, but I have a feeling that what ever it was he did, will ultimately interfere with something the empire has planned since the generation plant has security employees watching it closely. Since Jamie has co-opted it, it seems to be destined to be used during the transfer of the Kalorians and/or any Icarians it is also possible that he has used it to power the shield in place South of the mountains. So this is another of those puzzles which we await the author's writing. That
  20. It's very clear that the Kalorians did survive in Taldor Valoren. It is also clear that someone who survived the plague owned the winery, Domain Carolus. Domain Carolus is far to the North of the barrier and where the Ghadar were hidden. Another thing is quite clear from the narrative; there was trade between the farmers of Taldor Valoren and the Green Valley (Part of one of the surviving countries. So, the Kalorians were not unknown in the rest of the continent, they were just not known by the official rulers of the countries. They had assumed that it was a desolate place of death. It seems
  21. In Chapters 41 and 42 Hippolito is finally revealed for the nasty vindictive, political and social climber he really is. His cruelty almost makes him a candidate for definition as a sociopath. A Sociopath has no sympathy or empathy for anyone but himself. As far as he is concerned, the world revolves around him. My reason for saying this is the revelation that when Savaron Loka gave him a puppy and the puppy nipped him, instead of taking time to train it, he tossed it out of a third story window and so killed the creature. His reason: it would be to much trouble to train him. If we wondered
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  23. dioscuri


    I see CRV Boy is where "Owen" is hosted. I've been reading it off of Nifty for quite some time. It has been an unexpectedly wonderful story. The characters are all well drawn, some very disparate personality types are thrust together and find ways of thriving together. The story ends with chapter 54, but a second book of stories about the characters from Owen and about his hometown of Riverton. Cheers dioscuri
  24. Well, Chronicles of Kadin seems to be at Codysworld at the moment. There is now three volumes of it. Desperate for sci/fi/fantasy fiction while waiting for new chapters of TSOI, I am reading Chronicles of Kadin with just as much pleasure as TSOI. Thanks for a great story! cheers, dioscuri
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