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  1. Pull up a chair and find a good story and enjoy.
  2. Chapter 8 will be going up today chapters 3-7 are already posted.
  3. to all new members i hope you enjoy the forums and have a wonderful holiday season.
  4. Nice to have you here with us make your self at home.
  5. There is a new poll up on my site for those that have read my work or want to read it. http://z10.invisionfree.com/Stories_By_Eth...php?showtopic=9 Vote if you want to see chapter 3 half edited ( cause i have no editor he is MIA somewhere ) or wait till i get it fully edited and that would be only god knows when. But let me any way please.
  6. To all new members hope you enjoy the forums and the stories posted here.
  7. http://z10.invisionfree.com/Stories_By_Eth...dex.php?act=idx My forum for my story war of the realms there is also a place to chat and talk about anything so stop by and check it out.
  8. Welcome to all the new guys i hope you enjoy your stay here some make your selfs right at home.
  9. Well in 24 hours i will be in Denver Co. i really hope this move is good for me wish me luck.
  10. Welcome alan2d2004 glad to have you here.
  11. Welcome jamessavik nice to have you here enjoy mate.
  12. Thanx for the new skins mate!
  13. Well i have found a microsoft program that works its true before you start laughing well ok i know you are so get it out of your system now.... ok there antispyware works great and its beta so check it out. I know one good pro. out of the lot that suck but hey maybe there learning. YEAH! RIGHT!
  14. Ok how i see it windows sucks but i'm stuck right now since alot of my programs only run in windows adn the windows emus for linux are slow. So for now i am forced to use windows.
  15. "The more you annoy me, the longer I will keep you alive." "How about I just torture you for a while first, see if you like the lifestyle?" unknown
  16. Welcome all new members hope you have a good time here with us
  17. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. NewYear05
  18. Well it maybe late or may not but happy birthday Talon.
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