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  1. Wow. I think the closest i ever got was 232 rides on Hydra (Dorney PArk, Allentown PA) in the 2005 season.
  2. Jan the pics aren't working. At least the thumbnails aren't.
  3. Having attended Media Preview Day with Jan, Hydra is a great new ride. The Jo-Jo Roll is awesome. Certainly not something you'd expect. (Who the heck put's an inversion right off the loading platform?) A great thrill. And for those too squeamish to ride Hyhdra, there are plenty of great view points to watch the ride in action. Oh yeah. Ride Train 2. It's faster than Train 1.
  4. That's GREAT news, Jan! So I guess you're gonna get first crack at hydra before me, huh? *Grunts* Anyhoo... Are you going to be there for opening day? I know i will. Get some good piccy's for us!
  5. TechnoWraith


    I have this game, and i'll be damned that i've blown how many evenings feeding fish! P.S. Hi jan. It's been awhile, but i'm still alive.
  6. Are we going to pursue a chat room like we were at the old house? That would make an interesting addition. Jan: Don't know if this is the right place, this can be moved where ever it is deemed necessary.
  7. Sounds like you may have gotten a virus or something. I couldn't get on-line tonight either, and it took me a while to figure out why. After wasting 20 minutes trying to figure out what was up, I discovered my phone line had gotten yanked outta the computer somehow! MG: Hopefully things will go smoothly for getting everything back up and running.
  8. 3. Play a drinking game where you have to take a sip every time someone says: "The Ring." I know friends who actually did this. One friend borrowed my LotR DVD's. I went with him to his house and found the others. They said they were going to drink a sip of beer every time someone said "The Ring." They also wanted to take a sip everytime someone said "Frodo" but a little convincing on the part of me and a friend persuaded them not to. Anyway, even though "The Ring" is not nearly mentioned as often as "Frodo", they still got plenty drunk. My advice to the public: Don't try this at home.
  9. Some three cents from me: Season passes are ungoldy: They allow you to go to your favorite theme park way too many times a year. And they save you too much money. Roller Coasters aren't scary: Sure you're 300 hundred feet up in the air, but you'll be on the ground in two seconds. On another note: I use a lift called a turret truck at work and it goes about 40 feet off the ground to reach the highest rack at the warehouse I work at. It can get a little wobbly, especially if I'm moving a heavy pallet. Don't feel too lonely, Talonrider!
  10. Still can't beat the all-time coaster gripe of the century: Gemini at Cedar Point is NOT a wooden coaster. The Great White at Wildwood New Jersey is NOT a steel coaster. What I'm getting at is people often don't realize that a coaster's type is determined by the track the trains run on. Some examples: Millenium Force, Raptor and Mantis (All at Cedar Point in Ohio) are all Steel coasters. They all run on a steel track. Meanstreak (Cedar Point), Beast (King's Island) and Son of Beast (King's Island) are all wooden coasters. They all run on wooden a track. A little more info before I go
  11. If I ever escaped from jail, the last thing I'd do is buy beer and come back!
  12. If that guy had to go that bad, why didn't he just sneak into the women's room? I've seen it happen before.
  13. You're joking, right? Banning silly-string?
  14. Dewey: We may not know each other too well at this moment, i'll say it anyway: Welcome to Talonrider's corner of cyberspace! =)
  15. That's hilarious. I've read those else where, though.
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