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  1. This is Part 3 to a 4 part series.

    A Visit to Florida

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting boys and/or teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

    The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

    This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be duplicated in any form, physical, electronic, audio or otherwise without the expressed written permission of the author.

    This story was written for the Gay Authors Anthology Collection. You can view other entries here: http://www.gayauthors.org/anthology/index.php

    I hope you enjoy this story.

    Miguel Sanchez

    © Miguel Sanchez 2007

    A Visit to Florida

    After returning home from watching Jeff and his boys leave for Florida, our four were in a very somber mood. Drew and Mo stuck close to me most of the afternoon. Drew stayed on my lap unless one of us had to move for one reason or another. “Dad, will we ever see Dillon and Dalton again?”

    Now boys tend to get selective amnesia or forgetfulness when it suits them but Drew was just plain missing the twins. “Yes son, we will see them again plus you can see and talk with them on the computer.”

    As soon as he was reassured he lit up then was off to the computer. “Dad, what was their sign-in name again?”

    I had to giggle at him for that. “Don’t ask me son. The twins gave that to you I think. Why don’t you check your pockets?”

    Drew did just that and pulled out the paper Dillon gave him. He turned the computer on and proceeded to log into our MSN Messenger. I looked at the clock and it was only 5 so there were still several hours before Jeff and the boys would be home. Ben sat up and watched as Drew added Jeff’s user name then Drew sat patiently for several minutes before turning to face us. I saw the tears streaming down as did Ben. Drew tried to run past us but Ben put his arm out just as he ran past scooping him and setting the boy on his lap. “Calm down son, you do remember they won’t be landing until 7:30 this evening.”

    Benjy and Sasha were outside playing. We’d purchased a small playground set for them and they were happy as clams. They’d either be swinging together or on the teeter totter and we’d always knew where they were by the constant squeals of delight. Mo was holding onto Drew while he got his emotions under control then I looked at my son. “It’s going to be several hours before they get home son. Why don’t you and Mo go outside and play while Ben and I get dinner going? At least, it will keep you occupied and make the time go by a little faster.”

    Mo took the lead then let Drew outside by the hand. Ben looked at me and shook his head. “He’s got it bad for them babe.”

    I wasn’t sure about that totally. “I don’t think it’s like that but I do know he’s missing them more than any of the others.”

    Ben lit his pipe and took a few puffs on it while mulling over what I’d said. “Yeah, I guess you’re right but there are still several more months of school left and he can’t be moping around here or his grades will really fall.”

    Ben had a point. I didn’t want to see Drew toss away everything he’d worked for this year in school. He’d finally become a good student now that he didn’t have to worry about raising Benjy. “I know and you’re right. Maybe when he talks with the twins and knows they’re home, safe and sound, he’ll be in better spirits.”

    Ben took another puff then set his pipe down as I got up and headed towards the kitchen. “I hope so Mike, for his sake.”

    I couldn’t argue that. As I got into the kitchen, I looked at the window and there was Drew playing happily with the others like he didn’t have a care in the world. It took us about an hour to get dinner fixed and when I said it was time for the boys to come in, Drew was the first to moan. “Aww Dad, do we have to?”

    I nodded my head to the group. “Come on now, dinner is ready and you still need to wash your faces and hands.”

    I stepped outside and held the door open out of fear of being run over by four hungry boys. Ben and I made spaghetti and it didn’t take long for it to be devoured and worn by the boys. Benjy still used the stuff and slurp method of eating and he was covered from head to chest in red sauce. Sasha was a little better but he wore his fair share too. Drew learned how to twirl his on his fork while Mo used a knife to cut his. Benjy was about to head back outside when Ben intercepted my little boy. “And where are you going looking like that?”

    I thought Benjy was going to cry until he saw Ben smile. “Can’t I go back out to play a little longer?”

    It was now 6:30 and tomorrow the boys had school. I shook my head no. “Tomorrow is a school day son and you all need baths or showers. After all that is done, do you want to take with Dillon and Dalton for a little bit when they get home?”

    That question brought several rounds of whoops and cheers, even from Mo who was the quietest of the bunch. The boys took their plates into the kitchen while I took fresh towels from the laundry and carried them to the bathroom. Benjy ran up the stairs then towards his room and saw me standing at the top of the stairs. “Ooops, sorry Daddy.”

    Benjy looked like he’d been in a bloody battle. His face, hair and shirt were covered in spaghetti sauce and I really didn’t want to wear it. That was until my little munchkin leaped towards my arms. I quickly grabbed him and he threw his arms around my neck kissing me on the cheek in the process. “Argh son, now I’ll need a shower too.”

    He got the giggles at that. “Cool Daddy, you’ve never taken a shower with us.”

    Just then Sasha came up the stairs and wrapped his arms around my leg. “Are you really gonna take a shower with us Papa Mike?”

    Ben was standing at the bottom of the stairs and was laughing his butt off. “You stepped right into that one.”

    I gave him a ‘you’re a lot of help’ look then looked down at Sasha. I guess the only way to be certain these two would be clean was to supervise. “Alright kids, I’ll take a shower with you.”

    Sasha started jumping up and down as Benjy became a wiggle worm in my arms. I set him down then looked at my shirt. I took it off and threw it to Ben who was still laughing. “Hey babe, toss me the rest of their clothes and I’ll get them pre-treated.”

    The boys quickly stripped then tossed them down to Ben while I got the shower going. I went downstairs and got some clean clothes then headed back upstairs in my undies as Drew stopped me. “Dad, are you OK with showering with them?”

    The boys made no bones about us seeing them naked and Ben and I had seen each other and not thought anything about it. I wasn’t ashamed of my body but never thought about allowing them to see me as they let us see them. I bent down and pick him up kissing him on the cheek. “Yeah son, I’m fine with it. I’m not ashamed to have you see me naked.”

    I set my son on his feet then removed my boxer briefs standing in my birthday suit. “Wow Dad, you sure look good.”

    I blushed when I heard that then felt a hand on my butt. I turned around and there were Sasha and Benjy giggling. “Come on you two and get into the shower.”

    They turned around and I reached down and popped each of them playfully on the butt. They giggled in delight as they ran into the bathroom stopping at the toilet. They stepped into the tub then I emptied my bladder. After getting in the tub I had to wash them both because they were too busy playing. I got a wash cloth loaded with soap then wrapped my arm around Benjy. I had too much soap on the rag to start with his face so I started on his belly causing Benjy to wiggle and giggle in my arm. “Daddy, that tickles.”

    I think my little one got a double dose of giggle juice at birth because there weren’t many places you could touch him with him laughing. I managed to get his chest and stomach clean then quickly did his legs and feet which brought more giggles. I rinsed the rag out and added some more soap then did his back and bottom. I stuck him under the water to rinse him and he looked at me. “Daddy, you forgot something.”

    I reached down and retracted his foreskin then washed his p**** which made his giggle again. Sasha started giggling too. “Papa Mike, he’s got a stiffy.”

    I looked at Benjy and sure enough he had a little erection. I washed the soap off before it dried then made sure Benjy was squeaky clean. My little one kissed me on the cheek. “You give good showers Daddy.”

    I had him close his eyes tight then I had to remove the dried sauce which was a little difficult. Once he face was rinsed, I got Sasha and gave him his shower. I saved their hair for last because I was going to wash mine at the same time. Once they were well lathered, I got them under the water and rinsed them thoroughly.

    I started washing my body and the boys stood there and watched. I don’t know if they were wondering if I would get an erection or not but fortunately for me, I didn’t. As I was rinsing my hair, I felt a little hand touch my p****. I had an idea who it was and I didn’t say anything because I knew it was more out of curiosity than anything sexual. I made sure my eyes didn’t have soap in them then I looked down at the hand holding my tool. Both Benjy and Sasha were looking at my p****. Iy suddenly dawned on me why my p**** was such an infatuation to them, I was cut and they weren’t. I looked down into Sasha’s eyes. “Papa Mike, your dick is different than ours.”

    I knelt down and wrapped my arms around him. “Yes son, it is. You see the extra skin you and Benjy have? I don’t and that’s because it was removed when I was a baby. My parents had it done but when you pull your foreskin back, you can see the end.”

    Benjy looked at me and I could tell he was confused. “Why did your Mommy and Daddy do that?”

    I tried to think of something that would answer his question in a way he would understand it. “They felt but doing that it would be easier for me to keep it clean.”

    This satisfied both boys then I cut the water off and get out. I wrapped a towel around each of the boys then got my self dried. I quickly got the boys dried then they ran out of the bathroom and down the stairs. I put my undies on then hung the towels up and went downstairs. When I got down there, Benjy and Sasha were talking to Mo and Drew. Ben was giggling at Benjy’s antics then I stepped a little closer. “Daddy’s Mommy and Daddy had his peepee cut when he was a baby.”

    Mo and Drew’s head turned around like they were on swivels. Rather than have another inquisition I decided to drop my undies and let them see for themselves. Mo had seen a circumcised p**** before so it wasn’t new to him but Drew stared at it even though he’d seen it earlier. Drew started to speak but Mo stopped him. “Parents do it for several reasons Drew. The biggest reason is for cleanliness.”

    I pulled my undies up then hugged the boys. “Mo, Drew you two go and get a quick shower so you can all talk with the twins.”

    The both of them were off like a shot. I turned the computer on and logged onto MSN. I checked my email then Ben went and checked his. As Ben was finishing, Mo and Drew came bounding down the stairs. Ben started playing with them by taking his time and Drew looked like he had ants all over his body. Drew was about to say something when he noticed Jeff logging in. “Come on Ben, the twins are on.”

    Ben ruffled my son’s hair then set them up so they could voice with the twins. Ben turned the video camera on and even thought they couldn’t see the twins, it didn’t seem to matter as they chatted away for almost an hour until Jeff stepped in because his 2 were getting tired and they still had some things to take care of. When the boys left, Ben and I talked briefly with Jeff and made plans to talk when the boys were in school.

    We got the boys in bed then Ben saw Jeff pop in on our MSN. He turned the voice chat on and I came over and sat beside him. “Hi Jeff, what’s up?”

    “Hi guys, I just got the boys down for the night and even after being hyped up after talking with the boys, they’re out like a light.”

    I had to laugh at that but after the day they had, it was understandable. “They had a really busy dad. How do they like it at their new home?”

    “Oh man, when I showed them their room they both tried to jump into my arms at the same time. They were amazed with the queen sized bed I’d gotten for them. They’re wrapped in each others arms right now.”

    Ben handed me the headset. “Gotta use the bathroom, you can talk to him.

    I put the headset on and adjusted the volume. “I bet they look cute together. Try and get a picture of them. So what’s going on man?”

    “Well Mike, I know your boys want to see mine and to be honest, I have a bit of a problem.”

    I scratched my head. “Sure man, what can we do to help?”

    “Mike, I won’t lie to you. There was a letter here from my office and my leave and personal time is used up come the end of the week.”

    I was in shock. “I know this might be personal Jeff but you’re savings is gone?”

    “Almost Mike. I have a couple months left but I really don’t want to have to use if unless I really have to.”

    I thought for a moment. “Well, are you off on the weekends? I mean for when the boys aren’t in school.”

    “I’ve made some temporary arrangements for that but come this summer, there’s no guarantee.”

    Again I had to think quickly. “Well, the boys still have about 6 weeks of school left here then we can come there and help you all out. I know 4 little ones who won’t mind that at all.”

    I heard Jeff giggle. “I know a couple more as well.”

    “Jeff, Ben and I will get in touch with Beth about getting the boys passports and fine out if we’ll need visas. I’ll do that tomorrow because I don’t have a clue how long it will take for them to make 6 passports.”

    I could hear Jeff relax. “Thanks Mike, you’re really a life saver.”

    I could hear the twins in the background so I knew Jeff was needed. “I can hear the boys. Go tend to them and I’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as I know something.”

    The next day after we got the boys off to school, Ben and I were on our way to see Beth. As soon as we walked into her office, she lit up. “Hi guys, how’s Jeff? Have you heard from him?”

    We both giggled but Ben got his under control before I could. “Yeah, the boys talked with the twins last night and then Mike talked with Jeff a little later.”

    I took over then. “The boys are fine and getting settled. Jeff has a little problem but we can help there. What do we have to do to get passports for us and the boys? Also, will we need visas?”

    Beth went over to her computer and typed in something. “I can’t see where you or the boys would need a visa. I can print out passport applications and you would need certified copies of the adoption certificates issued by the court. I’ll get those for you as it won’t cost me anything.”

    Ben scratched his head. “How long will they take and better yet, how much will they cost?”

    “They’re 125.00 each and it should take about 4 weeks to get them. For another 25.00 each, they’ll expedite them.”

    It reminded me of the US, everything for a price. “OK Beth, we’ll get these filled out today and can we come back here tomorrow?”

    She nodded her head. “Before you go, let me print out some information you might need on the boys. I’ll have the copies this afternoon so if you come by tomorrow, you can get everything together then sent out in the mail.”

    Ben and I took the stacks of form home and proceeded to go to work on them. I’m glad Beth had the information we needed for the boys because I would have never been able to answer the questions. When the boys got home, we went out and got passport photos taken. Now, this was not the simple endeavor one might have envisioned. Once we got there, Benjy started asked questions. “Why do we need our pictures taken?”

    Ben tried a simple answer. “Because we need them.”

    Then can the one question every parent dreads. “Why?”

    Now we didn’t want to spill the beans and let them know the real reason so I told a little fib. “We don’t have any photos of you boys yet and this is a good time to get some.”

    Well, this seemed to please Benjy but Mo wasn’t so sure. He’d come here from abroad and remembered his parents having a passport. He tapped Ben on the shoulder and motioned him down. “Papa, is this for a passport?”

    Ben face turned red and I knew we were busted. He nodded his head. “Yes son, that’s what they’re for.”

    Mo gasped and quickly covered his mouth hoping the others wouldn’t hear him but leave it to Benjy to hear it. “What’s a passport?”

    Drew heard that and his eyes got big. “Are we going to see the twins?”

    I had to smile at my boy then they all jumped up and down. “Calm down now guys. Yes, we’re going to see the Jeff and the twins but not until school is out. The passports will take several weeks to be made, that’s why we’re doing this now.”

    We managed to get the photos taken without any more questions then returned home. The next morning, we were back at Beth's office. “Well, did you manage to get everything finished?”

    She had a grin on her face like a Cheshire cat. “Maybe you would have liked to have then them for their photos?”

    She held up her hands and shook her head. “Oh no, I know what that would have been like. I have the copies you need, can I see the applications?”

    We handed her the mass of forms and she looked them over. She pulled out a large envelope then took the photos from Ben. She made copies of our driver’s license then put everything into the envelope. I saw her start to close it. “Wait, you don’t have the money.”

    She smiled at us then said something that floored both Ben and me. “You have a benefactor guys.”

    We both knew not to ask who it was because Beth wouldn’t tell us. Ben just nodded his head. “Well, who ever it is please tell them thank you.”

    It was just after 10 and I had a half day with EMS so I took Ben home then hurried to work. It was a quiet day and by 4, I was on my way home.

    After a few weeks, the boys finally stopped asking when the passports would arrive. After 4 weeks I was beginning to wonder if they would arrive on time and then with a week before school was to end, they came in the mail. Ben and I were glad the boys were in school because we would have been mobbed and then another round of questions.

    The next detail to handle was to book airline tickets but we decided to hold off until we could talk to Jeff. I got off an email to him then that evening we chatted. I was surprised when he ruined on his webcam. “Jeff, we have everything now. The only thing is how long will you need us for?”

    “Can you stay until the end of August?”

    I looked at Ben. “Well, that’s what I told them at work now that the boys were going to be home from school.”

    I’d made the same arrangements at EMS so it was all set. “Yes Jeff, we can stay until the end of August. We’ll make the flight arrangements in a little while. Can you stay online while we do it then we can email you the details?”

    I saw him nod his head. “Yeah, I have some mail to check. I await your email.”

    I made the arrangements then emailed Jeff back. Several minutes, I received an IM from him. I set the voice chat up and we finalized our arrival schedule. Ben and I decided to rent a minivan because there would be 3 adults and 6 boys to transport. Jeff was going to say something about it until he did the math and said it was the most practical thing.

    I had to use the bathroom so I turned the headset over to Ben. I had flushed toilet when Sasha came running out and into Ben’s arms. “Papa, are you talking to Uncle Jeff?”

    I’d thought Benjy had super hearing but it looks like he had some competition. “Yes son, we are, why?”

    He kissed Ben on the cheek then hopped down of his lap. “Tell him that’s for him.”

    Sasha turned around then went back to his room. I just stood there for a moment and giggled while I looked at Ben. “I’m waiting to see you deliver that.”

    “Jeff, my youngest just sent you a kiss.”

    Jeff started laughing. “Well, before to give him one from me Ben. I need to get ready for work tomorrow so I have to go.”

    Ben said our goodbyes then logged off. The boy’s final day of school ended on Thursday at noon. I drove them that day then when I got home, we were busy doing laundry and setting out clothes for packing. I knew that getting the boys to bed tonight was not going to be easy. “Ben, you do realize the boys will be impossible to get to bed tonight.”

    I could see his mind working overtime. “Well, I guess we’re gonna have to keep them busy so we can wear them out. When we get their clothes laid out, we’re going to need to do some shopping. Our luggage isn’t big enough to handle our clothes and theirs.”

    He was right. I’d forgotten about luggage but it did give us something to do with the boys. I put the last load of laundry on their beds as the boys came home. Drew and Benjy came up to me and gave me a huge hug. Drew stared into my eyes like he was trying to read my mind. “OK Dad, when are we going to see the twins?”

    I set them on the floor. Ben had Mo and Sasha in his arms and they were all looking at me. “Ok guys, here’s the deal. We’re leaving tomorrow and our flight leaves early. We’re going to have to be up about six.”

    Drew looked at me sincerely. “Dad, what are you going to do with the car while we’re gone?”

    Ben smiled because all the boys were concerned. “Well, there will be a car here about 8 to take us to the airport. Beth will keep out car because we didn’t want to leave it here unattended.”

    After lunch we went shopping and found the boys suitcases. We returned home and started packing. The boys stripped and decided to spend the rest of the day in the buff so we got those clothes clean. After dinner, the boys put their shorts on and we went out for ice cream. It was a nice evening so we walked. The boys saw a few of their friends from school so they had to have them meet their new Dads.

    We found a place to sit while the boys had a chance to play with some of their school friends. By 9:30, Benjy and Sasha were on our laps almost asleep. We managed to get Mo and Drew’s attention then we started heading home. When we got home, Benjy and Sasha were sound asleep in our arms. Mo and Drew were sweaty and dirty so they went into the shower.

    Ben and I were finishing our packing then we sat down to watch the news. The two boys came out for a little cuddling and soon, they were nodding off. We got them to bed then it was time us to do the same.

    The alarm was going off way to early for me. Thank god the coffee was ready as we managed to get our boys up. We got the boys dressed then we got breakfast. By 7:30 the boys were fed and we were cleaning the kitchen. We had just gotten done when there came a knock on the door. Drew cracked the door and saw Beth standing there. “Hi Beth, come on in.”

    Ben heard what Drew said then went into the living room. “Hi Beth, thanks for taking car of the car for us.”

    We talked for a few minutes then the car arrived to take us to the airport. We arrived at the airport a few minutes before 10. The driver got a cart and put the 6 bags on it then I handed him a tip for his services. A porter took the bags inside then Ben and I headed to the ticket counter. Getting our tickets was easy but going through security proved to be a little of an adventure when Benjy and Sasha started playing 20 questions. The woman there was very good and after quickly answering his questions, we were cleared to go to the boarding area.

    I was glad the flight only lasted 2 hours because as soon as all the boys saw the planes, they were in awe. Our flight was called and we took the boys hands and we out to the plane. Now Belize City doesn’t have the jet ways like bigger airports do. You go outside then walk to the plane then it’s up a flight of stairs. It took 2 rows for the 6 of us. Ben had his 2 and I had mine. The next thing was who was going to get the window seat. I solved that with my two by a flip of a coin. Drew made the call. “Heads.”

    I flipped the 1 Belize dollar coin and it landed on tails. “Benjy, you get the window going and Drew gets it coming back.”

    I took the outside seat so I could keep the boys somewhat corralled so that they wouldn’t take off down the isles. When Ben and I saw the door close, we got the boys to buckle their seat belts. When we started moving, they boys were all trying to look out the window. We were first for takeoff so as soon as we turned onto the runway, the pilot hit the throttles and we were heading for takeoff. When the nose lifted up and the boys felt this, Benjy grabbed Drew’s hand and held on for dear life. I looked behind me and Sasha was in the middle with a vice grip on Ben’s hand.

    Once we leveled off, things got better. Ben and I got our carry on bags and pulled out a little surprise for the boys. “Here guys, these should keep you occupied.”

    Drew’s eyes got huge. “Wow Dad thanks, my very own Game boy.”

    Ben was getting hugs from his two and they played quietly for about 90 minutes. Benjy looked at me and I knew what was on his mind. “Daddy, I gotta go pee bad.”

    I looked at Drew and he nodded his head. As soon as I got up, the other 2 looked at Ben. “When I get back, Ben can take you guys. There aren’t that many bathrooms on this plane.”

    I led the boys to the rear of the plane and Drew went into one lavatory and I held the door for Benjy on the other. “Daddy, it’s scary in here.”

    The sound was a little unnerving. I managed to slip in behind him then latched the door. Benjy pulled his shorts down then started going. The amount he let out was a lot for this little guy. When he pulled his shorts up, I reached down and pushed the flush button. His eyes got big as the liquid suddenly disappeared and at the noise it made.

    I unlocked the door and slid out just as Drew was coming out of his bathroom. By the time Ben got his boys to the bathroom and back, the fasten seat belt’s sign came on and we were told we were starting our decent into Miami. Benjy grabbed Drew’s hand and when we landed, he let out a scream. Drew managed to get his hand back and he was shaking it trying to get the blood back. When the jet’s engines reversed thrust to slow, Benjy was giggling. “Wow that was a cool ride.”

    Drew looked at him. “Oh, then why’d you squeeze my hand so tight?”

    Poor Benjy turned red. “I got scared.”

    When we got to the terminal, we had to wait several minutes so we could get up then deplane. I had my backpack on then held the boys’ hands as we headed towards Immigration. Ben took his boys trough one line and we went through another. After a couple questions, our passports were stamped and we were welcomed to the USA.

    Our next stop was baggage pick up and as we got close, I started looking around for Jeff. Neither Ben nor I could see him so we went to the carousel to retrieve our bags. We spotted our bags then I started grabbing them as they came by. Once they’d been retrieved, we went over to some chairs to sit down for a minute. I pulled my wallet out and started looking for Jeff’s cell phone number when an airport cop came up. Ben looked at him as he watched me rooting through my wallet. I got the feeling I was being watched so I looked up and saw the cop. “Can I help you?”

    The cop looked at me. “I was about to ask you the same thing. Whose wallet is that?”

    I didn’t need this right now. “It’s mine, what’s the problem.”

    He copped a major attitude. “I’ll ask the questions. Let me see some ID.”

    I stood up and reached into my back pocket for my passport. Just then the cop grabbed my arm and pulled it around my back. The boys screamed as they saw me wince in pain. “What gives?”

    Just then I saw Jeff and the twins. He trotted over and looked at the cop. “What’s the problem here?”

    “Back off buddy,” the cop shot back. “Unless you want to be with him.”

    I saw Jeff reach into his back pocket. “Officer, I’m Lt. Jeff Daniels, FDLE. You better have one DAMN good reason to be assaulting this man.”

    The officer glared at him. “He’s a thief. I saw him going through this wallet and he wouldn’t identify himself.”

    I turned around and stood nose to nose with him. “You never gave me a chance. I was reaching for my passport and this wallet is MINE.”

    I took my Belize driver’s license out and held it up to his nose. Jeff was livid as he was writing down his name and badge number. “We are leaving now and you can rest assured I will be filing a formal complaint through my department to yours.”

    The twins had calmed the boys down and I thought Ben was going to bust a gasket but he did stay cool. We headed over to the car rental counter and signed papers. We found the van then we were off. It took about an hour to get into Ft. Lauderdale as 95 was a nightmare and it was only 2PM.

    We pulled into a very nice neighborhood and the homes were truly gorgeous. “Nice homes Ben.”

    The boys were looking around loaded with oooos and ahs then Jeff pulled into a driveway. Ben pulled beside him then we started unloading. “Welcome to our home.”

    The twins helped with the boys’ bags then waited until Jeff opened the door. The front of the house was misleading because when we got inside, I saw the boys follow the twins upstairs. “Wow Jeff, I’d never have thought this was a 2 story.”

    “Follow me and I’ll give you the tour.”

    He led us down a hall and showed us his bedroom. He had a huge king-sized bed and lavish master bathroom. Across the hall was a room just as large as his. Ben’s eyes bugged out. “Man, this is more like a suite.”

    We set our bags in there then followed him upstairs. On the second floor were 3 additional bedrooms. We followed the voices and everyone was in the twins’ room. There was a queen sized bed and everything a 2 boys could want. Across the hall were 2 more bedrooms with a common bathroom. Jeff looked at his boys. “Help the guys get unpacked while I’ll get lunch going.”

    We followed Jeff down to the kitchen and Ben and I were blown away. There was a question I was dying to ask and I couldn’t hold off any longer. “Damn man, this place must have cost a fortune.”

    He reached into the freezer and pulled out a box of burgers and set them on the counter. We followed Jeff outside onto a lovely deck then saw a huge above ground pool. He lit the grill then looked at us smiling. “Well, this was something my parents helped me with. The house was in foreclosure and we got it a one hell of a great price. They helped with renovations out here and this is our pride and joy.”

    Ben walked around the deck while looked at the pool. “Whose idea was the huge privacy fence?”

    Jeff giggled as the boys came out in all their glory. “Well, when I got the pool, I had it put in for security reasons and now with the twins here, they love swimming nude.”

    The boys played wile we got lunch done then we had a great meal. After we ate, they boys spent the afternoon swimming and the twins were good about making sure everyone had sunscreen on so they wouldn’t get burnt.

    Jeff talked Ben and me about his work schedule. “For the next two weeks, I’ll be on days then I’ll be switched over to the mid shift where I’ll be working 11 in the morning till 11 at night. The boys can stay up until I get home.”

    I was about to say something when Benjy came running in dripping. “Daddy, come swim with us.”

    Jeff laughed as he made a leap onto my lap. I was about to admonish him when Jeff stood up. “The carpets will be fine Mike.”

    I picked my boy up and carried him back out to the pool and tossed him in with the others. Since they had the privacy fence, I made like a Roman. I quickly stripped then jumped into the water only to be mobbed by 6 boys.

    The rest of the day was typical for Florida, afternoon and evening thunderstorms. The boys were a little put out but the twins kept them occupied in their room with their video games. The power flickered on and off a couple times then Jeff went to the staircase. “Hey guys, you better turn off the video game and TV.”

    Having lived in South Florida, Ben and I were no strangers to this weather. We’d managed to survive several major storms but it was something we didn’t miss living in Belize. I looked at Jeff when he sat back down. “How are you set for a major storm?”

    Jeff smiled then nodded his head. “We’re pretty good. I have a big generator and a 55 gallon drum for storing gas in. It’s loaded with a preservative so it doesn’t go bad. I have 3 long heavy extension cords, surge protectors to plug into them and several pigtails. All the windows have roll down shutters and I check them periodically.”

    Ben nodded and sat up. “How’s the area for flooding?”

    “This area is better than others,” Jeff said standing at the window watching the downpour. “The house is in high ground and if you look, even as hard as it’s coming down, there is no standing water.”

    The power was only out for less than 30 minutes but nothing had changed in lovely south Florida. Jeff’s time on days was really uneventful. The 6 boys played together and we even took them out to a few local attractions.

    When Jeff started on the mid shift, things started getting a little hairy. Afternoon storms were becoming a daily thing and the weather in the tropics was unusually unsteady.

    One afternoon, there was a knock on the door and boy about 13 stood there. “Hi, umm, is Dalton or Dillon home?”

    I went over to the stairs. “Dalton, Dillon, you have company here.”

    I moved out of the way as I heard thunder on the second floor then 12 feet heading down the steps. Dillon was leading the herd followed by Dalton and our 4 closely behind them. “Hi Chad, what brings you over today?”

    He looked at Ben and me then back to Dalton. “Who are they and where’s your Dad?”

    Dalton put his hand around the boy’s back and led him over to us. “Chris, these are our Uncles. This is Uncle Ben and that’s Uncle Mike. You remember us telling you about what happened in Belize?”

    Chad’s eyes got big. “Are these the guys that rescued you and Dillon?”

    The twins started nodding their heads. “Yep, if it weren’t for these guys who knows where we’d be.”

    Chad came over and shook our hands. “It’s nice to meet you. Dillon and Dalton are the only real friends I have.”

    Ben patted him on his back. “Well, you have two pretty good friends here.”

    Chad blushed a little. “My Mom’s working and I got bored at home. Where is your Dad?”

    Dillon stepped over and headed towards the stairs. “Dad’s working a new shift so since Uncle Ben and Uncle Mike are here, they’re watching us. These boys are their sons.”

    The herd went back up the stairs and spent the afternoon playing video games. Around 5, Chad left and returned home then Ben and I got dinner going. We were watching the local news and when the weather came on, we were in for an unexpected surprise. Coming up the Gulf was a tropical depression. Ben and I watched the forecast closely and the weatherman said it would more than likely fall apart as it crossed over Cancun. “Should we tell Jeff about this?” I asked looked at the TV.

    Ben nodded his head. “Yeah we should. He needs to show us where his stuff is just in case something happens while he’s at work.”

    Just then the twins came down stairs. Dillon was the spokesman. “Umm we were wondering if it’s still OK to do things with the boys if they’re up to the idea.”

    I looked at Ben. “I know Mo and Drew would have fun with the twins. Can I ask what you had in mind?”

    Dillon shook his head. “We really haven’t thought about it to be honest.”

    Dalton came a little closer. “Mo took me aside and asked if I would make love to him. He said he’d been playing with his butt and he really loves it.”

    I could see Ben thinking. “I know this might be personal but how big are you boys? Mo is 2 years younger and I wouldn’t want him getting hurt because he’s too anxious.”

    The twins weren’t the least bit shy about dropping their shorts. After a little rubbing they were standing tall. They both looked to be about 4” in length but neither were really all that big around. I looked at Ben and him back to me. “If you lube him well and stretch him a little it should be OK. Just remember to go slow boys.”

    They came over and gave us hugs. “Thanks Uncle Mike, thanks Uncle Ben.”

    The boys were back up the stairs to rejoin the others. I looked at Ben. “Do you think we were wise in giving our blessing?”

    Ben smiled then nodded. “If we had said no, Mo might have done it anyway. He’s into having his butt played with so as long as they all know what to do from the start, I don’t think they’ll be any problems.”

    I thought about that for a moment. “Yeah babe, I guess you’re right. Mo is almost 13 and I guess he wants to experience some things and since it’s with Drew and the twins, I do feel a little easier.”

    Ben and I checked on dinner and then watched the 6:30 news. Jeff surprised us by coming home early and as soon as he came inside, 6 boys were flying down the stairs. Jeff put his hand up. “What are the rules in the house about running on the stairs?”

    Six boys came to an abrupt halt then started looking towards the ground. Dillon looked up first. “We’re not supposed to.”

    Jeff nodded his head. “And why don’t we run on the stairs?”

    Dalton looked up. “Cause we could fall and get hurt.”

    “That’s right guys and I don’t want to see any of you get hurt. Next time, you lose your video games for a week.”

    All this boys had shocked looks on their faces when Jeff told them what their punishment would be if they ran again. He held out his arms and they all went over for a big group hug. Dalton was the first in the hug. “We’re sorry Dad. We won’t do it again.”

    Jeff and the boys got cleaned up then we sat down for an enjoyable dinner. Once we’d cleaned the kitchen, Ben filled Jeff in on the tropical storm. Jeff stood. “Follow me guys and I’ll show you where I would set the generator.”

    Jeff took us out into the garage. He had a built a small covered area outside where the generator could go so that it wouldn’t fill the garage or the house with carbon monoxide. Next he showed us where the extension cords were and how he’d lay them out. On the way back in I had to ask a question. “Why didn’t you get a whole house generator?”

    “Well, the power hasn’t been off longer than a few hours or so since that last big storm that knocked it out for 2 weeks. I had thought about it but this will do almost everything we need. It will run the washer by itself and we can just hang the clothes in the garage to dry. The gas grill is suitable for all our cooking needs and I make sure we have at least 2 tanks of propane. The only down side is no hot water but in the summer time, it’s usually pretty warm so taking a shower isn’t really that bad.”

    He was right. The ground water can get up to about 80 degrees and that isn’t too cold to wash in. “The only other thing is no air conditioning but after the storm passes, the windows can be opened.”

    Over the next several days, we kept an eye on the storm and Chad became an almost daily visitor. I was wondering why he would come here after him Mom had left for work then would leave before she got home. One would think she would be happy for her son to be watched by a police officer. The next time Chad arrived he looked a little down. “Hey man, what’s wrong? You looked like you lost your best friend.”

    He shook his head like he didn’t want to talk about it then sopped and looked at us. “It’s Mom’s new boyfriend. He’s a real jerk. He’s a long haul trucker and thinks Jeff isn’t good enough to raise the twins. He thinks all single guys wanting to raise kids are queer.”

    Ben and I almost did a double take on that last sentence. I knelt in front of Chad. “But Jeff is a cop kiddo.”

    Chad smiled then got serious again. “I said that but numb nuts asked why he isn’t married.”

    Ben got the giggles on that. “Being married has nothing to do with it Chad. Jeff is a good man and he’s doing a great job raising the twins by him self.”

    Chad nodded. “I know and I like Jeff. I wanted to say he didn’t know what he was talking about but I was afraid of what he’d do. You see, I talk a lot to Jeff when he’s home. He and the twins are the best friends I have.”

    I was beginning to understand what was going on. “Is your Mom’s boyfriend homophobic?”

    As soon as I asked that question I was kicking myself because I didn’t know if Chad would know what I was asking. “He is big time Mike. When no one’s home during the day, I asked my mom if Jeff could watch me and dip s**t said there was no way in hell he’d have a queer watching me.”

    I could see Ben lost in thought. “Chad, what do you think about gay people?”

    He walked over to Ben. “I think they’re just like anyone else. There are good and bad people everywhere. But my Mom’s boyfriend thinks gays just want boys so they can make them gay.”

    I did a quick about face. “Do you think that’s true?”

    Chad shook his head. “No way, look at me.”

    As soon as the words left his mouth, he slapped his hand over it then looked at the ground. Ben eased the now very scared boy over to him. “It’s alright man, no one will let your secret out. Was this something you were talking with Jeff and the twins about?”

    He nodded his head. “Yeah and if my Mom found out, she’d kill me and her boyfriend would blame Jeff.”

    I sat beside Ben then looked at Chad. “When you’re here, just be yourself. If you need someone to talk to, Ben and I have big shoulders so feel free to talk to us if you need to too.”

    He looked at me then to Ben then back again. “Are you two gay also?”

    Ben giggled. “Can’t put anything over on this guy.”

    Chad gave us a big hug then went upstairs to play with the others. I looked at Ben as I sat back on the couch. “This guy his Mom has is a real piece of work.”

    Ben nodded. “That’s for sure. Let’s hope he spends a lot of time on the road away from Chad.”

    Just before 5, Chad came down the stairs heading for the door. I managed to stop him for a moment. “Chad, is your Mom’s boyfriend gone now?”

    He smiled. “Yeah, he took off today for the west coast. He’s going to be gone for at least 10 days.”

    That did make me feel good. “OK now, should this storm hit what would you do?”

    He thought for a minute. “I guess I’d have to stay home. Mom sure wouldn’t let me come here.”

    I didn’t like his answer but it was something I just had to live with. “Alright kiddo, I don’t like that fact you’d be alone but we’re here if you need us. Now you better scoot.”

    The young boy left then it was time to start dinner. While we were in the kitchen, Mo had taken Dalton into the room he shared with Drew. “Dalton, can you make love to me tonight?”

    The teen smiled. “I would love to Mo but before we do, I want to prepare you.”

    Mo got a devilish look on his face. “You know I play with myself back there. Even Drew fingers me when we’re doing it.”

    Dalton smiled. “Yes I know, you’ve told me but I can’t just shove it in Mo. Trust me, you’ll love everything I do.”

    Ben went to the stairs. “OK guys, wash up and come on down for dinner.”

    Several minutes we heard the boys coming down stairs. I saw a look on Dalton’s face that told me Mo had asked him about his wish. Once dinner was over, I saw Mo, Drew and Dalton go upstairs while the other three remained with us adults.

    Upstairs, Mo looked at Drew then to Dalton. “Drew, remember when you put your finger in my butt when I jack off and I’ve told you how much I like it?”

    Drew nodded. “Yeah Mo, I remember. It feels funny when you run your finger around me back there too.”

    “Yeah, when your hole gets played with it feels great,” Mo continued. “I want to know what it’s like to have someone’s dick in me. Dalton and Dillon make love so I want him to make love to me.”

    Drew thought for a minute. “Are you sure Mo?”

    Mo stepped over to the boy he loved. “Yes Drew, I love you very much but I know you’re not sure about doing more.”

    Drew never heard those words before and he was moved by Mo’s sudden confession. “Mo, I love you too. I just didn’t know you felt that strongly for me. I do love what we do and even thought about sucking you.”

    Dalton stepped over. “How about this then, you two make love tonight then later, we can talk some more.”

    Drew looked at the teen. “I don’t know what to do Dalton. I could hurt him if I put my dick in him.”

    Dalton pulled Drew into his arms. “Making love doesn’t have to be like that Drew. When you two are ready for that, I’ll help you guys.”

    Mo put his arms around his boyfriend. “How does that sound love?”

    Mo reached down and rubbed Drew’s tenting shorts as Drew gasped at the pleasure he was feeling. “I think I like that idea.”

    Drew and Mo headed for the shower as Dalton left the room. He came back down stairs and sat beside me. “Mike, I think you have a couple.”

    My eyes got big but I wasn’t quite sure what he meant. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

    Dalton smiled and nodded his head. “Mo told Drew that he was in love with him and that was all Drew needed to hear.”

    Big ears Benjy turned around. “You mean Mo and Drew are boyfriends?”

    Sasha tapped Benjy on the head. “Da Benjy, that’s what it means. I love you too.”

    Benjy’s head swung around so fast I thought he was going to hurt himself. “What Sasha? You love me?”

    Sasha turned several shades of red in front of us. “Yeah Benjy, I do.”

    They hugged then kissed each other while we smiled at their first real showing of love towards each other. With the young ages of Sasha and Benjy I wasn’t about to start thinking of them as a “gay” couple but if their feelings grew as they got older, who am I to complain? Sasha turned so Benjy could sit in between his legs then he wrapped his arms around the little boy.

    I heard Mo and Drew come down the stairs and I could tell they were naked so they’d had their shower. I saw them holding hands as they came into the living room. Drew looked at me and smiled so I patted the couch beside me. He came over and sat beside me as I wrapped my arms around him. He looked up at me with a smile that could light up the city. “Mo loves me Daddy.”

    I kissed him on the top of his head. “That’s what I head son. I’m really happy for you.”

    He turned around and sat on my lap facing me then leaned towards my ear. “Umm, is it Ok if we umm, do some sex stuff?”

    He moved his face away and he was bright red. I kissed him on his nose and nodded. “It’s OK son.”

    Ben had Mo on his lap and his boy was as red as Drew so I ventured to guess Ben was asked the same questions. I felt comfortable letting them explore their bodies and I knew they were already doing some mutual masturbation. The boys cuddled together on the floor and we watched television until about 10 when Drew and Mo gave us hugs and kisses then went off to bed. Ben and I just looked at each other then smiled knowing what those two had in mind.

    The twins were starting to fade come 11. Jeff came home at 11:15 then the twins called it a night. Our youngest “couple” was sound asleep on the floor so Ben and I carried them upstairs and put them to bed. I’d thought about stopping at the other bedroom but decided against it.

    The weather was just going off when we got back downstairs. “What’s going on with the storm?”

    Jeff turned around and looked at us. “It’s all but stalled about 100 miles west of the tip of Florida. It had been moving towards us then it just slowed down moving a couple miles an hour.”

    Ben shook his head. “Damn, anything can happen now. It can stall out, gain strength and head towards land again or even turn away.”

    Jeff nodded his head. “The FDLE is keeping a close eye on this storm. There are a lot of married officers who will need to be with their families if this thing starts moving towards us again.”

    I nodded. “What about you Jeff, you’re working 11 to 11.”

    “I’ll watch the weather here like everyone else then call in before I leave. If I’m not to report, the shift commander will tell me.”

    We talked for another couple minutes then headed off to bed. Ben was up at 8 and had the TV on. I smelled the coffee so after taking a leak, I joined him. The storm had started moving again but it looked like it was going to turn away from us. Jeff was up just before 9 and Ben had made him some breakfast. “Looks like the storm decided to leave us alone.”

    At 10, Jeff placed a call to his office and I could tell he had to go to work. “I have to go in but if the storm changes direction, he’ll call the men in.”

    Just then 6 naked boys came down the stairs. The twins went to Jeff and hugged him. “Do you have to go in today?”

    Jeff kissed then nodding. “I’m afraid so boys but if things change with the storm, I’ll be home.”

    Jeff left for work and the twins watched as he pulled out of the driveway. When Jeff was out of sight they came into the kitchen and we got breakfast for then boys.

    I got the kitchen clean then returned to the television. There was nothing new but by noon, the weather outside was looking ominous. The weather was on the news and it was all they were talking about. The storm had started moving again and we were going to get wet.

    I was lost in the report when the boys came down stairs. “What’s going on Daddy?” Benjy asked hopping onto my lap.

    I tried to remain positive. “It looks like we’re going to get some bad weather son but it’s be OK.”

    The twins heard this then quickly went up the stairs. When a commercial came on Drew sat down. “I’m hungry Dad.”

    I got lunch going for the boys and then I was mobbed by the twins. “Chad’s not answering his phone. Can we go look for him?”

    Ben put his hand on the twins’ shoulders. “Relax guys, maybe his Mom got off work and they’re out getting supplies.”

    Dillon was shaking his head. “I don’t think so but maybe. Can we go and just check, please?”

    We had things to start getting ready for here now that the storm was on its way. I looked at Ben. “Alright guys, calm down. We have things to do here and Ben and I are going to need your help. As soon as that is done we’ll see about checking for him. You can keep calling him.”

    The twins didn’t like the decision that had been made and Dalton let it be known. “I guess that’s all we can do Uncle Mike.”

    It took us about an hour to get the things done we needed to. As a precaution, Ben and I got the shutters down on the second floor windows. Next, we moved the generator into place and made sure it was full of gas. Then the boys laid out the extension cords so all we had to do was start the generator and plug them in.

    While we were doing this, the rain started falling. Dalton came over with an exasperated look on his face. “I still can’t get Chad on the phone.”

    Ben thought for a moment. “Are you calling his house or does he have a cell phone?”

    Dillon looked at his brother. “Damn, I’ve been calling his house. I’ll try his cell phone but I have his number on mine.”

    The twins took off up the stairs. By now, it was really raining. I went back to the TV and put the weather on. The storm was now moving and it was moving fast. In 2 hours, the outer edge had already made land. Just then, the phone rang and Ben answered it. “Ben, this is Jeff. The storm is going to hit and they’re cutting us loose to come home. Most of the businesses are closing and getting ready. Gusts at the airport are between 50 and 60 MPH.”

    Ben shook his head. “Sounds like it could be nasty. We’ve already got the upstairs shutters down. When the rain eases up a little, we’ll get the downstairs done.”

    When Ben got done talking with Jeff, the rain had eased off. We quickly went out and got the shutters down. It took about 30 minutes to get them all done but we did just before it started raining again. The wind was really blowing but so far, the power was still on.

    I was quiet so Ben and I figured the boys had settled down and were playing video games. Ben and I were in the kitchen when we heard the front door slam and we thought it was Jeff getting home from work. “We’re in here Jeff,” I shouted and pulled another coffee mug down from the cupboard.

    I turned around and there stood Benjy drenched to the skin. “Daddy, Papa Ben come quick. Hurry!!”

    I almost dropped the mug when I heard Benjy’s voice. “Why are you wet?”

    He started jumping up and down. “Come on Daddy, hurry someone is hurting Chad.”

    Ben grabbed the keys to the van and we headed to the front door. I was about to open it when Jeff walked in. he saw a soaked Benjy. “What’s going on?”

    “Come on Jeff,” Benjy shouted and ran outside.

    We jumped into the van and Jeff got into car and we were off. The rain was coming down in buckets and visibility was near zero. Benjy was yelling to go faster and Ben was doing the best he could. “Turn here Papa.”

    Ben turned the corner and made his way up the street. “Where are we going son?” I asked Benjy as he peered out the front window.

    We went past another street then came to a cul-de-sac. “In there,” Benjy screamed.

    Ben turned then we saw 5 boys standing around a large truck. Drew saw the van and came running over. “Someone in that truck is trying to hurt Chad.”

    I looked at Benjy. “You stay in here son. Jeff, Ben and I will help Chad.”

    Tears were streaming down his face. “OK Daddy, just hurry.”

    I got Drew in the van while Ben motion Mo and Sasha to get inside. Jeff came up to us. “The twins filled me in on what they think is going on. They heard Chad inside that truck. The boys tried the doors but they’re locked. Have either of you handled a weapon?”

    I hadn’t fired one in a while but felt confident. Ben had a .45 but he was like me. I looked at Ben and he nodded his head. “Yeah, we both have.”

    We followed Jeff to the back of his car. He handed Ben a 9mm semi automatic and I got a shot gun. Jeff handed me 3 shells. “Load the buckshot first then the slug. Chamber the slug then load the other round.”

    We went over to the truck and we could hear someone crying. “Stop it Brad, I’m going to tell Mom.”

    “You little bastard. You were told to stay away from that f****** queer and his boys.”

    Jeff took his fist banged it loudly against the door of the truck. “Police officer, open the door.”

    Everything got quiet. We waited for several minutes but nothing happened. I looked up and saw movement through the mirror. Jeff saw it too then banged on the door again. “This is the police, open the door now or we will use force.”

    I looked around and there was a box on the back of the rig. I looked inside and found a ball peen hammer. I didn’t like this setup. “Jeff, are you sure you want me to have a slug in here?”

    He shook his head. “I thought I was going to have to shoot out a window but that won’t be necessary. Eject it and load in the buckshot.”

    I did like he said then Jeff stood on the step out of sight and swung at the window with the hammer. The window shattered then we heard a voice. “You bastard, why’d you break my f****** window?”

    The truck door swung open and a head came out. Jeff stuck his gun against the side of his head. “Don’t move or it will be your last.”

    He looked down and saw two more weapons staring at him. “OK man, don’t shoot.”

    “Ease your a** out of that truck and don’t make any sudden moves.”

    I could see Ben aiming down on him but I really didn’t have a clear shot if I would have had to fire. As soon as the man feet were on the ground Jeff slammed his face against the truck. “Hands behind your back.”

    He started to turn but I eased over and rested the barrel of the shotgun on his shoulder. I saw his eyes cut towards the barrel then he just did as he was told. Jeff searched the man and found the keys to the truck. He tossed them to Ben. “Open the passenger door and check on the boy.”

    Ben unlocked the door and climbed up inside the rig. I saw him disappear into the sleeper then stuck his head back outside. “Mike, get up here.”

    I went around to the passenger door and set the shotgun on the floor. I quickly climbed inside and there was Chad with his hands tied and naked. There were red welts on his butt. “Chad, did he touch you back there?”

    Ben was untying Chad’s hands. “Yeah, it feels wet and slimy.”

    I looked at Ben and felt a sick feeling in my stomach. Ben reached out and gently lifted the cheek of the boy’s bottom. We both looked down then breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s ok son, we can clean it off for you.”

    Ben looked around and found some tissues. He grabbed a handful then lifted his butt and cleaned the boy. I found his shorts and underwear and helped get him dressed. I climbed out of the cab and saw Jeff had the jerk in cuffs. I looked up and Ben handed Chad down to me. Just then a car pulled up and woman got out screaming. “What the hell is going on here? Let go of my son. What’s he doing in handcuffs?”

    Before Jeff could say anything, a local police car came up. Jeff showed the officer his ID then talked with him. The officer went over and took the man putting him in the police car then Jeff came over to us. “Lady, if you don’t want to be wearing bracelets, I’d shut my mouth and listen carefully.”

    I set Chad on his feet and he legs could barely support his weight. “Mom, he was going to rape me. He tied my hands together then started spanking me hard.”

    She shook her head. “I don’t believe you.”

    Chad surprised us by pulling his shorts and underwear down. “Oh yeah, look at this.”

    She slapped her hand over her mouth then glared at the police car. “Oh my god, I didn’t know son. I’m so sorry.”

    She knelt down and wrapped him into her arms crying. Chad held onto her until she got her emotions under control. “Mom, this is Jeff Daniels. His boys found me and rescued me.”

    I looked at Ben and he was reading my mind. We were worried about how she would take meeting Jeff face to face. “Mr. Daniels, thank you. My boyfriend had said some very nasty things about you and your boys and to be honest, I was starting to believe him but today I learned a lot. I’m Vivian Nelson, Chad’s mother.”

    I bent over and pulled Chad’s shorts up and he looked at me and turned red. Jeff shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you. These are my good friends Mike Parker and Ben Palmer.”

    Just then we were surrounded by our boys and more introductions were made. Once this was done, we followed Chad and his mother toward their house. By now, the rain had stopped for now and this woman was about to allow a houseful of wet and soggy people to come in. she stopped then went to the garage and went in through the side door. She opened the over head door and we went in. She got us some towels so we could dry off then Jeff sneezed. “I think we should get these guys home and into some dry clothes. How about you and Chad come over for dinner?”

    Chad looked at his Mom with pleading eyes. “I think that would be nice Mr. Daniels.”

    We left and headed back to our vehicles. Our 4 boys were very quiet on the way to Jeff’s house. Try as I might, I could not be mad at my 2 for going out in the storm. I knew full well that had they stayed home, Chad surely would have been raped. When we pulled into the driveway and Ben shut the van off, I was immediately surrounded by my boys as was Ben. “Daddy don’t be mad.”

    I kissed then gently and smiled. “No son, you did wrong but for a very good reason and kept Chad from being raped. I can’t be angry for saving a boy.”

    I saw Jeff with the twins in his arms and all 3 were crying. Jeff carried the twins towards the garage and we followed. Jeff put the boys down then started taking his shirt off. “OK gang, strip. We aren’t going into the house soaking wet.”

    The 6 naturists quickly shed their clothes then watched as the adults got undressed. As soon as we were naked, we headed inside to hot showers. The twins split up and there were 3 boys in the two showers and Ben and I even shared one. I hadn’t realized it but I was cold. At first the water stung and hurt but as I got warm, it felt good.

    When we got out of the shower, the bottom opened up again and more rain came. I had just dried off when the power went out. It was still light out but with the shutters down, it was very dark. I managed to get to the stairs. “Boys, stay put and do not move. Someone will be up with a flashlight.”

    I didn’t bother with shorts at that moment. Jeff came out of his room with a small flashlight. “Take this and go to the boys. I’ll get the generator going.”

    I went up the stairs and went into the twins bathroom. There stood 3 boys in the middle of the bathroom in the middle of getting dried. “Come on guys, follow me.”

    I led them into their room and they pulled on some shorts then I went to get the others. I hurried into the other bathroom and led them into their room as Ben came up with a battery lantern. “Jeff needs you downstairs.”

    I went to our room and pulled on a pair of shorts then went out to the garage. Jeff and I got the generator filled with gas then we moved it outside. When we came back inside, Ben was there with the boys and soon the extension cords were in place and we had lights on.

    I was about to check the phone to see if that worked but before I could, it rang. Jeff answered it and Chad was calling asking if the dinner invitation was still on. Jeff said it was and for them to come on over as soon as they could.

    Ben looked at Jeff. “What had you got that we can cook for 11 people?”

    Jeff led up back out to the garage and to a storage cabinet. “It’s not gourmet but it’s filling.”

    I looked and he had loads of canned beef stew and other canned goods. He took out 4 big cans of stew and handed them to me. He went over to the fridge and took out 5 cans of biscuits. We went to the work bench and set the food down. I looked out the back door and noticed it had stopped raining. We went inside and got the items we needed for cooking. Jeff had the grill heating. “Cooking these biscuits is going to be a trick.”

    Jeff laughed. “Not really. The grill will act as an oven but we will have to watch the temperature.”

    I put the large pot on the bench then started opening the cans. The three of us were outside talking when the boys came out with Vivian and Chad. The boys went outside while we talked with Vivian. “Thanks for having us. When the power went out, I didn’t know what I was going to do.”

    Jeff smiled. “It’s the least we could do. I would like to ask what your plans are as far as your boyfriend goes.”

    She looked down at the ground then back up. “I’ve packed all his things and right now, they’re in the garage. If it hadn’t started raining, I would have thrown it into his truck.”

    His truck was still on the street by her house. “Jeff, would there be any way to have the rig towed and impounded?”

    He smiled when I asked the question. “If it’s not moved in a week, it will be removed. I don’t think he’ll be getting out on bond.”

    Jeff and Vivian continued to talk while Ben and I watched the food. It took about 30 minutes to get the stew hot and biscuits were done in about the same time.

    As we were eating, the power came back on and the boys let out a huge cheer. After the dishes were done, 7 boys hurried up stairs while the adults talk some more. Vivian looked at Jeff. “Jeff, I really didn’t like Chad being home alone. I know I don’t have the right but it would make me feel better if Chad was here while I wasn’t home.”

    Jeff nodded his head. “Vivian, of course he’s welcome here. The boys get along together and while I’m at work, Ben and Mike will be here so there will always be an adult here.”

    They overheard me and came into the living room with us. Chad hugged his Mom. “Thanks Mom. I’m glad you finally met Jeff and learned he’s not the bad guy Brad made him out to be.”

    It was getting late and Vivian had to go to work in the morning. The next day, there was a knock on the door at 8 and there stood Chad smiling. He became a daily fixture and would even spend the night on occasions.

    Brad couldn’t make bail and his truck was indeed towed and impounded. In July, he went to trial for child abuse, felony assault on a minor, attempted rape. Two days before the trial, Chad was a nervous wreck. “I don’t know if I can face him.”

    Ben sat him on his lap and drew him into a hug. “He can’t hurt you any more son.”

    He looked down at the floor and swung his feet. “I know but he still scares me. Can you guys be there?”

    Ben and I had to testify but we hadn’t told Chad. I looked at him and nodded my head. “Yeah, we have to be there to testify.”

    Chad smiled when he heard that. “Will you be in the courtroom?”

    I shook my head. “I don’t know. That depends on if we’re called before you but we will be there. But the boys will be in the courtroom.”

    We could see Chad thinking that over then he smiled. “Alright, since they’ll be in there I won’t be so scared.”

    Chad was great on the stand and Brad’s lawyer tried to paint him as the one who came on to his client. In his closing statement, the DA said Chad could have walked around Brad naked and Brad had no right at all to do the things he did. The jury deliberated for just over 2 hours and convicted him on all counts. Brad Jessop was sentenced to 40 years in prison and had to serve 30 years of it before being eligible for parole.

    Vivian started coming around to visit and she even accepted her son was gay. Ben and I watched as they grew closer and their relationship as Mother and son solidified.

    As for us, things settled down to a dull roar. Well, as dull as it could be with 7 boys in a house but we all had a great time on our visit to Florida.

    The End

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  2. This is Part 2 to a 4 part series.

    New Happenings in Belize

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting boys and/or teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

    The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

    This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be duplicated in any form, physical, electronic, audio or otherwise without the expressed written permission of the author.

    This story was written for the Gay Authors Anthology Collection. You can view other entries here: http://www.gayauthors.org/anthology/index.php

    I hope you enjoy this story.

    Miguel Sanchez

    © Miguel Sanchez 2007

    New Beginnings in Belize

    New Year’s Day was an event with parades and floats. Ben fixed a super dinner and the boys ate their fill. Sasha cuddled with Ben after everyone ate. Mo, Drew and I cleaned the kitchen up then went into the living room to watch some television. I was wiping the table when Mo came in. “Mike, you have to see this.”

    I went into the living room and I had to giggle at the sight. There stretched on the sofa was Ben and Sasha but Benjy and gotten up and was lying beside Sasha and all 3 were sound asleep. I decided to have Mo and Drew get their baths to get that out of the way. Mo looked at me as if he had something to ask me privately. “Mike, can we take a shower?”

    I had no problem with that. “Sure son. I knew Benjy and Sasha enjoyed baths, that’s why I had you 2 take them.”

    The boys got undressed and headed into the bathroom. I heard the water going then a few minutes later, Mo came out with a towel wrapped around him. “Mike, I have a problem and I’m not sure how to handle it.”

    The trio were still asleep on the couch so we went to Mo’s room. “What is it son?”

    Mo looked like he was having a hard time getting it off his chest. “Mo just spit it out. I’ll not make fun of you.”

    He smiled at me then took a deep breath. “You remember I told you that I like boys. When I saw Drew naked I got a boner and I was afraid he wouldn’t like me. I know he’s had things happen to him he didn’t like but I like him. I just don’t know how to ask him.”

    I was about to answer him when a voice was heard. “Mo just talk to me. You’re my friend so I won’t get mad with you and I’ll never stop liking you.”

    Drew was standing there dripping wet and he was sporting his own erection. “Why don’t you boys get your shower and can talk at the same time.”

    Drew came over and hugged Mo then looked at me. “Mike, can you explain now what you were going to before?”

    I needed to explain masturbation to him but Mo was looking at us and got a gleam in his eye. “Come on Drew, I think I can explain that too.”

    I nodded my head and let the boys shower and have their talk. I went back out and relaxed in my recliner. I saw Sasha start to wake up then Benjy did. Benjy got off Ben’s chest without waking him then ran to the bathroom. The next thing I knew he was on my lap talking very animated. “Mike, Mo and Drew are playing with their peepees.”

    I giggled because I knew what they were doing. “It’s OK son, they’re making themselves feel good.”

    Sasha heard Benjy’s comment then smiled as Benjy looked confused. I decided to try and explain what was happening by asking a few questions. “Benjy, when you wash your p****, doesn’t it feel good and sometimes get stiff?”

    Sasha got a case of the giggles and I looked down and saw what it was he found so funny. Benjy was rubbing himself through his shorts not even thinking about it. “Yeah Mike and it feels good now but then it feels like I gotta pee.”

    Sasha was doing the same thing but didn’t seem to think anything about it. “Benjy, you won’t pee if you keep going. You’ll get a real good feeling.”

    Just then Sasha started to shake and I had to wrap my arm around his waist do he wouldn’t fall. I watched as he came back from his orgasm while Benjy watched in amazement. “Sasha what happened?”

    He smiled at us as he came up onto my lap. “I got that feeling Benjy. It’s really good and you’ll love it.”

    Mo and Drew finally came out of the bathroom and they had smiles on their faces. Benjy not being at all shy had to ask a question. “Drew, did you two get a good feeling?”

    Both boys turned red and stopped in their tracks. “Boys it’s OK what you did. Benjy, it’s normal for boys to rub themselves like that.”

    Benjy looked at Sasha and smiled. “Can you show me how?”

    Sasha smiled then looked down. I lifted his head up then kissed his cheek softly. “If you want to son, it’s fine.”

    Benjy and Sasha got down off my lap then headed to the bathroom. I followed them and Sasha was filling the tub. Benjy ran over and lifted his arms. I put the boys into the tub and waited until it was full then shut the water off. I washed their hair then left so they could have their own fun. I was about to close the door when Benjy called me. “Thanks Mike.”

    Ben was now awake but quickly made tracks to empty his screaming bladder. A few minutes later he returned giggling shaking his head. “You wouldn’t believe what those two are doing?”

    Mo beat me to the punch. “Lemmie guess Ben, they were playing with each other.”

    “I had the talk with them while you were napping,” I explained as he sat back on the couch. “Benjy had to pee but saw Mo and Drew.”

    Ben smiled knowing that Mo preferred boys. “Mo, is Drew your boyfriend?”

    Drew looked at Mo waiting for his answer. “Yeah, I really like him.”

    Mo ran over and hugged Ben. “Just be good to him and remember we’re here for you both.”

    Sasha and Benjy came out to the living room dripping wet. Mo went over to them and brought them back to the bathroom. “What has Mike and Ben said about using the towels to dry your bodies?”

    I howled at Mo’s admonition. Just then I heard Sasha argue. “You not the Papa Mo, Ben is”.”

    Ben went in and calmed things. “Sasha, Mo wasn’t trying to be the Papa.”

    He had his hands across his chest looking down. “He always tries to tell me things.”

    Benjy came out as Ben picked Sasha up carrying him over to the couch and sat down. “Son, Mo isn’t trying to do that as a Papa but more of a big brother.”

    “He thinks he’s the Papa.”

    Mo was upset with himself that he’d hurt his best friend and his eyes were starting to fill with tears. “I’m just trying to help you buddy. I know Ben is the Papa here for us just like Mike is for Drew and Benjy.”

    Sasha was still pouting. “Then don’t yell at me.”

    Ben lifted his chin up. “Son, he wasn’t yelling.”

    Mo wrapped his arms around Sasha and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m sorry buddy. I’ve looked out for you for so long, I forget sometimes. It’s good now we have a Papa here and we can just be kids.”

    Both boys snuggled into Ben. “It’s OK Mo. I don’t know what I’d have done without you at times. Do you love Drew?”

    Mo looked surprised by the bluntness of the question. “Sasha you’re like my little brother and nothing will change that. You know I love you, I tell you that every night. I like Drew a lot and it is something special I can’t really explain. Is it love? I don’t know but it is something we both want to explore together.”

    I listened carefully to Mo and he didn’t sound like a 12 normal year old boy but rather like he’d been forced to grow up faster than other boys his age. I watched Sasha lean over and hug Mo. “If you’re happy Mo then I’m happy.”

    The two boys hugged then we settled in and watched television. At 10:30 Drew and Benjy headed to bed and I saw Mo’s eyes drop. I quickly figured out why he was acting like that. As Mo and Sasha walked past, I tapped them on the shoulder. “Mo, did you want to sleep with Drew tonight?”

    He looked over at Sasha then shook his head no. Sasha hugged Mo and kissed him gently. “Sasha understands Mo. It’s OK if you want sleep with Drew. He special to you and I know you still love me. I will sleep with Benjy. I think he want me to help him get special feeling again.”

    I took Mo to Drew and Benjy’s room and they were just sitting on the bed. Benjy saw me walk in with the other two then ran to Sasha. “Can we sleep together tonight?”

    I saw Ben standing in the doorway. “If you boys would like to change rooms, that’s fine.”

    Ben took Sasha and Benjy to their room and tucked them in as I tucked Mo and Drew in. “Sleep well boys. If you do anything, try not to wake the others.”

    Drew gave me hugs and kisses then winked at me. “It feels super and it’s something I really enjoy doing with Mo. For once, this is on our terms and not someone forcing either of us.”

    I leaned down giving Mo his hug and kiss then sat beside them. “That son is something that will never happen again.”

    Ben came in and I went to give the other two hugs and kisses. Ben and I returned to the living room, watched the local news then called it a night.

    School started and Drew’s grades really improved now that he didn’t have Benjy to raise. The weekdays got routine and both of us were getting antsy while the boys were in school. Ben went to work at the hospital’s Emergency Room and I started working 2 days a week with EMS.

    The weekends were spent doing things with the boys. One Saturday the boys wanted to go swimming so I made a call to the resort Ben and I stayed at. The manager gave us his blessing and we spent the day frolicking in the water. We’d been there most of the day so we decided to call it a day and get dinner out. We sent the boys into the changing room while Ben and I got some lime-aids to go. Ben just placed the order when Benjy and Sasha came running out. “There is a boy in there being hurt.”

    We ran to the changing room then quietly entered. We shooed Drew and Mo out when we heard two voices; a boy and a man’s. The boy whined. “Stop it hurts.”

    I moved closer to the stall and I heard the man. “Shut up, you know it does then you love it.”

    “No, I don’t want to any more.”

    I knew the doors didn’t have locks on them so things like this could be stopped. I yanked the door open and there was a man with his finger in the boy’s bottom. The man ripped his hand back causing the boy to wince in pain. Ben beat me to the man and yanked him out of the stall by his tee shirt causing him to slip landing on his a**. The boy saw this and went over to him trying to protect him. I intercepted him picking him up in my arms. I carried him outside looking at Ben. “Don’t hurt him dude.”

    I carried him over to the pool and sat down in a lounger. “What’s going on son? I heard what you said in there now what was he going to do?”

    He shook his head and didn’t want to look at me. “I can’t say.”

    He was trying to get comfortable on my lap because I knew his rectum was still hurting. “What’s your name?”

    “Dalton,” he mumbled.

    I lifted his chin up and smiled at him. “Dalton, I’m Mike. My friend in the changing room is Ben.

    We were joined by 4 boys. “These are our boys.”

    Dalton looked at them then dropped his head to the ground. Drew went over and put his arm around him. “Look man, I know what it’s like to have guys do s**t to us. So does my brother and the other boys here. I saw that guy with his finger in your a** and I know you didn’t like it. You don’t have to protect him.”

    Dalton looked at Drew then at the others. “I was gonna let him put his peter in me. I’ve let him do it before. It’s no big deal.”

    I could see the tears start to fall. “It is a big deal son. Adults shouldn’t be doing stuff like that with kids.”

    Dalton’s head shot up and he was looking at me right in the eyes. “I like it Mike, I’m gay.”

    “I’m gay too Dalton,” Mo interrupted. “Lots of boys our age fool around with boys but it doesn’t mean men can just force us to do things.”

    I could tell Dalton was thinking about what Mo just told him. “How old are you son?”

    Dalton looked at the ground when Drew came out to him. “I’m 14 and it’s not that bad. He’s good to me.”

    Drew stepped in when he heard that. “He’s good to you? Man, if he was good to you he wouldn’t be making you do that stuff.”

    Ben was leading the man out of the changing room by the back of the shirt. Dalton suddenly got scared. “What’s going to happen to him?”

    I gently rubbed the back of his head. “He’s going to jail. What he did was against the law and they don’t tolerate people abusing children here. If he’s American, he’ll be deported after he does his prison sentence.”

    Dalton started to shake. “Noooooooooooooooooo please, I’m begging you.”

    Something was going on and I could tell Mo and Drew were confused by his actions. “Boys, go get changed out of your wet trunks so we can get ready to go.”

    Sasha and Benjy just dropped their trunks and pulled their shorts on while the two older ones took Dalton with them to change. Ben dumped the guy in a chair and gave the man a look that said he had better stay there. We took a few steps away from him so we could talk quietly. “What do you make of this? Why wouldn’t someone want to see their abuser punished?”

    Ben shook his head. “It could be a number of things, none of which I want to think about Mike. He could be the boy’s only source of money or he has something he’s holding over his head.”

    Now I was even more confused than before. “What could an adult hold over a kid’s head that he’d be willing to be abused like that? It just doesn’t make sense. Dalton admitted he was gay.”

    Ben nodded his head. “To you, yes but maybe he’s not willing to let his peers know.”

    “Perhaps but no child wants to be abused when there is way out.”

    Ben lit his pipe and took a few puffs. “Did you let him know that?”

    Just then the 3 boys were returning. Mo took Dalton over by Sasha and Benjy as Drew came to Ben and me. “Mike, he’s got a twin brother out there somewhere. It seems this guy is using Dalton with the promise of reuniting the two of them soon.”

    Ben was a subtle as a tank. “I think I can use my powers of persuasion to find out where he is.”

    Drew shook his head. “Dalton’s tried Ben. He’s done everything he can think of including giving the man his butt. But I have an idea. Mike, let me use your cell phone.”

    I handed him the phone then watched as he ran off. He was gone about 10 minutes and he came back with a smile on his face. “Piece of cake Mike, I made a few calls and every kid on the street will be watching this guy. I’ll know every place he goes and probably when he uses the bathroom.”

    Mo and Dalton came over and Dalton was a nervous wreck. Drew put his arms around his shoulder and whispered into his ear. After a few minutes he seemed to relax then broke into a big grin. “Mike, Ben, thanks for all this. But I have another problem.”

    Ben kneeled down and drew him into a hug. “What is it?”

    He looked to the ground then back into his eyes. “I need a place to stay. I was staying with some friends but that was just for a few days.”

    Drew slapped him on the back. “Not a problem dude. We’ll make room for you and when we find your brother, there will be room for him too.”

    6 boys and 2 adults in a three bedroom house but with some rearranging it could be pulled off. “Drew’s right Dalton, you can stay with us. I’ll talk with Beth and get you in school.”

    Drew took Dalton over with the other boys while Ben and I went over to the jerk. Ben stood in front of him and he thought Ben was about to nail him. “Look jerk, I don’t know what you have over that kid but he’s not gonna press charges against you.”

    I stepped forward and he cringed again. “Since he won’t press charges, there’s no need for me to file charges because he wouldn’t testify so I guess this is your lucky day. I suggest you carry your sorry a** the hell out of here.”

    The man got up and started walking away. I noticed Dalton walk over to him and they talked quietly for several minutes. The man took off for the parking lot and when I looked around, Mo and Drew were no where to be found. “Where’d those two go?”

    Benjy and Sasha came over with Dalton in hand. Ben picked Sasha up and hugged him. “Where’d Mo and Drew take off to?”

    He smiled then turned around. We saw the two boys walking quickly towards us. I was about to admonish them when Drew stuck his hand up and there was a license plate number. “Let me borrow your cell phone again.”

    When Drew took off with my cell phone, Ben went over and talked with Dalton. “What were you talking with that jerk about?”

    Dalton hung his head and started to cry. Ben kneeled down as I came up behind them. “He told me it was a good thing I didn’t press charges against him.”

    I was totally puzzled at this turn of events. “Why, what else did he tell you?”

    Ben reached out and wiped the tears off Dalton’s cheeks. “He said if I had, he’d have made a phone call and I would never see Dillon again.”

    Now, this turn of events meant there was at least one other adult involved. Drew came running back waving his arms. “Mike, one of my friends spotted his car. It’s a couple miles from where we live but I know the area.”

    I was pleased a house had been spotted so quickly but Dalton was panicking. “No Mike please, we can’t do anything that will cause Dillon to get hurt.”

    I kneeled down and pulled him into a hug. “Easy son, we’re not going to try anything just yet but it is good to know where this guy lives. This way, someone can keep an eye on the place to see if Dillon is there.”

    Dalton seemed to relax when he heard this. “I’m sorry guys. I haven’t seen him in several weeks and this guy keeps putting me off about when I will.”

    It was after 5 and I was getting hungry. I knew the boys must be starved too. We went to the restaurant and ordered dinner. After we ate, we took the boys home then Dalton, Mo and Drew went back to their room to talk.

    Sasha and Benjy got comfy on Ben’s lap and I put on a movie. About half way through, the other 3 hadn’t returned so I decided to see what was going on. Their door wasn’t closed tightly but I was able to hear the sounds of sexual pleasure. I let the boys enjoy each other and returned to the living room. Ben looked at me and I just smiled and he had a good idea of what was going on.

    A few minutes later, 3 naked boys came out and snuggled together on the love seat. Mo came over and snuggled on my lap and leaned against my ear. “Dalton needed some special time with us. We also learned a quite a bit more that he hadn’t told you and Ben.”

    Ben stood up with Sasha and Benjy in his arms. I moved Mo then helped him put those two to bed so we could learn more about Dalton and Dillon. We returned to the living room to see the 3 boys in an animated conversation. Drew and Dalton were going at it then Drew held him by the shoulders. “Look Dalton, Mike and Ben aren’t like other guys. Yeah, they’re gay but they aren’t out to hit on boys. Do you think the 4 of us would stay here if they were?”

    Dalton came over and pulled me out of my recliner and led me to the sofa. I sat down beside Ben then Dalton settled down on us. “I’m sorry but I haven’t been totally honest with you both. Dillon and I were to be adopted when some man said he could make it happen faster. The next thing we knew, we’d been separated and I was all alone. Then the guy you found me with today was telling me if I wanted to see him again, I would keep doing what he wanted. I just couldn’t risk him going to jail and never seeing Dillon again.”

    Mo and Drew were in tears as they heard this. I slid over and let Dalton slide in between Ben and me. I held my arms out as Drew came over and settled on my lap as Ben held Mo. We comforted the boys and thought about how to best handle this. By the time the boys were calm, they had also fallen asleep. Ben and I got the 3 in bad and tucked in and during that time, not one of them woke up.

    We locked the house up, checked on Sasha and Benjy then called it a night. I was sitting on the edge of the bed totally lost in thought. “Penny for your thoughts babe.”

    I shook my head trying to organize my thoughts. “If Dalton and Dillon are set to be adopted, chances are Beth is going to know something about it. The one thing that has me baffled is who the hell this mystery man is who said he make it happen faster?”

    Ben sat beside me and wrapped his arm around me. “If I didn’t know better, that jerk that had Mo and Sasha I’d say was behind it.”

    I nodded my head. “Yeah but his a** is in jail awaiting trial.”

    Just then Ben’s eyes got huge. “You don’t think he got released on bail do you?”

    Just then panic swept through my body. “Oh Christ I hope not. He’d be stupid enough to try and get his hands on more boys.”

    We did our business then crawled into bed. I closed my eyes but try as I might I couldn’t fall asleep. I’m not sure how long I’d laid there when I heard the door open. I could tell by the size of the shadow Dalton was standing there. I lifted the covers and Dalton crawled in. He slid over and snuggled in between Ben and I then drifted off to sleep.

    Sunday we kept all 5 boys busy so they didn’t have time to think about anything. On Monday we got them off to school then Ben and I went to speak with Beth. We found her in her office about to leave to make her rounds. “Mike, Ben what a pleasant surprise; what can I do for you?”

    I tried to get my thoughts out but Ben beat me to it. “We have a problem and we’re not sure how to handle it. Saturday we found a boy being molested and then begged us not to call the police. Later we learned he and his twin brother were in the process of being adopted then a man said he could help make it happen faster.”

    Beth listened intently. “Did you say twin boys?”

    I nodded my head. “Yes but they’ve been separated. We found one of them. His name is Dalton but his brother Dillon is missing.”

    Beth slumped in her chair. “This has been a nightmare guys. It’s true that they’re supposed to be adopted. Everything was going fine when they upped and disappeared. I thought something happened between the man and the boys. He’d assured me it wasn’t at all like that but I was having my doubts.”

    Ben interrupted at that point. “Beth is there any way you can find out if that son of a b**** that had Mo and Sasha is still in jail?”

    She got on the phone and made a call. She slammed the phone down and put her head in her hands. We had our answer. “How the hell could that happen?”

    I could see that Beth was pissed and she wasn’t one to be trifled with. “There is one Judge in town that will give alleged abusers bail but he normally sets it very high. He must have a good lawyer because not many will represent guys like him and push for bail. He’s got to be in the city because he wouldn’t risk…”

    “Wouldn’t risk what Beth,” I interrupted. “Having his bail revoked? s**t man, if he’s behind this it will.”

    Ben wrapped his arm around me because I was seething. “Calm down Mike, remember Drew has his friends out there and they know where one of the guys is staying.”

    “I know man,” I said still angry. “I just want to find out if Dillon is there.”

    Ben managed to get my emotions under control. “Drew’s friends have that under control right now and we’ll know something as soon as they do. Now, did you see the looks on Drew and Mo’s faces when Dalton mentioned he and Dillon were being adopted?”

    That statement brought me back to reality. “s**t you’re right.”

    Beth pulled a file out and looked thought it. “Drew and Benjy have been on the waiting list for almost 4 years now. I’m not sure about Mo and Sasha but let’s face it, it hurts not having a family they can call their own.”

    I looked at Ben then over to Beth. “Ok Beth, what are the chances of two single gay dudes adopting 4 boys? Can it happen?”

    She smiled at me and nodded her head. “The man that’s adopting Dillon and Dalton is a single man. I don’t know if he’s gay or not and personally I don’t care. They think the world of him and that’s what matters. I have your paperwork here so I can start getting things going. Now getting back to the twins, if I find out Jack is behind this I’ll personally cut his balls off.”

    Ben and I looked at each other and busted out laughing. I looked at her while putting my hands down by my crotch. “The first day I met you when Benjy was in my arms; I thought that was going to happen when you saw him kiss me on the cheek.”

    Beth got the giggles then. “If Drew hadn’t already told me about you guys, I just might have.”

    Ben got serious at that moment. “I know in the states, they do a lot of things prior to adoption. Is there any way we can do this and have it be a surprise to the boys?”

    Beth thought for a moment and then smiled. “I think that can be arranged. In fact, there is a larger house I want to move you all into. It’s already furnished so all that would need to be done is move your personal effects.”

    Just then a boy came into the office. He tapped me on the arm getting animated. “Señior Mike, we’ve seen your friend’s twin.”

    Ben looked at the boy and I thought he was going to run away. “Where did you see him little man?”

    The boy relaxed a little. “He was being led out of a house Señior by a different man. Here is the license plate of his truck and the address. It had some kind of writing on it. I think he told me it said Protect you Children.”

    ‘Talk about a piece of work,’ I thought.

    I knelt down in front of the boy and put my hands on his shoulders. “I need you to think real hard now son. Did your friend tell you what this man looked like?”

    He shook his head. “No Señior he didn’t. But he did say he kept telling the boy that he would tell him everything he could and could not do.”

    “Jack,” we all said in unison.

    Ben was seething. “I’m gonna castrate that a******.”

    The boy fell into my arms and started to shake. “Relax little one, no one here is mad at you.”

    He was whimpering with his head on my shoulder. “Sorry Señior Mike but my name is Jack too.”

    I picked him up and wiped his tears off his face. “You’re a good Jack. The man we’re talking about is a very bad man. One more question. Did your friend say where he was heading?”

    He shook his head no so I put him down and gave him 5 dollars American. “Thank you Señior Mike but that’s not necessary.”

    I kissed his head and hugged him. “Yes it was now you go on and be careful.”

    The boy left and Ben and I knew a little more about Jack but we still needed to see that truck. As long as we knew about him we felt we had a small advantage.

    Beth spent the day filling out papers while we moved all our things into the new house. The place was huge with 5 bedrooms not counting the master suite downstairs. We got all the boys’ clothes hung up in their rooms and the electronics set up. We walked the block back to the old house and waited for our crew. The boys got there before us and they were running from room to room. We walked in as Mo went to Ben. “Papa we’ve been robbed. Everything is gone.”

    I reached my hands out for Drew and Benjy as Ben picked up Sasha. We walked out the front door as Mo and Dalton were following us wondering what we would do now. I made sure the house was locked then we went to our new house. Ben set Sasha down and unlocked the front door. “Welcome to our new home boys.”

    The boys went inside and looked around. “Wow this place is huge.”

    I had to admit I liked the larger place since soon we would all be a family but I didn’t want to give up fostering boys who needed it. Drew came up and leaped into my arms. “You knew about this all along, didn’t you?”

    I just put an innocent look on my face. “Who me?”

    The boys started giggling then Ben had to break the Hallmark moment. “Do you guys have homework?”

    The boys jumped on their studies while we started dinner. Once that was finished, the boys got their shower. Mo, Drew and Dalton were a trio now. I think Dalton clung to Mo because he seemed to be willing to fool around with Dalton. Drew loved watching and learning plus enjoyed the feeling he received. I heard the water shut off then Drew called me. I hurried upstairs and went in just as Mo and Dalton orgasmed. “What is that Mike?”

    Time for Biology class. “Drew that’s sperm, it’s what makes a girl pregnant when a man and woman make love. It’s how a baby is made.”

    Drew touched Dalton's p**** and got a little of his friend’s semen on his finger. “Why can’t I do it? Is there something wrong with me?”

    I wrapped a towel around him then picked him up into my arms. “There’s nothing wrong with you son. You’re just not quite old enough yet. Any time between 11 and 13 a boy will start making semen and sperm. Semen comes first then a little later, you’ll start making sperm. Don’t be surprised one time soon when you orgasm, you’ll see a little liquid come out of your p****.”

    I got the boys dried then Sasha and Benjy got their showers. As soon as they came into the bathroom, both boys were sporting erections. “Bath or shower boys?”

    They looked at each other then replied in unison, “Shower.”

    I lifted the boys into the tub and set the shower for them. I pulled the curtain closed and let the boys get clean. As I was leaving, I heard both boys giggling so I figured this one would take a while. The 3 boys were back in their room so Ben and I used the time to talk. “I’m off tomorrow and I’m going to see if I can borrow one of the older ambulances and try and stake out that house. I would like to learn their routine. From what Drew said, the guy that was caught lives some place else.”

    Ben shook his head. “Mike I don’t like that idea. I’m just afraid you’d go and try something silly like busting into the house if he is left alone.”

    I had to smile at his worry because it was a tempting thought. “No man, I’m not about to do that. But I do want to learn their routine because I’m not about to leave those two alone for any longer than necessary.”

    The next day I managed to use a unit and watched them come and go several times. Each time, Jack would hold Dillon's hand then let it go while he unlocked the back of the truck. He would put the boy in there, relock it then take off. I managed to follow them three different times and each time they went to the same place. It was a small store and Jack would be in there for about 20 minutes then come out with a small bag.

    The following day I had to work and when I was on a run, I noticed his truck at that same store. I made a note of the time and he was becoming a creature of habit.

    The next day Ben and I went in and talked with Beth again. When we were talking with her, a man came in. Beth immediately got a sinking feeling in her stomach then went to him. They talked quietly for a few minutes then they came over to us. Guys, this is Jeff Daniels. He’s the man that is looking to adopt Dillon and Dalton Farrell.”

    We stood and shook his hand. “I just got into town today. Beth tells me there is a problem and you’ve got Dalton?”

    Ben and I looked at each other and we both swallowed hard. Ben nodded his head. “Yes, we managed to rescue him a few days ago. We have a good idea where Dillon is but Mike is handling that.”

    “The man that has him is really a creature of habit. He goes to the same store at pretty much the same times every day. I’m off tomorrow and I think I’m going to talk to one of the police officer’s I know so they can move in and arrest the man and get your son back.”

    The man reached his hand into his back pocket and showed me his ID. “I’m with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and I’m going too.”

    Ben and I started shaking our heads no. “Not on your life man. First off, you’re out of your jurisdiction. Next, I don’t want Dillon spotting anyone he knows because we don’t know what might happen then. The best I can do is let you know that he’s been rescued. We’re not even telling Dalton about this because I’m not going to get his hopes up only to have them dashed if anything goes wrong.”

    “But,” he started.

    Beth stepped in then. “Mike’s right Jeff, if you were there and anything happened, you’d never forgive yourself.”

    “When can I see Dalton?” Jeff asked.

    I thought for a moment. “When Ben and I send the boys off to school, I’m going to talk with the police. Since he makes his first run about 10, it will give me plenty of time to talk with the police and for them to get a team in place to arrest him. After Dillon’s safe and sound, I’ll call you.”

    I could tell Jeff was getting antsy as I was telling him my plan. “I just got into town man and I’m staying in a hotel. I’m going to want to spend some time with the boys.”

    Ben nodded his head. “We understand that Jeff. But Dalton has bonded some with our boys and he’s not going to want to be separated from them even though he has his brother back. Now, here is what I suggest. We just moved into a larger house. It has 6 bedrooms and only 3 of them are being used. Tonight, why don’t you come over and have dinner with us. I don’t think it would be wise if Dalton was seen outside with you. Tomorrow, Mike can call you once Dillon is safe. Now, I’m sure he’s going to be taken over to the hospital and given a complete medical exam to see if he’s been abused. I’m going to tell you this now but don’t be surprised if he has.”

    I stepped in at that point. “This guy isn’t one for getting physical with boys. He does love taking photos so chances are, he’s not been touched sexually. We won’t know until he’s been examined.”

    “There is something you don’t know guys,” Jeff said interrupting us. “Dillon and Dalton are both gay and are well, lovers. They told me this and personally I don’t have a problem with it. They know not to let people know about their relationship as that would create all sorts of problems for them and I wouldn’t want to see that happen.”

    I nodded my head in agreement. “Kids can be very cruel now I want to ask you a question. Are you gay?”

    I could tell the question seem to hit home. “Um I don’t wish to answer that sir, if you don’t mind.”

    Ben looked at him and seemed to read him. “Is that ‘cause you can’t answer it truthfully?”

    “Just what’s that supposed to mean?”

    I didn’t want this to get out of hand. “If you think admitting to being gay here and now will stop your plans for adoption you’re wrong. Ben and I are and we’re going to adopt the boys we have. I know being a gay cop can cause just as many problems for you as being gay and lovers can cause for Dillon and Dalton.”

    Jeff relaxed. “I live in Broward County and it’s not bad there. In answer to your question, yes I am gay.”

    Beth pulled out the forms for all of us to sign on the adoption then Jeff went back to his hotel to get a shower. We headed home to get ready to spend an interesting evening with Jeff.

    While Ben started dinner, I started cleaning the house. When the boys came home from school I had them start on their homework right away because after Jeff arrived, their thoughts would not be on that. Ben came in and walked up behind me. “You should get them in the shower now so they won’t have to do that later.”

    I nodded my head as the 5 of them came out of their rooms. Benjy came over and lifted his arms. “We’re done with our homework Mike.”

    I had to quickly come up with a logical reason to send them into the shower before dinner. Benjy leaned his head onto my shoulder and I got a whiff of his hair. “Whew son, your hair smells awful. Shower time guys.”

    Drew looked at me. “Aw Mike, it’s not even 5. Can’t it wait until after dinner?”

    I went over to him while Ben went to Mo. “Whew no way man, shower time now.”

    Dalton looked over to Mo then took his hand. “Come on Mo, you too Drew.”

    I quickly added, “Why don’t you all take one together?”

    Benjy started wiggling in my arms. “Yay, we all get to play.”

    I heard the boys giggling in the shower when there was a knock on the door. Ben went over and let Jeff in. Jeff looked around admiring the place. “Nice house guys. Where’s Dalton?”

    I motioned for him to follow me and we went part ways up the stairs. Jeff heard the giggles and smiled. We went back down the stairs and into the kitchen. “I should advise you of something. The boys go naked after their shower. Drew and Benjy have been doing that long before Ben and I met them now Dalton has taken to doing the same thing.”

    Ben got to giggling. “I can’t wait to see the looks on our boys’ faces when they all see Jeff.”

    We kept our ears open then heard the water shut off. A few minutes later the door opened and 5 naked boys came bounding down the stairs. Ben, Jeff and I were sitting in the living room as they came in. Dalton was leading the way then he saw Jeff. “DADDY JEFF!!! ON MY GOD, DADDY Jeff!!!”

    Jeff opened his arms as Dalton ran to him and the others were frozen in their tracks. Drew and Mo came over to me as Sasha and Benjy went to Ben. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we watched Jeff and Dalton get reacquainted. “Oh Daddy they got Dillon, THEY GOT DILLON!”

    Jeff knew not to say anything about tomorrow but he was finding it very difficult. “Mike told me that son. Now he has people looking for him so we have to have faith.”

    “It hurts Daddy,” Dalton wailed. “I miss him. I’m so scared I’ll never see him again. Oh Daddy.”

    Dalton was almost incoherent. Ben and I were looking at each other wondering if we were going to have to intervene. I could feel Drew and Mo shaking because they were crying so hard. The little ones were both crying into Ben’s shoulder at the same time.

    Jeff was stroking Dalton's hair. “Shh son, it’s going to be alright. I’m scared for him too son. Do you trust Mike and Ben?”

    Dalton started getting his emotions under control and his crying slowed to an occasional hiccup. “Yes Daddy, I trust them but Dillon.”

    Ben and I moved over and sat beside them. Ben lightly rubbed Dalton’s back then gently kissed him. “We’re all scared for him son. Everyone we know has their eyes open and they’re looking for Dillon. Please have faith son.”

    He sat up and looked at Ben. He held his arms out and Ben added another boy to his lap. He laid his head on Ben’s shoulder as Jeff started rubbing his back. Several minutes later, we heard Dalton’s stomach growl so Dalton was handed back to Jeff as Ben finished fixing dinner.

    After dinner, I ended up with Sasha and Benjy, Ben had the Drew and Mo and Dalton was cuddled with Jeff. The Mexican dinner we all had seemed to be talking back to Drew and he had a case of gas that was causing a lot more than giggles. Ben finally got up and gave him some Tumms before we put him on the front porch. At 10:30 we got the boys to bed then Jeff left to go back to his hotel. At 11 it was our turn to call it a night. We were both lost in thought hoping things would go as planned but finally managed to get some sleep.

    Ben got the boys fed then he headed off to work then I got the boys off to school. I drove to the police station and saw my friend and started telling him what was going on. “Mike, you knew about this for almost a week and you didn’t come to us?”

    I put my hands up then grabbed a piece of paper and started drawing a diagram. “Relax Gene, you would have done the same thing but all your vehicles stick out like sore thumbs. I used an ambulance. No one thinks anything about them. Now, this guy parks in front of this store then goes inside. The street is pretty empty but you might want to consider getting some of your private cars out there so he can’t park by the front door. The door is at an angle so when he goes to the front door, he can’t see up the street. Now, this guy thinks he has it made. He’s been doing this for several weeks from what I’m told so he is going to be totally relaxed.”

    Gene was thinking about what I was telling him. “You said he locks the boy in the back of the truck. How does he lock it?”

    “I managed to get close to it and it’s a cheap lock so I can pick it with no problems. I’ll be there in an ambulance so that Dillon can be taken to the hospital. What I was thinking is that as soon as he goes into the store I’ll pick the lock and talk to Dillon. When he comes out, then you can move in and talk to him. Since he’s on bail you can search him or his vehicles any time.”

    Gene smiled and nodded his head. “He’s on bail for suspected child abuse isn’t he?”

    “You got it buddy,” I laughed.

    He went and got about five officers then took off to the store and took parking places by the store so he had no place to park by the door. I hurried and got an ambulance then parked about 50 yards from the store. Gene came up and hopped in the back and now all we could do was wait.

    Jack was a creature of habit and 10:10 he pulled up. Seeing there were cars parked on the street didn’t bother him at all. He just took the first place he came to, parked then ambled into the store. As soon as he was out of sight I ran up to the back of the truck. I took my pocket knife out and quickly had the door open. There in the back corner of the truck was the spitting image of Dalton. “W who are you?”

    “I’m here to rescue you Dillon.”

    “How do you know my name?” He asked.

    I smiled trying to reassure him. “Dalton told me about you. Just trust me and you’ll be out of here in about 15 minutes. The police are here and Jack will be stopped and made to open the truck. He’s on bail so they can do it anytime they wish.”

    He didn’t like the fact that he had to stay in the truck again but I assured him he would be 100% safe. I hurried back to rig then Gene and a few of his men took their place. Jack came out of the store and started walking towards the truck. As soon as he opened the front door of the truck, Gene made his move. “Excuse me sir, may I see some ID?”

    Jack put the bag in the truck. “Yes sir, is there a problem?”

    He handed Gene his driver’s license and he radioed headquarters. A few minutes later a voice was heard. “Jack Davis is on bail for suspected child abuse. His license is valid.”

    Gene put his hand on Jack’s shoulder. “Turn around and face the vehicle sir. Do you have the keys to the back of the truck?”

    Gene searched him and nothing was found except the keys but Jack was getting nervous. “There’s nothing in there except tools officer.”

    Gene handed him the keys. “Open the back of the truck sir.”

    Two other officers appeared and Jack was now surrounded. He fumbled with the lock then opened the door. The first thing Dillon saw was Jack and he panicked. Then he heard Jack slammed against the truck and Gene stepped over to the door. “Come on Dillon, it’s over now.”

    As soon as I saw Dillon, I got out of the rig and ran over to them. Jack was being led away then he turned and saw me. I walked over to him and grinned. “Your a** won’t be out on bail this time b****. You can count on everyone knowing why you’re in jail too. Enjoy what’s left of your life.”

    I went over and held my hand out to Dillon. He and I walked hand in hand to the ambulance. I tossed Gene the keys and hopped in the back and rode with Dillon. I radioed the hospital and let them know we were on our way. When we arrived, I had him on the stretcher and there was Ben waiting directing us into an empty room. I could see Dillon was scared with all the people around. “Dillon, this is my room mate and very good friend Ben. He’s going to take very good care of you.”

    I turned to leave. “Excuse me sir, can you stay with me?”

    I looked at Ben and he smiled and nodded. I walked over to Dillon and moved his hair out of his eyes. “My name is Mike and when you’re done here, I’ll be taking you home.”

    He started to tear up. “Mike I can’t.”

    I wrapped my arms around him. “Remember I told you Dalton told me about you?”

    “Yeah,” he mumbled into my chest.

    I kissed his head then rubbed his back as he started to calm down. “Dalton is fine son. He’s with us. Ben and I are foster parents and we have 4 boys.”

    His head jerked up with a smile. “Really?”

    I crossed my chest. “Honest injun kiddo. Now, I have a couple of phone calls to make then I’ll be right back in.”

    He gave me a tight hug then latched onto Ben for dear life. I went out and called Beth then Jeff. It took almost 15 minutes to finally get Jeff calmed down as I heard him crying tears of relief and happiness. “Thank you Mike, thank you and your friends for everything.”

    I gave him our address again and told him I’d call as we were leaving the hospital. We arrived just after 11 and after Dillon was carefully looked over we were out of there just after 2. I called Jeff then we headed home. Before we could get out the door, Dillon had to find Ben one more time. “Thanks Ben, will you be home soon?”

    Ben picked the boy up and got a huge hug. “I should be home in about 2 hours.”

    “OK, I’ll see you then.”

    When we arrived, Dillon was in awe of our house. “Wow, is this your place?”

    I laughed at the way he said it. “Well yeah it is but there are also 5 others staying here too. There are Drew and his little brother Benjy, Mo and his best friend Sasha then Dalton.”

    Just then there was a knock on the door. I pretended to have to go to the bathroom. “Dillon, can you answer that. I think I know who it is so they can come in.”

    Dillon walked over to the door and when he opened it he was in for yet another surprise. “DADDY JEFF!”

    I watched as Dillon launched himself into Jeff’s arms. “Oh son, I’m so glad you’re safe now. When Mike told me what happened I just wanted to get you myself.”

    Just then Ben walked in. He had gotten home early and saw the reunion from outside. All of us had tears in our eyes. We sat down and I filled Jeff in on Dillon's exam. He was fine and had not been molested sexually by Jack.

    We got our emotions under control then waited as it was going to happen one more time when Dalton got home. About 5 minutes before they were due home, we made room on the couch as Dillon hadn’t moved off Jeff’s lap. As soon as the front door opened, Dillon moved so there would be room for Dalton. The boys came in and were chattering up a storm until Dalton saw Jeff and Dillon. “OH MY GOD DILLON!”

    Dalton dropped his books on the floor and ran into 4 waiting arms. Ben and I went to our boys and held them as they were crying seeing Dillon and Dalton reunited with their soon to be adopted Dad. After everyone’s emotions were under control, I got everyone’s attention. “Now boys, I know the biggest question you have is where will everyone stay? It wouldn’t be practical for Jeff to be staying in a hotel because you couldn’t stay there with him.”

    Benjy right away yanked on my pants leg. “Mike, can’t everyone stay here?”

    I picked him up and kissed his nose. “That was the plan little one. Jeff can have one room and the twins can have the other. It looks like we have almost a full house again.”

    Ben and Jeff fixed a great feast for us. After dinner, Drew and Mo headed for the shower then came out in their usual nothing. They stopped quickly when they saw Jeff sitting there. I giggled and motioned them to my side. “Guys, remember that Jeff saw you after your shower yesterday. You haven’t grown something new that we all haven’t seen, have you?”

    “Awww, Mike, you’re teasing again, aren’t you?”

    “You betchum, Red Rider”, I giggled back as Mo wrapped his arms around my legs.

    After the other 4 got showered, we had a quiet evening at home.

    Time passed and Ben and I could see that Jeff was going to be a super Dad to the twins. Just before spring break Beth came over. All 6 boys came and greeted her with hugs and Benjy had to get his usual kiss. “Why are you here Miss Beth?”

    Beth set Benjy down then ruffled his hair. “Well you know Jeff is adopting the twins. I’m just here to talk with him about it, that’s all. Dillon and Dalton, I would like you two to be there.”

    The other 4 walked back out front and sat down as Beth came in with Dillon and Dalton. Beth went over the paperwork and talked with the twins to be sure they still wanted Jeff to be their new Dad. As they came back into the living room, I saw the twins whispering between themselves. Dalton stood in front of Ben and I then put his hand on his hips. “I don’t know quite how to say this so I’m just going to do like you Mike and spit it out. You know there are 4 boys out there wishing like crazy that you would adopt them. Sasha calls you Papa, Ben. Drew and Benjy fight so hard to keep from calling you Daddy Mike. They all love you guys.”

    Ben and I looked around trying to figure out what to do. I knew there was no way we could not say anything and hope it would just be forgotten. Ben shrugged his shoulders. “Ok guys, what is said in here MUST stay in here.”

    Dillon and Dalton nodded their head then Ben cleared his throat. “Guys, we are going to adopt them. Beth has all the papers filled out. The day Jeff and you both go to court, we’re going to be there too but instead of 1 adoption, there will be 3.”

    Ben and I were hugged by both the twins. “That’s great guys. Now when is our adoption?”

    Beth started laughing. “Is tomorrow soon enough?”

    We managed to keep the twins from spilling the beans during the evening. The next morning, I got our 4 aside. “You guys aren’t going to school today. I thought you’d like to be there when Dillon and Dalton’s adoption was heard.”

    The boys nodded their heads in agreement but I could tell they weren’t totally happy. We got ours loaded into the van and headed off to the courthouse. We all sat there for what seemed like an eternity then a lady came in. “All rise, this court is now in session.”

    The Judge took her seat. “Be seated please. I see I have an adoption petition before me. Is Social Services present?”

    Beth stood and faced the Judge. “Yes Your Honor and we are in agreement. We do not contest this adoption.”

    The Judge made some notes. “Very well then, Dillon Farrell, Dalton Farrell do you still wish for Jeff Daniels to adopt you and become your legal Father?”

    They both nodded their heads. “Yes Ma’am.”

    The Judge made another notation. “Since everyone is in agreement, it is the order of this court and Dillon and Dalton Farrell are hereby adopted by Jeff Daniels. It is further ordered that they shall have the same sir name as their father.”

    The twins hugged Jeff as the Judge banged her gavel. “I also see there is more business yet to be finished.”

    At that point Drew hugged the twins then headed for the back of the courtroom. Benjy ran after him. “Drew, where you going?”

    Benjy grabbed Drew’s arm. “Look Benjy, I’m out of here.”

    Drew managed to get the door open and went out. “Why Drew? Where you going to go? Hasn’t Mike and Ben been good to us? We don’t have to worry about anything now. WHY? WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?”

    Drew stopped and looked at his little brother who was now in tears. Drew came back and hugged him. “You don’t understand do you? Mike is very good to us as Ben is good to Mo and Sasha but it’s not the same. Look at what the twins have now.”

    Benjy was still crying uncontrollably. “Yeah, Jeff adopted them. That was going to happen. Don’t you remember Dalton telling us that?”

    “So what,” Drew shouted. “They were gonna be adopted. But you still don’t get it do you. Benjy, I want a family. I want someone who wants us.”

    Just then the twins came out. They went over to the boys and Dalton grabbed Drew by the shoulders. “Just what in the hell are you doing?”

    Drew tried to pull away but Dalton was too strong. As he was pulling, Dillon moved in behind Drew. “I’m outta here. You all have a nice life and live happily ever whatever.”

    He pulled free of Dalton but turned right into Dillon. “OK Drew, you’re out of here but you owe someone something before you leave.”

    “Just what the hell do you mean?”

    Dillon held him firm by the arm as Dalton got the other. “You owe Mike an explanation. He’s standing in there wondering what the hell has gotten into you.”

    Drew knew he wasn’t going anywhere right then. “Fine, I’ll go back in there and tell him.”

    Dalton led Drew to the door while Dillon went and took Benjy by the hand. As soon as they were inside, the Judge banged her gavel. “As a rule, I say when people may leave my courtroom and I don’t believe I gave you permission young man.”

    Drew froze in his tracks. “Ah, well I’m sorry Judge. I just need to tell Mike here something then if it’s just the same to you Ma’am, I’m outta here.”

    The elderly female Judge looked at Drew and banged her gavel once more. “Young man, when the proceedings in here are finished you may talk to Mike. Do I make myself clear?”

    Drew suddenly got very quiet as Dillon led Benjy beside his brother. “Yes Ma’am.”

    “Now, as I was saying,” the Judge started again. “There is more business yet to be finished. There are two additional petitions before me. First I have a petition by a Mr. Ben Palmer requesting the court he be allowed to adopt Sasha Telkov and Mohammed Raimes. Mr. Palmer, do you wish this proceeding to continue?”

    Mo and Sasha looked up at Ben and Sasha had tears in his eyes. “You want to be Papa to Sasha?”

    Ben looked down at him and smiled, “If you’ll have me?”

    Mo wrapped his arms around Ben and both boys said together, “Yes, we want you to be our Papa.”

    Ben looked back that the Judge nodding his head. “Yes Your Honor, I would like them to continue.”

    The Judge smiled and knew she had the answer she needed from the boys. “Very well, it is the order of this court that Ben Palmer is the legal adoptive parent of Sasha Telkov and Mohammed Raimes and that they shall have his sir name Palmer.”

    Sasha and Mo jumped into Ben’s arms. “Thank you Papa.”

    The Judge banged her gavel as Drew started to turn to leave. “I have another petition here. Mr. Mike Parker wishes to adopt Drew and Benjy Silva.”

    Benjy turned and looked at me. “Really?”

    I nodded my head. “Yes son, really.”

    Drew was frozen in his tracks. He just stood there with tears running down his face. I eased myself out and went over to them picking Drew up. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    I looked down then back at him. “I wanted it to be a surprise but I didn’t know seeing the twins’ adoption would hurt you that much. I’m truly sorry I didn’t talk with you first. I’d really like you and Benjy to be my sons.”

    Drew hugged me tightly and I could hear him sobbing. “Mike, you don’t know how long we’ve waited to be adopted. I knew Benjy was still young enough that he probably would but I really didn’t want that because that would mean I was alone.”

    Benjy reached up and patted his brother. “I’d never let you be alone Drew.”

    I wiped the tears away from his eyes. “Well, how about I see to it the both of your aren’t alone ever again. Would you both like me to be your Daddy?”

    I felt Benjy leap and I caught him in my right arm. I turned and face the Judge. “Your Honor, I would like the proceedings to continue.”

    The Judge nodded her head. “I see Mr. Parker you have a very independent young man on your hands.”

    “Your Honor, Drew has been forced to grow up quickly. Over the past month he’s learned to be a child again but never been totally accepting of that fact. He saw the twins get adopted and he just felt his chance at that would never happen but I think he realizes otherwise now.”

    The Judge nodded her head. “Drew Silva, do you wish Mike Parker to adopt you and become your legal Father?”

    Drew wiggled so I set him on his feet. “Oh Yes Judge Ma’am. I want to apologise for the way I acted before. I’m sorry.”

    The woman smiled. “Your apology is accepted. Benjy Silva, do you wish Mike Parker to adopt you and be your legal Father?”

    Benjy’s head was bobbing up and down so fast I had to put my hand on it. “Oh yes I do. I love Mike and want him to be my Daddy.”

    She made some notes in the file then looked at us. “Very well then, it is the order of this court that Mike Parker is the legal adoptive Father to Drew and Benjy Silva and from this day forward, they shall have Mr. Parker’s sir name. This court is now adjourned.”

    I knelt down and Drew ran into my arms. “I love you Daddy.”

    I kissed each boy and held them as I was surrounded by Ben and the others. “Are you happy now?”

    Drew kissed me hard on the cheek. “The life Benjy and I knew before is really over.”

    Beth came over and tugged on Drew’s ear. “Drew Parker I almost came out there and dragged you back in here.”

    Benjy hauled off and popped him in the butt. “Yeah Drew just think, you almost walked away from all this.”

    We entered the courtroom 9 individuals and left as 3 families. Beth had some more papers for us to sign. “Mike, Ben, I hope I can still count on you to continue to foster for me?”

    Ben laughed at that. “Yeah Beth, we’re a glutton for punishment.”

    “Hey,” Sasha said popping Ben on the butt.

    Ben quickly picked Sasha up and started tickling him. “Hey what my little munchkin? Do you think I’d turn any boy away that needed help?”

    Mo stepped in and hugged Ben. “Please don’t Papa. They need you and Mike just like we did.”

    Benjy piped up at that point. “Oh you mean we might have more brothers?”

    Beth added fuel to Benjy. “Maybe I could find you a little sister?”

    Benjy’s head flung around. “A GIRL, ewwwwww, no way.”

    We all laughed at Benjy’s animated reply as we headed out of the courtroom. I looked at Beth then drew her close to me. “I can’t thank you enough for making our lives so much richer now. I know it’s your job but never have I seen someone care like you do. Ben, Jeff and I wouldn’t stand a chance adopting in the States but here you care about the kids. I’m taking everyone out to dinner tonight and I want you there.”

    Beth pulled back when I invited her to dinner. “That’s not necessary Mike.”

    I nodded my head. “Yes it is. Without your support, I don’t know if the Judge would have granted the adoptions.”

    The weather was very warm so we went to the resort for dinner. I got a private table and we really enjoyed ourselves. Beth looked at Jeff and got serious. “Jeff, Jack’s trial is coming up and Dillon will more than likely have to testify. I know the DA assigned to the case and he’s very good with kids.”

    Jeff looked at his boys then back to Beth. “I was hoping they’d have enough evidence that they wouldn’t need Dillon.”

    “I’m sure they do Jeff,” I said quietly. “But it’s only with Dillon’s testimony that the court can convict him of kidnapping.”

    Beth patted Jeff’s shoulder. “That carries an automatic life in prison. Or system of justice takes kidnapping very seriously weather it’s a child or an adult.”

    After we talked about Jack’s trial, the subject was livelier and we had a great time. We all watched as the boys ate themselves silly and still had room for ice cream. I paid the bill then we got the boys home.

    Thursday, Jeff took the court papers and headed to Belize City. He went to the US Embassy to register the boys’ adoption and to apply for their passports. The man said it would take a couple weeks for their passports to be processed and mailed back.

    Friday afternoon, a Representative from the Cayo District Prosecutor’s Office came over just before the boys got home from school. I was going to leave the room but Jeff said I could stay as they talked. “Mr. Daniels, I’m Assistant District Prosecutor Dixon and I know you’re worried about Dillon having to testify but when I ask questions of children, I’m always thinking of them first. I know it will be embarrassing in some cases so I try to be as gentle as I can.”

    Jeff nodded his head. “Thank you for that sir. Can you tell me what evidence you do have?”

    Mr. Dixon took out an envelope and pulled out some photographs. “I don’t want you to see all of these because they are pretty graphic.”

    “Mr. Dixon, I’ve seen both my sons naked as they’ve ran around in the nude. I’m a police officer too, so I’ve seen a lot in my time.”

    Mr. Dixon handed Jeff a couple of the pictures and he started to cry. I looked and there was a photo of Dillon being masturbated by a hand. He handed the photos back.”

    I put my arm around him and held his as he quietly sobbed. “Jeff he’s your son, not just another victim. It’s only natural you’re reacting like a parent and not a cop.”

    Just then the boys came in from school. The twins saw Jeff had been crying and they quickly came to his side. “What’s wrong Dad?”

    Jeff composed himself then hugged his boys. I took the others back into their bedroom so they couldn’t hear what was going on. Drew tried to go back out. “Dad, they need us.”

    I shook my head. “First off son, you don’t even know what’s going on out there.”

    “So,” Drew shot back.

    Mo stepped in quickly. “Drew, give your Dad a chance to tell you something before you go off half cocked.”

    I sat down on the bed and pulled Drew onto my lap. “Now boys, here’s what’s going on. Mo, Sasha, you remember what Jack did to you boys right? Well he did that to Dillon too and a little more.”

    Sasha started to cry as Ben came into the room. He picked his son up and held him. “Jack do sex things to Dillon?”

    I shook my head. “No son, he didn’t do that but he did take photos of Dillon and he was playing with Dillon's p****.”

    “Oh,” Sasha said softly.

    Out in the living room the ADP was going over with Dillon about his testimony. “Son, I know you had photos taken of you and they’re not very nice. Now if I play things right, those will never have to be talked about.”

    Jeff suddenly was confused. “What do you mean?”

    “Simple,” the ADP started. “In this country kidnapping is a Capital Offense. We don’t have the death penalty here but it does carry life without parole. All I’ll have to prove is that he held you against your will and he’s away for life.”

    Dillon smiled at that thought. “That means some other boy will not have to go through what I did. You ask the questions Sir and I’ll answer them.”

    The ADP packed his things up and left then Jeff came down to the boys’ room telling us we could come out. The boys made a mad dash for the twins as the adults went into the kitchen to start dinner. Dillon started telling the others what was going to happen. “Mr. Dixon said he won’t have to show those photos because Jack kidnapped me.”

    Drew asked, “So that means he's going to get away with that?”

    Dalton shook his head. “Um well yes and no. He won’t get punished for taking them but he’ll be in prison for the rest of his life for kidnapping Dillon.”

    All the boys relaxed when they heard that. During supper, the boys were a little quieter than normal. After showers were taken we took the boys out for a walk and found an ice cream parlor. This was the thing needed to lift the boys’ spirits and get their minds off court.

    Over the weekend we kept them busy. Saturday we went horse back riding then Sunday we went snorkeling. The boys were so tired both nights they fell asleep in the living room and had to be carried to bed.

    Monday rolled around and it was time to see Jack face the music. Ben and I talked and we decided to let them come to court because Mo and Sasha had a vested interest in seeing Jack get punished. We arrived at the courthouse at 8:45. Jeff and Dillon talked briefly with the ADP then Dillon was led to a special waiting room by Beth. Beth stayed with him until he was called to testify.

    As we were getting seated, we saw Jack led into the courtroom and placed at a table beside his attorney. Jack was full of himself. “Ok Mr. Hotshot, now it time for you to earn the money I’ve paid you.”

    His lawyer looked at Jack with contempt. “You don’t get it do you s**t for brains. Kidnapping in this country is a Capital Offense. It carries life without parole. I know about the photos you took and in my opinion, you’d have been better off letting that boy go after you took them. At least you would have had a chance at getting out but not now. All that boy has to do is tell the court you held him against his will and didn’t let him leave and you’re hung man. My advice is let me plead you guilty and hope the Judge is in a good mood.”

    Jack lost all the color in his face. “s**t, I’m f*****.”

    Just then a voice boomed out. “All rise. The Cayo District Court, Criminal Division is now in session. The Honorable Judge Blackburn presiding.”

    We stood and watched the Judge take his seat then bang his gavel. “Be seated. I see before me we have the case of Cayo District vs. Jack Davis. The charges are Kidnapping and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. How does the defendant plead?”

    Jack’s lawyer started to stand but Jack beat him to it. “I plead guilty Your Honor and throw myself on the mercy of the court.”

    The Judge looked at Jack then over to his lawyer. “Have you conferred with your lawyer sir?”

    Jack nodded his head. “Yes Your Honor, I have.”

    The Judge wrote on his sheet then looked back at Jack. “Very well then, this court accepts your Guilty plea. You will be returned here in two weeks time when this court will pass sentence. This case is adjourned.”

    The Judge banged his gavel and two men came and led Jack away. Jeff ran to the back of the courtroom to get Dillon with Dalton hot on his heels. They got to the witness room and Jeff picked his son up. “It’s all over son. Jack pled guilty.”

    Dillon buried his had in his Dad’s shoulder and started crying. We all came in and stood around Jeff and Dillon. Ben rubbed the boy’s back. “Let it out son. Just let it all out now.”

    Dillon finally got himself composed. He wiggled and Jeff set him back onto his feet. “I’m glad he’s not going to be able to hurt another boy again. Sasha, Mo, I heard about what he did to you two also and I’m sorry.”

    The two boys went over and hugged Dillon tightly. Dillon then went over to me and hugged me. “Mike thanks for getting me out of there. I don’t know if I said it before.”

    Dillon’s next stop was to Beth. “We’ve never really talked before but thanks for letting Daddy adopt us.”

    Dillon and Beth talked for several more minutes then he went to Drew and Benjy. “Drew, you have a good Dad now and a little brother who loves you. You almost let that slip away. If I hear of you acting like a jerk…”

    Drew hugged Dillon tight. “No way dude, I’ve waited and wished too long to ever do that that. I’m not ever gonna risk losing Dad or my brother.”

    We all talked for another few minutes then left the courthouse for home. We decided to let the boys all stay home and go out and play. That night, Jeff took his boys out to dinner for a private celebration. Ben and I didn’t feel like cooking so we took the boys out also.

    Jeff was home when we arrived. Mo and Drew headed for the shower. Benjy and Sasha quickly went into their room as I looked around for the twins. “Where are the twins?”

    Jeff looked around to see if little ears might be present. “They’re in their room and probably will be so for the rest of the night.”

    Ben got a worried look on his face. “Nothing happened did it? They aren’t in trouble are they?”

    Jeff smiled and gently shook his head. “Oh no guys, nothing like that, they are spending some very personal and private time together. They haven’t had a peaceful moment alone in ages.”

    I smiled and nodded my head. “I guess they’ve finally realized everything is over and it’s the start of a whole new life.”

    Just then, Sasha and Benjy came downstairs giggling. Benjy came over and sat on my lap. “There are funny noises coming from Dillon and Dalton’s room.”

    Ben looked at his son and he was snickering too. “Well don’t you two worry about it. Dillon and Dalton are having some special time alone so neither of you try to listen at their door.”

    I looked at Benjy then Sasha and I could tell they were disappointed. Just then, Mo and Drew came bounding in from their shower. The hopped up between Ben and me and got comfortable. I set Benjy down and told him and Sasha to get their showers then we could watch some television.

    The youngest two came down from their shower and took their places beside us. We were watching a movie when the twins came down and joined us. Jeff smiled as they sat beside him. Dillon looked at us with a sad face. “Dalton and I should apologise to you for not being better company tonight.”

    Ben and I smiled at him and held out our hands. Dillon ran over hugging Ben. “We understand little one. A ton of weight has been lifted off you and your brother and you needed some special time alone together.”

    Dalton came over and gave me a hug then they returned to Jeff. At 10:30 we got the boys to bed and Jeff retired for the evening too.

    Tuesday Ben and I were off and Jeff got a special delivery letter. He signed for it then sat down to open it. “Wow that was fast guys. I have the passports for the boys and their adoption registration from the Consulate.”

    Jeff showed us the passports. “When will you return home now?”

    Jeff took a deep breath. “I do need to get back. I’m on a leave of absence from work.”

    I fired up the computer and checked on flights from Belize City to Ft. Lauderdale. There was a flight that left Belize City at 12:25 in the afternoon and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 7:20 that evening. Jeff sat down and made reservations for he and the boys for the next day. I know this would be hard on the boys but they would be happy that their friends were going to their new life with their Dad.

    When the boys came home from school, Jeff called the twins over to him. “Boys, I have some news. Some of it is very good but part of it will make you a little sad.”

    Drew ran over and I scooped him up in my arms. “Did Jack get away?”

    I kissed his cheek and calmed him down. “No son, nothing like that.”

    Jeff handed the twins their passports. “This will get us home to Florida boys.”

    I could see them look at the boys with watering eyes. “When are we going home Dad?”

    Jeff wrapped his arms around the boys. “This is the sad part boys. We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon.”

    Drew ran over hugging me tightly and started crying softly. “Dad, will we ever see them again?”

    Jeff walked over and caressed Drew’s hair. “I swear to God you’ll see them again son. You 4 are their best friends.”

    Drew reached his arm out for Jeff and he took him from me. “I’m going to miss them Jeff.”

    Ben was holding his two boys and Benjy was in the arms of the twins. Ben looked at the computer. “Well, I have an idea for you guys. We can get a web cam and a microphone so you can see the twins and talk with them.”

    “All right Dad,” Sasha and Mo yelled.

    Ben set them down and started rubbing his ears. Dillon got a huge grin on his face. “Dad, can we get one of them too so we can see the guys and talk with them.”

    Jeff set Drew down then went over to his boys. “Yes boys, I’ll get us a web cam but my PC already has a microphone. Now come on boys, we have to get packed.”

    Jeff took his boys upstairs and started packing. Ben and I sat down then we had our boys on our laps. Mo looked at Ben with sad eyes. “Papa, could we go to the airport tomorrow so we can watch them go home?”

    Ben looked at me and I nodded. “Sure son, you can all go with us. We were going to have to take them right after you left for school.”

    While Jeff and the twins were packing we had the boys get their homework done. Even though they weren’t going to school tomorrow, it would be late when we got back and Ben and I were sure they wouldn’t be able to concentrate on it.

    About 30 minutes later, Jeff and the twins came downstairs. “Well that’s all done. Guys, I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to repay you for all you’ve done for us.”

    Ben put his hand up. “That’s not necessary Jeff. We’re just glad you all are together as a family.”

    I chimed in at that point. “Besides, it’s us that should be thanking you. If we hadn’t heard about you adopting the twins, we might not have taken the chance to mention it to Beth.”

    Dillon came over and sat on my lap. “Mike, you had your friends come and rescue me. Ben was there in the hospital when the doctors were looking at me all over. I don’t think I could have gone through that alone. I know they were Doctors but it was still embarrassing. I owe you both so much.”

    He hugged me tightly then jumped over to Ben and then the tears started to fall. The others came running in when they heard Dillon start to cry. Benjy came over and stood in front of me glaring. “Why did you make Dillon cry Daddy?”

    Dillon heard that and quickly looked at the little boy. “Benjy, your Daddy didn’t make me cry. I’m crying ‘cause I’m happy for what your Daddy and Ben did for me. Your Daddy saved my life and Ben helped me through the second most embarrassing moment in my life.”

    Benjy crawled up onto my lap then reached over and hugged Dillon. That night we took Jeff and the twins out for a farewell dinner. The twins kept the boys in good spirits and all 6 of them devoured their meal. After I paid the bill, we stopped at the ice cream stand. When we got home Drew, Mo, Sasha and Benjy got a shower together. While they were in the shower, the twins came over and talked to Ben and me. Dillon was the spokes person for them. “Dalton and I talked about this and we’d like your permission to spend some time with your boys.”

    Ben looked at me and nodded. “You don’t need our permission for that.”

    Dalton put his arm around his brother’s shoulder. “Guys, I don’t think you understand what we’re asking. When I first got here, Mo, Drew and I had sex together. I know Sasha and Benjy like fooling around because they’ve asked me a few questions. We’d like to give them a goodbye evening.”

    I looked at Ben and he nodded his head. “I don’t have a problem with it. I know you won’t push things to where someone is uncomfortable so have fun tonight.”

    Our four came out of the shower and they were met by the twins at the bottom of the stairs. Dillon took Benjy and Sasha’s hand and led them back up the stairs. “Where are we going Dillon?”

    Dillon leaned down close to Benjy’s ear. “We’re going to show you two a special time tonight.”

    Benjy looked at Dillon then over to Sasha and grinned. Sasha got a smile on his face as he understood what was going to happen. Dalton then took Mo and Drew’s hand and those three went upstairs. Jeff looked at Ben and me. “Thanks guys, the twins asked me about it and they’ll be fine.”

    We started watching television and got engrossed in the programs. The next thing we knew 6 boys came downstairs with smiles on their faces. Benjy hopped up on my lap and kissed me on the ear. “Boy Daddy that was fun. Dillon gives good tingles.”

    I looked up at Dillon and he was a few shades of red. He leaned down and tickled Benjy’s ribs. He quickly stopped then kissed his cheek. “I’m glad you liked it.”

    Since none of the boys had school in the morning, we let them stay up a little later than normal. By 11, all 6 were sound asleep on their respective father’s laps.

    The next morning Ben and I were up at 6:30 and we got breakfast going. Jeff was up about 15 minutes later and joined us for a cup of coffee. At 7 we got the boys up. Drew was his usual cheerful self. “Uh Dad, I want to sleep.”

    Mo got up and headed to the bathroom. I pulled the covers back over Drew then headed for the door. “Alright son, you can sleep. We’ll be back home about 3 after we take Jeff and the twins to the airport.”

    I started to close the door when Drew threw the covers back and jumped out of the bed. “Hey wait for me.”

    The boys got dressed then came down for breakfast. I got the dishes into the dishwasher and at 7:30 we were on our way to Belize City. We arrived about 9:45 then Ben and I helped Jeff bring their luggage into the terminal. We watched as they checked in then walked around for little while. At 11:30, it was time for them to go through security. The boys tried being strong but they finally started crying as they hugged the twins. Mo handed them a piece of paper. “Here is our email address and our IM screen names. Please email us when you get home. That way we know you’re safe.”

    When all the boys finished hugging, the twins and Jeff came over to Ben and me. I hugged Dillon while Ben had Dalton. Dillon said, “I hope you don’t mind this but you two have two more honorary sons.”

    I kissed him on the cheek then looked at Jeff. He was nodding his head and smiling. “Ben and I would be honored to be your other Dads.”

    I heard Ben tell Dalton, “I want you and your brother to be the best boys you can be. Stay in school and get good grades but most of all, be good to each other.”

    Dillon heard what Ben said too and both boys had tears in their eyes. The twins changed places and we got big hugs from them. “We promise to always love each other.”

    Jeff was giving the boys goodbye hugs and kisses. Then he came over to us. “Guys, you and your small clan are always welcome at our house. We expect to see you some time over the summer.”

    We each gave him a big hug and a goodbye kiss. I looked at him then smiled. “I’m not sure when but we’ll be there. I wonder if the 6 of them would like to see the nude beach?”

    Jeff giggled when I said that. “Just remember to wear sunglasses because a few of their white butts will blind everyone.”

    We gave another fast round of hugs then they had to go. We went to a small restaurant that had a viewing area where planes took off and landed. We had about an hour before the flight left so we got the boys lunch. Drew wolfed his food down then went to the wall and started looking at the different airplanes. “Daddy, guys, look quick there’s Jeff and the twins.”

    We hurried over and Ben put Sasha on his shoulders while set Benjy on mine. We all watched as they got on the plane and the boys were waving and yelling. There was too much noise going on so they couldn’t hear the boys screaming. About 15 minutes later, we saw the door close then heard the engines start. The plane started taxiing to the runway then several minutes later, we all saw the plane lift off heading into the sky. We quietly left the airport and walked to our van. The 6 of us are now a family after all the new happenings in Belize.

    The End

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  3. If you can read this whole story without laughing then there's no hope for you. I was crying by the end.

    Note: Please take time to read this slowly. If you pay attention to the first two judges, the reaction of the third judge is even better.

    For those of you who have lived in Texas, you know how true this is. They actually have a Chili Cook-off about the time Halloween comes around. It takes up a major portion of a parking lot at the San Antonio City park.

    The notes are from an inexperienced Chili taster named Frank, who was visiting from Springfield, IL.

    Frank: "Recently, I was honored to be selected as a judge at a chilicook-off. The original person called in sick at the last moment and I happened to be standing there at the judge's table asking for directions to the Coors Light truck, when the call came in. I was assured by the other two judges (Native Texans) that the chili wouldn't be all that spicy and, besides, they told me I could have free beer during the tasting, so I accepted."

    Here are the scorecards from the advent: (Frank is Judge #3)

    Chili # 1 Eddie's Maniac Monster Chili...

    Judge # 1 -- A little too heavy on the tomato. Amusing kick.

    Judge # 2 -- Nice, smooth tomato flavor. Very mild.

    Judge # 3 -- (Frank) Holy Moly what the hell is this stuff? You could remove dried paint from your driveway. Took me two beers to put the flames out. I hope that's the worst one. These Texans are crazy.

    Chili # 2 Austin's Afterburner Chili...

    Judge # 1 -- Smoky, with a hint of pork. Slight jalapeno tang.

    Judge # 2 -- Exciting BBQ flavor, needs more peppers to be taken seriously.

    Judge # 3 -- Keep this out of the reach of children. I'm not sure What I'm supposed to taste besides pain. I had to wave off two people

    who wanted to give me the Heimlich maneuver. They had to rush in more beer when they saw the look on my face. These hicks are out of their


    Chili # 3 Ronny's Famous Burn Down the Barn Chili...

    Judge # 1 -- Excellent firehouse chili. Great kick. Needs more beans.

    Judge # 2 -- A bean less chili, a bit salty, good use of peppers.

    Judge # 3 -- Call the EPA. I've located a uranium spill. My nose feels like I have been snorting Drano. Everyone knows the routine by now. Get me more beer before I ignite. Barmaid pounded me on the back, now my backbone is in the front part of my chest. I'm getting frog-faced from all of the beer...

    Chili # 4 Dave's Black Magic...

    Judge # 1 -- Black bean chili with almost no spice.


    Judge # 2 -- Hint of lime in the black beans. Good side dish for fish or other mild foods, not much of a chili.

    Judge # 3 -- I felt something scraping across my tongue, but was unable to taste it. Is it possible to burn out taste buds? Sally, the barmaid, was standing behind me with fresh refills. That 300-LB woman is starting to look HOT...just like this nuclear waste I'm eating! Is chili an aphrodisiac?

    Chili # 5 Lisa's Legal Lip Remover...

    Judge # 1 -- Meaty, strong chili. Cayenne peppers freshly ground, adding considerable kick. Very impressive.

    Judge # 2 -- Chili using shredded beef, could use more tomato. Must admit the cayenne peppers make a strong statement.

    Judge # 3 -- My ears are ringing, sweat is pouring off my forehead and I can no longer focus my eyes. I farted and four people behind me needed paramedics. The contestant seemed offended when I told her that her chili had given me brain damage. Sally saved my tongue from bleeding by pouring beer directly on it from the pitcher. I wonder if I'm burning my lips off. It really pisses me off that the other

    judges asked me to stop screaming. Screw those rednecks.

    Chili # 6 Pam's Very Vegetarian Variety...

    Judge # 1 -- Thin yet bold vegetarian variety chili. Good balance Of spices and peppers.

    Judge # 2 -- The best yet. Aggressive use of peppers, onions, and garlic. Superb.

    Judge # 3 -- My intestines are now a straight pipe filled with gaseous, sulfuric flames. I messed myself when I farted and I'm worried it will eat through the chair. No one seems inclined to stand behind me except that Sally. Can't feel my lips anymore. I need to wipe my a** with a snow cone.

    Chili # 7 Carla's Screaming Sensation Chili...

    Judge # 1 -- A mediocre chili with too much reliance on canned peppers.

    Judge # 2 -- Ho hum, tastes as if the chef literally threw in a Can of chili peppers at the last moment. **I should take note that I am worried about Judge # 3. He appears to be in a bit of distress as he is cursing uncontrollably.

    Judge # 3 -- You could put a grenade in my mouth, pull the pin, and I wouldn't feel a thing. I've lost sight in one eye, and the world sounds like it is made of rushing water. My shirt is covered with chili, which slid unnoticed out of my mouth. My pants are full of lava to match my shirt. At least during the autopsy, they'll know what killed me. I've decided to stop breathing it's too painful. Screw it; I'm not getting any oxygen anyway. If I need air, I'll just suck it in through the 4-inch hole in my stomach.

    Chili # 8 Karen's Toenail Curling Chili...

    Judge # 1 -- The perfect ending, this is a nice blend chili. Not too bold but spicy enough to declare its existence.

    Judge # 2 -- This final entry is a good, balanced chili. Neither mild nor hot. Sorry to see that most of it was lost when Judge #3 farted, passed out, fell over and pulled the chili pot down on top of himself. Not sure if he's going to make it. Poor fella, wonder how he'd have reacted to really hot chili?

  4. This is Part 1 to a 4 part series.

    Christmas in Belize

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

    The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

    This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be duplicated in any form, physical, electronic, audio or otherwise without the expressed written permission of the author.

    This story was written for the Gay Authors Anthology Collection. You can view other entries here: http://www.gayauthors.org/anthology/index.php

    I hope you enjoy this story.

    Miguel Sanchez

    © Miguel Sanchez 2006

    Christmas in Belize

    It was getting close to Christmas time again and as usual, I was getting depressed. Ever since my boyfriend passed away a couple years ago around this time, I sank down into the dumps. Well, Ben decided to take me on a vacation to try and lift my spirits. He decided on Belize. We’d been there a couple years earlier and we really fell in love with the country, especially a little town called San Ignacio. I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Mike Palmer and my roomie is Ben Parker. We’d been rooming together ever since I’d returned from Sweden a number of years ago.

    We left Miami 3 days before Christmas and the short flight into Belize City was uneventful. He rented a small 4x4 because the roads out of the city were not the best. It took us about 2 hours to drive to San Ignacio and when we went though town, I started feeling better. We arrived at the resort and the desk clerk was as hot was I remember. Ben booked as a cabaña and it just happened to be the same one we were in when we were here the first time.

    After going to our room and unpacking, we took a drive into town. We took a lazy stroll around and soon some of the street kids were looking for little handouts. There was even this one boy who offered to shine our shoes. What made this funny was we were wearing tennis shoes. He brushed the dust off them and I gave him 2 dollars for his work. When I handed him the money it was if I’d given him a twenty. He had a smile on his face that went from ear to ear and could have lit up the town.

    Now, you need to know something about Belize and its currency. Belize is the old British Honduras but they are now somewhat Americanized as they drive on the right hand side of the road. The Belize currency is even based somewhat on the British pound. Their money looks like that of England. 1 Belize dollar is equal to 50 cents American. They have a 1 and 2 dollar coin with Queen Elizabeth on the front. Their paper money is the same size as the British Currency and comes in 5, 10, 20 and 50 dollar denominations.

    We continued walking around town and soon we were getting hungry. We found a local restaurant and got a burger, fries and limeade to drink. It was a local drink that brought back memories of when we were kids. It was both tart and sweet and really quenched your thirst. Every time a group of boys walked past, my eyes immediately started following. “Mike if you’re not careful you’ll get a case of whiplash and have to spend the rest of the trip in a collar.”

    “Alright man, I’ll be careful but you know I can’t help looking at the kids here.”

    I noticed a couple of boys sitting across the street trying to pan handle so I caught the waitress’ attention and ordered two large cheese burgers, two large orders of fries and two limeades to go. I paid for the food and then went over across the street. “Here you go guys. It looks like you both could use something to eat.”

    “Gee thanks Mister,” the older looking boy said then dropped his head to the street.

    I sat down beside them wondering what was wrong. “Here, this is for you and your friend. No strings attached.”

    The little one lit up when he heard that. “Really?”

    I made an X mark across my chest. “Cross my heart.”

    The older one took the bag but seemed a little distrustful. “Why you do this? Everyone else wants something in return.”

    Now this got to me. “What do you mean; everyone else wants something in return?”

    The little one had a mouthful of fries. “Um, they wanna play with us.”

    I kinda had an idea what he was talking about but I wanted to be sure. “Play with you? Play with you how?”

    After stuffing more fires into his mouth, the little one tried to speak. “You know, play with us. They wanna play with our peepees.”

    “You mean they wanna do sex stuff with you?” I asked wrapping my arms around them.

    The older boy pushed my arm off his shoulder. “Yeah mister, they wanna do sex s**t with us, just like you and your friend over there.”

    The little one suddenly got scared when the older boy made that comment. “No son, it’s not like that at all. When I said no strings attached, I meant it.”

    I saw the little one relax a little but not his friend. The older one ate his food then looked at me, as if to size me up. “OK then, prove it.”

    I wasn’t sure what he meant by that so I took a shot. “Very well then how about this? This isn’t our first time here to Belize but there is still a lot of this area we haven’t seen. How about we hire you two to show us around, like tour guides? I’ll pay you each 10 dollars American plus buy you both lunch. How does that sound?”

    The older one was milling that around in his head. “How long will you be in Belize for?”

    “Until after the New Year,” I replied reaching my hand inside my pocket.

    “10 dollars American,” the little one asked.

    I took the money clip off my cash and handed them each 5 dollars American. “This is for you guys.”

    The older one looked at me cautiously. “But we haven’t done anything.”

    “Call it good faith funds son,” I said as the little one scooted close to me. “We’re both kinda tired after the trip so we’re not really going to do much sight seeing today. You can show us around a little though.”

    “Fair enough,” the older one said stuffing the money into shorts.

    As he pushed the money into his shorts, they came down enough to show that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. I made a mental note of that and to pick them each up some the first chance I got. Just then, Ben walked over. “Mike, I’m tired and it’s past nappy time for me. Why don’t you take me back to the room and you can come back and walk around.”

    The older boy looked up then slid closer to my side. “Relax kiddo, he won’t hurt you.”

    Just then, it hit me where I’d seen these two boys before. “I remember you boys but I doubt you remember me. The last time we were here, we were strolling around and I saw you two sitting under your house. You made the motion for me to take your picture and I did.”

    I got the camera from Ben and looked to see if by chance the photo was still on it and sure enough it was. “See guys, here it is.”

    They both looked at it. “Wow you were little there bro.”

    “Hey, you were little too man,” the younger one said.

    Ben helped me up then another thing hit me. I didn’t even know their names. The boys stood up and put their trash in a can nearby. “What are your names boys?”

    The older one was still cautious but the little one seemed to have been won over. “I’m Benjy and that’s my brother Drew.”

    Drew glared at his brother and I just ruffled his hair. “Relax guys, I’m Mike and this is Ben. Would you like to come with me while I take him back to where we’re staying?”

    Drew looked like he wanted to trust us. “No funny stuff?”

    “No funny stuff,” Ben replied as he extended his hand.

    Drew shook it then we headed back to where we parked the Sidekick. Ben and I dropped the soft top then the boys climbed into the back seat. We took off and as we passed some other boys, I saw several of them look at Drew and Benjy. I stored that in the back of my mind and would ask them about it later. “Hang on boys, this road gets really bumpy.”

    Ben took the hill at about 10 MPH but even with that, it was still a wild ride. “Woo hoo,” Benjy exclaimed as he was being bounced up and down in his seat.”

    Ben saw a deep rut in the road and came to a stop. “Put your seat belt on guys. I don’t want either of you getting tossed out and getting hurt.”

    After some moans and groans, the boys relented and put their seat belts on. We finished the climb and Benjy was still all smiles. “Come on boys, you can come with us.”

    “Uh no thanks mister,” Drew said not getting out.

    “Hey Drew,” I asked coming over to his side of the vehicle. “What’s with the mister stuff? You can call me Mike.”

    He still had his head hung down. “OK Mike.”

    I lifted his head up with my finger. “What is it Drew? Please tell me.”

    Benjy undid his seatbelt and climbed onto the seat then sat on the spare tire. “Mike, some guys brought us here before. He hurt Drew then he lied to the manager. The manager hit us and said we could never come back here.”

    I unbuckled Drew and lifted him out of the Sidekick. “Don’t you worry about that. Were you guys in town when they found you?”

    Benjy’s head was nodding up and down like a yo-yo. “Uh huh, right near where we you saw us. That guy that hurt Drew said we hit on them in here but they brought us here.”

    “We’ll take care of that,” Ben said. “No one will hurt you as long as long as you’re with us.”

    Drew showed the first sign of relaxing as he hopped down and took my hand. We walked up the steps and past the front desk. “Excuse me sir, might I have a word with you please?”

    I walked over and Drew stayed with Ben. “What is it sir?”

    He looked right at the boys and glared. “Those two aren’t allowed in here. They’re street scum who hustled two of my guests here.”

    Just then two guys walked by and I saw one of them smile at Benjy. “I see the hustlers got two more in town.”

    Ben let go of the boys’ hands and walked over to the loud mouth. “What did you say?”

    He raised his hands. “Don’t worry dude. That little one is…”

    Just then the man dropped to his knees holding his jewels. “Watch your mouth prick.”

    I glared back at the manager. “I thought you said they were hustling here, sir?”

    I saw the manager swallow hard. “Well, that’s what the gentleman told me. Obviously he was lying.”

    “Obviously he was,” I spat back. “Now what are you going to do about it?”

    This man was sweating bullets now. “I’ll take care of it, I assure it sir and the boys are welcome here as long as they’re escorted by you.”

    I turned and went back to the boys then we went to our cabaña. Benjy eyed the pool as we walked past and soon we were at our room. As Ben was getting the key out I saw Benjy holding himself and squirming. As soon as we got inside, I went to the bathroom with a little boy hot on my heels and turned on the light. Benjy didn’t stand on ceremony as he yanked his shorts down and quickly relieved himself. I giggled as I heard his sigh. “Feel better little one?”

    He pulled his shorts up and ran over to me. “Man, I’ve had to do that for the last 5 minutes. I didn’t think I was gonna make it.”

    Drew was the next one to pee but I closed the door and gave him his privacy. He came out and gave Ben and I each a hug. “Thanks guys. That jerk tried to hurt us pretty bad then he lied to the manager.”

    Ben stretched out on the bed so we left so he could get a nap. “Come on guys, let’s head back into town.”

    We went outside and right away, Benjy took my hand. The next thing I felt was a hand slip into my other one. I looked down and Drew was holding my hand. “Are you OK kiddo?”

    He looked down for a moment then quickly looked up at me. “I’m fine Mike. For the first time my brother and I have met someone who isn’t after our dicks or our butts.”

    As we got close to the front desk, I felt their grips get tighter on my hands. We came into the lobby and there stood the guy Ben kneed in the balls standing by the front desk with his luggage. The man was yelling at the top of his lungs to the manager. “Why the hell am I being asked to leave? I didn’t do a thing. In fact I was assaulted.”

    I stopped in the doorway and listened to the man rant. “Sir, you have a choice. Leave here and the country or I’ll call the police. We have very strict laws here regarding child abuse. You could very easily spend the rest of your life in prison.”

    “For what,” the man shouted. “Getting a piece of dick from that street s**t? If he hadn’t of got away, I’d have had his a**.”

    The manager looked over at us and hung his head and mouthed the words “I’m sorry” towards the boys. He then looked at the man and smiled and picked the phone up. I couldn’t hear who he was talking to because the loud mouth was still ranting. He was on the phone several minutes then smiled as he hung it up. “Oh sir you should know that I’ve called the police. They are on their way here to arrest you.”

    “Arrest me,” he shouted. “I tell you I haven’t done anything.”

    The manager laughed loudly when he heard that. “You didn’t? That’s not what I just heard. I heard you just admit to abusing those two boys and attempting to rape one of them.”

    “What,” he yelled. “It’s your word against mine you fool.”

    The manager shook his head. “I don’t think so. That man there heard you, the boys did likewise plus I’m sure they would testify to what you did to them.”

    “Ha, ha, ha,” he laughed. “You think they’re going to take the word of two gutter snipes like them over me?”

    Just then two police officers walked in. The manager pointed to the loud mouth and quickly he was in silver bracelets. The manager then came out and handed the officers a video tape. “Oh they’d believe the boys sir. But they will also believe that video tape of everything you’ve said here. I have a closed circuit video surveillance system and you sure looked good ranting.”

    I was glad he had that tape because I didn’t want the boys to have to go through a court trial. The officers led him off and for once, he wasn’t shooting off his mouth. The manager came over and knelt down in front of the boys. “How can I ever make that up to you? I’m so sorry I didn’t believe you. Can you ever forgive me?”

    I saw Drew glare at him and then look up to me. Our eyes met and I just smiled to him. “I forgive you.”

    The manager patted each boy on the back then we headed for the parking lot. We drove back into town and I saw a little store. I parked the Sidekick then we went inside. “I have a question for you boys. Do your parents like the fact you’re out here all the time?”

    Benjy stopped, let go of my hand and ran outside. Drew glared at me then took off after him. Realizing I just made a fool out of myself, I took off hoping to find them. I looked up and down the street then saw Drew hop a short wall. I ran up to where I saw him but didn’t see anything. I stood there looking then I heard a little boy crying. I eased up to the wall and looked over it and saw Drew holding a crying Benjy. I hopped over the wall and looked at my little one. “Oh Benjy, I’m sorry. As soon as I said it I knew the mistake I made.”

    I held my arms out but Drew held onto him. “Look mister, next week, you’ll be back on a plane heading back to your world and we’ll still be stuck here.”

    I remembered the house where I took their picture. “What’s the house you two were at that day?”

    “That’s where we live,” Drew snapped.

    Now I was confused. “It’s where you live?”

    “Yeah that’s where we live,” Drew said again. “There aren’t enough house people to watch all of us so some of us older kids look out for the little ones. We get money for food but I don’t know how to cook that well.”

    Now I was starting to understand some things. “You get what foods you can manage then use the rest to eat out?”

    Drew nodded his head then went back to hugging Benjy. “How about I try and teach you how to cook a little?”

    Drew looked annoyed when I asked that question. “Mike, people have tried that and I can cook. But cooking dinners is hard. I have homework to do and Benjy to care for. I just can’t do everything.”

    I sat down and pulled Drew onto my lap. “How old are you Drew and how old is Benjy?”

    “12,” he mumbled into my chest. “Benjy is 9.”

    A 12 year old boy has no business trying to raise his little brother. “Do you have enough clothes?”

    “Yeah,” Benjy said. “We have plenty of shorts.”

    “But no underpants,” I said looking at Drew and snapping the elastic in his shorts.

    He turned red when I said that. “No. Besides, I don’t like wearing them.”

    “Is there an adult who checks on you?” I inquired. “I would like to meet them so they know you and you’re alright.”

    “We’ll be fine,” Drew said. “As long as we’re in bed by 10, we’ll get enough rest.”

    I decided to try acting like an adult and take charge. I hoped it wasn’t going to backfire on me but, then again, it couldn’t be any worse than what just happened. I turned the boys around and looked at them both. “OK, now here’s what we’re going to do. I’ll get you two each a bathing suit then you can take that to your house and get a shower because you’re both filthy. After that, you’ll come back with me and you can swim for a little while. Then we’ll get dinner and I’ll have you back home before bed time. I’ll even tuck you in so I know you’re safe.”

    I think Benjy liked the idea of being tucked in. I could see Drew mulling over my words. He got a little devil look in his eyes. “What would happen if we got up after you left?”

    I just grinned at him. “Then I think we would have a problem.”

    Benjy snuggled against me and Drew closed his eyes for a moment. “Yes sir that would be fine.”

    We got up and went into the store. We looked around and found a small selection of swimming wear. Drew found a pair of trunks that looked more like underwear and held them up against his body. “What do you think Mike?”

    I knew they were designed to be tight but I wasn’t sure if they would fit or not. I reached out and pulled the back of his shorts out so I could see if there was a size label on them. The label said 8 then I looked at the trunks. They were the same size so I thought they should fit. I looked at Benjy’s and he was wearing a 5. I found him a pair that he liked so it was on to the checkout. I paid for the trunks then walked over to the house they were staying at.

    It was a small house on the outside but inside was spacious. There were 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, living room and kitchen. The kitchen had an eating area and could hold a small family. Benjy took his trunks and headed for what I guessed was his bedroom. Then next thing I saw was a naked little boy running towards me. I knelt down and he held his arms out for me. “Can you help me in the bath?”

    I picked him up and set him on my hip. “Who normally helps you?”

    Drew slapped him on his butt. “Come on squirt, I’ll help you.”

    “Can Mike help me too?” he asked showing puppy dog eyes.

    I didn’t want to intrude on Drew’s privacy so I looked at him to see what he had to say. “Alright Benjy, maybe Mike will help me rinse my hair. I can never get all the soap out of it.”

    I ruffled Drew’s hair as he reached around me and gave me a quick hug while I sat Benjy down. “Where’s the bathroom?”

    Benjy took off and I followed the jiggling butt. I saw him enter a room then Drew and I entered. I looked at the tub and it was an old cast iron one that looked like it was at least 50 years old. The fixtures had been updated and a shower had been added also. I got the water temperature set and put the stopper in the drain so the tub could fill. I turned around and now I had two naked boys. “Drew, are you OK with me seeing you naked son?”

    He walked over and melted into my arms. He looked up at me and I could see for the first time, total trust. “Mike, you and Ben care about us and that’s something no one has ever done. Yeah the state lady comes here and checks on us but it’s more like her job. Homes are starting to get parents so maybe we’ll get one soon.”

    I got up off the toilet so the boys could use it then I helped Benjy in. Drew stood there like he was waiting for something so I lifted him in too. “Duck your heads under the water then I’ll shampoo them.”

    I got the shampoo and did Drew’s first. His hair was long and thick and I could see why he had a hard time rinsing it properly. I noticed the shower head came off so I turned the water on and then pulled the lever and soon the shower was running. I rinsed the soap out then washed it once more. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. His dark brown hair was shining. Next I did Benjy's and after two washings, his was like Drew’s. The boys got washed and after their chest and legs were done, they were ready to get out. “Hold it guys, there’s more left to wash.”

    Benjy and Drew looked at each other then back to me. “What’s left Mike?”

    I guess with no parents to guide them, they only did the necessities. “Well, you have your face, neck and ears. Then you have your back and feet. Last but not least you have your bottoms and your dicks.”

    Benjy looked at me curiously. “I tried that but I got soap in my eyes.”

    For a 9 year old that can be a little daunting without proper guidance. I sat him back in the tub and lathered my hands. “Close your eyes tight Benjy.”

    He closed them then I washed his face, neck and ears. “Now, keep your eyes closed and duck your face under the water and rinse the soap off your face.”

    He did as directed then came up. He opened his eyes and wiped the water off. “Hey, no soap got in my eyes.”

    I smiled at him. “See, you learn something new everyday.”

    Drew did the same thing as Benjy and now it was on to their backs. “Drew, stand up. Benjy put some soap on your hands and wash Drew’s back. Drew when Benjy is done, you do the same thing and wash his back.”

    I watched and they laughed and giggled as they washed each other. After rinsing, they were ready for the next thing. “OK, now for your feet. Stand up and put your foot here. Wash each foot and in between your toes. When that one is done, you do the other.”

    I knew getting them to wash their butts might be difficult. “Boys, now you need to wash your bottoms. I know people have tried to do things to you back there but you need to keep it clean. Do you think you can do it?”

    Drew looked at me very seriously. “Is it important Mike?”

    I nodded my head. “Yes it is little man. Has anyone showed you how to properly wash your dick?”

    Drew shook his head no and started doing his butt. Benjy soaped his hand and copied his brother. They sat in the water and rinsed off and then were standing in front of me for their next lesson. “Drew, can you slide the skin back on it?”

    He reached down and gently started retracting the foreskin. I saw him wince but he got it done. “OK, lather your hands and wash it then pull the foreskin back. When you rinse it, pull the skin back again and make sure all the soap is off.”

    I looked at Benjy and I wasn’t sure the skin had ever been retracted. “Benjy, can I try to do this?”

    He nodded his head so I gently lifted it and started to slide it back. I got it about half way back and I felt resistance. I applied a little pressure and it slid a little more but I heard Benjy wince. I knew it would go back but it was going to sting some. “Drew, I’m going to have to slide Benjy’s foreskin back but I don’t think it’s ever been done before and it’s gonna sting a little. Can you hold him? Benjy, I don’t wanna have to do this but it’s important. It’s gonna sting some but once this is done and clean, you’ll be able to keep it clean so this doesn’t happen again. Are you ok with it?”

    He looked at Drew and he nodded his head. “OK Mike, go ahead.”

    I took his p**** in my hand and slid the foreskin up and back as far as it would go. Then I decided it was time so I slid it back and finished pulling it back over the head all the way. “Owie Mike, it stings.”

    Drew was holding him and I washed his p**** removing the smegma that had built up. I rinsed it off then let the skin come back naturally. I washed it once more then slid the skin back and forth and it moved freely. I looked at him and wiped the tears off his face. I put my arms out and he fell into them. “I’m sorry baby. I hated hurting you but now it’s all better. Promise me you’ll wash it every time you take a bath.”

    I got my next surprise of the day. Benjy kissed me on the cheek then on my nose. “I’ll do it every time Mike.”

    I set him down and wrapped a towel around him. I picked Drew up and set him down then got him a towel. While they were drying off, I let the water out of the tub and man, what a ring around the tub. I turned to say something to the boys and I was alone. I knew they couldn’t have dried themselves off completely that fast. “Drew, Benjy get back in here.”

    They came walking in giggling and I could still see water on their bodies. “The purpose of the towel is to dry your body. Drew, dry your brother’s back then Benjy, you do Drew’s. Get your legs and in between them. It’s hard to put swimming trunks on when your butt and legs are wet.”

    They started drying themselves again while I cleaned the bath tub. When I was finished, they were no where to be found. The boys were sitting out in the living room snuggled together. “Why are you still naked?”

    I walked over and sat beside them. The boys form fitted themselves against my body then Drew looked at me. “After dinner, we take a bath. We just stay naked until it’s time for bed. We have the doors locked and no one can see us.”

    I thought about it for a moment and it wasn’t a bad idea. I looked at my watch and I was pretty sure Ben would be awake from nappy time. “OK guys, go get a clean pair of shorts on and grab your swimming trunks. I want you also to bring a shirt in case it cools off tonight.”

    I saw some tennis shoes in their room and had them put those on instead of the sandals they were wearing before. When we arrived back at the resort, Ben was awake and watching television. Benjy made a beeline for him and jumped on the bed. “Hi Ben, did you miss us?”

    For some reason, he was taken with the boys. “I was wondering when you guys would be back. I thought you got lost.”

    Drew came over and sat on the bed beside them. “No, Mike made us take a bath and then showed us how to do it right.”

    Ben looked at me like I was crazy. “Drew there is more to your body, as you saw, than just your chest, arms and legs.”

    Ben had grandchildren so that statement made perfect sense to him. The next thing I knew, there were two naked boys jumping up and down. I handed them their trunks and they put them on and we were being pulled out the door. “Come on, Mike said we could go swimming.”

    Ben turned off the television and we headed towards the pool. I saw the manager looking at us then nodded his head. When the boys were playing in the pool he came over to us. “I’m so sorry I spoke about them that way. I’m really ashamed of myself. I see that they are really good boys.”

    Ben looked at him for a moment. “One should never judge a book by its cover.”

    The manager swallowed hard then went back to his work. We let the boys swim for an hour or so and I could feel it starting to cool off. I was glad I had them bring shirts because they were going to need them. We got them out of the pool and back to the room where I had them take a quick shower to rinse the chlorine off. Ben and I were chatting when I heard Benjy call me.

    “What is it little one?”

    He had his p**** in his hand and had the foreskin retracted. “I washed it just like you said.”

    I smiled at him then held out towels. They got dried off then put their shorts and tee shirts on. It was after 7 already yet it seemed that only a couple of hours had passed. We went to the hotel’s restaurant and had a nice meal. When dinner was finished, it was almost 8:30 and the boys would need to get home soon. Ben decided to stay at the room and relax so I took the boys home by myself.

    When we arrived, the boys did their usual and got comfortable. I sat on the couch and quickly the boys got comfy. “Did you have a good time today?”

    “Oh yes Mike,” Benjy chimed. “This was the best day I can ever remember.”

    Drew was a little more somber. “I had a great time Mike. I know this is only for a short while but I did enjoy myself. Do you have children?”

    I had been married but we were never blessed. “No son, I don’t. I wanted to be a father but it never happened.”

    He looked at me and with all sincerity said, “Well, you will make a great father.”

    We sat and talked until it was their bedtime. I saw how the front door locked so I knew once the boys were in bed, I could see to it the door was locked. The boys went to the bathroom then they scampered into their bed. I tucked them in and gave each a kiss in the cheek. “Good night boys. I had a great time also. Get a good night’s sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    The boys returned my kisses and Drew sat up. “Mike, be careful going back to the resort.”

    I smiled and headed for the door. “I will Drew, I promise.”

    I turned the bedroom light off then turned the light off in the living room. I looked back down the hall and I saw a small light come on. I guess they need some little sense of security. I went out and made sure the door was securely closed then drove back to the resort.

    When I returned I saw Ben lying on the bed engrossed in a movie. I got undressed and stretched out beside him. “You had a good time today, didn’t you?”

    Suddenly I felt bad that Ben had been ignored and my eyes dipped towards the bed. “I’m sorry I ignored you Ben.”

    He turned over and looked at me. “Don’t be sorry Mike. Today was the first time in a long time I’d seen you out of your shell. You were the old Mike that I first met. You took it really hard when Rainer died and I was really worried about you when you couldn’t even get over there for his funeral.”

    I tried not to think about that because it would send me back into the doldrums’. “I still miss him Ben. We were together only 6 months but it was as if I’d known him all my life. He was the only person I can honestly say I was totally and completely head over heels in love with.”

    I started crying and acting like a little boy. “I know you were Mike. I saw it every time you talked about him or were online with him. That’s why today it was good to see you happy again. Now, what’s going to happen when we leave?”

    He had to bring that up. It was like the air in my balloon was just let out. “Good question.”

    Suddenly I got a thought and it was like a light bulb was shining over top of my head. “Oh no Mike, there is no way we can adopt them. International adoptions are hard even in the best of circumstances but here we are; 2 single gay men.”

    He was right and I knew it. I tried keeping a safe distance from the boys so my heart wouldn’t get broke but damn it to hell, I was starting to really care for these two. “I know Ben and to top it off I’m starting to really love them. I guess I’m just one of those guys who’s destined to be alone and lonely.”

    He wrapped his arms around me as I started crying again. I don’t know how long I cried but the next thing I remember was the sun was shining through the window. “Morning babe, here’s some coffee for you.”

    I took a swig then looked at the clock. It was almost 9 and I was wondering about the boys. I quickly finished the coffee and emptied my bladder. “Damn, why’d you let me sleep so long?”

    Ben started laughing at my antics. “Calm down Mike. I’ve already had my coffee. Now let’s go and find Drew and Benjy before you have a heart attack.”

    We headed for the Sidekick and I drove because I remembered where the house was. As we pulled up, I saw a lady standing at the front door. Drew was there talking with her then she went inside. I suddenly got worried and started wondering what this was all about. At first I was going to drive off and come back later but decided to throw caution to the wind. I found a place to park then we went up to the door. I knocked and Benjy opened it. Suddenly I had an arm full of little boy. “Mike, I was wondering when you’d be here.”

    I felt a warm wet kiss on my cheek and then noticed the lady looking curiously at me. We walked inside and I stuck my hand out to her. “Hi, I’m Mike Parker and this is my friend Ben Palmer.”

    She shook my hand and smiled. “I’m Beth Mayfield. I’m the city Social Worker. Drew here told me what you two did for them yesterday. I’m glad the man will be punished for what he did.”

    I nodded my head and set Benjy down on his feet. I sent the boys into the kitchen to get themselves breakfast while Beth, Ben and I talked. “I’m glad too Beth. I knew the boys would testify but I really didn’t want them put through a trial.”

    Beth nodded her head in agreement. “I agree Mike. Drew told me you helped them yesterday and they had a really enjoyable time. Were you able to determine if the boys had been injured physically?”

    I sucked a little wind at her statement. “No I haven’t. I did help them with their bath but I never looked at their bottoms. I didn’t want them thinking I was like the others.”

    It was then I realized there were little ears in the room. “Mike, I don’t think of you like that now. If you needed to see us back there, why didn’t you just ask?”

    Benjy was standing there also and started to drop his shorts. “Hang on Benjy; we don’t go naked in front of ladies.”

    Benjy started to say something when Drew stopped him. “Yes sir, you’re right. I’m sorry Miss Beth.”

    Beth looked at me with a quizzical look on her face. “Yes sir? Alright, where are the real Drew and Benjy?”

    Benjy came running over. “I’m right here Miss Beth. You know me.”

    We all started laughing at Benjy’s antics. I decided to take a look at them while she was here and if they had been injured, she could get them medical care. “Come on boys, I’d like to take a look at your bottoms.”

    We walked down to their room and they both shucked their shorts and hopped up on the bed. I took a look at Drew first. When I spread his cheeks, I saw his rectum still nice and pink. I then looked at Benjy and I could tell right away someone had tried to penetrate him but the damage was very minimal. There was a small healed cut that appeared to have been caused by a fingernail. Other than that he was fine. “OK boys, you can get dressed now.”

    “That’s it?” Drew asked.

    I nodded my head and kissed his cheek. “That’s it little man. You’re both fine back there.”

    Benjy stood up and retracted the foreskin on his p**** for me. “Look Mike, it works fine now and it doesn’t hurt either.”

    “Benjy you better stop that,” Drew said. “You’re getting a stiffy.”

    I knew this wasn’t the time but I was going to have to have a little talk with the boys. Benjy hung his head like a scolded puppy. “It’s OK little one. It’s going to do that from time to time and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

    Benjy grabbed his shorts then stuck his tongue out at his brother. We returned to the living room and I told Beth the boys were, for all intents and purposes, fine. She nodded her head and said she’d check on the boys later this afternoon or tomorrow. Drew told her that they would be spending the day again with us and she didn’t seem to have a problem with it. After she left, Benjy jumped into my arms. “I love you Mike. I wish you didn’t have to leave.”

    Out of the mouths of babes came the three words I’d been dreading to hear but I couldn’t deny my feelings towards them any longer. I kissed him on the cheek and hugged him close to me. “I love you too Benjy.”

    I wrapped my arm around Drew and pulled him close to me also. “Yes Drew, I love you as well.”

    He looked up at me with a beaming smile on his face. “I’ve never said this to any man Mike but I do love you. I too wish you didn’t have to leave.”

    Ben was standing there with a smile on his face. “Didn’t I tell you Mike?”

    We all left and started walking around the town. We found a place that rented horses and I got a great idea. “Hey guys, how would you like to go horse back riding?”

    Benjy got nervous when I asked them that question. “Mike, I’ve never been on a horse before. They’re big and I’m scared.”

    “How about you ride with me,” I asked as I picked up my little one. “If Drew’s scared he can ride with Ben.”

    “All alright Mike,” Benjy stuttered. “I trust you.”

    Ben and I rented horses and took the boys on an enjoyable ride. After several minutes, Benjy had the reigns in his hands and I was just along for the ride. After turning the horses in, we all got some lunch then Ben spotted a place where you could go diving. The boys weren’t certified divers and neither was I so we decided to go snorkeling. We swam and played to together for about an hour then went for a little stroll so our shorts could dry our.

    The day was quickly passing and my love for these two was growing stronger with each passing minute. We were walking down the street when suddenly the boys took off. Ben and I noticed a couple boys playing as they ran over to them. After a few minutes, the four of them walked back to us and Drew was quite animated. “These are two very good friends of ours.”

    The taller one had quite dark skin. It was a dark olive complexion and his hair was a jet black that shined more than Drew’s. His eyes looked like two onyxes. The other boy was just the opposite. His skin was a fair white, like a sheet. His hair was a golden blonde and his eyes were like pools of crystal clear water. “Mike, Ben, this is Mohammad. He likes to be called Mo.”

    I reached my hand out and he gave it a firm shake and then he smiled at me. His teeth had to be the whitest of anyone I’d ever seen. I thought Drew and Benjy had electric smiles but Mo had them both beat hands down. It’s nice to meet you Mo. And who is this other young man?”

    The boy smiled and blushed. “This is Sasha. They live several blocks away.”

    Mo looked at us and it appeared he was trying to size me up. “Ben, Drew says you’re not like the other men around here. He says you’re someone who will help boys like us.”

    Ben could see his eyes starting to get wet. He wrapped his arms around Drew and drew him close. “I will do anything I can to help.”

    The tears were rolling down his face now. I saw a little store across the street. “Boys, just wait here with Ben a minute and I’ll be right back. Then we can go over to Drew and Benjy’s place where we can all sit and talk.”

    I went into the little store and bought several bottles of soda then we took the boys home. After fixing them each something to drink we sat on the couch and Mo started to tell me what was on his mind. “Mike, I don’t like where we live now. There is a man who knows we live there alone and he has tried to get in.”

    I was shocked at this news. “Did you call the police or tell Miss Beth?”

    “No have phone,” Sasha said in a think Russian accent as he scooted close to Ben. “No have woman for Social Worker either. Man gives Sasha the creeps.”

    I looked at the boys and had to ask a serious question. I just hoped this wouldn’t scare them away from me. “Boys, I need to ask you a question but please, we will not judge you or think badly of you.”

    The boys’ heads started swinging back and forth. “Alright, Drew says you’re not like the others. What is your question?”

    I took a deep breath. “Have you done things with men in order to survive?”

    Sasha shook his head no but Mo started crying again. I comforted Mo until he could talk. “No, I’ve never had sex with a man, if that is what you mean but my parents tossed me out when my father caught me playing with another boy. My mother slapped me hard across the face and my father said I am a disgrace to the family. We were here visiting the country. They tore up my plane ticket, burned my passport and left for home without me.”

    Mo started crying again and it took a few minutes before he could speak. “I’ve let men take photographs of me. They say I have a big dick. Sasha and I have even been photographed together. I don’t let a man touch us.”

    “How old are you boys?” I asked.

    Mo looked at Sasha then back to me. “I’m 11 and Sasha is 10. Can you help us?”

    I nodded my head. “Yes, we’ll help you guys. First thing, I want you to stay here with Drew and Benjy. Is that alright with you guys Drew?”

    Drew and Benjy both nodded their heads in agreement. “The next thing we’re going to do is get you some clothes here so you don’t have to go back there. Tomorrow, if Miss Beth comes here, we can talk with her and get you moved here permanently.”

    I managed to get Mo calmed down then we went out and tried to have a little fun. The first thing on the agenda was drive over to Mo and Sasha’s place and get them some clothes. I found some bags and got some shorts, tee shirts and undies bagged up for them both. We were about to get back into the Sidekick when a man came up. “Just where are you taking these boys?”

    Mo looked at me and tried to become a permanent attachment to my body. “That’s our Social Worker,” he whispered very quietly.

    Now even this guy gave me with willies. “They’re going to spend the night with Drew and Benjy. Haven’t you ever heard of a sleep over?”

    “Not without my permission,” he barked causing Sasha to try to fit in between Ben’s legs. “They don’t do a thing without MY say so.”

    Just then a car pulled up and I saw Beth get out. “What’s going on here?”

    Drew ran over to Beth and started getting animated. “Mo and Sasha want to have a sleep over and I know it’s OK. This guy says Mo and Sasha can’t do anything without his OK first.”

    The man recognized Beth and he started trying to cover his a**. “That’s not what I said. It just so happens I have prospective parents wanting to meet the boys. That’s why I was here.”

    Ben leaned down and picked Sasha up. “Gee buddy, that’s not what I heard a few seconds ago.”

    Beth got a cynical look on her face. “This is not the first time you’ve done this Jack. The last time, the 3 boys you took weren’t home for several days. I have no record of this so I want to know who these parents are.”

    Jack looked worried. “Um they’re coming into Belize City. That’s where their plane is landing. I’m taking the boys to meet them.”

    Beth started shaking her head. “You know full well that’s against our policies. Children are not to be taken out of the city. Boys, has this happened before?”

    I saw Jack glare at them. Mo shook his head no and Sasha was saying yes. “Da Ma’am. It happen before.”

    Beth was livid. “Jack, you’re fired.”

    The man was furious. He took a lunge at Beth but Sasha was faster. The little guy swung with all his might and nailed the man right in the balls. I noticed a police car coming up the street so I waved them over. Beth told the police what had happened and the police took control of Jack until things could get sorted. Sasha saw Jacks briefcase and started going through it. Jack’s eyes got big then he shouted, “Hey kid, that’s private property.”

    He found an envelope and handed that to Beth. “Here lady, he take these of Sasha and Mo.”

    Jack started wiggling trying to break free. I walked over beside Beth and watched as she undid the clasp and remove the contents. At first, all I saw were some photos of the boys in their underwear. The next photo I saw was Mo and Sasha naked. As Beth flipped through the photos, they started getting worse. In one photo, it showed Jack openly playing with Mo and Sasha’s p****. Beth put the photos back in the envelope then handed it to the police officer. What she did next made me glad I wasn’t in his place. She drew back and swung with an open hand slapping him in the face. “How could you abuse the boys you’re charged to protect.”

    The officers took the envelope then stuck Jack in the back of the car. I went over and knelt down wrapping my arms around Mo while Ben held Sasha. We held them for a few moments then I got angry. I went over to the police car and yanked open the back door. “Just what the f**k got into you? How could you?”

    At first he thought I was gonna let him have it like Beth did and the thought had crossed my mind. “How could I? Oh come on mister. Those boys loved it. Did you see the erections on them?”

    I damn near hit him when I heard that. “Any boy will get an erection if their p**** is stimulated. I hope you enjoy your time in prison.”

    I slammed the door and went back to the boys. I looked around and they weren’t there. I saw Beth’s car still parked where she left it. I looked at the house then spotted Benjy’s little head. The officer’s left with Jack then I went inside the house. I saw Sasha and Mo and immediately started crying. Mo came up and hugged me tightly. “Why are you crying Mike?”

    I was a blubbering mess as I held them. “Oh boys, I’m sorry you had that happen to you.”

    Mo kissed my cheek and wiped my face with his thumbs. “Mike, I did like being touched. Not by him but when Sasha did it. I like boys, not girls.”

    I kissed him then looked Mo in the eyes. “Mo, just because you like boys, doesn’t give adults the right to do things to you or to make another boy touch you. You’re only 11 and getting your p**** touched by someone does feel good. Weather you’ll like that later on, no one knows. If you do, that’s fine and if you don’t, that’s fine also.”

    I saw Beth come out with two bags of clothes. “Guys, can you be sure Mo and Sasha are settled into the other house?”

    I nodded my head and all four boys let out cheers. God, two more taking hold onto my heart. I didn’t know how leaving here would be possible. Beth came over and whispered to me. “Would you and Ben mind staying there tonight? I have a feeling Mo and Sasha might have some problems and they’re going to need someone there.”

    “Not a problem Beth. We’ll stay there tonight.

    Beth leaned in and gave us a big hug. “Thanks guys, you’re really a God send for these boys. I know tomorrow is Christmas Eve but I’ll stop in and check in on you all in the morning.”

    Benjy’s little ears perked up. “Are you staying with us tonight?”

    Beth headed towards the door then looked at me. “Bye guys.”

    “Are you staying with us?” Mo asked with hopeful eyes.

    I nodded my head then headed towards the door. “Come on guys, we have things to do. We have to get clothes sorted and put away.

    We started talking about the house when Drew leaned forward and said, “Don’t worry, we have a lot of goodies. We do have cable and the internet but we don’t have a TV or computer.”

    Ben and I looked at each other. The first thing we did was get Drew and Benjy to help Mo and Sasha put their clothes away. While the boys were doing that, Ben looked at me. “I saw a used electronics place nearby.”

    I smiled and wondered how we’d keep the boys from going ballistic when they knew what we were going to do. The four came running out and I ended up with Sasha in my arms. “What are we going to do now?”

    I looked at my watch but 4 boys’ tummies answered the question for us. “We’re hungry.”

    We headed over to the resort where Ben and I packed our clothes and talked to the manager. After Ben explained everything, the manager graciously gave him a refund on the room. We next took the boys to the restaurant and had a huge dinner. After that, it was time to go shopping.

    Ben parked a couple blocks from the store so the boys wouldn’t figure out where we were going. As we got closer, Drew started getting excited. “Mike, Ben, are we going in there?”

    I took Drew by the hand but we couldn’t corral the others in time as they bolted towards the store. I let Ben and his ex-Navy voice handle the round-up. “Hold it right there.”

    The boys hit the brakes and turned to look at us. We walked up and I took Mo’s hand. “Listen guys, it’s going to be a zoo in there and we have an idea of what we want.”

    Drew looked up at me and then over to Ben. “There is this great computer that I look at all the time when I come in. It’s got a pretty good price on it.”

    Ben and I looked at each other so I let Drew lead the way to the computer. Ben, Sasha and Benjy went and looked for a TV and a DVD/VCR combination. The computer was about a year old but it seemed to be near the top of the line at the time and the price on it was 500 Belize. A salesman came over and after a few minutes of haggling, he agreed to take 400 Belize. I took the sales slip to the front and Ben was heading towards me. He handed me his slip and after paying just under 1,000 Belize we took our bounty home.

    We got the electronics into the house and it was almost 8 already. I looked at the boys and tried the fatherly approach. “Drew and Benjy; go and get your bath. Mo, you and Sasha will go next. Ben and I will get the TV and DVD player set up and then we’ll see what’s on TV.”

    Ben and I set the TV on a cart and rolled it by the cable outlet. The boys were still standing there watching us work. “Mike, can you help us like you did last night?”

    Ben giggled as he hooked the cables up. “Go on Mike, I can do this.”

    Mo walked over and handed Ben the DVD player. “Can we hook up the computer next?”

    Ben started working then looked at Mo. “We’ll do that tomorrow now go and get in the bath with the others; you too Sasha.”

    The boys ran to the bathroom then I coached four boys in the art of bath time. Sasha and Mo didn’t need much help but I noticed when it came to his crotch, Mo acted like Drew and skipped his p****. “Mo, don’t forget your p**** son. Slide the skin back and wash it.”

    He looked at me like he hadn’t heard what I said. “Really Mike? My father said doing that was wrong and I wasn’t to do that.”

    I looked at him then Drew came over beside him. “Mo, if you don’t, the stuff trapped under your foreskin will cause an infection and then you’d need to have the extra skin removed. You’d look like Sasha after the operation.”

    He took it in his fingers and pulled the skin back. “You won’t be mad if it gets hard?”

    I shook my head no. “Why would I get mad at something that happens naturally? No one will get mad at you if you get a stiffy.”

    Mo slowly retracted the skin and I got a whiff of the odor. I watched as he washed it and saw that the shaft was a little red. “Does it hurt to pee son?”

    Mo rinsed himself off then I helped him out of the tub. “No, it doesn’t hurt to pee.”

    I felt better about that. I would keep an eye on Mo and hope the redness would clear up on its own. The boys got dried then scurried into the living room. Ben had the TV going then had a lapful of Sasha. The little guy got comfy and had a huge grin on his face. “Hey Ben, you look good like that.”

    Ben kinda scowled at me until Sasha turned around and kissed him on the cheek. “Sasha like Uncle Ben.”

    I rolled when he said that. We watched some Christmas cartoon specials and as the last one was going off, the boys were asleep. We got the boys in bed, tucked and kissed. Drew and Benjy were the last 2 I did and as I was closing the door, I heard Drew say, “I love you Mike”

    “I love you too Drew. I love you Benjy.”

    Ben and I got the house secured then we went to bed. The next morning, Ben was up first then I had an attack of the killer Benjy and Sasha. “Ok boys, I’m awake. Miss Beth said she would be here so you guys need to get some shorts on.”

    They scooted to their room and I hurried to the bathroom. I was having my coffee then there was a knock on the door. There was Beth smiling. God I hated her, I’m not a morning person. “How did you manage the 4 of them?”

    I giggled and sipped my coffee. “Like I did with 2. It was easy and Sasha tamed Ben.”

    Ben was putting breakfast on the table for the boys then he came in and joined Beth and me. “Guys, I need to ask you both a question. Just answer yes or no.”

    I looked at Ben and we both shrugged our shoulders. “OK Beth, what do you have to say?”

    She pulled her thoughts together then it came. “Mike, I’ve never seen someone get to these two like you have. Drew never trusted anyone because he was always looking out for Benjy but you won him over. When he said “yes sir” to you; that told me he respected you. I’m here to ask if you two would consider being house parents for these boys. After the first of the year, two more boys will need supervision. We just don’t have enough good people. You’ll receive a stipend of $5,000 a month to run the house and buy food and clothes for the boys. Electricity, phone, cable and internet will be provided. I see you have a TV for them and I’m sure they love that.”

    Ben and I were shocked. “Ma’am, we’re American.”

    Beth nodded her head. “I know and that’s not a problem.”

    I couldn’t believe this. It was a dream come true for me and I know the boys would be ecstatic. I looked at Ben and I could tell he already knew my answer. I hoped his love for the country would get him to say yes too. I knew he would have things back home to take care of but we could work that out later. I saw Ben nod his head and I gave him an ‘are you sure’ look and he nodded his head again. “Alright Beth, we’re in. You handle the details but let us tell the boys.”

    Beth took out some papers and we quickly filled them out. No sooner had she put them in her briefcase, the boys came in. “I’ll take care of this and see you the day after tomorrow.”

    Ben and I now had some major work ahead of us. I thought for a minute about what we could do with the boys so Ben and I could shop. “Ok boys, how would you like to go swimming in the pool at the resort?”

    That seems to solve our problem. “Ok guys, go get into your trunks but bring shorts and underpants so you can change into them later.”

    The boys changed then we were off to the resort. I spoke with the manager and he said the boys would be fine and he would make sure they were safe. Ben and I gave the boys hugs and kisses and told them there was something he and I had to do but they would be bored silly. They bought the explanation and headed to the water.

    Ben and I were like kids ourselves. We made sure the boys would have a Christmas they would never forget. When I was at the house, I saw a storage room and it was large enough to hold the bounty we bought for the boys. Two hours of shopping then another two for wrapping. The four big items we didn’t wrap. Each boy got a new bike and helmet equipped with a heavy cable and lock. At night, the bikes would go into the shed and would be locked so they wouldn’t get stolen. We made the door stronger and put a strong lock on it too just so there would be another level of security to keep their bikes safe.

    Once everything was wrapped and locked away, we headed back to the resort. On the way home, we stopped and got a Christmas tree and a nice supply of ornaments. “Mike, we’ve never had a Christmas tree before,” Drew said.

    “Well, this will be your first one,” I said looking at Ben.

    We took it home and got it set up. Ben and I let the kids pretty much decorate it and all in all, they did a pretty good job. Ben put Sasha on his shoulders then let him place the Angel on the top. Then I went and gave them a little surprise. I got stockings for each of them and put their name on them with a felt tip pen. “This is an early gift for you. There is a lot of sweet stuff in there so please don’t eat it all because I don’t want 4 boys with tummy aches.”

    I got some little nails so they could be hung near the tree. During our shopping, we got some groceries so we weren’t eating out all the time. Ben started dinner while I got the computer set up. We bought a wireless router so our laptops could work and we would be able to be online when the boys were.

    After dinner, we plugged the tree in and the boys smiled at its beauty. After their baths, we watched A Christmas Story then we put the boys to bed. After a hard day of swimming, it didn’t take them long before all four were asleep. We waited a little while just in case someone had to get up then we started bringing the gifts in. Once everything was in, we headed to bed.

    It seemed I just fell asleep when four boys were in our room. “Wake up guys. You have to see this. Come on Mike wake up.”

    I opened my eyes and saw sunlight then hurried to the bathroom. I pulled some shorts on then Ben and I were almost pulled out to the living room. Benjy jumped into my arms and held my face with his hands. “Mike, Santa was here. He actually came.”

    I hugged my little one and kissed his cheek as the tears fell. “Yes Benjy, it does look like he made a stop here.”

    I put the boys down then sat down beside the tree. I would pick up a gift and give it the owner. While I was doing this, Ben slipped outside and lined the bikes up by the back door. When the last gift was opened Ben called the boys and had them bring the paper so it could be put into the trash. When Drew opened the door, the boys saw the bikes. Paper went flying and hugs were given all around. The boys did put the paper in the trash then I brought them into the living room. “How did you like your first Christmas?”

    Drew and Benjy were on my lap and Ben had Mo and Sasha. Drew kissed me on the cheek. “Mike, this is the best Christmas ever. I can’t remember our last one. I know this will be over in another few days but I love you. I wish you never had to leave and could be our Dad. Benjy and I talked about it and we’ve never felt so safe and loved.”

    Mo looked at Ben and both boys gave Ben a huge hug. “Mike, you showed me yesterday that you do care about us. I don’t know you and Ben that well but I will be very sad when you have to leave.”

    I had to fight tears at what Drew said and I saw Ben with some wet eyes also. “Boys, there is one more gift Ben and I have for you. I tried not to let you wiggle into my heart but it happened and it was the best thing for me. Over these last two days, I can’t see my life without you. Our Christmas present to you is that Ben and I will be staying here and will be your house parents. Do you think you can put up with us?”

    Hugs and tears lasted for I don’t know how long. Ben and I got breakfast going and 4 boys quickly make it disappear. After breakfast, Ben and I watched the boys ride their bikes and realized we were now Daddies. I felt whole again. I felt Rainer in my heart telling me this was my lot in life. I couldn’t believe this gift I got while spending Christmas in Belize.

    The End

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  5. This is a story about a young boy who gets over a devistating accident and learns to love after the death of his father.

    Camp Awesome

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

    The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

    This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be changed in any way without the expressed written consent of the author. This story may not be put on any pay to view site.

    Note: The characters Jaden and Grant Monroe and all references to the story Missing are use with permission of the author, RClayton.

    I reply to all emails, except flames. You may write me here

    I hope you enjoy this story.

    Miguel Sanchez

    Camp Awesome


    My name is David Peterson and I’m 14 years old. My mother and stepfather are shipping me off to this camp to help me deal with some problems I have. I don’t know why but I guess there is one bright spot to it. It’s just for boys and they are gay like me.

    About two years ago, my Dad and I went hunting. It was a great time for us because it was one of the few things we enjoyed doing together. I wasn’t into sports or anything and I had just told them I was gay. I was prepared for them to kill me or ship me off to some boarding school so they didn’t have to be around their disappointment of a son but that didn’t happen. My mother looked at me and said, “I had wondered when you were going to tell us, son.”

    I was stunned to say the least. I looked at her and said, “You knew? How? When?”

    She just smiled at me and said, “I’m your mother silly. I carried you for nine months inside me. I felt you grow and kick. There isn’t very much I don’t know about you.”

    She hugged me close to her like she did when I was a little kid. I tried to stay strong and not cry but I couldn’t. I broke down and the floodgates opened.

    When I finally composed myself, my Dad looked at me and said, “Well, times are changing. I guess we’ll have an adopted grandchild if that’s what you want. I still love you son. Always have, always will.”

    What he did next totally blew me away. He went into his bedroom and came out with this huge box and said, “Open it son. I was going to wait a few months but I think now is as good a time as any for you to have this.”

    He sat it on the dining room table and I knew what the box was but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what it was. I took the top off and there was a brand new Winchester 30-06 rifle with a 3x9 power scope on it. Man, it was sweet. I looked at my Dad and just started crying all over again. “Dad,” I said through the tears. “It’s wonderful. I’ve been looking at that for over a year now.”

    “I know son,” he said. “I needed to wait until you grew some so it wouldn’t knock you on your backside when you fired it.”

    He was right. I wasn’t the biggest kid when we started hunting but I did all right with a 30-30. Just after the first of the year I went through a growth spurt and filled out in the chest and shoulders. I went over and hugged him saying, “I guess I’m not a runt anymore, huh Dad?”

    “Hell no son,” he said smiling at me. “I don’t care if you’re gay or straight, you’re still a man to me.”

    I couldn’t wait for winter and the first day of hunting season. I’d had my shirttail cut a few times while getting used to my first rifle because I missed a few deer so I wanted to get it sighted in first. I did finally bag my first one last season.

    Two weeks before the start of the season Dad took me out to the hunting lodge and I got it zeroed in perfect. Dad was proud because it didn’t take that many shots and I felt so happy because now I was ready for the first day.

    The first day finally came and this year it was on a Saturday and Mom was glad because I wasn’t missing school. Mother’s are funny about those things but Dad’s say, “Let him go, it’s a right of passage.”

    My alarm was set for three-thirty. We had to be out the door by four because it took just over ninety minutes to get to the lodge. We wanted to be there before sunrise so we could be out in the fields just as the sun was coming up. I was so excited before going to bed that it wasn’t until eleven before I finally got to sleep and the next thing I remember was my Dad saying, “Come on sleepy head. It’s time to rise and shine.”

    I moaned “Aw Dad, I don’t want to go to school today.”

    He giggled shaking me again saying, “Alright kiddo. You can sleep but I’m going hunting. I’ll see you when I get home tomorrow.”

    My eyes shot open and I said, “I’m up and you better wait for me.”

    I threw the covers off me totally forgetting how I slept and my morning wood was standing at attention for my Dad and the whole world to see. I ran into the bathroom and emptied my bladder and when I came back in Dad was laughing and I was five shades of red. He said through the giggles, “I can say this son, you have grown.”

    I pulled my boxers on and said “Dad, the least you could have done was leave while I dressed.”

    I was still pulling on my long johns when he said, “I’ve changed your diaper many a time son so don’t be embarrassed. Besides, I’m just like you first thing in the morning so don’t think you have a corner on that market. Come on now son, let’s get a move on.”

    We got our gear loaded into the van and made our usual stop for donuts, coffee and hot chocolate. I normally sleep on the way to the lodge but this time I was wide-awake. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through my body and I swear it was getting higher and higher with each passing mile. We pulled off the highway onto the dirt road that led to the hunting lodge. There were about five other vehicles already there so the chances of a kill today were good.

    We unloaded our gear and went inside. I had my rifle slung over my shoulder and many of the guys patted me on the back when they saw it. Dad checked to see what the official time sun-up was and soon we were heading out for the first part of the hunt. Everyone was dropped of and we checked the radios so we could talk with everyone so we knew where they were to prevent an accidental shooting.

    I found a tree and set my rifle against it and pulled out my thermos of hot chocolate so I could warm myself up and kill a few minutes before we got the word the season started. I looked at my watch and at exactly five after six, the word was passed and we were now able to legally hunt. Dad called me and said I should just stay put until it got a little lighter outside so the deer would start moving. At half past six, the light was better and the sun was starting to rise. I walked about a mile and was looking through my field glasses when I spotted a beautiful ten-point buck. I set my glasses down and loaded 5 rounds into my rifle and then started moving closer wanting to stay down wind.

    I shouldered my rifle and grabbed my binoculars so I could see where this beautiful animal was going. I couldn’t believe it; at the angle we were both heading it would pull us together in about 750 yards. I walked very quietly not wanting to make any noise. I was able to get ahead of him and find a tree where all I had to do was wait where I would get a shot good clean at him. I shouldered my rifle and scanned the area looking for other hunters. Everyone in our group had blaze orange vests on so we could all be seen and no one was in my line of fire. I set the glasses down and got my rifle and looked through the scope. I could see the deer but I didn’t have a clear shot.

    I had to wait until he moved more to the left and in about five minutes he did. He was starting and stopping and I was trying to will him into the position I wanted. My patience soon paid off because he was in my clear line of sight. I quietly chambered a round and prepared to fire. I slid the safety off and put the sight right on his chest. My heart was beating ninety miles an hour and my arms were shaking so I had to take several deep breaths before I finally got myself under control. I blinked a couple of times then took in a deep breath. I put my finger on the trigger and let half of it out holding the rest inside. I squeezed the trigger and fired. I heard the round go off and at the same time, disaster struck. I saw an orange clad person stand up and I knew I couldn’t do a thing about it.

    I watched through the scope as the deer bolted and the body fall to the ground. I screamed and ran to see who it was. I was yelling for my Dad because I didn’t think he would be that close to me. When I got there my heart dropped into my stomach. I knew it was in fact my Dad. I rolled him over and said, “Dad, Dad I’m sorry. I didn’t see you, I swear.”

    He looked up at me and said, “I know son. I should have called you to find out where you were.”

    I was yelling into the radio telling everyone there was an accidental shooting and we need an ambulance. Several of the group had cell phones and I know the call had been made. One of the members was and EMT and all I could do now was wait and be with my Dad until help arrived. I took my vest off and put it against the wound. I leaned down and kissed him and said, “You’re going to be alright Dad, hang on. I love you.”

    “I love you too, son,” he said trying to smile at me so I wouldn’t worry. “You’ve made me proud of you son. No matter what you do, you hold your head up and stand tall. Don’t let anyone ever put you down for being who you are.”

    “I will Dad,” I said. “Hang on now. You’re going to be alright.”

    Several of the members got there and started working on him trying to get the bleeding stopped. What I didn’t know at the time was that my shot went completely through him and nicked his aorta. I held his hand until I heard the ambulance but by the time they got there he had slipped away.

    I went home and was so scared my mother would blame me for killing the man she so loved and for a while she was really depressed. We both got help and finally started living again but I never really got over that day.

    My mom finally remarried and I love my step dad Ray and he’s really great. He knows I’m gay and it’s a non-issue. There are times I just totally withdraw from everything so they think this might help me. I don’t see what six weeks of painting and basket weaving is going to do to help but with I guess I’ll give it a shot.


    A week after school let out I was on the bus heading off to camp. I noticed several boys my age and I must say they were rather cute. I guess I should tell you that except for having some pretty vivid jack off fantasies, I’ve never done anything with another boy. I’ve seen some nice pictures on the net and read a lot of stories about guys sucking dick and getting sucked but as of yet, I haven’t done that. I know I can’t wait for that chance to come along because I’ve tasted my own cum and I love it, so tasting someone else’s is something I’m longing to try.

    It took about three hours to get to the camp and after going down a long dirt road I saw a sign over the gate that read Camp Awesome. ‘Interesting name for a camp,’ I thought as I watched the bus pull onto the grounds.

    The camp had a rustic look to it yet I could see some modern looking buildings as well. I noticed several adults standing around holding clipboards and talking amongst themselves. After the bus stopped, we got our carry on bags then got off to get the rest of our belongings. As soon as we stepped off the bus a young man said, “Listen up guys, I want the 13 and 14 year olds to form up on me. The 11 and 12 years olds will form up on Nancy and the 15 to 17 year olds form up on Matt. Once you get your gear, meet me by this tree.”

    It took us about ten minutes to sort through everything and meet the man by the tree. After three hours on the bus, I needed to pee in the worst way. I went up to him and said, “Excuse me sir, can you tell me where a bathroom is?”

    Now if I had been in the woods hunting I would have just found a tree to let fly but I thought better of that idea. The man looked at me and smiled saying, “Go over there and find a tree.”

    My instincts were correct so I ran to the nearest one and relieved myself. I walked back to the man and said, “Thank you, I was going to do that but thought better of it.”

    When everyone was in groups the man said, “Good afternoon boys. My name is Pete Miller and I will be your counselor while you are here. I will call out names and when you hear yours let me know so I can check it off. He started saying Brad Cooper, Allen Jacobs, Todd Williams, Brian Walker, Steven Barnes and Donald Gaines.”

    I counted heads and there were seven of us so I guess someone decided not to come at the last minute. While Pete was calling out names I was looking at him. He reminded me a lot of my Dad and I started getting depressed wishing now that I was back home. I was totally lost in my thoughts when I felt a hand touch me on the shoulder and a voice say, “Are you Jaden Monroe or David Peterson?”

    I came back to earth and looked at him funny. I finally remembered what he asked me so I said, “Ah sorry sir, I’m David Peterson.”

    I noticed that I was the only person standing by the tree when Pete said, “Is there something wrong David?”

    I wiped the tears from my eyes and said, “Ah no sir, not really.”

    “Do you miss home already son?” he asked smiling.

    “No sir,” I said. “You just remind me a whole lot of my Dad in the way you talk and act.”

    He laughed at the statement then said, “Well kiddo, I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad one.”

    We started talking and walking towards the cabins when I said, “A little of both I guess sir.”

    He put his hand on my shoulder and said, “First thing David, please stop calling me sir. It makes me feel old and we want this to be an enjoyable and relaxing time here for you all. You love your Dad huh son?”

    “I did,” I said. “He was killed in an accident a little over a year ago and I still miss him. My mom remarried and I really love my stepfather but it’s just not quite the same.”

    “I see,” Pete said. “Is he trying to be your father?”

    “Oh no,” I said. “Just before he and mom got married he told me he knew there was no way he could ever replace my father and he wasn’t going to try. He was just going to be him and he would be there for me like my father was. Hell, he didn’t even care that I was gay.”

    As soon as I said that I realized I just made the biggest mistake of my life. I turned away from him as the tears started rolling down my face. I felt Pete’s hand on my shoulder then something wiping my face. I looked up at him and he still had that same smile on his face he had while we were talking. He lifted my chin up with his finger then said, “David, you being gay doesn’t bother me either. See son, I am too so it’s no big deal. It took a lot of guts to let that out and I am very sorry about your father’s death.”

    He rubbed my hair when he said that and for some reason I just wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him. He reached down and hugged me back. He let go and picked up my suitcase and we went to our cabin.

    It was a small two story cabin with a large living room and a large bathroom on the first floor with a room with two beds on each side of it. There was a private room that had Pete’s name on it and that was his room. On the second floor was another open area with two more rooms along with another bathroom. I noticed an open room so I set my suitcase in there then went out with the other guys. One of the bigger boys said, “Well the runt finally made it.”

    Pete was in his room when he walked out and said, “Which one of you has the big mouth?”

    They could all tell he was pissed so they just sat there. Pete asked the question again only louder and everyone jumped at the growl he put in his voice. The boy finally raised his hand and Pete walked over to him saying, “I will not tolerate any name calling here. I know a lot about each and every one of you and why you are here. If I hear anything like I just heard you will see a side of me you will wish you hadn’t. We are all here to have a good time this summer and make new friends. Do I make myself clear here?”

    “Yes sir,” we all said in unison.

    “Good,” he said. “I want you all to go and get your things unpacked and put away. You have thirty minutes to do this then meet back in here and we will go to lunch.”

    We all took off for our rooms and got our clothes unpacked and put away. It took everyone about 20 minutes then we all went back to the big living room and sat down until it was time to go to lunch. One of the boys said sarcastically, “This is gonna be a real great vacation with that guy here.”

    “And why is that?” A voice said from the other room.

    Pete came out holding his clipboard looking at us. Everyone was quiet when a boy about 13 said, “Well, I guess it was the way you yelled before. It sort of reminded me of my father. That’s all he ever does when I’m home.”

    “I’m sorry I yelled like that but I needed to get your attention,” Pete said. “I just won’t tolerate name calling. Do any of you like to be called names?”

    The boy thought and said, “Well no, in fact I hate it.”

    Pete asked a question that really took me back. He said, “What is the name you hate being called the most? I want you to think and be honest because no one will say anything to you later.”

    We all thought and I already knew the name I hated. Another boy raised his hand and said, “The name I hate above all else is fag or faggot.”

    Pete looked at the boy and asked, “Are you gay son?”

    He dropped his head and nodded yes. I saw that I wasn’t the only one so I said to him, “Hey man, I’m gay too so you’re not alone.”

    When the others heard this everyone came out to all of us. Pete smiled and said, “I’m glad you all decided to admit this to your fellow campers. I knew every one of you is gay and like I said earlier, I know a lot about each and everyone of you. I know you all have issues of trust and making friends. Now go wash your hands so we can go to lunch.”

    Pete was right about knowing a lot about us. I didn’t make friends easy since the accident that took my Dad’s life because if they ever found out I was so scared of the names they might call me or what else they might think of me. We all got together and went over to the dining shelter. On the way over I went over to the boy that said he hated the word faggot. I patted him on the back and said, “That took guts to admit you’re gay dude. I was talking to Pete earlier about my stepfather and it came out. I thought I really screwed up but he told me it was cool and he didn’t hate me. By the way I’m David Peterson, what’s yours?”

    He flashed a cute grin at me and said, “I’m Brian Walker. I’ve been called that name so much since I got outted last year. I had a crush on a guy and we were fooling around and I sucked his dick then he told everyone I was gay.”

    “That’s shitty dude,” I said. “Was this your parent’s idea to send you here?”

    “My Moms,” he said looking at me. “When I got outted my father went ballistic and tried to beat it out of me and my Mom had him arrested. When he was in jail he filed for divorce and it’s just been us ever since. She’s cool with it but I just don’t make friends easy now.”

    We continued talking and when we arrived there were a lot of other boys already eating. Pete showed us to our table and we had fried chicken with potato salad and green Jell-O. Pete told us that when we got finished to go back to the cabin and just relax and we would go over a few more things when he got back. Pete sat with us and talked answering questions and even asking a few. I felt comfortable around him but was careful about what I said with the other guys there because I just met them.


    After we got done eating we started walking back to the cabin when he saw a man dropping a boy off but it didn’t look like it was going to well. Pete started heading over to the two and I slowly followed about 15 feet behind him. As we got closed I could see he had blonde hair but he was crying. I didn’t think he really wanted to be here but then again how many of the others did the same thing before they got onto the buses. Pete went over to the two people and he said, “Well hello there. I’m Pete Miller and who is this young man.”

    “Hi Mr. Miller,” the man said. “I’m Grant Moore and this is my son Jaden.”

    “I don’t wanna be here Dad,” Jaden said crying into his Dad’s chest.

    “I know you don’t son,” his Dad said. “But after all you’ve been through I think this is the best place to help you. I also know that you will have a good time if you just give it a chance. I’ll tell you what; if you stay here at least 3 weeks I will come and get you if you don’t like it after that time. Is that fair enough?”

    Jaden looked at his father realizing he didn’t have much of a choice then said, “Alright Dad, I will give it a chance. I will also hold you to your word too.”

    I had been inching myself closer and closer so I could see more of this boy. What I could see of him was very good looking. I finally got a full clear look and his face and this guy was real cute. His long blonde hair hung down to his shoulders and I just wanted to run my fingers through it. I was about three feet away from them when Pete looked at me and said, “Hey David, come on over here and meet Jaden Moore and his father.”

    I slowly walked over and put my hand out to Jaden. I smiled at him and said, “Hi Jaden, I’m David Peterson. Hi Mr. Moore, it’s nice to meet you too.”

    His hand was silky soft and when I looked into his eyes I got lost in those pools of green. My heart started taking off like I was in a race and Pete had to tap me on the shoulder a few times to bring me back to earth.

    We started heading for the cabin when I said, “Hey dude, go and give your Dad a hug and kiss.”

    He turned back and jumped into his Dad’s arms kissing him on the cheek. “I’ll miss you Dad but I will give this place a chance.”

    “I’ll miss you too son,” he said setting him back onto his feet. “I really think you will have a good time here.”

    Mr. Moore got back into his car and drove off as we headed for the cabin. Pete smiled at Jaden and said, “So Jaden, care to tell us a little about yourself?”

    He looked up at us and said, “There’s not much to tell Pete. I just don’t care to meet a bunch of new people and don’t have many friends.”

    I looked at him and said, “Gee Jaden, why not? I mean you are killer cute.”

    ‘Damn,’ I thought. ‘I just stuck my foot in my mouth twice in one day. Rubber isn’t my favorite meal and it leaves a nasty aftertaste.’

    Jaden turned his head and said, “You’re not bad looking either dude.”

    I felt him rub my hand when he said that and I was now sporting major wood inside my shorts. Pete looked down and saw this and said, “Jaden, may I ask a personal question here?”

    He must have realized that his hand holding was spotted and he let it go then said, “Sure Pete, what do you want to know?”

    “Are you gay?” Pete asked standing in front of the boy so he wouldn’t run.

    Jaden dropped his head and said, “Yeah, I am. Don’t hate me and I’m sorry I was rubbing your hand David.”

    We both smiled at him and I said, “We don’t hate you and you don’t have to apologize for holding my hand. I have something to tell you now and that is I’m gay too. I really like you Jaden and I would like to be your friend.”

    Jaden smiled when he heard that then said, “I would like to be your friend too David. I feel relaxed around you guys. How many others are in our cabin?”

    We stopped outside the cabin and Pete said, “There are six others plus me. I have a room there and my door is open to every one of you 24 hours a day.”

    Pete opened the door and we went in and were greeted by one hell of a sight. There on the floor with pants around their knees were six boys having a circle jerk. Jaden gasped when he saw this and Pete said, “Just what in the hell is going on in here?”

    Six hands quickly stopped what they were doing when they saw and heard him speak. Todd spoke up and said, “Well we were just getting to know each other a little better Pete.”

    “Pull up your pants.” Pete said.

    “What is the problem,” Allen asked. “Every one of us knows we’re all gay and everyone here agreed and no one was forced.”

    “Well that was good but you forgot to ask two people,” Pete said. “You forget David here and Jaden, your other cabin mate.”

    The boys stood and pulled their shorts up and I enjoyed the show. I hate to say this but the only person I wanted to look at was standing right beside me. Brian looked at Jaden and said, “Sorry dude. I hope you don’t hate us for this.”

    He giggled and said, “Nah, I don’t hate you guys. I’m gay too and that was some show you were putting on.”

    Brian looked at Jaden’s crotch and said, “I can tell you liked it too.”

    Jaden adjusted his still hard tool and turned a few shades of red. Pete looked at me and said, “Will you go help Jaden get his things put away then come on back in here and we can all go over a few things.”

    We took off down the hall to my room and quickly got his things put away. I still had a woody and now that I was alone with Jaden, it still wasn’t going down. I had a pair of his jeans to hand him then when our hands touched as I passed them to him I felt my balls erupt and I filled my boxers with a huge load of sperm. I felt myself shake and shudder then I dropped onto my bed. Jaden came over and looked at me saying, “Hey David, are you all right?”

    I came back from my orgasm and said, “Yeah dude. You’re not going to believe this but I just creamed my shorts.”

    I got up and found a clean pair then quickly dropped my shorts and boxers. I know Jaden was looking at me and I really didn’t care. I was hoping this would tell him that I wasn’t shy or modest. I looked up and he said, “Damn dude, you didn’t just cream them you soaked them. That must have been one hell of a climax.”

    “It was,” I said wiping myself off. “I’ve never felt anything that strong before.”

    I was about to pull my clean boxers on when there was Jaden standing there naked from the waist down. I swear that everything about his body was gorgeous. He had a nice patch of blonde hair above his 4” now erect dick and his balls were hanging loosely in its sack. Jaden looked at me and said, “I just wanted to let you know I wasn’t modest either.”

    We got ourselves back together then went back out into the living room. Pete was sitting there chatting with the others then he said, “All right guys, there are a few things I need to go over with you all especially after what I saw when I walked in before. Since others may come into the cabin during the day, there will be no sexual fun and games allowed down here until after dinner or evening activities. The only thing that will be permitted will be solo or mutual masturbating. Anything else will be done in private. I know that all of you have been tested for STD’s and HIV and you all are clean. Intercourse MUST be cleared with me first and I WILL talk with both parties together. There will be NO exceptions made for this rule. Just so you know, I too am gay but I will not partake in any fun and games with any or all of you. When we go swimming we have a clothing optional rule so if you want to swim nude, go for it. I haven’t made up my mind yet weather or not I will swim nude yet. I don’t have a shower in my room so I will be showering with you guys and I won’t allow any horse play with me please. My being nude around you guys is not a problem but I can’t be sexy with you boys. Are there any questions?”

    Donald raised his hand then asked, “What if both people who want to screw have done it before? Do they still need to talk with you first?”

    Pete looked at him and said, “I believe I said that there will be NO exceptions to this. If there is a violation of this rule, you could be asked to leave. Are there any more questions?”

    “What other kinds of things will we be doing?” Steven asked.

    Pete looked at the boys and said, “One of the biggest things you all have problems with is trust. Over the next six weeks there will be special activities planned. These activities are mandatory and you will not be allowed to miss them. Some of the other things that will be going on will be swimming, softball, arts and crafts and marksmanship just to name a few. After dinner there will be sign up sheets by the door so please guys sign up for some things on your own so I don’t have to come back here and nag you. Is there anything else before we go swimming?”

    Jaden looked at him and asked, “Are you swimming nude Pete?”

    Everyone laughed when Jaden asked the question but Pete looked at him and said, “I’ll let you know when we get there.”

    Pete had swum nude with other boys but they weren’t as outgoing as these boys were. I looked up at him as we were heading to the lake and said, “Is there something wrong Pete?”

    “Not really David,” Pete said patting me on the back. “I just need to figure out how best to handle your cabin mates. This happens every year and it take me a day or two to learn how best to work with you all.”

    Jaden ran up behind me and popped my butt then took off sticking his tongue out at me. I took off chasing him saying, “I’m so gonna get your butt when I catch you.”

    He started weaving through the trees trying to loose me when I decided to follow the path. He ran out and I was a step behind him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and started tickling him. He tried getting away but when he jumped up I was able to get him on my shoulder so I carried him the rest of the way to the lake. I didn’t know if he was going to swim nude so I thought I would help him make up his mind my pulling his shorts down in the back and playfully spanking his bare butt. He started kicking his feet saying, “Hey David no fair, I give up.”

    I set him down on his feet and quickly stripped then he started chasing me around the beach. I was able to get my tee shirt off but not my shorts so I undid the snap and zipper then turned around so Jaden could see my boxers. As I started dropping my shorts, he tried to stop but skidded past me and onto his butt. I pulled off my boxers and helped Jaden off his now very sandy butt. We ran into the water and romped and played with the other kids from the cabin. Pete came in and we all had a great time. After about 90 minutes, we had to get out and dried to head back to the cabin.

    We took a different route back and Jaden and I looked at each other wondering what was going on. We enjoyed the walk and we noticed Brian and Todd holding hands. I looked at Jaden and said, “I think they might be boyfriends.”

    Jaden nodded then I felt his hand slip into mine. After a nice walk through the woods we came to a huge clearing. In the clearing were trees with platforms stretched across them and I was wondering what they were for.

    When everyone was there Pete said, “Listen up gang, it is time for you first mandatory activity. Is everyone ready?”

    We looked at each other when Allen said, “Yeah, we guess so. What is this all about?”

    Pete looked at us and knew we didn’t have a clue what we were going to be doing so he said, “This is a timed project. After I tell you what the objective is, you will have five minutes to come up with a plan then ten minutes to execute it. Are there any questions before I tell you what it is you have to do?”

    We looked at each other and shook our heads no then I said, “Pete, before we start I need to pee.”

    We all took a few minutes to find trees then went back to Pete so we could hear what we all had to do. Pete looked around then said, “All right boys, here it is. The objective here is that all 8 of you are to get onto that platform. If you notice, there are no branches and climbing the tree is not an option. One other thing, there can only be one person on the platform to help others up. Are there any questions?”

    “Yeah,” Todd asked sarcastically. “If we can’t climb the tree, how do we get up there?”

    Pete smiled at him and said, “That’s why you have five minutes to some up with a plan to complete this task. Ready, go. You time starts now.”

    We all formed up and tried to think of a way then Steven said, “How about we boost people up?”

    Todd looked at Steven then said, “You’re just a half pint. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    Jaden said, “Steven’s idea is the right one. Come on gang.”

    We all followed Jaden over to the platform and we boosted him up and he pulled himself on top. The next person up was Steven because he was the smallest. Brad went next followed by Brain. Todd and Donald boosted me up next then Allen. Donald was the tallest and Todd was the strongest so Todd went up next. When he was up, he took Jaden’s place and leaned over the platform and said, “Donald, jump up and I will catch your arms.”

    Donald jumped and Todd caught his arms the pulled hard until Donald reached the platform. From there he pulled himself the rest of the way up. As soon as he was standing up Pete said, “Time. You time was 8 minutes and 30 seconds. Good job now get down.”

    Steven looked over and said, “Hey no fair. We need a ladder.”

    Pete came over and said, “Steven lie on your stomach and slide back and let your feet hang off, I will catch them, and help you down.”

    The others helped him and soon all of us were back on the ground. We were jumping up and down giving high fives to everyone. Jaden walked over to Todd and said, “Do you still think Steven’s idea was the wrong one?”

    He looked over to him and said, “Sorry Steven. I guess I shot my mouth off.”

    Brian wasn’t about to let that go and he said, “I knew sooner or later it would come back to haunt you love.”

    Todd looked at him and said, “I thought you weren’t going to let anyone know?”

    Brian walked over to his boyfriend and said, “It’s alright baby. I don’t think anyone is going to give us a hard time.”

    I looked over at them and said, “We won’t guys and you looked cute holding hands.”

    We started heading back to the cabin and Pete said, “I’m proud of the way you finally started to work together but you need to try to plan together a little better. This was your first task and all in all you guys did very well.”

    We got back to the cabin and got something cold to drink then sat down in the living room. Pete came out of his room and Allen asked, “So what’s up now Pete?”

    “Well,” he started saying. “We have this time of the day set aside for an open talk session. There isn’t a scheduled topic or a guideline either. Normally I’ll toss a question out and let you all kick it around and talk about it.”

    Todd looked over to Brian then said, “Is this to get us to talk about us and our problems?”

    “Yeah,” Pete said. “Like I said before I know a lot about all of you guys and the biggest thing you all have is a big fear of trusting others. It showed today at first until Jaden led you to work together.”

    “But we didn’t know what he was talking about,” Donald said.

    Jaden spoke up and said, “I think that is what Pete is talking about. I came up with the idea but you all didn’t trust the idea and I had to pull a few of you in order to get me onto the platform.”

    Brad said, “You’re just saying this because you happened to think of the idea.”

    I spoke up and said, “That’s not true Brad. Steven thought of it and Jaden got it going.”

    Todd looked at Brad then said, “Yeah dude, Steven did and I shot my mouth off and shot him down. Steven, I’m sorry dude.”

    Pete stepped in and said, “I know that this is a deep problem that will take time to work on and over come. It affects all of you and you’ve learned how to create a protection mechanism so you don’t get hurt. In the process it is keeping you from totally working together as a team. I hope with time here you all can get over this. That’s enough for today. You did pretty good and tonight it’s kick back time. You guys can do pretty much what you want after dinner. Let’s get cleaned up and go eat.”

    We went over to the dining shelter and had a nice dinner of roast beef with mashed potatoes and carrots. After dinner Jaden and I walked back to the cabin then asked Pete if we could walk outside for a few minutes. He gave us an hour and we left and as we were leaving we noticed Brian and Todd talking to Pete.

    We walked around the camp for almost and hour and on the way back I said, “Where do you live Jaden?”

    “Fairmont,” he said. “I go to Carter Academy.”

    “I know that school,” I said. “What street do you live on?”

    “Tyler Way,” he said.

    “That’s two blocks from where I live,” I said hugging him. “Can we see each other when we get home?”

    “You better,” Jaden said. “You’re the first friend I’ve made in a very long time.”

    We got back to the cabin and needed a shower. It was very hot and muggy and we were both sweating buckets. I looked around the living room and Todd and Brian we no where to be seen. I looked at Jaden and said, “Well I guess they do that too?”

    Jaden smiled and stripped off his shorts and boxers in one move. I followed suit then put my robe on then headed for the showers. We took a nice shower and we even did each other’s backs then relaxed watching television until it was time to go to bed. Everyone exchanged hugs then did our bathroom business then went to bed. Pete came around and checked on us and told us to sleep well. Jaden and I exchanged hugs then he gave me a kiss on the cheek before we drifted off to sleep.


    Pete came around at seven and woke us up and we grabbed a quick shower after emptying our bladders. We just stepped under the spray when we were joined by Allen and Steven. We started getting washed when Allen started washing Steven. He quickly did his upper body then headed for the good stuff. Steven grabbed the soap and did Allen’s chest then went to his goodies. They used their soapy hands and stroked each other to a wild climax.

    Jaden and I watched this then Jaden washed my chest. As soon as he rubbed my nipples I exploded all over his crotch. He looked at me and said, “Man dude, you have a hair trigger, don’t you?”

    “Well,” I said. “I had good visual stimulation.”

    “Hehe,” Jaden said. “That was a hot little scene.”

    I reached down and touched his 4” stiffy then my hand was covered with his cream. I giggled then said, “You have quite a hair trigger yourself man.”

    We rinsed off and got dried then met the others for breakfast. We had a pretty quiet day and we learned that Todd and Brian did make love last night during the talk session. We thought that was a very personal thing to tell the rest of us and it was a sign that they were starting to trust us a little. That night we had a camp fire and we spent some time with the other boys here at the camp. Jaden and I went to bed and slept like rocks.

    Over the next several weeks we all started getting closer and becoming a little family. We began trusting each other more and more and it showed during our mandatory events. One event was the 8 of us had to cross a rope bridge that was seven feet in the air. Just before we started we learned that Steven and Todd were scared of things like this. We all worked together and put them in between two people that weren’t and completed the task without anyone falling off.

    When the fourth week came around Jaden called his father and told him he didn’t want to come home until the camp was over. He came back to the cabin and said, “David I told my Dad I wanted to stay here until camp was over.”

    I was so happy when I heard that I jumped up and kissed him right on the lips. I couldn’t believe what I did and started to cry. Jaden wrapped his arms around me and said, “Don’t cry David, if you had told me that I would have kissed you too.”

    He took me by the hand and led me to our room. He closed the door and sat me on the bed all this time I was still crying. I looked at him and said, “Jaden, you don’t understand. I didn’t ask or anything, I just did it.”

    “So,” he said. “I liked it David. I’ve wanted to kiss you for weeks. I like you and you the best friend I can remember ever having. Every time you wash my back I get hard and want to cum on the spot. I haven’t done anything sexually before and hope my first time is with you.”

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Jaden just told me his deepest darkest secret. I looked up at him and he leaned in and gently kissed me. I smiled at him then said, “Jaden, I’ve never done anything either. You’ve seen what you do to me and that kiss you gave me has given me major wood. I want my first time to be special also.”

    Jaden stood up and extended his hand to me. He smiled at me and I leaned in and kissed him again and this time it felt so very right. I gave him another hug when he said, “Ah David, I hate to bust up this moment but I need to use the bathroom.”

    Jaden went into the bathroom and suddenly a wave of fear hit me. I sat on the bed and thought, ‘I’ve found the perfect guy and I think he loves me but what will he do when he finds out I shot and killed my father? How would the others react? How could he trust me?’

    Inside the bathroom Jaden was sitting on the toilet with a load of questions running through his head. “God David is so cute,’ Jaden thought. ‘He has a hot body and he really cares for me but how much will he care for me when he finds out what that fucker did to me?’

    I was about to head back out to the living room just as Jaden came out of the bathroom. He smiled at me then took my hand and we went back to the group. We joined them when we heard Steven say, “I know Todd but look at me, you’re right when you call me a half pint. I’m short and my father doesn’t ever let me forget it. He rides the hell out of me and so do the kids at school. I’m ready to chuck it in. Hell, I just wish my father wasn’t around so I would have one place where I don’t hear it.”

    I was listening to what Steven was saying and then Brad said, “I have to agree with you Steven, your Dad is a real piece of work. You can’t help that you haven’t grown yet so he needs to just take a hike.”

    That was it. I couldn’t stand hearing them say they would be better off without their father. I started crying then blurted it out saying, “You really think you would be better off without your father? I don’t and I wish I had my father back. My father is dead. I loved my father and he loved me. He knew I was gay and he could have cared less as long I was happy about it and with myself. I have asked God everyday since then to bring him back and take me but he won’t. So I have to live every day with the fact that I killed my father. That’s right, I shot him and he died. We were hunting and I had a deer in my sights and just as I shot my father stood up and the bullet hit him. He died there in my arms and I haven’t forgiven myself for it. My mom has remarried and my step father is a great guy. He knows I’m gay too and like Dad, he’s cool with it.”

    Everyone in the room was silent as I was telling them what I did. Jaden was still sitting there and I saw tears streaming down his face and he had my hand in his. I looked to my left and Pete was sitting there rubbing my back. He looked at me and said, “David, it was an accident. When you were out there, did you do everything you were taught to make sure your line of fire was clear?”

    I nodded then said weakly, “Yes.”

    “Then it wasn’t your fault,” Pete said looking at me. “You did everything you could and once you were sure it was clear, you fired. The odds of a bullet going that fast and your Dad standing up at the right time to get hit by it, is high. I can’t begin to say how high it is.”

    Everyone had gathered around me and was hugging me saying how sorry they were about the accident. No one said anything ugly to me. Todd gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and said, “We’re here for you David. You’ve shown me a lot today dude.”

    I was wiped out after all that crying. Allen brought me a soda and I slowly drank it. All this time Jaden never left my side. I looked at him and said, “Do you still wanna be with me after what you just heard?”

    Jaden moved then kneeled in front of me then said, “Why would I want leave you? You’re still the same David I met when I got here and still the same sexy guy I care about. Nothing has changed that. I don’t know how I would have kept it together like you have. You are a super strong person David and I am proud to know you and to have you for a friend.”

    I was lost in Jaden’s words and when he leaned in and kissed me it brought me back to reality. Everyone was still standing there watching us and then Pete said, “Come on guys, let’s go and get cleaned up for dinner.”

    We washed up then walked to the dining shelter where we had another good meal. I only went through the line once because I felt totally exhausted and I really didn’t feel like eating. Jaden helped me back to the cabin then we watched television until he saw me doze off to sleep.

    While I was sleeping he decided to make our room a little different. He moved the night stand and slid his bed over next to mine so he could sleep closer to me. After he did this he came and woke me so I could get my shower. He helped me to our room and I almost walked into the foot of his bed thinking, I as going to mine. I looked at him and smiled because I really like this idea.

    I took my sneakers off then Jaden took over for me. He raised my tee shirt up and I raised my arms so he could finish lifting it off. He reached down and undid my shorts and I lifted my butt up and he removed them and my boxers in once move. While I was sitting naked on his bed he quickly stripped his clothes off and helped me over to the bathroom. When we were in there, Pete started looking for us because he hadn’t seen us in a while. He knocked on the door and because I was so tired I never heard him. Jaden was trying to hold onto me when he stepped into the bathroom. He looked at Pete and said, “I can’t hold him Pete, can you take him?”

    I felt Pete take me into his arms then I heard Jaden taking a piss. After he flushed the toilet Pete followed Jaden into our room. He looked at the changes and said, “I was wondering when you would get around to doing this.”

    Pete laid me on the bed and kissed my cheek then Jaden pulled the covers over me and he got in on his side of the bed. Pete turned the light out and closed the door as he left. Jaden scooted over close to me and I slid back against his chest. He wrapped his arms around me then we drifted off to sleep.

    It rained for the next three days and we were all getting cabin fever by the time it finally stopped. On the second day of rain I came down with a 24 hour bug and Jaden was wonderful during that time. I’m glad it only lasted a day because I really felt bad. We came in from our afternoon swim and sat down and started talking. Jaden and I went and put on clean shirts while the others sat and had a cold drink.

    One of the guys asked about the strangest place they ever jacked off in and Donald was telling everyone about how when he was 12 a guy in the park talked him into letting him see his dick and then asked him if he could jack him off. Donald said, “I knew what this guy was after. He thought he was smooth and slick trying to be my friend and feel me up. When he asked if he could jack me off I thought what the hell and let him. I was horny and he did a pretty good job and I popped a nut.”

    I was watching Jaden when this was going on and I could see that he was really uncomfortable. Donald kept talking about how weird the guy was when Jaden said, “You know Donald, you’re very lucky.”

    “How so,” Donald asked. “He wouldn’t have done anything.”

    “Well that’s what I used to think too,” he said looking right at Donald. “One day last year I was riding my bike to school and the chain came off in front of this old house. I know there was an old lady there and she was a real b**** so I kept my eyes open. I went back to work on the chain and this young guy came out offering to help fix it. At first I said no but he sort of insisted so I let him. I didn’t feel like walking to school. He took the bike into the garage and started looking at it then he up and closed the door. He told me he was keeping me and I had no say about it except to do as he said. I wasn’t about to give into him but when he slapped me causing me to fall and hit my head, I didn’t have much choice. The guy tied me up and stripped me then stuck his fingers in my a**. I did manage to hurt him and thanks to my Dad, I finally got away.”

    Jaden was crying so hard he was shaking. I took his hand and wrapped my arm around him to try to calm him down. Donald looked at him and said, “s**t Jaden, I’m sorry. I didn’t think he would hurt me. He was an older guy but I guess you never know.”

    I slid over and pulled him onto my lap as his tears began to slow down. “That’s right, we never know,” Jaden said. “That guy took my ability to trust.”

    I held him close to me and said, “Baby, I still care about you. You’ve stood by me when I told you about shooting my father and I’m going to stay right here with you.”

    Todd kneeled in front of him and said, “Jaden, I’ve seen you start trusting here dude. I’ve learned at lot and I’m not going to use the wise guy smart mouth image as a way to keep from meeting new people.”

    Jaden looked at me and asked, “Did you really mean that David?”

    “Yes Jaden I did,” I said softly into his ear. “I care very deeply for you. I want to keep seeing you after we get home. I don’t know but I believe I am falling in love you Jaden.”

    Jaden looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “I think I am too David. You’re becoming more than just a friend to me.”

    Pete told us to get ready for dinner and we all walked as a group to the dining shelter. I noticed that Steven and Brad were holding hands and doing a lot of smiling at each other. After dinner we relaxed and took a leisurely walk around the camp. The main topic of conversation was the way we started caring about each other and how we were beginning to really trust.


    Jaden and I woke up and he said, “Where has the time here gone David? There is only one week left here and three weeks of summer vacation left.”

    I was surprised that he was right. The summer had flown by and it was a little sad that it was coming to an end. Jaden and I would still be seeing each other but our new friends we might not be able to see because they live in different towns. We grabbed a quick shower then went into the living room.

    Jaden sat beside me then did something I couldn’t believe. He took my hands then said, “David, I have fallen in love with you. When you told us what happened, you gave me the strength to get it out also. It’s also given me the strength to ask you this. David Peterson, will you be my boyfriend?”

    After he asked me the question he leaned in and kissed me gently on the cheek. That kiss brought me back to my senses but also started me crying. Jaden held me close and I was sure I loved him too. I looked into his green eyes and said, “Jaden Monroe, I love you too. Yes Jaden, I will be your boyfriend.”

    Jaden stood up and pulled me with him then hugged me tightly. He was so happy he started twirling me around in circles. When he stopped spinning and set me on my feet my head was spinning a little and had trouble standing. Todd caught me before I fell and helped me back to the couch. Todd smiled and said, “He really swept you off you feet, didn’t he?”

    When my eyes quit spinning in my head I said, “Yeah that he did.”

    Pete came on to see what was going on when Donald said, “Jaden just asked David to be his boyfriend. It looks like we have another couple here.”

    Pete came over and patted us on our back then said, “I’m really happy for you both. I was hoping that before camp was over you two would get together. Do you guys live near each other?”

    “About two blocks from each other,” Jaden said as he took my hand.

    “That’s great guys,” Pete said. “Come on guys, let’s get to breakfast.”

    We had a good breakfast then went out to our sports activities. We were scheduled for a softball game and no sooner had we started than it started to rain. We took off running for the cabin when Donald said, “Man this sucks. What are we going to do now?”

    Pete could see we were all upset at this latest turn of events so he said, “Stay here guys, I’m going to check on something. I might have something for us this morning.”

    Pete was gone for about ten minutes and when he came back he was carrying a video game console. We were all whooping it up and he decided to set up a tournament for us. There was only one catch. We had to draw names out of a hat so we couldn’t team up with someone we knew or have a stacked team. I ended up with Donald and Jaden had Brian. Steven was teamed with Todd and Allen was paired with Brad. We were playing 2 on 2 football and Donald and I got creamed. Jaden and Brian won their first game but later lost to Steven and Todd. Allen and Brad won also and in the end Steven and Todd were the eventual winners.

    The rain stopped and things were back on for after lunch. We went back to the cabin and rested for about thirty minutes then grabbed our towels and headed for the lake. We all swam in the nude so by the time we were by the water we were already naked because we started stripping as soon as we could see the lake.

    We swam for about an hour then Pete made us dry off and get dressed. We started moaning when he said, “Listen up ladies. This afternoon will be your last mandatory activity and it will be your biggest test of the summer.”

    When everyone was dressed, we took off to where this activity was going to happen. Pete took his time walking there and when we got to the clearing I was wondering just what it was I was looking at. It was made of rope and it looked something like a giant spider’s web. The others gather around Jaden and me when Brian said, “What the hell is this Pete?”

    “Welcome to the Web of Nerves,” Pete said. “As you can see, there are 12 holes here. The objective is simple. You each have to get through a hole and it can only be used once.”

    Brad heard this and said, “Gee Pete that is simple.”

    Pete smiled at him then said, “Oh, there is one more thing. No portion of you body can touch the web.”

    “That’s impossible,” Todd said.

    “No it’s not,” Pete said. “You must devise a way for you guys to do this. It can be done and I know you guys can do this too.”

    Jaden listened to everything then said, “How much time do we have to do this?”

    Pete smiled and said, “You have ten minutes to devise your plan then twenty minutes to execute it.”

    Jaden looked at the others and said, “Guys, I’ve been standing here looking at this thing and I have an idea.”

    Allen looked around then said, “Alright Jaden, let’s hear it.”

    The boys talked and Jaden explained his plan. It took him just over 5 minutes and that included walking around showing everyone what he was talking about.

    Pete let us sit and rest the said, “Alright boys, ready, set go.”

    Donald was one of the bigger and stronger boys so they decided to get him through first. Four boys grabbed him and laid him out and held him then carefully slipped him through a middle hole. When Pete saw this he was pleased that we figured out how to solve this problem. Jaden, David, and Allen ran to the other side to catch Donald and bring him through. As this was going on Jaden was watching Donald’s body making sure nothing touched the rope as he slid through. Todd was the other strong boy so he was to be the last one through.

    The next boy to go through was Steven. He was one of the lightest and he was going through one of the two top holes leaving the lower ones for heavier boys. After Steven came Brian. Each boy held himself totally stiff and let the others get to the work. The next boy was me. I was heavy and the guys were getting tired but they didn’t quit or give up. My love went next and he made it look easy to slide through the hole. Brad was next followed by Allen then Pete was standing there smiling. He looked at us and said, “All right boys, how is Todd going to get through?”

    Jaden stepped up and said, “Easy Pete. He’s going through that bottom hole.”

    Todd laid down on his back and raised his hands over his head. Using his feet he started pushing himself through the hole until Donald could reach his hands. Then pulling slowly, he pulled the teen through. As soon as Donald stood up, Pete stopped the clock. He was smiling at everyone when he said, “I am very proud for you boys. You did this in 16 minutes and 34 seconds. Every one of you worked together with the others as part of a total team and you also trusted your friends that they wouldn’t drop you or allow you to touch the ropes.”

    I felt great. I was tired and Jaden was hugging me but it felt great. Jaden really surprised me today. He had the strength and confidence that helped us complete the task. We walked back to the cabin then headed for the showers. Jaden and I gave each other a nice wash and didn’t make it a sexy one. We had talked and decided that our first time will be when we are home. After we were clean and dry, Jaden and I relaxed until it was time for dinner.


    The next four days just flew by. I never remember time going by this fast. After breakfast we had our gear back out by the front gate and 8 boys were in tears hugging each other good bye. Jaden’s Dad pulled up and he jumped into his arms. As soon as he was back on the ground he pulled me back over so I could meet him again. We shook hands when he said, “Dad, can David ride home with us. He lives two blocks away and he is my boyfriend.”

    I almost fainted when he said it but remembered his parents were like mine and knew about him being gay. I started to get my bags when Pete said, “What are you doing David?”

    “Getting my bags,” I said. “I’m going to ride home with Jaden and his Dad.”

    “Hold on dude,” Pete said. “Since you rode the bus here, we are responsible for you. I hate to do this but you will have to ride the bus home.”

    Jaden heard this then he said, “Can I ride the bus Pete?”

    “I know you’ve got your Dad’s permission so go ahead and get on,” Pete said.

    Jaden came on and we sat together in the back of the bus on the ride home. The three hour trip home seemed much shorter than the trip to camp. I looked at Jaden and I got lost in those jade greens of his. I smiled at him and said, “I want you to meet my parents when we get home. I know they’re going to love you baby.”

    He smiled and said, “If they’re anything like you, I’m sure I will.”

    Jaden looked out the back window to see if his Dad was still behind the bus and he was. I was going to want Jaden to spend the night but I wasn’t sure if his Dad was going to allow it because Jaden had been gone for the last six weeks. I looked at him and said, “Hey babe, I know the answer might be no but would you like to spend the night with me?”

    “I’d love to David,” he replied. “I just don’t know what our parents will think of the idea.”

    We pulled into the parking lot and I saw my mom waiting there for me. I waved to her and Jaden’s Dad parked his car. I grabbed Jaden’s hand and almost pulled him off the bus and over to meet my mom. Jaden caught up with my pulling then I let his hand go so I could hug my mom. I looked back to Jaden and said, “Mom this is Jaden Monroe and he is my boyfriend, Jaden this is my Mom Judy Parker.”

    Jaden extended his hand and said, “It’s nice to meet you Ma’am.”

    Jaden’s Dad came over to where we were standing and I introduced my mom to Jaden’s father. I kissed her cheek and said, “Mom would it be alright id Jaden spent the night? I know I’ve been gone for almost 2 months. Mr. Monroe, I also realize the same holds true for Jaden.”

    My Mom looked at me and said, “How about if it is alright with Mr. Monroe you can spend the night there. Your stepfather and I have a party to go to tonight for his work and we really need to be there. I know you’ve been gone for six weeks but we would like to take you and the Monroe’s out to dinner tomorrow. I’m happy for you that you have found your special friend.”

    I hugged my Mom and said, “Is Pop home yet?”

    “Not yet,” she said.

    Mr. Monroe said, “We live two blocks over and it would be our pleasure if you could stop over on your way out tonight.”

    My Mom said, “That would be fine. He is due home about four. We could be there about five. The dinner starts at seven.”

    I went home with Mom and got my stuff unpacked. Mom helped me sort my stuff then said, “He is a really cute boy.”

    I turned red at her description of Jaden. I giggled then said, “Yeah Mom, he is. I didn’t know what I really felt about him until a couple of weeks ago but he is really special and I know I love him and he loves me too.”

    I got some things together and Mom took me over to Jaden’s. I knocked on the door and my sweetie was right there. We stepped inside and I gave him a proper welcome home kiss. I was lost in the moment when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I turned five shades of red then my Mom said, “You guys should really get a room.”

    I was still blushing and Jaden had a sexy grin on his face. I was about to say something when a voice said, “Jaden Monroe have you forgotten your manners?”

    I turned around and Jaden said, “This is my mother, Sue Monroe. Mom, this is David Peterson and his Judy Parker.”

    We let the women talk while Jaden took me to his room. As soon as the door closed we were back onto each others arms. I was about to shove my hand down Jaden’s shorts when there was a knock on the door. We broke our kiss and Jaden opened the door. Jaden’s father came in and said, “You two need to get a shower because we’re going out to dinner.”

    Jaden’s house was a little newer than mine and I could tell his Dad did some remodeling. Jaden had a bathroom off his room where I didn’t. His Dad closed the door so we quickly stripped and got some clean clothes out for tonight. We took a quick pee then headed for the shower. It wasn’t exactly built for two but it was larger than ours so we did have some room to move around. I got myself wet then turned around to get the shampoo when I found myself in a lip lock with Jaden. My once soft dick was now standing tall and rubbing against Jaden’s. I felt him reach down and caress my balls causing me to moan. I followed his lead when he slowly started jacking me. I sucked wind at the feelings and said, “Yesssssssss baby don’t stop. I love what you’re doing but I’m not gonna last long.”

    I was rubbing Jaden’s tool at the same time and I felt his head lean onto my shoulder. I knew he was in the same boat as I was because neither one of us had much staying power. I could feel my balls churning and my head fell backwards as I erupted. I fired a strong blast and as I did, I felt Jaden’s dick shoot too. We both shot out juices against each other then leaned forward so we wouldn’t fall. I heard Jaden whisper to me saying, “God love, that was wonderful. There is so much more I want to do with you to show you my love.”

    I let Jaden wash me first and when he did my butt I felt his finger tickle my hole. I felt something I never have before and my stick went stiff again. I moaned at the feeling it was causing and all too soon, it stopped. I rinsed myself off then did the same things to Jaden. When I touched him back there he jumped at first then I remembered what happened to him. I moved my fingers and said, “Oh baby, I’m sorry. I forgot what happened to you there.”

    He turned around and kissed me gently saying, “That’s alright David. I remembered it was you so I didn’t say anything and stood still. I panicked at first then it felt great baby.”

    I didn’t rub him any more but I kissed him then said, “I’m glad you did like it love because I did too. It made my dick get hard again.”

    “I know,” he said smiling. “That’s one of the things I so want to show you. I think we should get out before your stepfather gets here.”

    We got out then I dried every inch of Jaden’s body. I saw his dick standing tall again and I couldn’t resist the temptation. I leaned forward and kissed the head. I saw it jump when I did and felt Jaden’s hand rub my shoulder. When he was dry Jaden did the same for me. He did everything like me except instead of kissing it, Jaden took it into his mouth and gave it a quick tongue bath. I moaned again never feeling such feelings run through my body. Jaden took his mouth off of it then stood up giving me a big sexy smile.

    We threw our clothes on just as the doorbell rang. Jaden and I came out holding hands and when I saw my Pop standing there I ran right into his arms. He saw me holding Jaden’s hand when I said, “Thank you for sending me to camp Pop. I want you to meet my boyfriend Jaden. Jaden, this is my step dad Ray Parker.”

    Jaden walked over and shook his hand and my Pop said, “It’s nice to meet you Jaden. I hope we get to see you over at our house. You are welcome there any time.”

    I introduced my Pop to Mr. Monroe and we all talked for a few minutes before my parents had to leave. Jaden and I played video games until it was time to eat. We had a nice casual dinner and I got to know Jaden’s parents better. Jaden looked up and asked his Dad if he could have desert and he agreed. Jaden ordered us a large chocolate sundae then told me I could share it with him. I’m glad I did because when I saw that thing it was huge. There must have been six very large scoops of ice cream in the bowl and it was covered in syrup. It took us a while but like the troopers we were, it all disappeared.

    We both waddled back out to the car then decided to take a little walk to help get that desert to settle. We were out about an hour then decided to relax and watch a movie when we got back to his house. We walked in holding hands much to the surprise of his parents. Mr. Monroe looked at Jaden and said, “I’m so glad you decided to stay at camp son. It’s nice to see that the Jaden of old is finally back.”

    Jaden looked at me and over to his father then said, “Dad, I don’t think camp did it all. Yeah, we were able to talk and there were activities that brought us all together but David here is another reason. Before that guy took me, I had been hoping to find someone special. After that though I didn’t think any one would ever want me because of what he did. David made me see I was still the same person.”

    I leaned over and kissed him then said, “You have a strength that I never had even before the accident. I never thought I would meet someone like you. You complete me Jaden. You make me a whole person and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.”

    We went back to Jaden’s room and got comfortable. We stripped down to our boxers then Jaden put in X-Men 2. We stretched out on his bed and started watching the movie then cuddled into each other. Jaden slid his head down into my lap and I started rubbing the back of his head. It felt so good having him like this I never wanted it to end.

    Jaden was just lying there then I felt his tongue lick my dick through my boxers causing it to get hard almost instantly. He was teasing me and it was all I could do to keep from blowing on the spot. I had my eyes closed then I felt his fingers opening the slit freeing my tool. He started licking it as if it were an ice cream cone and he was about to get a mouthful of cream. I could feel my balls churning and the countdown had already begun. I could feel the cum heading towards the top of my dick ten, nine, eight, seven, six. Jaden was working on the head and the feeling was totally out of this world. I was panting saying, “Ah baby, I’m gonna cum.”

    He kept licking five, four, three, two, one, lift off. I came like never before. Jaden took the load into his mouth and I could tell he loved the taste because he savored it before he swallowed. He sat up and I kissed him tasting my own juice like this for the first time. Jaden smiled and said, “Did enjoy you that love?”

    I smiled and kissed him then slid down to his lap. I slid his boxers down so I could see his dick. I stuck my tongue out and started licking his shaft from bottom to top. As soon as my tongue hit the tip he shook like he was going to cum. I decided to put the whole thing in my mouth and suck it like in the stories I’ve read. I was moving up and down letting my tongue swirl around the head then he said, “David, I’m not going to last much longer.”

    When I heard this I went to town. I ran my hand under his balls and tickled his sack then felt him shudder. He lifted his back off the bed then his dick shot four blasts in to my mouth. I eagerly swallowed his sweet cream then kissed him passionately saying, “I hope you liked that as much as I did.”

    I don’t remember much of the movie but Jaden and I sure got to know each other a little better. I can say that our first time was very special. Jaden flashed his greens at me and said, “David Peterson, I love you and I don’t want to spend another day without you.”

    I couldn’t help myself after he said that but I started crying. Jaden held me and I babbled, “I love you too, Jaden.”

    I managed to get myself composed then we went to the bathroom before turning in and sleeping in each other’s arms. I can’t remember ever sleeping so well because the next thing I remember was Jaden’s Mom shaking us telling us it was time to get up. I reached up to look at the clock and turned right into Jaden’s lips. He giggled and said, “Morning sexy. Did you sleep as good as I did?”

    “I slept like a baby love,” I said smiling at him.

    I went to kiss him when I was reminded of my very full bladder. I gave him a quick peck on the lips then ran into the bathroom. I was peeing when Jaden arrived to do his business too. We got our clothes on then went to the kitchen where breakfast was waiting for us. We decided to go to the pool and lounge around just so we could be close to each other until it was time to go out to dinner tonight with everyone. When we got back to Jaden’s house we were about to hit the showers when his Dad said, “David, your Mom called and said she wanted you home so you could get cleaned up and changed.”

    I didn’t like being away from Jaden but it was only going to be for an hour or so, so that wasn’t too bad. When I got home my parents were both there and they had a weird look on their faces. I looked at them and said, “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

    They both looked at me and said, “No son, you didn’t do anything wrong and you’re not in trouble either. We will talk more at dinner now go get ready.”

    I was totally confused as to what’s going on here. It was like something right out of the Twilight Zone. My parents say they aren’t upset with me but the expressions on their faces tell me something differently. I go into my room and dig out some clean boxers then strip. I walk naked into the bathroom and started the water. I was so lost in thought I didn’t even get a boner. I shut it off the step out drying myself still trying to figure out what the hell is going on here.

    I find some nice casual clothes then come out into the living room. I sit on the couch and try to watch some TV but my mind isn’t even concentrating on it. Finally it’s time to leave and instead of going to Jaden’s, we go straight to the restaurant. I look for the Monroe’s car but I can’t spot it anywhere. We get out and go inside when I finally spot them. I guess they parked their car behind the place. I see Jaden and I go and give him a quick hug because the place is fairly crowded. I whisper into his ear, “I love you baby. I need to talk with you because my parents are acting totally weird.”

    “I know love,” he says back. “Let’s go the bathroom.”

    I see my parents coming over and I let them know we’re going to the bathroom and quickly go inside. I look at Jaden and say, “Man babe, my parents are acting totally weird. They look like they are mad at me but when I ask them what it is they say there’s nothing wrong.”

    “Don’t feel bad baby,” Jaden said as we took our dicks out to pee. “Mine are acting sorta the same way. As long as they aren’t mad at you for anything I wouldn’t worry about it.”

    We washed our hands then went out to rejoin our parents at the table. When we got there it was weird again. Normally I sit next to my mother and my chair is next to my stepfather and Jaden. Jaden’s Dad is sitting beside him and the women were next to each other. The waiter brings drinks over and Jaden and I each have our favorite. I listen to the adults talk and finally I can’t take it any more and say, “All right Mom, we’re here at the restaurant. Will you guys please tell me what is going on? I know you too well and I can tell when something is up.”

    “Well son,” Pop started. “I saw your report card for last year and while you passed all your subjects, I know that you can do better. I talked with your Mother and we have decided that a change of schools is in order.”

    ‘Oh s**t,’ I thought. ‘They’re gonna ship me off somewhere.’

    I looked at them and said, “That was before camp and me meeting Jaden. I can get them up this year.”

    “I know that son,” he said. “But the decision has been made and it’s final.”

    I reached down and took Jaden’s hand then said, “Where are you gonna ship me off to?”

    Mr. Monroe saw that I was fighting tears when he said, “David, no one is going to ship you off anywhere. I pulled a few strings and got you into the same school that Jaden goes to. This is one of the surprises we have for you.”

    I did lose it but now I was shedding tears of joy and relief. Being with my love during the school day was totally unbelievable. I did however have to concentrate on my work and not him so I could pass. I got up and hugged everyone saying, “Thank you all very much.”

    Pop looked at me again and said, “I want to ask you a very personal question son.”

    I gasped when I heard this. It’s a good thing we had a table in a fairly secluded area. I looked at Jaden and said, “What is it you want to know?”

    “Well,” he started saying. “We want to know if this is a passing thing or if you really love Jaden.”

    I looked in Jaden’s green eyes and said, “This is no passing thing Pop. I love Jaden with all my heart and I don’t ever want to be away from him.”

    Mr. Monroe looked at his son and asked, “Is this how you feel also son?”

    Jaden looked around then kissed me on the cheek saying, “Yes Dad, it is.”

    The parents looked at each other then Pop said, “Then we will do everything in our power to support you both and protect you with everything we have.”

    We were both speechless. We knew our parents accepted us being gay but now they’ve accepted our respective boyfriends too. I felt Jaden squeeze my hand then he leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips. I got lost in those green eyes again when I felt Pop tap me on the shoulder. I came back to earth just as the waiter set our food in front of us. Dinner was perfect and it was made even better by the recent developments.

    After dinner Mr. Monroe handed Jaden a small bag and I know what that meant. Jaden rode home with us and spent the next two nights at our house. I took Jaden down to my room and showed him around. I was about to turn on the computer when Pop said, “Can I get you two to help me with something out here?”

    We went out the garage and he was standing beside a new queen size bed. I looked at Jaden and smiled then ran over to give Pop one of the biggest hugs I can remember. We went back to my room and took down my old double bed and set up the new one. Mom helped us put the sheets on it along with the new comforter. It didn’t take up that much more room than the old one and it was going to make sleeping better because we had more room, not that we were going to need it because we were always cuddled together.

    We turned on the computer and surfed some of the gay sights and Jaden showed me a story site called Nifty. It had some of the best and hottest stories I’ve ever seen. I looked down and Jaden’s crotch and I could see the tent in his jeans. I reached my hand down to my dick and rearranged it so it wasn’t so uncomfortable. I couldn’t take reading with this boner any longer so I stood up and took my jeans off. Jaden took the hint and did the same thing but as soon as I saw his boxers I led him to the bed. I locked the door and we had another very passionate love making session.

    The rest of that summer, what little we did have of it, flew by and it was now Labor Day weekend. My parents normally have a big cookout and this year they invited the Monroes’. In three days I would be starting school with Jaden and I wanted him and everyone to know that he was truly my best friend in the world. I had Mom take me shopping so I could find him something special that he could wear without telling everyone that we were boyfriends. We were in a department store when I spotted a silver ring that said ‘Best Friends’ on it. I looked up at Mom and said, “What do you think? Is this too much and will it out us?”

    She had the sales person come over so we could look at it better and she said, “No son, I think this is just perfect.”

    Our hands are about the same size so I got one that was just a little loose on me. The lady said to keep the receipt so it could be exchanged in case it didn’t fit. She put in a nice ring box and we took it home. I was at Jaden’s Friday night and it was that hardest thing. I was there with my lover and I so wanted to give him the ring there. I knew my parents wanted me to give it to him when everyone was there so this is what I had to agree to when my Mom bought it.

    Saturday was the best time we had all summer. I felt I had two families and it really made me feel special. Mom and Pop love Jaden and it’s like they have a second son as well. Before we sat down to eat I took Jaden’s hand and led him over to where everyone was sitting and said, “Jaden Monroe, I love you with all my heart and I want to shout it from the highest mountain. I also want to let everyone at school you’re my very best friend in the world so I have this to tell them.”

    I opened the ring box and he started crying. He was totally surprised and speechless. He wiped his eyes as I slipped it on the ring finger of his right hand. I looked at it the said, “Oh baby, this is beautiful. You shouldn’t have.”

    “I know I shouldn’t have but I did because I love you,” I said kissing him on the cheek.

    Now what Jaden did next took me by surprise also. He opened a ring box and said, “I can’t beat what you said love but this is for you so everyone knows how I feel about you too.”

    He slipped a ring on my right hand that said ‘Best Buds’ and now I was in tears. I wiped my eyes and kissed him saying, “How did I manage to find the sweetest, best looking and most caring guy in the world?”

    “Just lucky I guess,” he said giggling. “I can say the same thing sweetheart.”

    With that, Jaden took me into his arms and gave me one of the most passionate kisses I have ever gotten from him. We must have been there several minutes because the next thing either of us remembers was hearing a very loud cough. We both turned red then sat down and ate a fine meal that included loads of ice cream for desert.

    School has started and it took a little getting used to with everyone wearing clothes that matched but it’s not all that bad. Our parents had one more surprise for us and that is we spend nights together. We each spend two nights at my house then two nights at Jaden’s. If there is something special, we do sleep alone but those don’t happen that often.

    I heard that Jaden is a much different person at school now than he was when school ended last year. My parents tell me that I have changed a lot too and I guess I have now that Jaden is in my life. One evening when I was at the Monroe’s I decided to tell them about the accident that took my Father’s life. I could finally sit and tell it without getting distraught and blaming myself all over again. The next time Jaden was at my house, he told my parents what had happened to him and he said it was the first time he feels it wasn’t his fault either.

    Life for us is better than either of us could ever imagine. We have our ups and downs but with all the support we have, we can work things out without a lot of difficulty. We look back and think what a great summer it was at Camp Awesome.

    The End

    David Peterson


    Jaden Monroe


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  6. Taylor’s Christmas Present

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting teens. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

    The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

    This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be changed in any way without the expressed written consent of the author. This story may not be put on any pay to view site.

    I reply to all emails, except flames. You may write me here.

    I hope you enjoy this story.

    Miguel Sanchez

    Taylor’s Christmas Present

    Taylor moved into the neighborhood with his mother two weeks before Christmas. It was bad enough that he was going to be the smallest kid in his class but he would be in a new town at the worst time of the year. Christmas for Taylor was always a sad time for him ever since the one love in his life died two years before in a freak accident that Taylor mostly felt was he fault.

    Taylor’s friend Toby and he were sledding down a steep slope that dumped out onto a frozen lake. All the kids had used the lake for skating and playing hockey so neither of them thought it wouldn’t be safe for them to sled on. That day, the sun came out and the temperature was a little warmer than normal. All the kids were skating on the ice for about 5 hours then there was a pick-up game of ice hockey. Taylor and Toby waited until everyone was finished so they could sled down onto the ice and not risk hitting anybody.

    Once the ice was clear, the boys decided it was time for them to have some fun. Since it was Toby’s sled, Taylor thought it fair that he go first. Toby put his feet on the controls and held the rope tight as Taylor gave him a shove. Toby started off slow when gradually built up speed going down the hill. Faster and faster he went and he came sliding to a stop about 3 feet onto the ice.

    “Damn dude,” Toby shouted. “That was a killer slide. I’ll be back up there in a few and you can have a go.”

    Toby ran back up the hill and gave Taylor a turn. Taylor being lighter than Toby flew down the hill and he slid almost 2 feet further than Toby. He looked up at his boyfriend and said, “You’re right babe, killer run.”

    The boys had a blast sledding for almost an hour. It was starting to get dark when they decided to make a tandem run for their last one of the day. Toby got on first then Taylor. He wrapped his little arms around Toby’s waist and pushed off to start the run. Down the slope they went, slowly at first then picking up speed.

    The boys started yelling and whooping so much Toby didn’t see they were off course until Taylor hollered, “Baby, watch out!”

    Toby turned the sled sharply so he would miss the tree but in doing so, Taylor lost his grip and fell off the sled and slid against a tree. Toby was going very fast and hit the ice at a great speed. He dug his heels into the ice trying to slow himself when the he hit a weak spot and the ice caved in taking both Toby and the sled under.

    Taylor was paralyzed with fright and fear and didn’t know what to do. He was about to run to get help with Toby’s father came looking for the boys. Taylor hysterically told the man what happened and he quickly called for an ambulance and rescue team. All during the rescue, Toby’s father comforted Taylor and never blamed him once for the accident. After 2 hours of searching, the divers finally recovered Toby’s body. The doctors at the hospital tried using every hypothermic warming method they knew but try as they might, they just couldn’t bring Toby back.

    Taylor was hysterical and would not stop crying until he had to be sedated. After the funeral, Taylor was hospitalized for severe depression and after 6 months of therapy he was finally able to admit the accident wasn’t his fault.

    As Christmas time got closer and closer, Taylor started getting depressed again so his mother did the one thing she could, she decided to move and hoped this would bring her son out of his gloom.

    Taylor looked at her and said, “Mom, I don’t know why you had to move us away? You know I get sad this time of the year but I’m not going bonkers or anything. Now I’m going to have to make new friends two weeks before Christmas. I’m not only going to be the new kid in class but I’m going to be the smallest. We have one week of school before the break. How about I get my schedule and start after the new year?”

    “No chance son,” His mom said. “Your grades have fallen to just below a B and you’re going to need all the help you can get if you’re going to keep them from going even lower.”

    “Oh Mom,” Taylor said. “You make it sound like I’m failing.”

    “Not at all,” she said. I just want you to do the kind of work you’re capable of, that’s all.”

    “Thanks for all the support,” Taylor said as he stormed off into his room and slammed the door.”

    The one thing Taylor had in his room that he loved was his computer. He could log on to the internet then chat with all his old friends. He had two good friends who knew he was gay and that he loved Toby with all his heart. One of them was in a group of other young gay teens and he heard there were a couple of gay kids in Taylor’s area but didn’t have a clue who they were.

    His friend Bobby told him to keep his eyes open because he was certain they went to his school. One was in the seventh grade and the other was in the eighth. Taylor said he would and he promised to keep them informed if he found out who they were.

    The weekend passed very slowly for Taylor and when it came time for bed, his mother said, “I don’t want you staying up late young man. You have school tomorrow and you will be going. Do I make myself clear?”

    When his mother said that, Taylor had no hopes of talking her out of it. He just sighed and said, “Yes ma’am. I’ll be in bed no later than ten-thirty.”

    His mom closed the door then Taylor quickly found his spot in the story he was reading on Gay Teen Authors. He finished reading the story then used the bathroom before going to bed.

    Once in bed, Taylor’s thoughts went to the story he was reading and then to Toby. He missed his boyfriend but he could still remember everything they did in his mind. The best thing he loved about Toby was the way they would just cuddle close together and let their hands roam over their bodies. Toby had talented hands and soon, Taylor was sporting major wood. He slid out of his boxers and let his hands roam over his little tool. Taylor had Toby in his mind now and soon was using two fingers on his little dick and his other hand to caress his little balls.

    Taylor’s body wasn’t very big. At twelve years of age he stood only four foot six and weighed just eighty pounds. His tool had managed a little growth and he even saw a few wisps of hair along its base. The one thing he could do however was have wet orgasms. He had been doing that for a few months now and he had so wanted to share that with Toby.

    After a few minutes of jacking, Taylor put his two fingers in his mouth and got them wet with his saliva. As soon as he started jerking again, he felt his balls start to churn letting him know his release was near. He envisioned Toby’s hand stroking his boy c*** and he then felt the liquid pleasure beginning to work its way toward the tip of his dick. Faster and faster he stroked and then he erupted. “Umph, ungh, oh Toby,” Taylor said in a muffled voice so his mother wouldn’t hear him.

    He let loose with three small watery blasts of boy juice onto his heaving stomach. He lay there recovering from his orgasmic bliss then goes into his bathroom to clean off the mess he made then drifts off to sleep.

    The next thing Taylor feels is his mother’s hand shaking him saying, “Wake up son. It’s time to get ready for school. Breakfast will be ready in fifteen minutes. Now get your shower. I don’t want you late on your first day of school.”

    “Oh alright Mom,” Taylor moaned from under the covers hoping she wouldn’t yank them down because he was still naked from his pleasure excursion.

    He pulled himself out of bed and walked to the bathroom so he could get his shower. Since he solved his problem last night, he didn’t have more than his usual morning wood to contend with. He was in and out in record time and eating breakfast without having to hear his mother yell at him again.

    Taylor ate quietly while his mother drank her usual morning coffee. After he was finished, he put his plate in the dishwasher then went to wash his face and hands. This never made sense to him since he had just taken a shower but it was one of those things he doesn’t argue with his mother about.

    It was now seven-thirty and time to face the music. He knew this was going to be worse than getting a cavity filled at the dentist. In fact, Taylor would rather be there than Woodland Middle School. His mother pulled the car in front of the school and Taylor tried to bolt before receiving his usual and customary kiss from his mother. “Have a good day sweetie. I’ll see you at home after work.”

    ‘Right Mom,’ Taylor thought. ‘Don’t you mean you’ll be home to bury the corpse?’

    “Bye Mom,” Taylor said with a forced smile on his face. “I’ll see you later.”

    Taylor closed the door and headed off to face the music. As Taylor was walking towards the front doors, a kid came up to him and said, “Look at the new munchkin. It looks like they’re making them smaller this year.”

    Taylor wanted to hide on the spot. He just looked towards the ground and did his best to ignore that taunt. As he was getting his thoughts together another voice said, “Hi. My name is Andy. You look new here.”

    Taylor stopped in his tracks and looked around at where the voice was coming from. He looked to the front again when he saw a boy who wasn’t much taller than he was. He smiled and said, “Ah, yeah. I am Taylor Murphy. My Mom and I moved here Friday. Great time to be a new kid, huh?”

    “Don’t worry about it,” Andy said. “There’s only three days then we’re out of here until next year. One more thing, don’t let those ninth grade guys get to you. I know someone who has those guys’ number. If they try to give you a hard time, Marvin will get them.”

    Taylor silently giggled when he heard the name Marvin but then thought someone with that name had to be tough. He looked at Andy then said, “Three day’s? My mom told me a week. I guess it won’t be all that bad after all. Can you show me where I go to get my schedule?”

    Andy smiled at him and said, “Sure thing Taylor, follow me.”

    Both boys went inside and headed off to the office. Andy showed Taylor the way then said, “Here you go dude, I have to run. I need to study for a test in science and I need to cram or else. Hope you’re in a few of my classes.”

    Taylor suddenly seemed alone again but said, “Sure thing Andy. Hope you pass your test. Catch you later.”

    Taylor went inside the office and looked at the lady sitting at the desk behind the counter. She looked up at him and said, “Is there something I can do for you young man?”

    “Yes Ma’am,” Taylor said. “I need to get my schedule. My name is Taylor Murphy.”

    The secretary looked his name up in the computer and Taylor heard paper being printed. The lady got up and said, “Here you go young man. There are only three days of school this week so there isn’t much you will be able to do. You will get to meet your teachers and make a few friends. You will be able to dive into your classes when we return from the holidays. I have your transcripts from you old school and I see you’re a good student. Good luck here at Woodland Middle.”

    ‘Nothing like a pep talk before dying,’ Taylor thought as he took the paper from the secretary. He went out of the office and walked slam into a kid and fell backwards onto his a**.

    He looked up at the kid and tried to focus thinking, ‘Man, I really did it now. Mom can bury me next to Toby.’

    As Taylor’s eyes cleared up and he saw the kid lean down saying, “Are you alright little dude? I sure hope you aren’t hurt?”

    The kid reached his hand down to Taylor so he could help him up. As soon as they touched, Taylor felt something go through his body he hadn’t felt in a long time. He managed a smile as the boy helped him to his feet. Taylor quietly said, “I’m OK. I just bruised my pride a little, that’s all.”

    The big kid said, “That’s good. I really don’t like hurting people.”

    Taylor relaxed and thought, ‘Man, this kid is huge. I don’t know if his name is Marvin but if it is, I like him. Just remember not to piss him off because he can sure pound the hell out of me.’

    “Don’t worry about it,” Taylor said. “It was my fault for not looking where I was going. I better get to class.”

    “You’re new here?” the kid said. “Where is your first class?”

    “Room 104,” Taylor said.

    “Go straight down that hall and it’s on your right,” the kid told him.

    Taylor started walking in the direction told and said, “Thanks. I would have never found it.”

    Taylor’s first class was health and they were discussing human sexuality and reproduction. He showed the teacher his schedule and took a seat near the back of the class. He hoped his size would come in handy for not being called on. It worked because hardly any one knew he was even there.

    When the bell rang Taylor saw Andy and showed his young friend his schedule. They had the rest of the morning together and Taylor felt his day seem just a little brighter.

    During lunch, Taylor asked Andy where he lived. He was disappointed when he learned Andy lived several miles from him and there was no way they could see each other without the help of their parents. Andy looked at his friend and said, “Don’t look so down Taylor, school is going to be out and I’m sure I can get my mother to get me over to your place. I’ve got a computer too and I have Yahoo Instant Messenger.”

    Taylor’s face lit up when he heard that. “Really, so do I? I love to chat and I stay in touch with all my old friends from where I used to live.”

    Taylor scribbled his screen name down for Andy and his friend did like wise. Andy smiled and said, “Great. I’ll add you when I get home and we can chat as soon as I get all my studies done.”

    “Sounds good Andy,” Taylor said and they were off for their afternoon classes.

    The boys were about to turn the hall when Taylor said, “Look at that dude Andy. He helped me up this morning. For a big kid, he seems nice. Is that Marvin?”

    Andy quickly turned to see what his friend was talking about but said, “Who are you talking about Taylor? There’s no one there.”

    Taylor looked down the hall and said, “Guess he went into a classroom. Ah, never mind.”

    The boys headed off together for Math, History and Social Studies. Andy was in two of Taylor’s final three classes and after school they met back at their lockers. Andy looked at his friend and asked, “How are you getting home?”

    “I live just a few blocks away so I have to walk,” Taylor asked. “How about you?”

    “My mom is picking me up,” Andy replied. “Maybe tomorrow I can get you a ride but I have to go to the doctor’s for my monthly allergy shot.”

    “No problem,” Taylor said smiling. “I’ll catch you online later tonight.”

    The boys split up and went their own ways. Taylor went out the side door as that was closer to his street. About half way home the kid that called him a munchkin started in again. He taunted Taylor saying, “Well, well if it isn’t the little squirt again. How about you show me what you have in that bag?”

    Taylor tried to ignore him and kept walking but the kid wouldn’t leave him alone. As he walked past him, Taylor felt a hand grab hold of his back pack and throw him to the ground. Taylor tried to stay strong and said, “Why don’t you just leave me alone? I haven’t done anything to you?”

    “Why?” the big kid said. “Why, because I’m bigger than you and I can do what I want.”

    Taylor looked away fearing he was going to get hit when all of a sudden the bigger kid went flying. Soon, Taylor was being helped up by the same mystery boy he walked into earlier that day. As he was being helped to his feet, Taylor said, “Thanks again. We always seem to be meeting this way with me on my back and you helping me to my feet.”

    “No problem,” the mystery boy said. “I hate seeing kids like him try to bully smaller ones like you.”

    Taylor’s eyes were clear this time and he had the quickness to stick his hand out and say, “Well thanks any way. My name is Taylor. What’s yours?”

    The boy shook his hand but said something that totally shocked Taylor. He said, “Ah don’t worry about it. I know you’d laugh like everyone else does.”

    Taylor took a chance and said, “Is your name Marvin, because if it is, I would never laugh at you or your name.”

    The boy looked surprised at Taylor’s answer. A small smile came to his face then he said, “Yeah, I’m Marvin. I helped your friend Andy when he came here too. It seems like I’m going to have to teach that kid over there a lesson on not picking on smaller kids.”

    “Marvin,” Taylor said. “If you do that, you’re going against everything you stand for. I think if you just tell him to leave us all alone or else, he might get the point and you won’t have to hit him or anything else.”

    Marvin thought about it for a minute then said, “Come on with me Taylor.”

    Marvin and Taylor walked over to the kid still lying on the ground. He had a very shocked look on his face when he heard Marvin say, “Look kid, I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to say this but it’s the last time. If I ever see you or any other bigger kid try to pick on Taylor here or any other smaller kid, you will regret it. Do we have an understanding?”

    The bigger kid nodded his head yes then got up and ran away. Taylor was amazed at what just happened. He looked up at Marvin then asked, “Would you like to come over to my house? I can fix us something warm to drink?”

    Marvin thought about it for a minute then said, “I don’t think so Taylor, not today. My Dad expects me home at a certain time every day and I really get it if I’m late.”

    “Well,” Taylor said coyly. “How about you tell him you’re going to be a little later tomorrow and you can come over then? One more thing, would you like to be my friend?”

    Taylor had stuck his hand out again and Marvin took it saying, “I’ll talk with my Dad tonight and sure, I’d like to be your friend. Most kids in the neighborhood are scared of me because I’m so big. It’s nice to have a friend who likes me just for me.”

    “I sure do,” Taylor said. “You’re the second friend I’ve made today. Maybe the holidays won’t be so bad after all.”

    Before the boys went their separate ways, Marvin reached his arm down and drew Taylor into a little hug. Taylor smiled inwardly to himself as this was happening but also felt he might have more than a friend in Marvin. Marvin released his little friend and said, “If you give me your number, I’ll call you later.”

    The boys exchanged addresses and phone numbers then went their separate ways. Taylor was walking home with a huge smile on his face. When he turned onto his street, he saw his mother was already home but not even that could remove the grin. He opened the door and said, “I’m home.”

    His mother came into the living room and said, “What took you so long. I was getting worried and look at you, your clothes are filthy. Did you get into a fight?”

    “Well almost,” Taylor said smiling again. “I made a new friend and he got the bully to leave me alone. I don’t think I will be having any more problems from the bigger kids at school any more. His name is Marvin. He’s real cool and man is he big. He looks like he’s 16 but he goes to our school so I think he’s probably 14. I want to have him come over tomorrow afternoon for some hot chocolate and to show him my room. Is that alright?”

    Taylor’s mother had to think about it for a few minutes but considering her son doesn’t know anybody she said, “All right Taylor. He can come over. I don’t suppose you have any homework?”

    “No ma’am,” Taylor said smiling. “Oh one more thing Wednesday is the last day of school. Here is the paper the school sent home with everyone.”

    “Great,” she said frowning. “There’s no way I can get Thursday and Friday off from work. As it is now, I’m going to have to get you a sitter for 10 days. I can’t afford two more.”

    “A WHAT,” Taylor shouted. “I’m twelve years old. I don’t need a babysitter. I can check in with you at certain times during the day and I can let you know if I’m going to a friend’s house or something. Also, one day I might be going over to my other friend Andy’s house if that’s alright with his mom first. Here is Andy’s number so you can put it in the phone then call his mom when we can work those things out. Also, here is Marvin’s number.”

    She thought for a moment then said, “Well, we can give your idea a try this week and if you are good about calling and letting me know what you’re doing, I might cancel the sitter.

    Taylor thought about it for a minute and said, “I will mom and I hope you do more than just think about it.”

    Taylor went upstairs and turned on his computer and added Andy to his Yahoo buddy list. After he did that, Taylor went and stretched out on his bed and thought about the day’s events.

    Over at Marvin’s house he was telling his father about the kid he protected while they ate dinner. He stuffed food into his mouth while saying, “I tell you Dad that bully didn’t seem to take the message I gave him when he went after Andy, the other new guy at our school. Taylor is the guy I took up for today and he did something that really made me think.”

    His father swallowed his mouth full of food then said, “Now son, I hope you’re not moving to fast here. You remember what happened at the last school?”

    “Geez Dad,” Marvin said. “How can I forget when that stupid homophobe outted me in front of all my friends and I got the crap beat out of me? Besides, I feel something special for Taylor. It’s something like I felt for Byron before his parents up and moved. I get this strong feeling he’s gay Dad but I’m not going to say a word to him until I know him better. But any way, Taylor said that if I pounded this kid, I would be going against everything I stood for in helping smaller kids without beating the bully’s up. I did put the fear of God into him if he ever picked on anyone again.”

    “I think this Taylor boy just might be the kind of friend you need son weather or not he turns out to be gay,” his father said smiling at his only child.”

    Marvin was a tall muscular kid who stood five foot three inches and weighed just over one hundred and twenty pounds. He loved to play soccer and was one of his team’s top goal scorers. Away from the field however, Marvin was a very lonely boy. All the kids in his neighborhood were much smaller and they were all somewhat scared to play with him. If they only knew he would never hurt them he would love to teach them all how to play soccer properly. Well Marvin learned to cope with being big so he just kept to himself and watched out for all the bigger guys that loved to pick on smaller kids.

    Marvin looked up at his dad and said, “How come you didn’t kill me when you found out I was gay? I mean Mom split and divorced you. Why didn’t you put me out or up for adoption?”

    Tears started to fill his father’s eyes when he heard his son ask that question. He pulled his son onto his lap and said, “It’s like this, when you have a child he’s yours to raise until he is eighteen years old. You still have four years to go then you can move out if you want. If you want to go to college, you have a place to stay while you’re there. This is your home too son and I could never put out my only son. Sure I was disappointed that I won’t have a grandchild but seeing you with a boyfriend, growing old together will be good enough.”

    Marvin had tears rolling down his face when he heard what his dad just said. He cleared his throat and said, “Dad, I know I don’t say this enough but I want you to know that I do love you very much.”

    “I love you too son,” his father said as he kissed him on the cheek.

    “Oh Dad,” Marvin said sitting up. “I almost forgot that Taylor invited me over tomorrow after school so we can have some hot chocolate. May I go, please?”

    The older man thought for a minute then said, “If you don’t have any homework it will be alright. Just please call me when you get there so I know you’re alright.”

    “OK Dad,” Marvin said. “I don’t really think I will because tomorrow is the next to the last day before break.”

    “Speaking of that,” his dad said. “What are you going to be doing while you’re out of school and I’m at work? I don’t want you hanging around the mall because of the shoplifters.”

    “I don’t know yet Dad,” Marvin started talking. “I might just hang with Taylor if it’s alright with his mom. Here is their phone number.”

    “Did you look closely at this paper son?” his dad asked.

    Marvin reach for the paper then said, “Oh wow. They live on the next street. How cool is that. We’re practically neighbors. Will you call her and see if we can play together either at his house of ours? We won’t make a mess, I promise.”

    His father was laughing at his son’s antics. “Sure I will. I’ll do it while you’re in the shower. Now scoot my big little kid.”

    Marvin inwardly hated that nick-name but he know his dad said it with love so he never said anything. He got up off his old man’s lap and headed to his room for some clean underwear.

    Back at Taylor’s house Taylor was chatting with his friends from his old neighborhood. The chat went like this:

    Cooldude1: Man this kid his big but God is he sooo cute. When he hugged me I popped a bone so big I was afraid he was going to feel it then really pound me.

    Buddybear: If you got the kind of vibe from him, I don’t think he would have hurt you. What did you say his name was?”

    Cooldude1: His name is Marvin but he didn’t tell me his last so I don’t have any more than that.

    Buddybear: I will see what I can find out. I think I might know who he is and if it is the guy I’m thinking about, he is gay and available.

    Cooldude1: Don’t yank my chain Bud. I can’t get my hopes up and then take a crash.

    Buddybear: No s**t dude. This guy is looking and hard too. He got outted at his last school then his boyfriend’s parents moved and left him high and dry.

    Cooldude1: Oh wow, what a bummer. I hope he is the guy you know. He is going to ask his Dad if he can come over for a while tomorrow.

    Buddybear: Great news. Just be cool and have a good time. Hey, I have to go. TTYL

    Taylor logged off and shut his computer down for the night. He was just about to take his shower when he heard the phone ring. He grabbed the extension in his room and then heard a man and his mom talking. He ran downstairs saying, “Is that Marvin’s Dad?”

    “Yes,” his mother said. “Go take you shower and you can call him when you’re out.”

    Taylor flew to his room stripping as he went so he could take the quickest shower on record. When he got done he said, “Mom, I took my shower. Can I call Marvin now?”

    “Yes you can,” she replied. “But I want you in bed in thirty minutes. You have school tomorrow.”

    Taylor wasn’t happy that he had so little time to talk but it was better than nothing. The two boys talked like they had known each other for years and then Marvin said, “Hey Taylor, I have to go but I can come over after school. I’ll see you then, alright?”

    “Way cool,” Taylor said. “I’ll meet you at my locker. Do you know which one it is?”

    “Yeah I do and I’ll meet you there,” Marvin said and he hung up the phone.

    Taylor was beyond happy. He was on cloud nine and had trouble falling asleep. After a sexy jack, he was finally able to drift off to sleep.

    Taylor was up bright and early and this surprised his mother. She smiled at him and said, “Are you sick son? Am I going to have to take you to the doctor’s.?”

    “Come on Mom,” Taylor said. “Thanks for letting Marvin come over this afternoon.

    She looked at her son and said, “Look Taylor, I know about you and Toby and I was very sad for you when he died. I know you loved him and you two were boyfriends. Marvin sounds like a wonderful boy but he might not be gay. I don’t want you to get your hopes up on something that might not be.”

    “I know Mom,” he replied. “I just want to be friends for right now. If he is gay and we become boyfriends, cool. If not, I will still be his friend. He’s to cool to loose.”

    School flew by for Taylor that day and soon he was at his locker waiting for his friend to meet him so they could go home together. He turned his head and saw Marvin heading for his locker. He closed the door and ran towards him jumping in the air to give him a high five. Marvin said, “Nice leap Ty. I hope you don’t mind me calling you that. I think it fits you.”

    “Not at all,” Taylor said. “I had a friend back home who called me that.”

    “I’m not bringing back memories am I,” Marvin asked.

    “A little but they’re good ones and I don’t think he would mind,” Taylor responded.

    The boys chatted like old friends and soon they were at Taylor’s house. As they entered, Marvin said, “Hey I didn’t tell you that I live on the next street.”

    “Really?” Taylor said. “That’s so cool. Maybe we can have sleep-overs?”

    “Sounds good,” Marvin said as he took his muddy shoes off by the door.

    Taylor fixed the hot chocolate and took Marvin to his room. He was impressed with everything he had especially his computer. He didn’t have one but he had asked his dad if he could find him a used one for Christmas. It was the only thing he wanted.

    Between chatting online and playing video games, the boys lost track of time until Taylor hear his mom say, “Boys I’m home. It’s almost five-thirty.”

    Marvin jumped up and said, “Man I better get going or my Dad’s going to ground me.”

    Mrs. Murphy heard this and said, “No son, you won’t be grounded. Your Dad thought you guys might hit it off and told me to have you home by six. It’s very nice to meet you and it’s good Taylor here has made some new friends already.”

    “Thank you Mrs. Murphy,” Marvin said. “Ty here is a cool dude and I’m the lucky one.”

    The three of them talked until it was time for Marvin to leave. Mrs. Murphy said, “Marvin, tell your father it’s alright if you guys play together over the holidays. I think you will help keep Taylor here out of trouble.”

    Taylor turned a few shades of red then said, “Oh Mom. I don’t get into trouble but thanks for letting us hang out. You’re cool.”

    The rest of the week flew by and Marvin and Taylor were becoming fast and close friends. Andy came over one day and got to meet the big kid for himself. They all had a great time.

    The days were quickly counting down and Christmas was getting closer and closer. Each boy was asking their parent for the same thing. They each wanted to get the other a special gift just to say how much they valued the other’s friendship. Marvin got Taylor a gold chain with his initial and Taylor got the same thing for Marvin.

    On the evening of December 23rd, Taylor got a phone call that totally destroyed the plans he had hoped for. The phone rang and it was Marvin saying, “Hey Ty, it’s Marvin. I kinda have some bad news and I wish I could do something about it but I can’t. My Dad and I have to go see my Aunt. We’re leaving tomorrow morning and we will be back on the evening of the 25th.”

    Taylor was crying hard now. He said through streaming tears, “Alright Marvin. I know you wouldn’t do this unless you had no choice. I want you to know I’m going to miss you and you’re my best friend. I will see you when you get back. Please be safe.”

    Marvin was crying now and he said, “I will Ty. You’re my best friend to. I’ll be over as soon as we get home just to wish you a Merry Christmas.”

    Taylor hung up the phone and ran into his mother’s arms. He said crying loudly, “He has to go away for Christmas Mom! He can’t be here. I’ve never said this to him but I love him. I don’t want a thing except him for Christmas now.”

    “Clam down my little boy,” his mom said softly. “I know you love him. I can see it in your eyes when the two of you are together. We have some last minute things to do tomorrow so that should help the day go by a little faster. Please son, don’t go getting depressed. He’ll be back the day after tomorrow.”

    “I won’t Mom,” Taylor said. “I was thinking about asking him if he would be my boyfriend. I know he’s gay Mom. I can just feel it.”

    “Alright son,” she said stroking his hair. “If you want, I’ll call his Dad so we can all talk with them if he should say no. How does that sound?”

    “That sounds good,” Taylor said. “I’m a little sleepy Mom so I’m going to get some sleep. Night and I love you.”

    She kissed him on the head and said, “I love you too son. Sleep well and I’ll see you in the morning.”

    Taylor drifted off to a fitful sleep dreaming about Marvin. He never knew he could love someone else after losing Toby. He was in some ways just like his first love. But in more ways, he is different and that’s what he likes about Marvin.

    Taylor woke about nine thirty and just before lunch time, he and his mother were off to the mall for last minute shopping. Mrs. Murphy did the one thing she never did while shopping there. She and Taylor had lunch in the food court. Taylor ate himself silly and his mother a little lighter in the cash department.

    They finally got home just before supper so they decided to finish wrapping the gifts after dinner. Once all the gifts were wrapped, Mrs. Murphy looked at the clock and said, “Son, it’s almost eleven-thirty and you look exhausted. Why don’t you head on off to bed?”

    “Yeah Mom,” Taylor said. “I am beat. I’ll see you in the morning.”

    When Taylor got his nightly rituals finished, he kneeled beside the bed and said, “Dear God. It’s me Taylor. I know we haven’t talked in a real long time but there is just one thing I would like you to do for me. My friend Marvin is visiting his Aunt and well, I wish there could be some way he could get home a little sooner so I can give him his very special Christmas present. I really understand if you can’t make this happen but I just wanted to ask any way. Thanks God. Amen.”

    Taylor crawled under the covers and fell off to sleep dreaming yet again about Marvin. Taylor woke up and eight and went to see if his mother was awake. He opened the door and found her bed empty. When he came down the stairs, she had breakfast already prepared and on a television table by the couch. The boy was starving and he ate the food with lightning speed. His Mom took the plate from him then handed him a small gift she’d bought him.

    It was a new CD he had been wanting and he gave her a hug when the doorbell rang. He got up and slowly went to see who it was. He opened the door to find Marvin standing there with a huge smile on his face saying, “Merry Christmas Ty. Would you please be my boyfriend?”

    Taylor jumped into the big boy’s arms saying, “Yes Marvin, I would love to be your boyfriend.”

    Marvin carried Taylor back into the house and when Marvin set him down he looked and saw a strange man standing behind Marvin. Marvin said, “Everyone, this is my Dad, Marvin Beller.”

    The boys exchanged gifts and Taylor said, “This is the best Christmas I can ever remember.”

    The End





    The discussion thread is here.

  7. This is really a good recipe. You need to read the instructions carefully, especially if you are not a cook-like me.

    If you are like me, we are always looking for that special cookie recipe to share with our families for the holidays.

    This is the one I personally make on Christmas Eve to be able to deal with the "families" on this joyous occasion.


    1 cup........ of dark brown sugar

    1 cup........ (2 sticks) butter

    1 cup........ of granulated sugar

    4 large...... eggs

    2 cups..... of dried fruit, such as dried cranberries or raisins

    1 tsp........ baking soda

    1 tsp........ salt

    1 tsp........ fresh lemon juice

    1 cup....... coarsely chopped walnuts or pecans

    2 cups......all-purpose flour

    1 bottle.... Jose Cuervo Tequila (silver or gold, as desired) Sample the Cuervo to check quality.

    Take a large bowl, check the Cuervo again, to be sure it is of the highest quality, pour one level cup and drink.

    Turn on the electric mixer...

    Beat one cup of butter in a large fluffy bowl.

    Add one teaspoon of sugar...Beat again.

    At this point it's best to make sure the Cuervo is still OK, try another cup.... just in case.

    Turn off the mixerer thingy. Break 2 leggs and add to the bowl and chuck in the cup of dried fruit.

    Pick the frigging fruit off floor... Mix on the turner. If the fried druit gets stuck in the beaterers just pry it loose with a drewscriver.

    Sample the Cuervo to check for tonsisticity.

    Next, sift two cups of salt, or something.

    Check the Jose Cuervo.

    Now shift the lemon juice and strain your nuts. Add one table. Add a spoon of sugar, or somefink. Whatever you can find.

    Greash the oven.

    Turn the cake tin 360 degrees and try not to fall over.

    Finally, throw the bowl through the window, FINISH the Cose Juervo and make sure to put the stove in the dishwasher.

    **** CHERRY MISTMAS ****

  8. Our Littlest Angel

    Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and that of love. Any resemblance to actual places, events, or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. This story may contain erotic and/or sexually explicit behavior between consenting boys. If it is illegal for you to, or you find this sort of work offensive, don't download or read it!

    The people in this story do not use protection because diseases don’t exist here. However, in our world they do so please use caution and protection.

    This story is protected by copyright. It may not be downloaded or copied for other than your private enjoyment and may not be changed in any way without the expressed written consent of the author. This story may not be put on any pay to view site.

    I reply to all emails, except flames. You may write me here.

    I hope you enjoy this story.

    Miguel Sanchez

    Our Littlest Angel

    Pieter Stoltz was a shy quiet boy and when his mother moved to England from Germany, he became even more so. When he was ten, his mother moved here after her bitter divorce became final. She enrolled him in the local public school but shortly after that, he would come home with cuts and bruises and his clothes would be dirty and torn. This went on for several days when his mother finally asked him, “Why are you always coming home like this?”

    Pieter looked sadly at his mother and said, “The boys in school make fun of me. They make fun of my accent and that I don’t know English very well.”

    She sat down and said, “Hergekommen mein Sohn.”

    Pieter slowly walked over to his mother. As she lifted him onto her lap he started to cry saying, “Why don’t they like me?”

    “They don’t know you like I do son,” she started saying. “Kids can be so cruel at times when they meet someone different than themselves. It’s not right and I will talk with the principle and have him put a stop to this.”

    “I don’t know if that will stop it or not,” he said crying harder. “I just wish I knew English better.”

    His mother understood that problem all too well. Her grasp of English wasn’t that strong and she knew Pieter’s English would improve in time but she didn’t like having to see her only child coming home every day battered and bruised.

    She looked at him and said, “How about I get you a tutor to help you with your English? This way you will learn the language faster and the boys should stop bullying you. So you think that might help?”

    Pieter looked at the floor and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know,” he said softly.

    She lifted his chin and said, “You need to stop being so shy too son. Have you made any friends in your class?”

    Pieter just shook his head no and hopped off her lap heading for his room. He flopped down on his bed and looking at the ceiling said, “Why don’t people like me?”

    The next day she went to his school and had a talk with his principal and told him what was happening to Pieter. He too knew that children can be cruel to those different than them but he wouldn’t stand for them acting like hooligans. “I’m terribly sorry for the way your son is being treated here Ms. Stoltz. I will speak with the children and inform them that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

    “Thank you mien Herr,” she said shaking his hand.

    “You’re very welcome,” he said smiling.

    That afternoon the principal held an assembly and told all the students that bullying others would not be tolerated and any reports would be thoroughly investigated. When they learned who the offending person or persons were, they would be met with swift discipline.

    The bullying stopped at school but Pieter was still very shy. Just after his eleventh birthday she decided that she could no longer stand to see him moping around the house without friends. One afternoon when she was shopping, she was trying to tell the butcher what it was she wanted but her accent was preventing the man from understanding her. “The lady wants a kilo of German sausage,” I said to the butcher.

    “Danke schön mein Herr,” she said smiling.

    “You’re welcome Fräulein,” I said.

    The woman started to leave the counter then looked at me and said, “Excuse me sir, but would you happen to teach English?”

    I smiled and said, “I am a teacher, but not of English. I teach music at St. Joseph’s Boys School.”

    She nodded her head and said, “I noticed your faint German accent. How did you lose it? My son is having problems speaking the language here and I’m looking for a tutor to help him.”

    “Does he go to St. Joseph’s?” I asked.

    “Nein” she said. “He is in the public school.”

    “What time is he out?” I asked.

    “Three,” she said.

    “Why don’t you have him come by tomorrow afternoon,” I said. “I’ll be in Room 15. If he gets lost, have him ask for Michael Joest. What is your son’s name?”

    “Danke Herr Joest,” she said smiling. “His name is Pieter Stoltz. How did you lose your accent?”

    “Singing and with time it lessened,” I said. “And your name is fräulein?”

    “Gertrude, Gertrude Stoltz,” She said sighing. “He hasn’t sung in over 2 years. He had a beautiful voice and was always singing before we moved here but suddenly he stopped.”

    “How old is he?” I inquired.

    “He just turned eleven,” she said.

    I didn’t think his voice was changing this soon. I needed to find out what happened to cause him to stop singing. “I’ll be glad to work with him and see what I can do for him, I said smiling. “I have choir rehearsal at four and I would like to have him stay for it if that won’t be a problem.”

    “Nein Herr Joest,” she said. “Danke Herr Joest for trying to help Pieter.”

    I left the market and went home still trying to figure out why a child would suddenly stop singing. Usually when a child suddenly stops doing something they enjoy it’s because of some sort of trauma. Now I just had to find out what.”

    Pieter’s mother left the market and went home to find him sitting there crying, scraped and bruised. “What happened?” She asked as she started to clean her son up.

    “Some boy started picking on me and I decided I wasn’t going to take it any more,” he said. “So I called him a scheiße koph.”

    She looked up at him and said, “Pieter Stoltz, you know better than to use words like that.”

    “I’m sorry mom,” he said looking at the floor. “I guess I’m not the only one around who knows German either because that really made him mad.”

    “What am I going to do with you?” she said sounding frustrated.

    “Sorry mom,” he said.

    Pieter went over to the table and sat down as his mother said, “Do you remember when I said I was thinking about getting you a tutor for your English?”

    Pieter looked up and said, “Yes.”

    “Well I found you one,” she said as Pieter looked totally disinterested in what she was saying. “He is the music teacher over at St. Joseph’s Boys School.”

    “Do I have to?” Pieter asked staring at the table.

    “Yes,” his mother said strongly. “I want you to give him a chance Pieter. His name is Herr Michael Joest. He said he will be in room 15. He’ll be expecting you tomorrow afternoon so you’re to go there straight from school.”

    When his mother spoke in that tone he knew he had better listen to her. He looked up at her and said, “Yes ma’am.”

    He got up and went into his room and lay on his bed until dinner. His mind went back to what he heard his mother say the man did at the school. Music was the one thing that Pieter used to live for. More to the point Pieter used to love to sing. It was his life and his very reason for getting up each day and going to school and church.

    He had worked hard in the church choir to make first seat soprano. He was a frequent soloist and a boy the choir master used to love to work with. Pieter used to sing duets with his best friend Klaus Shultz. Klaus was the perfect alto to his soprano and together, they could harmonize like a pair of angels.

    Pieter’s day dream was interrupted by his mother saying, “Hergekommen Pieter, schnell.”

    He washed his face and hands and sat down as his mother fixed his plate. “Have you done your lessons?” She asked as she set his plate in front of him.

    “I will,” he said putting a mouthful of sausage into his mouth.

    “Don’t forget you have to get a bath too young man,” she said.

    He sighed rolling his eyes and said, “I will mom. Don’t I always get my lessons done?”

    “Yes you do son,” she said looking at him. “But you usually start on them before dinner.”

    “I know,” he said sighing. “I just didn’t plan on getting beat up again.”

    Mother and son finally finished their dinner then Pieter went back to his room to do his lessons. Almost two hours later, Pieter emerged with a pair of clean underwear heading for the bathroom. He drew his bath then climbed in and stretched out to relax and soak.

    He closed his eyes and drifted back to his time in Germany. Back then he was a shy boy but he did have friends. Klaus was his best friend ever since he was a small boy and the two of them were always together playing happily as young boys do. When school wasn’t in session, they were sleeping at one another’s house. Pieter loved Klaus as if he was his brother and he didn’t see anything wrong with that. If any of their parents needed to know where they were, all they had to do was listen for their voices as they were always singing.

    Pieter opened his eyes to the realization his bath was getting cold and his p**** was erect. He turned the hot water tap on and warmed the water then started washing his body. He let the water out then got out to dry off. He slipped his pants on and went out to watch some television before having to go to bed.

    I had my dinner then worked on my lesson plan for tomorrow. I muddled through it while fighting to keep thoughts of Pieter at bay. No sooner had I put my papers away, my thoughts immediately returned to this child. I’ve dealt with problem children before but never one who had suddenly given up their favorite pastime.

    Looking at the clock on the wall I saw it was getting late. I put the kettle on for my final cup of tea for the day then went into the bathroom and quickly shaved. Once that was done and I had my tea I crawled into bed and tried to sleep. I tossed and turned but sleep finally did come. All too soon the alarm was going off telling me it was time to get up.

    I threw off the covers and put the kettle on while I hurriedly got dressed. I fixed my toast then sat and ate my breakfast. I pulled out my lesson sheets and once again Pieter came back into my thoughts. I decided to put my plans away then wolfed down my food and left for school. I had a busy morning and before I knew it the lunch bell rang. After lunch it was back to the grind and my afternoon went by as fast as did my morning.

    Henry Williams needed some help with a piece we were doing for an upcoming band concert. We were going over the song when a small blonde haired boy came into the room. Since I was near the end of the piece, I continued playing. As soon as the room was quiet the boy said, “Guten Tag Herr Joest.”

    “Spreche Englisch Pieter,” I said looking at the music.

    “Good afternoon Mr. Joest,” he said again with his heavy German accent.

    I looked up at him and he came around to the other side of the piano. His mother said he was eleven but height wise he didn’t look much over seven or eight. Henry smiled at him and said, “Hi, do you go here?”

    “Pieter looked at him and said, “Nein, public school.”

    Henry got his books and left while I put some music on in the CD player. I could see Pieter start to relax as the music played so I said, “Your Mom tells me you like music.”

    “Used to,” he said.

    “Used to?” I said surprised. “I thought once you like music, you always do. Do you like this piece?”

    I could see his eyes closed humming to the music and tapping his foot. I rolled over to him on the stool and just sat there until he opened his eyes. When he finally did, he had tears in his eyes. “Beethoven’s 9th,” he said.

    I nodded my head and said, “I’ll take that as a yes that you still love music. Now, can you answer me another question?”

    He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I dunno, maybe.”

    He was a tough nut to crack. I was about to speak when Henry came back in and Pieter immediately looked at him. “I’m sorry to disturb you Sir,” he said. “I forgot my music folder.”

    He walked over to where he sat and picked up his folder then turned to leave. He noticed Pieter watching him so on his way out he said, “Nice to meet you Pieter. I hope I get to see you again.”

    He looked up at the boy and said, “Same here.”

    I was amazed at what I just saw. Henry seemed to bring him out of his shell. I decided to see if he would answer a couple of questions now. I looked at him and said, “Pieter, your Mom tells me you used to sing.”

    All of a sudden he clamed up and refused to talk to me. Something was definitely wrong here and I didn’t know how to get through to him. I let the music play and that seemed to occupy Pieter’s mind. I looked at the clock and saw it was almost 4 so I knew the boys would be arriving for practice any time.

    As the boys started coming in, Pieter’s head immediately lifted and he started watching them as they entered. I was beginning to notice he perked up when boys his own age came around him.

    About that time one of my soloists came in. Carl Phillips was my soprano soloist last year until his voice started to change. He was able to stay in the alto range and I really needed an experienced soloist there so I let him stay.

    This was my Performing Choir and we were getting ready for our upcoming Christmas Concert. I did a quick body count while looking for any empty seats and as always there were a few members absent. I sat down behind the piano and started with some voice warming exercises.

    After doing this for several minutes we started rehearsing. The first piece we did was Silent Night. It was a pretty simple piece for them. The next piece was O Come All Ye Faithful. I moved from the piano to the organ and had to wait a couple of minutes for it to start running. It wasn’t totally electronic and I truly loved the sound. While I was waiting I looked at the boys and said, “The first verse will be done with the organ but the second will be done without it. Your starting note will be the same one you ended on so that shouldn’t be a problem. Tenors don’t drown out the basses and sopranos; let’s not try to drown out everyone.”

    They all giggled at my last remark as I turned and headed for the bench. I forgot my music so I said, “Pieter, can you bring me that folder on the piano?”

    He got up and brought it over to me. I thought I would get him involved a little so I patted the bench beside me and he slid over beside me. “Should I turn the pages for you Herr Joest?” He asked looking at the three keyboards on the organ.

    I nodded my head then looked out at the choir. I nodded my head to them then started the introduction of the piece. The first verse went fairly smooth with just a few little mistakes. When it came to the second verse, that was a different story. I stopped playing and stood to direct them and everyone stopped singing. I looked down at Pieter and saw him giggling.

    I looked out at them and said, “Why did you all stop singing? I stood up to direct you, not stop you. I’ll play the end of the chorus then you start with verse two. Now, while I have you, first sopranos, I want you to look at the note above the word Lord. How many of you think you can go one octave above that note. I need at least 6 of you for it to sound right. Let’s try it and if you can’t hit it don’t worry; we’ll just keep it as written.”

    I stood and played the ending then they started singing unaccompanied. I rejoined them on the chorus and for the rest of the piece. I had to play loud because I was deliberately slowing down on the final chorus because it was the here I wanted the 6 sopranos to get a big lung full of air before trying the octave jump.

    As I was playing Pieter was turning pages for me but his eyes were on the choir. Actually he was looking at only one member and that was Carl. I could see he was glancing between the music and Carl then looking at the words. I couldn’t tell if he was following the soprano or the alto lines but this little guy knew music. Even with him staring at Carl he didn’t miss a page turn. When I got to the final line I really slowed it down and some of the boys tried to hit the octave jump but it was just out of their reach so I decided to go with it as written.

    We ran through the piece one more time and I was satisfied with it for this day. I looked at the clock behind me and saw it was almost 5 so I decided to call it a day. I dismissed the boys and Pieter closed the music book. I shut the organ off and closed it as a voice said, “Thank you.”

    I looked up and Carl was looking at Pieter. Pieter smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

    I was taken aback at this and said, “What did he do that you’re thanking him for?”

    “He was helping me on the chorus,” Carl said walking over to Pieter. “Hi, I’m Carl Phillips.”

    Pieter blushed at the greeting and said, “Hi, I’m Pieter.”

    I looked at Pieter and said, “How were you helping him on the chorus?”

    “He came in a little early on the first verse,” he said looking at the floor as he answered.

    “I hadn’t noticed it,” I said smiling. “You have a very good ear.”

    I heard him mumble “Thank you.”

    Carl looked at him and said, “Do you sing Pieter?”

    Pieter hung his head and started crying. Carl moved over and put his arm around him and said “What did I say Pieter? I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

    We finally got his tears under control but it was getting late and Carl had to get home. I looked at Pieter and said, “You were a big help today. Thanks for helping Carl too.”

    I took Pieter home and spoke briefly with his mother. I went home and decided to work on my lesson plans for the rest of the week. I fixed a light dinner and while I replayed the things I saw in the music room.

    The one thing I was wondering was weather or not Pieter might be gay. Both Henry and Carl were good looking boys that anyone would be happy to have for a boyfriend. If that is the case it would make some sense as to why he would come out of his shell when in their presence.

    The rest of the week went by quickly and the choir was improving with each rehearsal. Pieter, however, was an anomaly that wasn’t improving. He was coming out of his shell with me as long as I watched what we talked about. Any time singing was mentioned he would get upset and either cry or stop talking. Carl was a big help and the two boys were quickly becoming friends.

    Friday after rehearsal he asked Pieter if he would like to come over and play then next day. Pieter was ecstatic at the invitation and when he got out of my car Friday afternoon, it was the first thing he asked his mother. I explained to Gertrude that Carl was a very nice boy and I knew both his parents from St. Josephs. Once she got my assurances that Pieter would be safe she said he could go.

    Saturday morning I met Pieter at St. Josephs. We talked for a few minutes while waiting for Carl and Pieter said, “He’s the first person I can call my friend.”

    I looked at the little eleven year old and said, “You’re a nice boy, why haven’t you made friends before now?”

    He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know.”

    I was going to ask him something else when I saw Carl walking up to us. He was smiling and he patted Pieter on the back and said, “Are you ready to have some fun today?”

    Pieter hugged him and said, “Yeah. Let’s go.”

    I tapped Pieter on the shoulder and opened my arms. He walked over and hugged me then said, “Thank you Herr Joest.”

    I watched the boys walk down the street as if neither had a care in the world. It was good to see Pieter acting like a boy again. I decided it was time to talk with his mother. I needed some questions answered if I was to help Pieter so I decided to go back to Pieter’s house and see what I could find out.

    I drove over then knocked on the door. Gertrude opened the door and said, “Is there anything wrong?”

    “No,” I said. “Pieter is fine. I saw the two boys heading over to Carl’s house. I really need to talk with you about Pieter.”

    “Come in Herr Joest,” she said. “What would you like to know?”

    I followed her over to the dining room table and I sat down while she put on a pot of tea. I thought for a minute and said, “What happened to Pieter’s Father?”

    She kept on working and said, “We divorced several years ago.”

    “I know this is personal,” I said. “But could you tell me why you divorced?”

    She got quiet as she set the tea pot on the table. She got the cups, milk and sugar then said, “He was hitting Pieter.”

    That answered a few questions but not all of them. I fixed my tea then said, “Why was he hitting him? Had he misbehaved?”

    “Pieter is a good boy,” she started. “He didn’t do anything wrong.”

    I sipped my tea and said, “Then why was his father hitting him?”

    She looked at her tea cup and said quietly, “He was calling him schwule (faggot). Every time he swung his belt he would call him that. I finally pulled him off and yelled at him to get out. He leaned in and grabbed Pieter and said something to him that I couldn’t hear then he left.”

    I looked at her then said, “Do you think he’s queer?”

    She started shaking her head then said, “I don’t know Herr Joest. He might be because I’ve never seen him around girls or even talk about them.”

    “That really doesn’t mean anything,” I said. “What would you do if he was?”

    “Nothing,” she started saying. “He’s still my son and I will always love him.”

    I still had one nagging question on my mind. “When did Pieter stop singing?” I asked.

    Gertrude sipped her tea for several minutes then said, “Uh, I don’t remember exactly.”

    “Was it before or after he hit Pieter?” I asked hoping that would help.

    “After,” she said.

    “That beating he took really must have spooked him to stop doing something he loved,” I said. “Did you tell him his father wouldn’t be coming back?”

    “When I went back to him,” she said. “I told him he would never be back and that he was safe now.”

    “What happened then?” I asked.

    “I rocked him and talked to him,” she said.

    “Did you ever find out what your ex-husband said to him?” I asked hoping he had.

    She shook her head no so I just let it go. I was about to ask her another question when the door opened and two laughing boys came in. Pieter was laughing and smiling like he just got home from a carnival. “Hi Mom, Hi Herr Joest,” he said through the laughter.

    “Did you have fun?” His Mom asked.

    “Yes,” he said smiling at Carl. “We went riding bicycles. Carl loaned me one.”

    She hugged Pieter then said, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

    He hopped down off his mother’s lap then came over to me and said, “I have a friend now Herr Joest.”

    I couldn’t believe my ears. He said the words that were worth a million pounds. I saw Carl standing there and he was smiling from ear to ear. He walked over to me and said, “We had a wicked time Sir. I told him he was me best mate.”

    I ruffled his hair and said, “Thanks Carl. I’m so happy you two hit it off. I’ll talk with you more when I take you home.”

    I stood there and watched Pieter dance and jump around when his when his Mother said, “You need to get a bath before dinner son.”

    “Can I play with Carl tomorrow?” he asked a little sad that his time seemed to be up.

    “Of course you can,” she said smiling. “You can always play with your friends.”

    “Wicked,” he said running over to give Carl a hug. “Bye mate. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    Carl returned the hug and we left so I could get him home. On the way I asked Carl, “Did he tell you anything about his past?”

    “Not a word Sir,” he said. “I was trying to find out anything I could but I didn’t really want to push him and have him start crying. I didn’t want me mum thinking we had had a fight.”

    “That’s alright,” I said. “You did a good job. I learned a lot today from his Mum. He’s had a real rough time of it before he came to England. I’m going to need your help if we’re ever going to learn why he’s refusing to sing.”

    “I’ll do anything I can Sir,” he said teary eyed.

    “Will you be able to play with him tomorrow?” I asked wiping the tears off his cheeks.

    “When I get back from services,” Carl said.

    “Wonderful,” I said. “Don’t forget to do your lessons.”

    I pulled in front of his house and waved to Carl’s mum. Carl opened the door and said, “I just have a few problems in maths to finish and the rest is done.”

    “Fine,” I said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    I drove on home happier than when I left this morning but saddened by the knowledge that Pieter had been physically abused by his father. When his Mother told me that Pieter might be gay I debated weather or not to come out to her. I wasn’t sure if she would continue to let me try to help him. The rest of the day seemed to fly by for me. Before I knew it, my body was telling me I needed sleep.

    I woke rather late the next morning and had to hurry to do my morning rituals. I had just finished getting dressed after my shower when I heard a knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting company so I was wondering who it would be on a Sunday morning. I opened the door and there stood Carl looking like he just lost his best mate. I smiled at him and said, “Morning Carl. What brings you around?”

    I stepped back so he could come in and he said, “I really need to talk with you Sir.”

    I could see his eyes beginning to tear up and I said, “Of course son. Let’s go out to the kitchen and I’ll fix us some tea.”

    I put the kettle on for a big pot because I knew this might take a while then I went over and sat down beside him. No sooner had I sat down when Carl totally broke down and started crying.

    He threw himself into my arms and just cried saying over and over, “Why me? Why did this have to happen to me?”

    I was totally confused by the turn of events. I put one hand on his shoulder and another under his chin so I could get him to look at me then I said, “Why did what have to happen to you?”

    He continued to cry but managed to say, “You’re gonna hate me Sir.”

    “After all you’ve done to help Pieter I could never hate you Carl,” I said in a reassuring voice. “Now come on mate, out with it.”

    I went into the bathroom and got the box of tissues and brought them out to Carl. He wiped his eyes and blew his nose then said, “Alright Sir but I warned you. You’re gonna hate me now. I’m a poof Sir.”

    “A what,” I said softly.

    “A poof,” he said again. “I’m a queer.”

    I drew him into my chest and rubbed his back saying, “I don’t hate you because of that.”

    “You will when I tell you the rest,” he said.

    I looked at him and said, “Well since it’s time for confessing, I have something to say also. I’m just like you Carl. I’m gay also.”

    “You’re just saying that to make me feel better aren’t you Sir?” he asked sipping his tea.

    “I don’t say things like that just to say them son,” I said looking at him. “I’ve known I was gay ever since I was a lad about your age. So why is it you think I’m still going to hate you. Do you love Pieter?”

    His eyes dropped to his lap and his slowly nodded his head. “I do Sir,” he said starting to cry again. “Over this past week as I’ve gotten to know him I’ve seen a really cute and very sweet boy. At first I was sad for him then yesterday as we were playing and having fun I knew I was falling for him. He’d do something then run over and hug me and I’d hug him back but when he asked me to be his friend, I just totally fell for him.”

    I smiled at him then kissed him on the top of his head saying, “I don’t hate you for that. I think that is wonderful. I learned yesterday from his Mum that Pieter might be gay too. That’s why she divorced his Father. She caught him beating him and calling him a queer.”

    “That’s sad Sir,” Carl said wiping his eyes. “But it’s also wonderful too.”

    “I know Carl,” I said. “But there is still one more problem we have to solve and I’m still going to need your help. He opens up when you’re with him so I want to sit down with Pieter and his Mum and try to get him to open up as to what his father said to him before he left that day several years ago. Would you have any problem telling Pieter you’re gay and that you love him?”

    “No Sir,” he said smiling. “I wanted to do that so bad yesterday but I didn’t want to lose my best mate.”

    “Good,” I said as I picked up the tea pot and mugs. “Go into the bathroom and wash your face so we can go over to Pieter’s house.”

    I rinsed out the tea pot and put the mugs in the dishwasher while Carl washed his face. I wanted Carl to take Pieter outside for a bit while I talked with Gertrude. This was going to be a very trying event on Pieter and I was going to need her total support if we were ever gong to find out what it was his father said that day.

    Carl came out of the bathroom and we headed over to Pieter’s house. On the way over there I told Carl what I wanted him to do and he agreed. As we drove over Carl said, “I have an old bike that’s still good that I want to give to Pieter. I got a new one for my birthday and I don’t ride the other one any longer.”

    “That’s a nice gesture,” I said ruffling his hair. “Have you asked your parents if you can give it to him?”

    “I don’t think they would object,” he said. “They took a real liking to him yesterday. Dad started tickling him like he does with me then he kicked the football around with us.”

    I parked on the street in front of their house and Carl ran up and knocked on the door. Pieter opened it and immediately gave Carl a hug. He saw me coming up the walk and he ran out and jumped into my arms saying, “Thank you Herr Joest for bringing Carl over.”

    He didn’t wait for my reply before he was running inside with Carl. His mother came to the door to see what the commotion was when she invited me inside. Gertrude fixed us some tea and I saw Carl take Pieter outside to play. I decided that there was no easy way to ask the question so I said, “I think it’s time we sit down with Pieter and try to find out what his father said to him that night. This is why I brought Carl with me so he might be able to help.”

    She sighed and said, “Yes, I think you’re right. I’ve wanted to try to talk with him about it but I’ve never known how to approach him.”

    I got up and went to the front door and motioned Carl to come inside. I could see once again Pieter’s bright smile and hear his laughter as he and Carl ran playing tag. He nodded then came running with Pieter in tow. The two boys came inside and Gertrude said, “Get something to drink then come to the kitchen table.”

    I put two chairs together near me so Carl could be beside his Pieter. Once they were seated I looked at Pieter and said, “Pieter, I need to ask you something that will be hard for you to answer. We all care about you here and nothing is going to happen to you.”

    Carl took Pieter’s hand then said, “Pieter, you’re my best mate. You’re the first person to ever be that. I’ve never let anyone get this close to me. There is no way you will lose my friendship.”

    I could see the love in Carl’s eyes as he spoke to Pieter. Pieter looked over to me and said, “What is it you want me to tell you Herr Joest.”

    I took at deep breath and said, “Tell us about the day your Mum caught your Father hitting you.”

    Pieter’s eyes dropped to the table then he looked sadly to his Mother. She just smiled and said, “It’s alright my son. I’ve told you many times that I love you and I always will.”

    Pieter took a mouthful of his drink then said, “Klaus and I had been playing in my room most of the day. We were getting bored so we decided to go over our music for Sunday. I got out the sheets and we had to sit close together so we could each see it. We’d gone over the piece several times and liked how it sounded so we stopped. While we were sitting together, I started feeling something happening inside me. Every time I would look at Klaus it was like we were being drawn to each other. When we stopped singing I looked into his eyes and we started leaning closer and closer to each other and then we kissed. I remember smiling at him and seeing him smile at me. It was then I knew I loved him. I remember setting the music down on the bed then we started hugging each other. I was about to kiss him again when Father came into the room. We both pulled apart but he came over and threw Klaus on the floor and told him to leave and never come back. I remember him yelling and cussing at me calling me a little schwule. He tore my shirt off and tried to pull my shorts down but they were too tight. He took his belt off and started hitting me over and over. That’s when you came in Mom. You finally got him to stop hitting me and I remember you telling him to get out and not come back.”

    Pieter was sobbing at this point. He hadn’t noticed that Carl had wrapped his arms around him and had drawn him to his chest. Carl held and rocked Pieter until his crying eased. Carl’s mouth was right next to his ear as he said soothing words to him. Once his emotions were under control Carl said, “Can you go on now?”

    Pieter’s head dropped and he started shaking. He tried to talk but then he just shook his head no. Carl leaned forward and said softly, “It’s alright mate. Nothing’s going to happen to you. I won’t let it. I won’t let anything happen to the one I love.”

    Pieter’s head snapped up as he turned around to look at Carl’s face. “Wh what did you say?” Pieter asked stunned.

    Carl smiled at him again and said, “I won’t let anything happen to the one I love.”

    It was then that Pieter’s head dropped as he said, “You don’t want to love a schwule. That’s why I can’t ever sing again.”

    Now I was confused. I looked at Pieter and said, “What does singing have to do with being gay?”

    He took another mouthful of his drink and said, “It’s what my father said. He said if I were to ever sing again, Klaus would die. He said as soon as I sang my first note he would be struck dead.”

    I had my answer but it was nonsense. I turned Pieter around and said, “If you sing here, how is your father going to know? Did he say he would kill Klaus?”

    Gertrude came around and took his hand and said, “Your father was an evil man. He beat you because he didn’t understand anything about you. He could never see the love and goodness in you and your heart but you saw that in Klaus. Now he tells you that Klaus will die if you sing. Only God and the angels know when it’s time for someone to die. Not your father.”

    “I don’t know,” he said trying to make sense of what we’re saying. “I want to believe you all but I don’t want Klaus to die. I can’t risk it Mom.”

    Pieter looked exhausted from telling his tale of woe. She looked at Carl and said, “Can you take Pieter down to his room? He needs a rest and it looks like you could use one yourself.”

    Carl helped Pieter to his feet and together they headed to Pieter’s room. I looked at Gertrude and said, “How can we get him to believe his father’s rantings are nothing but rubbish?”

    We sat there for several minutes trying to come up with some way to prove to Pieter nothing would happen to Klaus if he were to sing again. I was pleased with the developments and what we’d learned but now I was feeling a little down at the possibility that Pieter would no longer come to my music class in the afternoons. She looked up at me and said, “I think they look good together. He makes my Pieter laugh and smile again. I can see that my boy cares for him too.”

    I looked at her and said, “Have you thought of sending Pieter to a private school?”

    She looked up at me and said, “I know he would get a lot out of it and he makes very good grades but I can not afford it.”

    I thought for a few minutes then said, “I think there might be a way he can come at no cost to you. Each year we offer scholarships to students who are outstanding in one or more subjects. This year there one wasn’t given for music. We’re not that far along that I don’t see a problem with Pieter transferring to St. Josephs. If I could get him a scholarship, would you let him attend? He gets along well with a few of the boys in my afternoon music class and Carl is there also.”

    “If Pieter wants to go there then it is fine with me,” she said smiling.

    I noticed it was almost time for tea. I got Carl and said I would talk with the Headmaster in the morning. I told her to get copies of Pieter’s records in case they wanted to see them but I really didn’t think thee would be a problem.

    The next day I was in the Headmaster’s office bright and early. I handed him a scholarship application on Pieter and he said, “It’s rather late to award this don’t you think?”

    I just looked at him and said, “It’s never too late to see a boy gets a proper education.”

    The Head asked when would he get to meet Pieter and I told him he would be in my room this afternoon before my choir rehearsal. I was glad Pieter was there for the rehearsals because little did he know but he was now a member. I needed to see if I had a robe that would fit him so after my last class I went looking for one. I finally found one in the last box of extra robes.

    I was heading back to my class when I heard someone playing the piano. I quietly opened the door and I was shocked who I saw playing. I eased inside and listed to a beautiful rendition of Beethoven’s 9th being played by my Pieter. I walked into the room as quietly as I could while I listened to him play. As I got closer I could see Pieter’s eyes closed as his fingers seemed to drift over the keys like magic. I was lost in his sea of music when I heard the door to the classroom close again. Pieter stopped playing and my eyes shot open as the music stopped. I saw the Head coming over and he said, “I see why you gave the scholarship to this young man. He is truly worthy of it.”

    I hadn’t had the chance to tell Pieter yet but Pieter seemed to grasp some of what the head was saying. I smiled and said, “Pieter, this is The Headmaster Mr. Reasoner. Sir, this is Pieter Stoltz.”

    The Head shook Pieter’s hand then said, “Carry on gentlemen.”

    The man left my room as Pieter said, “Am I coming to school here?”

    I smiled at him and said, “Yes Pieter you are. I know hidden in that body of yours is a wonderful gift. You totally surprised me today with another that I didn’t know you have. My hope is that one day you will let your voice ring out in song again.”

    He thought about it then looked at the keys and started plinking. I eased over beside him and he said, “I want to sing but I won’t let anything happen to Klaus.”

    I could understand his dilemma but I knew he was wrong about something happening to Klaus. I was still thinking when the boys started coming into the room. Pieter started looking for Carl but he snuck in through the other door and put his hands on his shoulders. Pieter lifted his head up and saw Carl standing there with a smile on his face. “How’d you get in here?” He said smiling. “I was looking over there for you.”

    “I’m sneaky love,” he said giggling.

    I patted Carl on his back and motioned him to his seat. I decided that I would introduce Pieter as our newest choir boy. I stood up from the piano and extended my hand to Pieter. I led him out from around it then said, “Alright boys, listen up. I know you’ve seen this young man here before. He was here last week with me and his name is Pieter Stoltz. Pieter is our newest choir member. He starts classes here at St. Josephs tomorrow.”

    The boys started coming down from their seats to greet him. I stepped back and watched as they all came up to him and shook his hand and talked with him briefly. As they started returning to their seats one boy stopped and raised his hand. I waited for everyone to take their places then said, “Yes Raymond.”

    “Sir, does Pieter have a school uniform yet?” he asked.

    “No Raymond,” I started. “He doesn’t have one yet.”

    I was about to continue when he said, “Well Sir, I have a jumper that’s still good but it’s too small for me. He’s welcome to it if he’d like.”

    All the boys started offering to help him and I said, “Ok boys, hang on now. Pieter how does that sound?”

    “I don’t know what to say,” he said slightly choked up.

    I put my arm around him and said, “I think you boys have made a truly wonderful gesture here to Pieter. Talk with your parents and bring what you have that is too small for you with you tomorrow. You can put it in the music room and Pieter can try it on after classes. Would any one happen to have a blazer?”

    Carl was the first to raise his hand. I called on him and he said, “Sir, I have two that don’t fit and they’re like new. I also have a pair of trousers I’m sure he can wear.”

    “Thank you boys very much for your generosity,” I said. “Now let’s get to work.

    I pulled out a set of music and handed it to Pieter. He looked at me funny so I said, “If you’re not going to sing then you can play.”

    We had a good rehearsal and before we knew it we’d gone over time by fifteen minutes. All the boys said good bye to Pieter when they left and Carl said, “Can you give us a ride to my house so I can get Pieter his things?”

    The Head knew I was working with Pieter so I said, “Alright Carl, let’s go. It took about 5 minutes to get to his house and he invited us in while he talked with him mum then ran up to his room. “Pieter, come up here will you?” A voice called down from upstairs.

    A few minutes later I saw a little angel decked out in a St. Josephs’ blazer, shirt and tie. “Don’t you look sharp?” I asked smiling at him.

    He blushed and said, “I feel funny Herr Joest.”

    “It will take a few days to adjust to wearing a tie son,” I said rubbing his hair. “It’s Sir now, Pieter."

    Mrs. Phillips came down with the other blazer, a jumper and two more trousers for him. Pieter went back upstairs and got out of his uniform and put his other clothes on.

    When the boys came down stairs Pieter looked at Mrs. Phillips and said, “Thank you very much for these.”

    She leaned down and kissed him on the head and said, “You’re very welcome Pieter. Come back any time.”

    It was almost tea time so I hustled Pieter home where Gertrude had a hot cup waiting for me. When we walked in she saw Pieter carrying clothes and she said, “What’s this you have son?”

    “Carl gave them to me,” he said smiling. “School uniforms but they feel a little weird.”

    Pieter took his clothes to his room when Gertrude said, “I don’t know what to say Herr Joest.”

    I looked at her and said, “You should have seen him this afternoon. He was out of his shell and all the boys in the choir made him feel welcomed. Don’t be surprised if he has a few more things tomorrow. The boys all want to give Pieter uniforms because they want to help him.”

    Over the next weeks Pieter became like a new boy. He was an excellent student and made friends quickly. He and Carl were inseparable in choir and after school. The concert was getting closer but still he wouldn’t sing.

    Pieter was in my morning music class and I used him as a pianist. I convinced him to hum the notes to the songs he was playing so he could keep his voice in shape. I was hoping he would get brave and hum loud enough where I could hear him but he wouldn’t.

    Two weeks before the concert I went to talk with Gertrude while Pieter was spending the night with Carl. I was sitting at the table with her and I said, “I don’t know what to try now to get him to sing. I’ve had him humming the pieces hoping that would work but nothing.”

    She was sitting there silent and I could see she was deep in thought. I sat there silently then she looked at me and said, “I have one idea. I don’t know if I can do it so I won’t say anything now. If my idea works, I think he’ll be singing at the concert. Can you bear with him until then?”

    I’ve stood by Pieter this long I’m not about to turn my back on him. “I’ll stay with him for as long as it takes,” I said looking her in the eyes. “I’m not leaving the school and I sure don’t want to stop seeing him either.”

    The concert was getting closer day by day; I was rehearsing the boys 90 minutes a day and I had a two hour dress rehearsal on Saturday. The concert was scheduled for the last day of classes before the start of the Christmas holidays.

    The day of the concert, classes ended at 2:00 and I wanted the boys to go home and rest before it began. The concert started at 8:00 and the boys were due back at the school by 6:00.

    I was sitting at my desk going over last minute plans when the phone rang. It was Gertrude and she said, “Herr Joest, Pieter’s friend Klaus will be at the concert tonight. I called his mother and her and Klaus are flying in.”

    “I will talk with Carl when he gets here tonight,” I said. “What was their favorite song to do together?”

    “O Holy Night,” she said. “Why?”

    “That will be the first song after the sing along,” I said. “Have him in the back of the auditorium and when the chorus starts singing, have him sing his part walking down the center isle.”

    I had another student slated to play the piano and I was going to have Pieter in a robe with the rest of the boys. Pieter arrived with Carl and when I saw him I called him into the music room. I sat him down and said, “I’m not having you play this evening son.”

    Pieter looked up at me and said, “Why not Sir? Have I done something wrong?”

    I smiled at him and said, “No son, not at all. You’re a member of the Performing Choir and this is one of our biggest concerts. I want you in a robe with the other boys. You’ve earned that right.”

    “But Sir, they are singing,” he said.

    “I know son,” I said smiling. “But you’ve earned the right to be there with them too and that’s where I would like you to be tonight, alright?”

    “Alright Sir,” he said.

    I handed Pieter his robe and he went and joined the others and got changed. I had the boys come out and take their places and then I put Pieter in his place with the other first sopranos. The first two places on the front row is where I usually put the soloists so they could easily step up to their microphone. Pieter was so short that I had to do some adjusting so he could see and be seen so I had him to their left.

    I adjusted the altos so Carl was standing behind Pieter in case he started singing. I looked at my watch and we had an hour before the doors were due to open.

    I wanted to go over two pieces then let the boys go to the music room and rest. The first piece we went over was O Come All Ye Faithful. I had to remind them not to slow down when they were singing without the accompaniment. The next piece we went over was Ave Maria. I had been working with them on two versions. They knew the Latin version pretty well so I decided to have them learn the song in German. It took some work but their diction got much better so after hearing them run through it, I decided to go with the German version.

    I had the boys go back to the music room and just relax. As the boys relaxed I had them get their music folders out and I went over the order of the program. I did this every time just to be sure they had their music in the proper order so we could move easily from one song to the next. I got their attention and said, “Listen up guys, here is the order of songs, Silent Night, Carol of the Bells, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Angus Dei and Ave Verum Corpus. We will take a short 15 minute break so you guys can use the bathroom and rest and get some water. I don’t want you getting dehydrated on stage and passing out. When we go back for the second half we will be doing a family sing along with the audience then O Holy Night followed by Ave Maria. The finale will be O Come All Ye Faithful. Every year they audience wants us to do one more song so we will do Joy to the World. Does everyone have their music in order now?”

    I heard “Yes Sir” from everyone. Carl was sitting by Pieter softly talking with him and I was seeing Pieter smile. I knew he was nervous and frankly so was I. I didn’t know if this plan was going to work or not. She had told me a number of times that when Pieter sang, he had the voice of an angel and I so wanted to hear his voice.

    I took Carl aside and told him Klaus was going to be in the audience. I said, “He will come down the center isle on the start of O Holy Night. I know Pieter will see him and will start to sing at that point. Klaus will join us on stage and I will have him and Pieter do a duet.”

    “That’s brilliant Sir,” Carl said. “I hope I can continue to sing without crying.”

    I looked at the clock and it was 7:50. I stood up and moved towards the door. The boys saw this and they quietly got up and headed for the stage. I was using the string section from our orchestra for two pieces. They were setting up tuning their instruments as the boys were taking their places.

    The curtain was closed and I saw the lights in the auditorium were still on. Once the boys were in place I nodded my head for the lights to be dimmed and the curtain to be raised.

    When the curtain was up I stepped forward to the microphone and said, “Merry Christmas. Welcome to St. Josephs annual Christmas Concert. I would like to welcome the parents of our new choir members. I’ve had the chance to meet a few of you and I look forward to meeting those I haven’t. So, without further a do, I now present The St. Joseph’s Boy School Performing Choir.”

    A second curtain opened and the audience could now see the choir. We did our first three songs one after the other but waiting for the audience’s applause to stop before starting the next piece. I stepped back up to the microphone and announced the next two numbers. I said, “Thank you, thank you for your applause. The next two numbers were written by Wolfgang Mozart and are from his Requiem Mass. They are Angus Dei and Ave Verum Corpus.”

    The orchestra started playing and on cue the boys started singing. I could see Pieter following the music and I could also tell he was humming along with the sopranos and not missing a beat. When the second number was finished the curtain closed. The boys set their folders on their spots and headed for the bathrooms. I saw Pieter and Carl come out of the loo and he looked up at me and just smiled. “How are you doing little one?” I asked returning his smile.

    “Fine Sir,” he said. “I’m having a good time.”

    I was pleased that he was enjoying himself. I turned and Sammy was standing there rubbing his throat. “Sir, my throat is getting real scratchy. I don’t know if I can do Ave Maria.”

    This was his only solo of the evening so I said, “Alright Sammy, don’t worry about singing on the sing along or O Holy Night. If you rest it, do you think you can do Ave Maria?”

    “I’ll really try Sir,” he said.

    I got the boys heading back on stage and now it was time for the rest of the concert. The audience was talking quietly then the lights were dimmed letting them know we were ready to begin. The curtain opened and I went back to the microphone. I smiled and said, “Now is the time we all love here and that is the audience participation. The songs are there in your programs so please sing with your choir.”

    Once the sing along was finished we went into our next song, O Holy Night. Joey and Carl took their places then the organ started the introduction and the choir started singing as Klaus started singing and walking down the center isle. About half through the second line Pieter saw him and immediately started singing.

    Klaus continued on the stage as Sammy nudged Pieter to join him. Joey and Carl stepped back and I had the organist continue playing while I directed the choir to stop so Klaus and Pieter could do the second verse as a duet. Both boys had huge smiles on their faces as they sang together like old times. Klaus joined us for the rest of the performance.

    The audience applauded and when I went to go to the microphone to announce the next number I saw Sammy rubbing his throat and shaking his head no, telling me he couldn’t do his solo. I had to think quickly so I motioned to Pieter.

    He looked at me and started shaking his head no. Klaus saw this and gently put his hand on Pieter’s shoulder as I stepped over to them and said, “Are you alright now, Pieter? Do you think you can continue?”

    As he felt Klaus’ hand his confidence returned then he nodded his head saying, “I think so Sir.”

    I turned and went to the microphone and said, “Our next song is one you all know. It’s done on many occasions and it’s one of my personal favorites. It’s not normally done this time of the year but it gives the boys a chance to learn a song they know in a different language. Our soloist for this song was Sammy King but a sore throat has kept him from performing it. In his place will be a first year chorister Pieter Stoltz. The song is Ave Maria.”

    Pieter stepped forward and sang his heart out for everyone there. I was in awe of this boy’s voice. His mother was correct when she said he had the voice of an angel. The feeling he put into the words had me almost in tears. The chorus did the second verse and Pieter had the last verse solo again. I didn’t have to conduct him nor did I want to. When the song ended the place erupted in applause. After a few seconds everyone was standing as they applauded him for his effort.

    I let them clap for a few minutes then I turned around and asked for quiet. I announced our final song on the evening and made a point of saying it in such a way they knew there would not be a curtain call tonight. When Pieter took his place with the choir Carl was beaming with pride.

    I moved to the organ and played the introduction to O Come All Ye Faithful. The boys all put their hearts into that song. They sounded like I’ve never heard them before. As I played the chorus for the third verse I saw Pieter smile and nod his head to me so I played the final line one more time and seven boys jumped a full octave on the final “Lord.”

    The audience stood and applauded the boys for their hard work. During the applause I turned and smiled to the boys then motioned for them all to take a bow and that brought on more applause. I stepped back to the microphone and said, “Thank you ladies and gentleman for coming out tonight to see our Performing Choir. Please drive safely and have a very Merry Christmas.”

    I stepped back so the curtain could be lowered when Pieter jumped into my arms crying. “How did you do it Herr Joest?

    I set him down on his feet and said, “I didn’t do it son, your mother did.”

    He looked at Klaus and they immediately hugged each other. Pieter broke the hug and said, “Klaus, this is my best friend Carl. Carl, this is Klaus. He’s my best friend too. This is Herr Joest. Herr Joest, this is Klaus Shultz.”

    “Nice to meet you Klaus,” I said smiling. “Why don’t you three go over there and talk for a few minutes?”

    “Nice to meet you,” Carl said as they headed for the risers. “Pieter’s told me a lot about you.”

    The three boys went over to the risers and sat down. Pieter and Klaus started talking catching up on some of their past. I stepped through the curtain and saw Gertrude with Carl’s parents and a woman I presumed to be Klaus’ mother standing together talking. I walked over to them and said, “Your boys are still on stage.”

    They followed me through the curtain and saw all three boys hugging and crying together. I let them talk for several more minutes then I had to check on the boys in the back. I took everyone with me so Pieter and Carl could hang up their robes. As soon as the boys saw Pieter they surrounded him saying, “Pieter, Pieter, Pieter.”

    I looked at Sammy and said, “Sore throat, huh?”

    He looked up at me and smiled then giggled and whispered, “Carl told me.”

    Sammy was one of the boys I saw do the descant on the final ‘Lord.’ He looked around and then said, “When I heard Pieter sing, I knew he could sing that better than me. His German is so much better than mine.”

    Pieter heard this and said, “Sammy you gave up your solo?”

    “Yeah,” Sammy said. “I’ve done Ave Maria before. I normally do it in Latin and I wanted to hear you sing it in German. I really loved the duet you guys did. You were wicked mate.”

    The parents started making their way to the music room and getting their boys so they could go home. The Shultz’s and the Stoltz’s and I were invited over to the Phillips’ for tea and some light refreshments. I saw Pieter with his mum and I walked over and wrapped my arms around both her and Pieter. “Nice plan,” I whispered in Gertrude’s ear.

    “I’m just glad they were able to come on such short notice,” she replied.

    I left and joined in the caravan to the Phillips’ house and had a wonderful time watching the three boys together. Pieter was a little sad when Mrs. Shultz said they could only be there for two days. Carl looked up and said, “Pieter, how about you and me show Klaus around town tomorrow?”

    I could see Klaus quickly look over to his mother but she just smiled and nodded her head in approval. Just then Pieter looked at his Mum and said, “Can Carl spend the night?”

    Gertrude looked at him and said, “Son, you have company.”

    “I know Mom,” he said. “But Klaus is only going to be here for two days and I would like Carl to have the chance to get to know him too. Please?”

    Gertrude looked over to Mrs. Phillips and she nodded her head in approval. “Alright son,” Gertrude said. “Carl can spend the night.”

    “Thanks Mom,” Pieter said running over to give her a hug.

    I was getting sleepy so I said my good nights and stood up to leave. Before I could move Pieter jumped up into my arms. “Thank you Sir,” he said hugging me tightly. “I can’t thank you enough for everything.”

    “You’re welcome Pieter,” I said. “But I didn’t do it.”

    “I know,” he said. “Mom told me what she did but you didn’t give up on me. You got me into St. Josephs and now I have friends and maybe even a boyfriend.”

    I kissed him on the head then set him down. I kneeled down to him and said, “Friends don’t give up on friends. I told you I knew you had a talent waiting to get out and tonight it did. You just needed your confidence back so it could.”

    I gave Carl and Klaus hugs then went home to bed. Up in Pieter’s room the boys were still talking and Klaus said, “Pieter, I don’t know if you ever knew what happened after I got home that day.”

    “No Klaus, I didn’t,” Pieter said sadly.

    Klaus looked at Carl, then Pieter and said, “The day your father caught us hugging and threw me to the floor, I went home devastated. Then when you moved to England I had all but given up too. I also stopped singing and refused to sing again. My mother would sit and talk with me about the time we had together and finally I admitted to her that I loved you. She looked at me and said it wasn’t at all unusual for boys to have feelings for other boys. She also told me that she still loved me and always would. After that, I was finally able to return to singing. Just before I came to visit, I finally met someone who cares deeply for me and I hope to continue seeing him.”

    “I’m so happy you found someone Klaus,” Pieter said. “You see, I have someone too. I really care a lot for Carl. I was wondering how I was going to tell you.”

    “I sort of thought so,” Klaus said smiling. “You guys look at each other the way Dietrich and I look at each other.”

    I didn’t see much of Pieter and Carl until after Christmas. I went around and delivered small gifts to all the boys in the choir as my way of saying thanks for all their hard work over the past 3 months. My next stop was Pieter’s house and as I expected Carl was there.

    When Gertrude let me in I saw the boys were cuddled close on the couch. When they saw me I had my usual greeting of two gigantic hugs. I was pulled over to the couch so I sat down then Pieter started telling me about his visit with Klaus.

    Carl looked at me and said, “Sir, I have great news. I told my parents how I feel towards Pieter. They said they weren’t surprised.”

    “I’m very happy for you son,” I said. “You remember what I told you, don’t you?”

    He nodded his head then leaned over to hug me. Carl turned and looked at Pieter and said, “Pieter, you are a great friend and I love you more than I can say. Would you be my boyfriend?”

    Pieter leaped across my lap and jumped into his arms. I thought I heard Pieter say something but all I saw were tears of happiness streaming down his face. I rubbed the crying boy’s back as he got his emotions under control. Pieter sat up and said, “Carl, I love you with all my heart. Yes, I would love to be your boyfriend.”

    I didn’t see much of the love birds over the remainder of the holidays. When classes resumed the Performing Chorus started work on their Spring Concert and everyone there was pleased that they could again hear our littlest angel.

    The End

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