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  1. TYLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. What the news reoprt fails to mention is that there's a list being populated by moveon.org that outs many gay republicans. I find that to be hateful and shameful, and I'm waiting for the Democrats to call on them to stop. It shouldn't matter what party someone belongs to...if they aren't ready to come out, then they aren't ready. Targeting them because they're Republicans is disgusting
  3. William Jefferson Clinton- Impeached by the House of Representatives over allegations of perjury and obstruction of justice, but acquitted by the Senate. Scandals include Whitewater - Travelgate Gennifer Flowersgate - Filegate - Vince Fostergate - Whitewater Billing Recordsgate - Paula Jonesgate- Lincoln Bedroomgate - Donations from Convicted Drug and Weapons Dealersgate - Lippogate - Chinagate - The Lewinsky Affair - Perjury and Jobs for Lewinskygate - Kathleen Willeygate - Web Hubbell Prison Phone Callgate - Selling Military Technology to the Chinesegate - Jaunita Broaddrick Gate - Lootergat
  4. Happy Birthday Movieguy!!!!!!
  5. Nick


    Drenched by the rain you look gorgeous. Your brown, soulful eyes transcend perfection. Your presence in my life is nothing short of a miracle. When you smile, my head spins the way it did the day we met. The memories we share are incredible, and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change one thing. From the good times to the bad times, I would want to go through it all again as long as you were still there for it all. I live for you and I’d die for you. You’re my best friend, and compared to you, there is no one else of relevance. I’d leave everything and everyone behind if you told m
  6. I’ll stand and fight by Nick We just got the news and I feel real numb I have to accept Whatever’s to come Now everyone’s worried and my dad looks scared But my only worry is if I’ll lose my hair You see I won’t cry and I won’t give up Because I’m a fighter I have to live up To the standards I’ve set I won’t ever let up If it’s Gods plan for me to die Then Glory be to God and you won’t see me cry I won’t question His will I have way too much faith I’ll go like a soldier If He takes me this way But while I have life in my body there’s hope So I promise to fight my wa
  7. Nick

    My mom

    My Mom by Nick I can’t describe it When you hug me tight But there’s something about your touch That makes me feel safe at night The glow on your face The look in your eyes The tenderness of your voice You can’t be replaced Maybe you didn’t have me But I don’t care If I held that against you It wouldn’t be fair Because I love you so much And I always will Words can’t express How I really feel I still call you Miss Lori But I want you to know You’re really my mom In my heart and my soul I remember the day You became my dads wife That’s when I knew You’d always be in m
  8. Sometimes I cry while I lay in my bed Too many thoughts swirl around my head Why did it happen What did I do Did I cry to much Tell me the truth Would you and my dad Have ever been married Or was the burden Just too much to carry Did I ruin your life The day I was born I try not to think this way But really I’m torn Would you be proud Or would you feel shame If you knew I was gay Would you have loved me the same Can you see me from heaven What about dad Are you glad he got married Or does that make you feel sad I know he still loves you I see it in his eyes Whenever y
  9. At this moment My life is complete For the love I have You don’t have to compete. My eyes might wander But I always stay true I could never imagine My life without you You are my whole life You live in my heart I’d never let anything Break us apart We’re okay now We bicker no longer Those fights didn’t kill us They made our bond stronger Gods love see’s us through Our faith makes keeps us whole We grow in his word He blesses our souls I have no more wants My needs are all met The things that you’ve done I’ll never forget If we end up poor I’ll stay by your side I’ll
  10. Nick

    His Hand

    I used to reach for your hand when I was smaller Now sometimes I push it away. But I’ll never forget how you still loved me the day I told you I was gay. We fight a lot and you still yell at me Every time I act like I don’t care But the truth is I still idolize you From the way that you walk To the clothes that you wear. God blessed me with you But you say that I’m wrong You call me the blessing Somehow you stay strong. You’re the man in my life and you’ve taught me so much. How to be my own man How to always stay tough. I know you panic whenever I’m sick But then I get
  11. Obligation to Myself by Nick (Nickolasjames) I admit it. I had reservations about stopping the fight. It didn't involve me, and to be honest, I thought Jeremy Fisher was a little weird. But with my girlfriend Micah looking at me with a frightened look in her eyes, I knew I couldn't just stand there and do nothing. She knew Jeremy. She'd known him her whole life and I always thought it was strange that they were so close. The way he acted like a girl when he was around her really creeped me out. This morning, I picked her up on the way to school. When we arrived, there was a crowd in the co
  12. Nick

    New Member

    Hi everyone.....Sorry it took me so long to post, but I had trouble logging in...lol. Anyway, Im glad to be here . Im in the middle of my first story, so if you read it and notice things about it, you'll know why Kisses, Nick
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