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  1. The Spirit World As Dealt With By Science And Law By James Donahue October 2006 Weird News Because my family is deep into esoteric interests and we live among the spirits that roam a haunted old Victorian house, we find it laughable when we occasionally read about the way science and the courts struggle to deal with matters of ghosts, goblins and other elements of the invisible world. A recent news story involves Filipino Judge Floro Florentino who was dismissed from the bench because of his ongoing relationship with three invisible dwarf “spirit guides.” The judge lost an appeal to keep
  2. judge_floro__s_oath_takings.bmpjudge_floro_on_GEMMA.bmp The NEW YORK TIMES - World Briefing | Asia: The Philippines: Judge Seeks Reinstatement http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html...756C0A9609C8B63 Published: May 4, 2006 A judge who claimed he could see into the future and admitted consulting three imaginary mystic dwarfs has asked for his job back after being fired by the Supreme Court. ''They should not have dismissed me for what I believed,'' the judge, Florentino Floro, said after filing his appeal. Dismissed judge, elfin pals claim immortality http://newsinfo.inq7.net/in
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