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  1. Greetings All, The Kandric Saga continues!!! I have just recently been asked by Kyle to edit his newest chapter, 25, and I hope it will be out in a month or so. He has run up against some writers block and I am hoping to help him past it. Of course, I had to do the required reading which took me about 2 weeks to do but the story is awesome!!! Kyle was explaining some of the plot to me and the twists that are involved and it takes him quite a bit of time to get the chapters written due to the complexity of the story, but by no means is it even near completion. He does have a master plan
  2. Wow, Nick has done it again. I am really enjoying this book he is writing. Every chapter leaves you wanting to read another. This could turn so many directions that no one can really tell what will happen next. I really enjoyed the meeting with Dennis and Peter. That was a very well done scene. So much said with out actually saying it. It made me really have much more respect for Denise. In my own life, I had to realize that you can't leave things undone. The first part to the wedding is getting really interesting. It was so cool to see Gerald's Uncle's family go to dinner with t
  3. I have to say that this can not be written by someone who is 16 years old. I am 44 and he is revealing things that it has taken 19 years to discover. My life has had it's ups and downs but me and my partner just celebrated our 19th anniversary on July 1. We have been through so many things and this is one of them. It is learning to accept your partner for who he is and not trying to change him but accepting him for who he is. It is learning to deal with those issues that are problems and not running away. It is what it takes for a long term relationship to last. I have lived it done it and sti
  4. Boxerdude: If it was a guy I hope they would not have called him Buck Fluck!!!
  5. Boxerdude; Now where do I get that ring tone!!! LOL
  6. Well, I like what I see. He is turning out to be a beautful young man. A bottom is something that has to be worked on and well, I don't want to be to stero typical, but the English have never really been know for their butts. They tend to be a more elegantly thin bodied person. I find them attractive, but most aren't what we American's would call "Buff." So I take him for who he is and he is really a handsome young man. I also agree that he does not want to always be known as "Harry Potter." So many child stars get stuck with a lable and never really move on. Jody Foster did a great
  7. Thanks Jan!!! That was a nice touch! I appreciate the warm welcome! David
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