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  1. Chapter 1 Beginnings School had begun like so many times before. This year though, I was forced to attend public school. My first day had been horrible. I had alienated three teachers and, most likely, the entire student body. It was August. The sun beat down, waning in strength. The days were growing shorter and the nights colder. It was the season of death, and the land was preparing for its long winter slumber. It would have been easier if they had been honest with me. Kent and Mark were trying to acclimate me to my surroundings. I could see the plan in Kent's mind. "Hey! Back off,
  2. Prologue I don't know why I'm on my way to public school. I was perfectly content being home schooled. Why they would send me to public school baffled me. I couldn't let anyone know who or what I was. It felt like a predestined failure. I didn't like this place, and I didn't like these people. How does someone make friends when you have to hide who you are? The flowers told me rain was coming, and the trees' whispers confirmed it. The leaves were turning because it was going to be a strong storm. These signs came to me so naturally I seldom gave it a second thought. We raced down the road a
  3. Chapter 2 Hotel Hell “Let me take care of this Taylor.” Jason’s green eyes met mine as he slid from his stool. I’d be damned if I let this scrawny bird prince be my savior. I was as much a man as he was, and I was more than ready to vent my frustrations. Gay or not, I am far from helpless. I suppose the recent events left me a bit emotionally raw, and I was itching for a fight. Then again, I was tempted to see exactly how able he was. I stood beside the stool and gave the fallen drunk a swift kick. “Friend of yours?” My muscles tensed and readied to spring into action. Jason met m
  4. Chapter 2 Shattered Silk Surely David understood why this is the way it must be. I couldn't leave Seth at my back after having tasted my blood. The eternal craving for such complete ecstasy would have driven him insane, and create a problem for me. I knew it, and Seth knew it as he ordered everyone to leave the room. He had met his end with his own tongue. Why rage against a situation that you cannot change? Seth had indeed become comfortable with the passage of time. He accepted, and knew, this was going to be his end. "What the f**k!" David whispered the words as he shrank back
  5. DarkShadow


    I've been doing some editing to the stories and have added bits here and there. Hope you like!
  6. Chapter 1 The Fallen As I fell to Earth, my brother Lucif took Kalob's blood and gave his own. The result made him, what you call 'Vampire'. We lived happily together for more than seven hundred years, before the villagers set our house ablaze. They came at dawn, leaving us no escape. If Kalob went into the daylight he would die. The fire would not kill me, but would my precious lover. I remember watching as the intense heat began to scald his flesh. Yelled curses behind the roar of flame were the backdrop to my heart's devastation. I remember the horrific screams that escaped Kalob. I h
  7. Midnight's Rainbow Prologue My anguished screams buffeted the walls of the great hall as I strained against the heavy black iron that bound me to the altar. The biting burning smell of seared flesh in the iron rings was barely a distraction compared to the absolute devastation that traveled along my back. I writhed from the horrific pain as my right wing was brutally hacked and chopped away. The chains clanked from my struggles. I watched in horror as my bloodied feathered wing fell to the golden floor like so much dead meat. "Mother, please!" I begged through stinging hot tears and blurr
  8. DarkShadow


    -Lucif- By DarkShadow Prologue My screams have buffeted these walls so loudly and for so long, I don’t know if the echoes are old or new anymore. We Slegna do not die. We were here when the Earth was only a spiral of dust. My mother is the first. We call her that because none came before her. It is my fault you call us Angels. I must admit, that I fall short of the misconceptions and lies I created regarding the religions. We are Slegna, not Angels, and my father is the one I had you name God. Save your prayers and wishes, however, my mother has encased him in crystal unti
  9. Very soon I think. Infact... I may start posting it here today. I've been slacking far too long not to produce something. Today is going to be a writing day, so I best get to it. Take care and my apologies for taking so long to get a reply to you.
  10. Thank you I have posted the edited version of the Prologue and Chapter 1 (Finally) I'm currently working on Midnight's Rainbow and The Druid. It feels like an endless cycle, but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Take care!
  11. The Lycan Chapter 1 Prey "You will never be pack!" My father's words echoed in my memory. I up-shifted again and raced down the interstate feeling the wind press against my body and my hair whipped the back of my neck. I felt free, if only for a moment. My 2007 Victory took me away from my troubles, and my family. I had saved for this bike for almost two years, and now it was my means of escape. It was the year of changing for me and I took the shape of a white tiger. It was the ultimate embarrassment for my father. Only females and those of the same sex persuasion took the form of a fel
  12. The following is a complete work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and any real life person is completely coincidental. Please do not copy or distribute the story without the author's permission. Author reserves all copyrights of this story. Disclaimer: The following story contains erotic homosexual situations and content. If it is illegal for you to read this please leave now. If after reading this disclaimer you find yourself surprised by the homosexual content, you should be slapped. The Lycan Prologue His words held a regal kindness but I knew their meaning i
  13. I'm 34 and began writing July 22, 2006. Yeah... I'm pretty much a writer virgin, but I'm learning. I have to admit, it's not all been as fun as losing my virginity the first time. There's a lot of work to writing. I never realized it before. That was, of course, until I tried to actually do it! I'm originally from Illinois, but now reside in sunny Florida! It's supposed to be almost 80 today. Now... for those of you in frozen surroundings... Yeah, that's a dig Keep in mind however, from March through October, it's a little piece of wet hell here. Thank gods for the beach! I spat o
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