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Would Be Bank Robber Surprised By Cops


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Would Be Bank Robber Surprised By Cops

He walked into a bank, with intentions of walking out with some cash, instead he was surprised by police as he took a leisurely seat.

San Benito police responded to a call that came from Hibernia Bank on 77 and Sam Houston Street Tuesday morning.

At about 9:30am, they say 41 year old Manuel De La Garza walked into the bank and approached the teller.

Investigators say the man told the woman that "this was a hold up, a heist, and to give him all the money in the vault."

Police say at the time, unbeknownst to the suspect, she pressed a panic button, alerting police.

He then approached the second teller, allegedly telling her the same thing, then moved on to the third teller, where he asked her to empty her pockets and give him all her money as well.

Witnesses say the man then sat on a chair in the lobby, as the tellers filled the bags.

That's when police stormed into the building and arrested the the San Benito native.

"He was sitting down at one point, requesting money from one of the supervisors at the bank and stated that he was waiting for the money. When the officers got there, he was sitting in the lobby area to the bank, and that's when the officers were able to take him into custody," said Orlando Garcia, City of San Benito, Director of Public Safety.

Police say they had never had a problem with De La Garza in the past. He stated to police that the reason he held up the bank was because he needed the money.

De La Garza is behind held behind bars on 25-thousand dollar bond.

No one was hurt and no money was taken during the alleged robbery.


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