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Why did I marry a military man?


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Why Did I Marry A Military Man?

When the last line has been cast, and you're left alone,

You wonder..... Why did i marry a military man?

When it is the 27th of the month and you only have 84 cents,

You wonder...... Why did i marry a military man?

When the washer won't wash, the dryer won't dry, and the vacuum won't vacuum all in one day...

You wonder........Why did i marry a military man??

You stop and count and find in 16 yrs you spent half the time alone

You wonder............ why did i marry a military man?

it is Christmas morning and all the shining faces, except one, and you are hoping that the bikes hold together.

You wonder....... Why did i marry a military man?

Then one morning you find all the days are crossed off, it is time for the shining star to come home.

While you watch them pull in, the lump in your throat grows

You know why you married a military man....

You remember all of the other homecomings, the look in his eyes when he sees you, the gentleness as he hugs each child..

You know why you married a military man

The feel of his hand on your arm and the way he says, Hi Hon YOU LOOK GREAT!!!

You know why you married a military man

You snuggle down, his arms hold you close and you know......

Why you married YOUR MILITARY MAN !!!!!!!!

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