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Mugger picks on wrong pensioner


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Mugger picks on wrong pensioner

A young thug who tried to mug an 88-year-old former boxing champion was knocked out cold.

Grandfather Gerhard Brinkmann told police he knocked out the 20-something mugger after he tried to steal his wallet and watch.

"I was visiting a friend's grave when a young, long-haired man came up to me and demanded I hand over my money," he said.

"I told him to come closer if he wanted it and as he did I landed a full-force right hook on his chin."

Mr Brinkmann was German lightweight boxing champion in 1936 and a friend of late world champion Max Schmeling.

"He remained unconscious for a short while and I called the police, but he pulled himself up and fled before they got here. I might still be able to put up a good fight, but unfortunately I can't run like I used to," he added.

Police in the north German town of Halberstadt are still looking for the mugger and have issued a description of the man.


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