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The following post is written and spelled phoenetically in the dialect of Southen English that you might encounter in Smith or Jefferson Counties in Mississippi. Remember: it's spelled just like it sounds. See if'n you can follow it.


Ah like ta talk 'bout mah cousin Skeeter. Dum sumbithch makes me look like a show 'nuff rocket scientest.

Skeeter done gone an bought his self a bass boat. A nice one too, a big ole Cajun. Dang thang has enough horse power to tow his house trailer.

His wife Ester done decided that ole Skeeter must be a runnin' around on her cause since he bought the boat, he ain't at the trailer much anymore 'n when he wuz, he sho warn't studin' Ester.

One weekend old Skeeter done went 'n told his wife that him and his fishin' buddy Roy were gonna spend the weekend at that thar Toledo Bend overn' in Texas. He told her to be shore and pack his favorite boxers.

When he got back Skeeter asked Ester, "Where in tarnation did ya pack mah boxers maw?"

Ester commenced to whupin' Skeeter with har broom.

Skeeter sez, "Ester, what for are you a whuppin' my a**?"

Ester sez, "You dum sumabich! They was in your tackle box ya no good two timin' peckerwood..."

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