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Happy ______________tober


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40 year-old woman - Biological clock tober

Andy Griffith - Matlock tober

Astronauts - Air lock tober

Athletes Foot - Sweat sock tober

Author's problem - writer’s block tober

Badminton player's - Shuttlecock tober

Beer makers - Bock tober

Bill Haley - Rock Around the Clock tober

Bird watchers - Binoctober

Broccoli lovers - Broc tober

Bugs Bunny - What's up Doc tober

Chinese Restaurants - Wok tober

Classical music - BACH TOBER

Colon health specialists celebrate - Proc tober

Concert - Woodstock tober

Coppertone - Sun block tober

COPS - Road Block tober

Daisy Duke - BARBARA BACH tober

Daniel Boone - Flintlock tober

Dermatologists - Pock tober

Detectives - Sherlock tober

Diabetic person - Insulin shock tober

DJ's and Athletes - JOCKTOBER

Dr. Jekyll - Mad Doc tober

Dress Designers - Frock tober

Electricians - Shock tober

Fall Television lineup - SCHLOCK-TOBER

Farmers - Livestock tober

Fighter Jet Pilots - Mach tober

Flea markets - Schlock tober.

Fred & Wilma Flintstone block party - Bedrock tober

Gardner’s - Hollyhock tober

Granny's soup - Beef/Chicken stock tober

Guillotine worker - Chopping block tober

Henny Youngman - Yock tober

Hip Hop Radio Stations - 2Pac - tober

Hollywood star - Sandra Bullock tober

Horologists celebrate - Clock tober

Hosiery manufacturer - Sock tober

Inmate's - Livin’ on the Rock tober

Irish Parade - Shamrock tober

Jehovah’s Witnesses - Knocktober

Jen’s bachelorette party - c***-tober.

Jen's Defense Class - karate chop tober

Kiddie comedians - Knock-Knock-tober

Kitchen Salesman - Butcher block tober

Kosher Deli's - Lox - tober

Lego building blocks - Interlock tober

Liars - Poppycock tober

Marina’s - DOCK-TOBER

Martha Stewart - Cell Blocktober

MGK Payroll Employees - On the Clock-tober

Michael Jackson - Laughingstock tober

Mid-East Celebration - Iraq tober

Migrating birds have - FLOCK-TOBER

Movie Festival - Hitchcock tober

Mt. St. Helen's - Aftershock/ Lavarock tober

Naughty clergy - Defrock tober

Nut House Special for a Crazy Person - Electroshock tober

Octogenarians - Been Around the Block-tober

Otis Redding - Sittin’ on the Dock-tober

Pawn shops - hock-tober

Physician’s - Doc tober

Political satirists - Mocktober.

Pottery makers - Crocktober

Proctologist’s - Buttock tober

Rastafarian Party - Dreadlock tober

Religious zealot - Antioch tober

Satan Worshipers - Warlock tober

Scotland celebrates - Loch tober

Shepherds - Flock tober

Sick child - Chicken pock

Smarty Jones hangout - Paddock tober

Sneaker wearers - Reebok-tober

Socrates favorite - Hemlock tober

Spiderman - Doc Ock tober

Spin Doctors - What a Crock

Star Trek fans - Spoctober

Star Wars Fans - Ewoktober

Steve Irwin - Croc tober

Supermarkets - Restock tober

Surveyors measurement - Square block tober

Thailand - Bangkok tober

The French - Jacques tober

Toy stores - Block tober

Track Runner - Starting block tober

Traffic Report - Gridlock tober

Trocadero proprietor - Troc tober

Turtle Neck Sweater Manufacturers - mock-tober

Veteran of War - Shell shock tober

Wall Street traders - STOCK-TOBER

Warehouse workers Stock

Wrestlers Move - Headlock tober

Yacht owner's - Dry dock tober

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