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Election Neglect


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Election Neglect

xPosed, February 2005

By AP Staff


Borough council members LuAnn Wanamaker and Roy A. Hein attended meetings and voted on issues for about 15 months before anyone noticed they had neglected to stand for re-election in 2003.

The oversight may be understandable, considering the trouble the borough of about 170 residents, 78 property owners, a budget of $94,500 and no traffic lights has finding people to fill the five council seats to begin with.

"I find it hard to believe that we just didn't notice it," said Thomas J. Hartman, council vice president. "But it looks like that's what happened." Council President Gerald R. Peters said it was a "secretarial error."

Barbara J. Kern, borough solicitor, said decisions during the 15 months wouldn't be affected. She petitioned Berks County Court to have Wanamaker and Hein named as council members to serve out the year, with a hearing scheduled April 6. They would run in November to serve beyond Dec. 31.

Hein has been on the council for about 50 years, while this was Wanamaker's first term. "I consider myself a goodwill ambassador in the community more than anything," Wanamaker said.

Hartman, a councilman for eight years, said he will run again in November. "Nobody else really wants it," he said. "If you get 10 votes around here you win."


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