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Police probe threats on student Web site

Tracy Meadowcroft, tmeadowcroft@pottsmerc.com 04/01/2005

ROYERSFORD, PA -- Police are investigating an incident concerning a Spring-Ford student Web site containing threatening material, school officials said Thursday.

"We are limited in what we can say about this situation due to concerns for student privacy and the sensitive nature of the investigation," Superintendent Genevieve Coale said in a press release.

"On Wednesday, we worked in coordination with local police to fully investigate this matter," she further stated in the release. "The district has taken all appropriate actions in accordance with its disciplinary policies."

According to one source close to the investigation, the incident involved an eighth grade student and the Web site included a target list of other students and faculty. School officials would not comment on the Web site content and would not reveal the nature of the "threatening material" being investigated.

School board member Ammon Morgan confirmed that the student involved attends the district’s eighth grade center. Board members contacted by phone Thursday said they had no additional information and did not know the details of the investigation.

In the release, Coale said the district will cooperate with authorities to resolve the situation and that guidance counselors and members of the Student Assistance Teams would be available for those seeking support.

No further details about the incident were provided, and Coale declined to comment beyond what was printed in the release. Spring City police are investigating but could not be reached for comment Thursday.

Pottstown Mercury

Headline changed to reflect hardcopy version.

By the way, I live in this area.

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