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Jungle Pleasure


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Jungle Pleasure

Three lost guys were wondering in the jungle when they came across a tribe of natives.

The chief told them, " Go collect 100 of your favorite fruit and return for further instructions."

The first guy returned with 100 apples. The chief said, "You must stick them up your bum with out making a single sound, but if you do make a sound, we will throw you in the snake pit." The first guy got 6 or 7 up before he screamed out in pain, so they threw him in the snake pit.

The second guy comes back with 100 blueberries. The chief says, "You must stick them all up your bum without a single sound or we will throw you in the snake pit." The second guy gets up to 98 or 99 before he started laughing. Before they threw him in the snake pit they asked, "What was so funny?"

He replied, " I looked up and saw the third guy coming with watermelons."

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