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After 20 Years, Wallet With $177 Returned


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After 20 Years, Wallet With $177 Returned

By Associated Press

April 5, 2005, 8:14 AM EDT

JACKSON, Wyo. -- Twenty years after losing her wallet, along with $177 and her Social Security card, Lisa Tonks finally has it back.

Tonks lost the wallet during a family trip in 1985 to Jackson and Yellowstone National Park.

The wallet was turned over to police, but without more information, and because the case was considered a minor one, it collected dust on a shelf along with other old evidence, including drug paraphernalia and weapons.

Jackson police technician Tom Turcol decided to reopened the case using a police computer network and some investigative know-how.

He traced the Social Security number to Tonks, of Peru, Ind.

"She was quite surprised," Turcol said. "She figured it was gone and that's that."

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