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A Visit to the Farm


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A Visit to the Farm

A teacher decides to take her fourth grade class on a field trip to a local farm.

When they arrive, their first stop is the barn, where all the farmer's tools are stored.

The first tool the teacher picks up, is the pitch fork. She asks her class, if anyone knew the name of the tool she was holding.

Mary quickly blurts out, "That's a Pitch Fork, Ms. Jones".

"Very good Mary", says the teacher.

The teacher then picks up another tool and asks it anyone knew it's name.

Billy promptly answers, "That's a Sickle".

"Very good Billy", says the teacher.

She picks up a third tool, but this time no one could name it. The teacher proudly explains to her class, that the tool was called a Hoe.

Without warning Ernie yells out, "My sister's a Ho and she don't look like that".

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