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Not My Occupation

One day a woman tells her husband that the TV was broken and she was missing her favorite shows.

"Does it say cable repairman anywhere on my forehead?" he asks.

"No," she says.

A few hours later she comes back and tells him that the porch step was broken and how dangerous the situation was.

"Does it say carpenter anywhere on my forehead?" he asks.

"No," she said again.

A few minutes later she again returns and tells him the toilet was backed up.

"Does it say plumber anywhere on my forehead?" again he replies.

"No," she answers.

A couple of days later he's off a business trip. When he returns home he asks his wife how things have been.

"Well," she said, "our neighboor down the street came over and fixed our TV, repaired our porch, and unclogged our pipes."

"What did he ask for in payment?" he wonders.

"All he asked for, was a chocolate cake or a romp in the sack," she tells her husdand.

"Well what did you do?" he asks.

She looked at him smugly and says: "Do you see Betty Crocker written anywhere on my forehead?"

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