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Teenager got stuck in bin


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Teenager got stuck in bin

An Australian teenager had to be rescued by firefighters after getting stuck head first in a bin.

Jonathan Petherbridge spent 45 minutes upside down in the bin in a popular bar area of Melbourne.

He climbed into the bin after his friends threw his mobile phone in it for a joke but got stuck.

While the unlucky teenager struggled to free himself, a crowd of up to 100 people gathered to jeer and take pictures of him.

"I could hear the crowd calling me an idiot and stuff, but that was cool. I did feel pretty stupid. I was pretty drunk," Petherbridge told The Sunday Age.

"And when I finally did get out, the crowd cheered and started clapping. It was pretty funny."

Fireman Trevor Lynch-Whild added: "We could see a crowd of about 100 people and these two legs, vertical, swinging in the breeze."

Attempts at lubrication failed to free the teenager, eventually a hacksaw had to be used.


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