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Boy, 8, fights lion to save sister


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Boy, 8, fights lion to save sister

An eight-year-old boy took on a lion to save his little sister in Chile.

John Escovedo, from Antofagasta, Chile, was with his two-year-old sister Anyara at the circus.

They were walking by the lion's cage when the door opened and the lion tried to grab the little girl.

John immediately started hitting the lion until it let go, reports La Cuarta.

His mother, Patricia Escovedo, said: "When he saw what was happening he started to punch the lion's paw until it let go of his little sister, he was so brave!"

Anyara is in hospital recovering from her injuries but doctors say that her condition is not life threatening.

But they say she would almost certainly have been killed but for her brother's intervention.

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