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The Talon House



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The Policeman had stopped the man for obvious drunken driving, but since

the guy had a clean record, he made him park the car and took him home in the patrol car. "Are you sure this is your house?" the cop asked as

they drove into a rather fashionable neighborhood.

"Shertainly!" said the drunk, "and if you'll just open the door f'me, I

can prove it to ya." Entering the living room, he said, "You shee that

piano? Thash mine. You shee that giant television set? Thast mine

too. Now follow me."

The police officer followed the man as he shakily negotiated the stairs

to the second floor. The drunk pushed open the first door they came

to. "Thish ish my bedroom," he announced. "Shee the bed there? Thast

mine! Shee that woman lying in the bed? Thash my wife. An' see that guy lying next to her?

"Yeah?" the cop replied suspiciously. Beginning at this point to seriously doubt the man's story.

"Well, thash me!"

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