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Horse and Chicken


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Horse and Chicken

One day a horse and chicken were taking a walk when the horse fell

into a huge mud pit. "Hurry chicken run", he said. "Go find the

farmer so he can pull me out." So the chicken took off for the farm

in search of the farmer. He couldn't find him anywhere so he hopped

into the farmers convertable and raced back to the horse and pulled

him out. The next day they were walking once again and this time

the chicken fell into a mud pit. "Hurry horse", he said. "Go find

the farmer so he can pull me out." "No", said the horse. He straddled

the mud puddle and told the chicken to grab onto his p**** and he would

pull him out. So the chicken grabbed on and the horse successfully pulled him out.

The morale of the story?

If you're hung like a horse you don't need a convertable to pick up chicks....

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