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Taco Soup


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Taco Soup


* 1 pound ground beef, browned and drained

* 2 cans Ranch-style beans (found by the baked beans in the store)

* 2 cans tomatoes (any kind or style), undrained

* 2 cans corn, undrained

* 1 envelope taco seasoning mix

* 1 envelope ranch dressing mix

* Tortilla Chips (crumbled up)

* grated colbyjack cheese


Dump everything into a large kettle and mix well. Heat to boiling and that's it! I do let it simmer for a while, just out of habit. All the juices from the cans are what makes the liquid in the soup. Believe it or not, it's enough! You can add more liquid if you want I suppose, but I never have.

Crumble the chips up on top of each bowl and top with grated colbyjack cheese:)

Also you can add a small dollop of sour cream if you would like.

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