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Missing Wiener Sign


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Missing Wiener Sign

xPosed, May 2005

By AP Staff


Police are looking for a hot dog that's REALLY hot _ as in stolen. A sign featuring a giant wiener has gone missing from the Ebenezer Grill. But investigators believe the suspects should be easy to spot.

"It's tough to hide a 10-foot weenie," Rock Hill police Lt. Jerry Waldrop said.

The smiling hot dog has welcomed customers for the past 18 months, after owner Loyd Ardrey bought it to replace the aging dog that sat atop the roof for years.

When Ardrey arrived around 6 a.m. Wednesday, the 30-pound aluminum sign was gone.

"I figured, well, maybe it blew off because we had some storms last night. We looked around, and it wasn't in any yards next door or across the street or anything," Ardrey said.

If he has to, Ardrey said he will buy another sign. He's thinking about offering a reward, but isn't sure if he should give out money or hot dogs.

"I just want my weenie back," Ardrey said.


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