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Woman tried to clean piranha tank


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Woman tried to clean piranha tank

A Russian woman had her fingers badly bitten when she tried to clean her son's fish tank, not realising it was full of piranhas.

The woman, from Saransk, told doctors she thought they were just well fed goldfish and wanted to do her son a favour.

But as she put her hands in to catch the fish they launched a frenzied attack on her hand, clamping onto her fingers and not letting go.

She only managed to get the fish off her hand by banging them against the side of the fish tank, and then called an ambulance to take her to hospital.

Doctors who treated her said she had been lucky not to lose her hand in the attack and that she needed extensive surgery.

The woman lost most of the flesh from two fingers in the attack, local media reported.

A neighbour said: "She had no idea the pet fish in the tank were predators."


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